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Websites to Visit

D&C 128:15- “And now, my dearly beloved brethren and sisters, let me assure you that these are principles in relation to the dead and the living that cannot be lightly passed over, as pertaining to our salvation.”

Websites to Visit • The following are websites that you can visit for Family History and more • (this is not a complete list) .

org/ • Official Church • Official Youth Church Website for Family History: 3 .lds.Family History: • Official Church Website: https://www.

org/callings/temple-andfamily-history/leader-resources?lang=eng • Family History 4 .lds.Websites • Official Church Website: Family History: • Official Church Website: Leaders’ Resources: Resources: https://www. ec/welcome (to be deactivated in 2013) • • Indexing: • New FamilySearch: https://new.Help Center: 5 .Websites • FamilySearch: https://www.

org/ 6 .org/learn/wiki/en/Famil ySearch_Indexing:_English_Language__Project_Update_Pages • Official Church Website: Especially for Public: http://mormon.Project Updates: https://familysearch.Websites • Indexing.

Websites to Visit • These websites are just some of the many sites one can go in order to help in building up the Lord’s Kingdom • These are tools that we must continue to use every now and then .

Abalos 09333647230 (Product Support) .Sis.Sis. Email: Filipinosupport@familysearch. Text Message: . Skype (approach your consultants) b. you can contact our Family History Support Missionaries through the following: a.Sis. Notarte 09153069115 (Product Support) . Facebook (Chat/Message  ) .Contact Us: For further assistance.Elder Caduada 09274116639 (Indexing Support) d. Cabrito 09178577152 (Product Support) .

Closing Statement “The Time is Now” .