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Self Critique: Upon reflecting my teaching on the lesson, I found out that the students understood what I have

taught them. I used my staple sense of teaching to gauge their understanding on the topic taught. I felt that, the activities that I had for them last for a long time as the students was not clear on what they are suppose to do. My instructions were not clear, and as a result, the students faced some difficulties while working on the task assigned to them. Nonetheless, the students participated and I was aware on their progress during the lesson. Resolution: In the next lesson, I hope I can improvise my teaching my giving the students clear instructions on what has to be done. I also planned not to proceed with the activity unless all the students are aware on what they are doing and what they are suppose to do. By doing things this way, students can be more involved and they will have a clear view on what is happening.

Self critique: Upon reflecting my teaching today, overall the lesson went well except for a bit of problems that I faced. The activity that I had during the production part was quite boring and pretty lame so the students get bored and start to chit chat with their friends. It was a complete mayhem as I have to supervise 32 students in the class and they were all not listening to my instructions. I temporarily lost my focus and temper, after scolding and threatening the students, I manage to get the lesson on track back. Resolution: I felt that I should have been stricter with the students and prepare more interesting materials rather than holding to my staple style of teaching. Materials that are colorful and interesting can easily catch their attention and force them to be focused throughout the lesson.

Self critique: This lesson today went well except for a bit haywire here and there during the practice part. This was caused by a few students who were teasing their friends who stood up and answered my questions. I didn’t scold the students because I thought that I am not going to be bothered of everything that I deemed ridiculous, however as time passes by, things start to get heavier and things get out of my control. The students were noisy and very few were concentrating in my class. Resolution: Somehow or rather I manage to control the class situation. I punished the students who caused so much of haywire when I am teaching and told the students that things will be worst if they happen to create any havoc in the future.

. The students didn’t listen to any of my advises and instead they opt to go against me by not listening to me and doing the task which was assigned to them. I also found out those two students who actually hold conversations with me by being pessimistic and cynical. Resolution: I think I should talk the students before my next lesson starts and find out their problem personally before things get worst. not even humorously. I guess it's because I am unable to deliver my honest and rationally optimistic opinion in a way that they can receive it. This is caused by the students who were no paying attention and playing at the back of the class.Self Critique: This lesson today was normal and I did face a bit of difficulties. There's an awkward negative energy that suddenly circulates in the class.