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The following pages have all of the vocabulary words for the story Because of Winn-Dixie.

There are fifty in all. I have them separated to do each day for ten days so that they only do five per day. Please have the students copy the words and definitions onto paper and keep it in their binder behind the vocabulary section. Also, Because of Winn-Dixie is an AR book. Please have all students take an AR test over this book by the end of day ten.

BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE VOCABULARY WORDS DAY 1 Abiding – lasting a long time Amazed – to be greatly surprised Amuse – to entertain with something fun Blooming – when flowers open Complicated – hard to understand or explain DAY 2 Constellations – groups of stars that form a picture or pattern Convinced – persuaded someone to agree with or believe the same thing Cooped up – to keep someone or something penned in Criminal – someone who is guilty of an illegal act or wrongful deed Drooped – when something hangs down due to lack of energy or feeling hopeless DAY 3 Enlisted – joined the armed forces Exception – an instance or case not conforming to the general rule Furious – strong anger Harsh – grim or unpleasantly severe or cruel Holler – to shout or yell aloud .

sad. or gloomy Memorized – learned by heart to the point of easily being recalled Missionary – person sent by a church to carry on activities DAY 6 Muttering – to utter words in a low tone. grumble Myths – traditional or legendary story that is unproved or false Overgrown – grow too large for something Pathological – referring to illness due to disease. abnormal Peculiar – something that is odd or weird .DAY 4 Hymns – song of praise sung in a religious setting Idle – having nothing to do Ignorant – having very little knowledge or understanding Librarian – person in charge of a library Lozenge – a small round candy or medication DAY 5 Manager – person who directs or is in charge of a company or individual Manufactured – making or producing of goods by machine Melancholy – depressed.

somewhat muffled sound DAY 9 Sensation – feeling such as heat or pain Shimmery – shining softly Snuffled – noise made when breathing heavily through the nose Sorrowful – having great sadness Suggested – mentioned or introduced for consideration .DAY 7 Potions – mixture of different ingredients used in medicine or magic Potluck – type of group meal where people bring different foods to share with others Preacher – person who speaks on religious subjects Prideful – full of pleasure or satisfaction taken in something done Produce – to make or provide DAY 8 Properly – when something is done the right way Reasoned – based on reason and understanding Retriever – type of dog that is trained to bring back game to a hunter Roundabout – indirect statement Rumble – make a deep.

DAY 10 Terrorized – filled with great fear Tragedies – dealing with a serious or somber theme Trotting – when a four-footed animal moves quickly without running Typhoid fever – infectious disease usually introduced with food or drink Whimpering – to cry with low. broken sounds .