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Shrinwantu Chowdhury

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Seeking Management role in a growth oriented organization
An astute professional with over 20 years of rich and enormous experience in the field of Construction of large LNG/ GTL/Petrochemical/Process Plant, Steel Plant, Cross-Country Pipeline in Oil & Gas Sectors, Underground Concrete Tunnel for Metro Railway, Bridge, Cement Plant, Highrise Building; Strong organizational experience in ensuring proper implementation of Quality Control Plan on Civil Construction activities; Monitor progress of the project at all stages; Multitasking ability to sketch the plan, prioritize the work and manage the complex projects under aggressive timelines; Tendency to thrive in dynamic and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused; Highly ethical, trustworthy and discreet.

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Background includes high level over sight of management in create a Safe, Incident & Injury-Free and Quality Work Environment to accomplish a successful Global Project. Possessing valuable insights, keen analysis and team approach to implement best practices to achieve business excellence. Adept at working in high pressure environments with strict deadlines and multiple deliverables. Well versed with efficiently handling all activities involving Team Building, planning & development and co-ordination with internal Departments. Superior communications & interpersonal skills, with an ability to interact with wide range of people.

Core Competencies

Visionary Leadership Construction Liaising

Detail Oriented Strategic Planning

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Proactive and industrious Project Management & Execution Quality Assurance

Executive Highlights        
Successfully handled several projects from inception to completion. Sound ability to develop strategies to achieve individual goals as well as organizational goals. Excellent decision making skills with a positive approach. Received accolades from my superiors for my effort & hard work shown in meeting the project dead lines. Interfaced and corresponded on a daily basis with top clients and Sub Contractors on various outstanding issues. Monitored progress of the project and evaluated compliance with set standards. Efficiently completed the projects on schedule and budget. Exceptional knowledge in analytical and creative problem solving.

Professional Experience
1] TEBODIN Middle East Limited, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. (Nov’08 – Present)


Drawings.  Marine Offshore Jetty(Port) Construction for loading/unloading of granulated sulphur – Construction of Reclaim Land. CORE RESPONSIBILITIES AS “PMC” PROFESSIONAL TEAM  Promoting a total quality work ethic. organize and prioritize the work. ITPs.  Coordinating with Contractors’/Sub-Contractors' Construction Managers / Site Engineers / QC Personnels and concerned Production Supervisors for maintaining the quality of day to day executed works to meet the requirements of Project Specifications. underground drainage concrete structures.  Working as a PMC with the Client M/s.  Controling construction & maintaining daily supervisory surveillance checks on the new facilities and modifications.  Ensuring quality of work is in compliance with project contract requirements. safe & pleasant work environment and establishing an environment of mutual respect & teamwork among all concerned employees.V. duct banks. Ensuring Inspection & Test Plans and other Quality Verification Forms address all necessary informations outlined in the Project Specifications or in the Manufacturers’ Brochure. new fence installation. Shore/Scour Protection. asphalt/concrete paving and fence installation. best industrial construction practice is in effect. New Shiploader Pivot Foundation. METHOD STATEMENTs.  Liaisoning with PMC / EPCM Engineering Team to ensure deliverables meet construction need. Maintenance Building. Air Cooler/Filter. Quadrant Beam & Support Trestle FOUNDATIONs. Onshore/Offshore Piling/Pile Cap. Issuing comprehensive and concise reports & information to senior management to enable optimized decision making. Electrical Sub-Station Building. Temporary Jetty. cable trench. Abu Dhabi of the professional team of the Project. liquid sulphur unloading trench.  Reviewing contractors’ technical submittals (MAR. Netherlands) Civil Construction Superintendent Key Deliverables:  Liaising with the team to achieve company goals within the time constraint. GASCO.. Conveyor foundations. FW Tank foundation.  Greenfield Area – Construction of new Sulphur Storage large Building with associated civil structures. Method Statements within project schedules. Monitoring of contractors’/subcontractors’ construction activities in: Brownfield Area (Existing Sulphur Handling Terminal) – Construction of foundations for new Sulphur Storage Tank. asphalt road. QCPs.  Participating in weekly Construction & Progress Meeting by Construction Manager to maintain an overview of progress and ensure full coordination between all disciplines.  Promoting safety as a value and ensuring all work activities in the area of site construction meet the Client’s HSE policy and objectives. Breasting Dolphin/Mooring Dolphin/Catwalks Gangway/Access Walkway for Vessel/Berth. Use to report any deviation to Construction Manager. new Granulator foundations. electrical & instrumentation cable trench. only approved materials are used and compliance with approved drawings & specifications. FW Pump House.  Responsible for and participation in given dedicated tasks by the Construction Manager. 2 .  Developing specific goals to plan. underground trench.(A part of CONSULTANTS & ENGINEERS Group of original organization “TECHNISH BUREAU VOOR ONTWIKKELING DER INDUSTRIE” – M/s TEBODIN B. underground pipeline trench for fire water pipeline & other services. Condensate Recovery Systems. ITP) related to discipline prior to start any relevant activity and ensuring compliance with project contract requirements.

QATAR PETROLEUM and EXXONMOBIL QATARGAS (II) LTD. WELLs & PIG OPERATION AREAs of GAS GATHERING/RE-INJECTION  3 .Ruwais Sulphur Expansion (Phase III) Project .A. Tankage Flare.V.  Handled several activities of the project & ensured compliance. Ras Laffan. HPS Reactor.O. State of Qatar. JV with DUTCO BULFER BEATTY. Was reviewing TEST Reports on concrete materials. Burn Pit under REMOTE MANIFOLD STATIONs. Accomplished project is furnished below: Project .M/s. 3] CHIYODA Corporation. Ras Laffan. Accomplishing project is furnished below:-  Project . Dubai / SAIPEM – Kazakhstan / BECHTEL – Equatorial Guinea. Use to prepare daily & weekly accomplishment Reports and submitting to project QC manager & seniors. Qatar (Mar’08 – Oct’08) Quality Control Civil Inspector Key Deliverables:  Accountable for supervising Subcontractor’s civil activities for construction of Heavy Equipment foundations for VESSEL. CCIC. 4] (M/s.West Africa (March’02 – Nov’05) Quality Control Civil Inspector Key Deliverables:  Inspection and execution for concrete structural members with Consulting Engineers of M/s. Witnessed concrete pouring and sampling operations during pouring activities. Anchor Block. Ltd. SHELL Global Solutions International B.SHELL Pearl GTL (Gas to Liquid) Project. Ras Laffan Industrial City. Exchanger. Was responsible for inspections as per RFI by Subcontractor for construction of civil structures under areas of LNG Storage. reinforcement & grout and CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE of all testing equipments. Scrapper Trap Paving. Excavations/Backfilling procedures. Japan and TECHNIP. in compliance with Specifications. BOG Compressor. Abu Dhabi. Cable Trench. Pig Launcher/Pig Receiver. and buildings for Sub-Station & Instrument Technical Room (ITR) --. Compressors.Ruwais.L. Meinhardt Singapore Pte. foundations of B. Drawings. Block Valve Stations.  Handled several activities of the project & ensured compliance. Inspection in compliance with Project Specifications and Drawings and the Documentations for Site Preparation Work on Earthwork for Site Grading & Levelling. QCPs & Method Statements for 6 numbers of Shopping Mall Buildings in DUBAI. Erection of precast concrete columns & Beams for piperack & construction of Cast-in-Situ moment beams in SHELL Gasification Process facilities area of Phase-1. State of Qatar. inlet facilities. Knock Out Drum. State of Qatar (Dec’05 – Oct’07) Quality Control Civil Inspector Key Deliverables:  Responsible for the construction of 5 numbers double wall full containment Prestressed Concrete Cryogenic LNG tanks. Accomplished project is furnished below: Project . Chemical Storage Tank. Client . ITPs. Client . construction of structures for underground cooling water & drainage system. United Arab Emirates 2] JGC Corporation and KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT JV. Equipment Foundations. France Joint Venture (CTJV). CCIC) Consolidated Contractors International Company S.QATARGAS II LNG Plant (QGX) & Onshore Development Project. Installation of Culverts. Pump.M/s. Handling several activities of the project & ensuring compliance.G.Contractor: M/s.

G..C.  Karachaganak Development Project at North Eastern Gas Field. plc. Construction of R. Road. Abu Dhabi.C.S. Dubai. State of Qatar 6] AL OTAIBA & GARG Contg. Installation of Chainlink Fence.  Handled several activities of the project & ensured compliance. quantity surveying for structural concrete items for construction of “Technical Training School & Mosque” at Umm A1 Nar. construction of Valve Stations.. Client . U. Used to prepare “METHOD STATEMENT” for all Civil Works. (Nov’98 – Oct’99) Civil Engineer Key Deliverables:  Was responsible for all Front-End and Back-End activities of the Gas Pipeline Project.Construction of 18” Condensate & 20” Make-up Gas Pipeline (191 Kms) from ASAB NEW CONDENSATE EXTRACTION PLANT to RUWAIS OIL REFINERY. Concrete Base (Tank Farm) for two LNG TANK.E.M/s.A. Accomplished project is furnished below:  Project .V. Client . Fencing. B.  EG LNG Train 1 ALBA Phase III Project on Bioko Island of West Africa (Mar’04 – Feb’05) Client: M/s. Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.  Client : M/s. Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. Preparation of punchlist items before precommisioning. ABU DHABI under M/s. formwork and concrete works). Construction of R. Culvert Construction & horizontal Burn Pit Construction. Sub-Stations. Republic of Kazakhstan (Mar’02 – Mar’03) Client: M/s. Earth Works. construction of Foundations for Process. U. State of QATAR (Apr’01 – Oct’01) Civil Supervisor Key Deliverables:  Executed Site Preparations. 5] BLACK CAT Construction W. CHEVRON TEXACO Corporation & Russia’s LUKOIL). CO.  Handled several activities of the projects & ensured compliance. U. ADNOC. Marathon Oil Corporation.L. Pig Launcher/Pig Receiver Foundations.  Executed Civil Works for preparation of ROW. British Petroleum. U. 4 .C.  Handled several activities of the project & ensured compliance. Kazakhstan (A Partnership of AGIP. U. Pipe Sleepers. Also used to maintain QA/QC records related to works.E.NETWORK.A. Turner Construction International. Knock Out Drum. Tank Flare.L.A. QATAR PETROLEUM. Pipe support Foundations. Mesaieed Industrial City. Vessel. Ltd.C. Monitor & review compaction test activities & reports on backfilling and compaction on sub-grade.A. (ADNOC). Doha.E.E.  BAKU-TBILISI-CEYHAN (BTC) 42” Crude Oil Export Cross Country Pipeline Project – Azerbaijan Section (May’03 – Feb’04) with the Client M/s. Dubai... U.A.M/s.E. Concrete Drainage & Stone Rip Rap Ditches and Bituminous Road Construction.A. 7] DODSAL Engineering & Construction Pte. (Jan’00 – Dec’00) Civil Engineer Key Deliverables:  Executed different stages of work for the contract package (reinforcement. Accomplished projects are furnished below:  Dubai Mall Project (May’05 – Nov’05). Concrete Pavement & Culvert.

 MASAFI MINERAL WATER CO.Involved in construction of foundations for PETROLEUM COKE SILO. PREGRINDING COMPLEX.OMAN LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS PLANT (TRAIN 1). U. India (Jul’90 – Jul’91) Junior Civil Engineer Key Deliverables:  Highly involved in execution for construction of Underground Metro Railway Concrete Tunnel construction project at Calcutta in India. Mechanical and Electrical engineers covering a range of project requirements.L.V.Germany. MASAFI. Accomplished project is furnished below:  Project .A. LLC.C.8] CHIYODA Corporation . Structural. Used to review readymix concrete batch certificates. GHOSH Construction.S. U. Was an active 5 .L. Was co-ordinating with contractor’s laboratory in verifying all laboratory test reports on concrete materials and grout materials. SILICA CRUSHER & CONVEYOR ZONE AND COOLING TOWER. 11] R. & height 52m. OMAN LNG L. Promoting a total quality work ethic.  GULF CEMENT COMPANY. Client .A. CO L. AL AIN.  Handled several activities of the project & ensured compliance. Was ensuring efficient and effective resource management facilities for the construction and used to coordinate with consulting engineering group including.. 9] PETRON Emirates Contg.C. The Hague. Saudi Arabia (Aug’91 – Aug’93) Civil Foreman Key Deliverables:  Assigned by the Company in SAUDI-ARAMCO. Sultanate of Oman (Feb’97 – Oct’98) Civil Quality Control Inspector Key Deliverables:  Executed construction and involved for inspection of two PRESTRESSED CONCRETE CRYOGENIC LNG TANKS with 10m high CONCRETE PROCESS PLATFORM on top of Tank. Steel and conductive adhesion coating on RCC Tunnel with the company Wilson Walton Ltd. . U. Environmental. Staff Quarters. Netherlands in associated with M/s.C.Engaged in construction of R. 10] AL-Mutawa Son’s & Co.C. VESSEL FOUNDATION and BOX CULVERT in LNG PROCESS UNIT.Involved in construction for “Extension of Warehouse”.FOSTER WHEELER & Co.. . (LLC).A. Ltd. Rastanura for their renovation of 6 NATD E & I Substations. also was responsible for the cathodic protection on R.000 m3 net capacity. diameter 85m. Dubai (Dec’94 – Dec’96) Civil Foreman Key Deliverables:  AL AIN CEMENT FACTORY. Promoting safety as a value and ensuring all work activities in the area of site construction meet the Client’s HSE policy and objectives. Also was involved in construction of GAS METERING FOUNDATION & RECEIVING STRUCTURE FOUNDATIONS & PIPE RACKS. Laboratory and foundation for Storage Mineral Water Tanks. each of 120.C. RAS AL KHAIMAH ... SHELL International Petroleum Maatschappij B.K. Daharan for their Construction for EXTENSION OF GENERAL UTILITY PLANT and in SCECO. Kolkata.E. Was assisting and reporting to Project QA/QC Manager in maintaining records of a system conforming to the principle of ISO. DEWIDAG SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL. FEED GAS UNIT STRUCTURE FOUNDATIONS. safe & pleasant work environment and establishing an environment of mutual respect & teamwork among all concerned employees.M/s. Underground Tunnel for various utility pipeline services. Was involved for construction of two Metro Railway Stations and a twin-bored tunnel linking both stations.E. Was responsible for PRESTRESSING works which was carried out by M/s.

Checking of Fabrication/ Shop Drawings . AWARENESS.  Attended a seminar for one week and performed well in Quality Assurance training programmes on “FLAWLESS SITE ACTIVITIES (FSI)” & “SITE TECHNICAL ASSURANCE REVIEW 6 .W. carried out a feasibility study..  Completed successfully 2 days course on “QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INTERNAL AUDITOR for ISO 9001:2008 series TRAINING PROGRAMME (QMS)” in accordance with ISO 19011 – Conducted by IRCA Registered & Approved Lead Auditors / Tutors of M/s. Underground Water Tunnel etc. India (Feb’86 – Jan’90) Structural Draftsman Key Deliverables:  Was involved for preparation of Design drawings on Industrial Steel Structures of Blast Furnace. Ltd. India. PHASE III MODERNISATION.2009 (5 days) in Mumbai. Steel Melting Shop. Method Statements within project schedules. looked at possible tunneling methods and alignments. N. Coordinating with Sub-Contractors' Construction Managers / Site Engineers / QC Personnels and concerned Production Supervisors for maintaining the quality of day to day executed works to meet the requirements of Project Specifications. analysis. Drawings. classification and reporting. 12] PAM DEVELOPMENT Pvt. Overhead Yard Piping.D. Was responsible for Integrity Tests for individual Concrete pile. VELOSI CERTIFICATION L. India.QATAR on 26th & 27th October.. Ltd. Used to report Project Engineer for any deviation. plan and execute many aspects of the assessment program including site testing and inspection. local authorities. Oman on 21st January. Trainings and Courses PROFICIENCY IN QUALITY CONCEPTS & PROCESSES: Attended successfully 5 days course on “ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AUDITOR / LEAD AUDITOR TRAINING PROGRAMME” of ISO 9000:2000 Series – Conducted by IRCA Registered & Approved Lead Auditors / Tutors of M/s. Was having the necessary drive to achieve the goals of the target of time-bound schedules and delivered commercial success. (Roads). Cast House Exhaust Station. Cast-in-Situ Concrete Piling for foundation and various stages for construction of Concrete Structures of Multistoried Building [11 Storied] in Delhi.C. ITPs. Also responsible for Site Supervision. LLOYD’S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE LIMITED.project representative for relationships with project operating divisions. INDIA.C. Qatar. Used to develop construction programmes. Was responsible for all Prestessing activities of the Deck Slab of the Bridge.  Execution for R. Responsible for helping to organize.INDIA under P.C. Also used to prepare construction drawings of Industrial Steel Structures for TATA IRON AND STEEL CO. India (Jan’90 – Jun’90) Junior Civil Engineer Key Deliverables:  Execution for construction of BRIDGE in Calcutta. 1998 on behalf of BSI TRAINING SERVICES in Oman. INDIA.2008 (2 days) in Doha. 13] M. QCPs. The length of the bridge was 474 m + 42 m (Mid span length above the Railway – Crossing of Belghoria Railway Station). INDIA from 15th to 19th June. Estimating. partners and contractors. for VISHAKHAPATNAM STEEL PLANT. DASTUR & Co.L. DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS & BENEFITS / OBJECTIVES of ISO 9001:2000 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (QMS)” – Conducted by Management & Marketing Consultancy Services.  Completed successfully 2 days course on “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

INDIA. JGC CORPORATION . QATAR SHELL PEARL GTL PROJECT on behalf of SHELL GLOBAL SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL B. AWARENESS OF INDUSTRIAL SAFETY:-  Attended “MANDATORY HSE INDUCTION” and safety courses – conducted by SHELL. Hindi. Pin Code . 2008 in Qatar by Project QA MANAGER.MS WINDOW. JGC CORPORATION.  Undergone training on “INDUSTRIAL FIRST AID” – conducted by M/s.Ghola Bazar. Bengali. PDO.K. U..  Attended “AWARENESS OF HAZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH CONSTRUCTION WORKS & EFFECTS” and “FIRE FIGHTING” courses – conducted by M/s. Sultanate of Oman in 1998.. Proficiency  Well versed in Computer Programmes . a network of ROYAL DUTCH/SHELL GROUP. TECHNICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE TRAINING INSTITUTE LLC.O.  Undergone training on “SUPERVISOR’S INCIDENT & INJURY-FREE” by JMJ ASSOCIATES UK. . 1965 Adept in Languages : English. on behalf of QATARGAS LTD. Achievement in Educational Qualifications  Diploma in Civil Engineering in 1985 obtained 1st Class with 75 % marks. KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT. SAUDI ARAMCO. CHIYODA & FOSTER WHEELER JOINT VENTURE. MS EXCELL & POWER POINT. GASCO.700111. Married Will be furnished on Request (Shrinwantu Chowdhury) 7 . Marital Status References : : Kolkata – 70011. Personal Details Date of birth : 12th February. . in 1998. M.. Arabic and Russian Address for Communication : 4 Netaji Pally. ADNOC. P. Manikdanga Road. West Bengal. MARATHON OIL COMPANY.V. CHIYODA & TECHNIP JOINT VENTURE and QATARGAS II.KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT JV.W. QATAR in 2007 & QATAR SHELL GTL LTD in 2008.(STAR) – INTERNAL / EXTERNAL PROCESS AWARENESS” – Conducted on April. Sodepur. FOSTER WHEELER WORLD SERVICES LTD.