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Consciousness Class

Wednesday; November 25, 2009 With Shalom Sharabi
Re-cap of last class • Why is it so tough in the month of Sagittarius? • We are promised it is going to be the month of miracles, the month of energy, good month … but the garbage is still here • The garbage will stay here, what needs to change is our approach to the garbage • Last week we spoke of three major things 1. To push, not to allow them to come inside, not to be involved emotionally 2. “I am very happy to let you know I am not going to be a part of your misery.” (say inside-tell yourself, tell that person with your consciousness) Continue to do what you did before but without the chair on your back. Tell your opponent, “I am very happy to let you know I am not going to be part of your misery.” 3. Scan Zohar, but with giving back to the light source; 15 minutes a day. No taking or thinking about what you want… just giving • How many people allow the zodiac sign to affect your life without resisting that energy to become the best version of yourself? • How many of you become reactive and you say, “What do you want from me… I’m a Virgo. Virgo’s are not open emotionally” or I’m a Sagittarius I’m not suppose to care what I say and say things for no reason. Managing our Universe • How to make sure the universe gives me what I want and how to control my universe • How to control the zodiac signs • How to control the messages I receive from people around me • How to control my dreams • The fact that the universe is moving and shifting in a certain way doesn’t mean that you need to stay the same place and wait for the energy to manage your life • All the messages we get, from all around us are basically controlled by us • Our job is to manage everything around ourselves • How do we do that? • How many of you read your horoscope and you hear that you are going to receive a huge chunk of money during the week. • We really don’t believe it but we are still waiting, no? ☺ • Why, because in essence it makes us feel like we are somebody • The fact that you have been given a certain destiny doesn’t mean you are going to get there • Only that you are constantly changing the universe around yourself

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Validation v/s Tikkun • There is something very powerful about certain signs and being born in certain signs, it is part of your tikkun • The only reason there is astrology, only for one thing … to help you with your tikkun • Not to tell you that you were Queen Sheba in a past life or to boost your ego • It is to change • But who goes to a physic because you want to change? • The only reason you go to a physic is because somehow you want validation that you are on the right path, your soulmate and success in life is waiting for you • You control the universe around you, so the physic will tell you what you want to hear. Before you even go there you are just dying to hear that somehow it is ending, no pain, no misery any more and there is a soulmate and house without a mortgage. So the psychic will tell you everything that you want to hear 10 Sefirot / Planets • 10 Sefirot are connected to the astrological planets • There is a reason they exist in our chart • There are 10 Sefirot, 10 dimensions that connect to our consciousness • Pluto represents Keter (highest dimension) • After Keter we have… • Uranus -> Chochmah • Neptune -> Binah • Why do you think these planets are the top 3 of the 10 dimensions? • They are furthest away from finishing the cycle around the sun • The upper 3 are connected directly because you cannot connect to them on a physical level, that is why they are so far away from you • It takes them the longest of all the other planets • They help us to achieve our tikkun • So far from our destiny each one of those planets helps us to become the best version of ourselves Class Exercise: • Think of one time this week how you gave an excuse about how your sign, or someone else’s sign and how this affected you; or even if you blame the fact that you are emotional on the month of Scorpio • Class Example: I was very mean to someone and I said, “This must be my Scorpio.” • See we use our signs to hurt people • instead of correcting ourselves … every time there is an exchange of energy and there is a misunderstanding between me and someone else, there is an opportunity to correct myself • If I am using my sign as an excuse, it is not going to take me to my next level • We think that by identifying that I am a certain sign, it allows me to continue my life in the same way • Every month that is given to you is an opportunity to correct yourself
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Since of Urgency • For Pluto to achieve a whole cycle around the sun it takes 248 years • Uranus takes 84 years • Neptune takes 165 years • The most interesting planet is Uranus, because it is 84 years • You can achieve in almost 1 lifetime; Uranus helps us to achieve our tikkun in this lifetime • What is the big deal…? I am going to try and change myself, it is not going to work and I’m going to die and come back again • Why do I need to feel urgency and pressure? • The reason why we need to feel urgency and pressure… what happens if you don’t achieve your tikkun in those 84 years, you are going back to Pluto and going back to 248 more years and bringing back all the tikkun from the life before. • For a lot of us, we are coming back again and again and again • The reason why we are not getting better is because we were almost there and then right before we didn’t achieve it • Not a lot of people are getting to this age clear and focused • According to science, the effect of being senile starts around this age … • Unless you do a lot of tikkun work The cycle • There is a certain assignment that you are here to achieve in this world and if you achieve it you go to the next level • Just behind Uranus cycle of 29 years is Saturn • Saturn is called the planet of judgment • It is very essential to know why we are calling these by names • This plant comes every 29 years • Every 29 years you are going to have the opportunity to correct yourself • The job of this planet is to push you to your tikkun • What happens at around 26, it’s like a coach that goes to you with a notebook • Anger, patients, some improvement but not enough • The job of Saturn is to push you to your tikkun, the cycles … 29, 58, 87 • The job of Saturn is to make sure you are doing your job • Say at 29 you did nothing • It will push you on the fast track to get there • You will feel the pressure to change but not have direction, that is the beginning of surrounding light • So you will look for ways to improve yourself and get better • Very powerful to understand • If you volunteer to do you tikkun, without the push when Saturn comes the push will help you to do your work • If you are not volunteering, lazy with your tikkun… the job of Saturn is to create enough surrounding light, enough pressure for you to change yourself
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The only option is what quality of life I am going to have in this world

Handout: • First page you can find the reactive and proactive attributes of Saturn • Proactive – these are the gifts that Saturn gives you to achieve your mission • Reactive – are basically your tikkun • This doesn’t mean that you have all of them strongly and all effecting you in your life • But you can see the main tikkun you need to work on • You can see and add as part of your goal for the coming year Ex: Proactive and Reactive of Saturn in Leo • people say that they are afraid to be in audience … • If their gift is to speak in front of an audience and they need to feel this need it is probably their mission in life • If they are avoiding it, they are going backwards in life • Those people that were born in this generation of Leo this is why they came here • If you will see people that were born lately, have a different mission in life • More and higher souls that came here to do more • Just because this is your gift of Saturn, that doesn’t mean you have all of them at the moment Since of Urgency • If each one of us choose to follow his tikkun and will work hard on himself everyday to follow his tikkun and not be effected by external powers; imagine what the world would look like • Peaceful, love, light • We know all of these things… why don’t we push ourselves • Because it’s uncomfortable… we don’t feel the urgency • On a day to day basis, we are spiritual (feeding the homeless) • We don’t feel the urgency because we don’t know there is a time limit • Saturn is basically working for Uranus • He is the short term Uranus and his job is to make sure you are going to be the best version of yourself • Lets say your need to be number 1 takes you away from the crown and you are hiding • Either its all or nothing • If there are people more powerful than me I am just going to hide • Saturn will make sure you are going to get there • How come a lot of people are not feeling their Saturn and not changing their destiny? • Because Saturn’s job is to make sure you are gong to get there but not always explaining what is happening • Saturn will not be a big help for you unless you start doing something about it • For a lot of us, I know for me a great change happened when I was 25/26 • This is a very important age, you start to feel that your destiny is shifting and changing
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There is a certain thing if you know how to ride this wave Saturn will help you in your tikkun to remove a lot of blockages Planets have no free will, are kind of like angels … they have a certain job and certain energy and it will do whatever it needs to do. It will not explain to you what it is doing Your job is to decode that energy If you are staying complacent that energy is just passing by and landing in your backyard and messing up your backyard and disappearing If you are not asking questions then it is just passing you by, you will just move from one month to another What I want you to do with this Saturn is to take it home and think about it more On purpose I didn’t explain the other part of Saturn The reason is that I want you to read it by yourself Start using everything we are giving you in class on a practical level Take this go back home and which of those things now when you are writing your goals

Homework: • Tonight we are just working on Saturn • Next week focus on your Saturn • Take home handout and find things you should work on • Take 2 things you should work on and I promise you will see a specific result in this mater This Weeks Consciousness • Jacob was brother of Esau • Esau was running after Jacob • Jacob had stole all the blessings from him • What happens after Jacob • Jacob wants to marry the youngest daughter, Rachel • And Rachel wants to marry him as well • Laban said if you want my daughter you have to work for 7 years • Jacob works very hard and then he gets Leah • If you want to marry the youngest you have to marry the oldest first • The Zohar says, the reason it was written in the torah, that this was like a few days in his (Jacob’s) eyes was because he loved Rachel and he was focused on his goals • Next portion Jacob is about to meet his brother Esau • But he is not meeting him right away • It says Jacob is sending angles, messengers • It says that Jacob was afraid and he was afraid; it says that he was afraid - twice • We know that Jacob was mastering his destiny • Struggling for so many years • Marrying 2 sisters - 4 wives (2 official, 2 unofficial) • Esau is very angry, furious at him • Esau is about to kill him
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Jacob had stole all Esau’s blessings from him Just imagine how you would feel So much anger and so much frustration Esau’s blessing was he will live by the sword and have the ability to kill Jacob’s brother is basically the most powerful assassin in the world, and he is going to meet him Esau has 400 solders; another reason to be afraid It said Jacob was afraid twice One of the Kabbalist explain he wasn’t just afraid for himself First time was afraid to die Second time he was afraid to kill his brother Think about it, the guy is about to loose his life and he has all of his wives and children with him You would think that if we were him we would be afraid for our own life He was afraid to kill Esau He was afraid to kill Esau because he was afraid to kill the others Something beyond that,,, all the lineage that came from Esau From Esau came nation of Greeks, Romans, Christianity … came from kingdom of Esau He knew that most of Kabbalist and lineage would come from Edon Grandmother of King David was a descendant of Esau We know that the lineage of Kabbalah started to manifest with Kind David Rabbi Akiva was one of the highest souls that came to this world Rabbi Akiva, parents were both Romans Rabi Baranes; His father was suppose to conquer Jerusalem, he was suppose to destroy the 2nd temple His father was a minister in the Roman government, was sent to kill Jerusalem But his father was very knowledgeable, he ran away and started studying Kabbalah and his son was Rabbi Meir Baranes A lot of those great Kabbalist were descendants of Esau Jacob knew that if he would inject mercy, Esau would shift his way and the seed level of redemption, the achievement of end of tikkun will happen only if he will spare the life of Esau He knew the light was with him, he know that Esau would never be able to kill him And he knew that more importantly was to spare the life Esau

Control Freak • A lot of times when we live our life we think the way to solve the problem is to control our external reality; anger, frustration, being depressed … all of those things on the outside • Most of us have a little bit of a control freak within us • We make sure that if it looks bad, we will kill it right away • Because who knows how bad it can become if you are not going to kill it • For example, if you feel there is a certain competition, a certain person in your life that is a threat on you, or you feel something about yourself is not good enough
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We find ways to get rid of it because of insecurity, fear and because we don’t know there is a universal law explaining that the things you love more are the things you give to People you give to are the people you love more than the people you take from You love your kids more than you love your parents Problems in relationships starts when you want to take Why do you want to take; because you want to control The other part of shifting your destiny is to know that all of those people around you that you feel insecure about are holding the key to the redemption that is suppose to come We are never talking about what it means to love someone on a real level

Story - Lesson • Personal story about me and friend of mine • We went to study with the Rav • Studying with the Rav is an opportunity • Right away you come with agenda; you want to ask questions • How can you get a message and how can you suck all the energy of the Rav in 1 hour ☺ • The fist thing when you get there, you want to know secrets • The more you want to know secrets, the more you have agenda and want to suck the energy of The Rav… the less the Rav is talking to you …. Literally • This is one of the things that really educated me • Every time I went to the Rav; the Rav would look at the Zohar for 1 hour and every 20 minutes he would look at me and nod his head • After 1 to 2 weeks I would go to the Rav and I said, “Today I’m going to study with the Rav.” • The Rav opens the Zohar and he doesn’t even read the Aramaic or the interpretation of the Zohar… the Rav is just scanning the print out of the dedications in the beginning of the book, for 1 hour • It started to bother me and then in the end the Rav said it was a great study Shalom • Of course the joke is on me • Happened a few times • I said enough and started to see what the Rav needs • Then the Rav said, “Now we are going to study.” • My fiend did the same thing • He got a longer lesson • Every time he came to the Rav he would ask a lot of questions • And then the Rav would look at him with the face of, “What are you talking about.” • Then the Rav would give him the business • He decided to let go and whatever the Rav needed … and by the end of this class the Rav said, “You changed so much. I didn’t see you for a long time.” • When you correct yourself you are not the same human being • For a person that can see your soul he can see your aura change Shifting Consciousness • We know that Kabbalist they live beyond time, space and motions
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When they say long time it means that the person you are today and the person who you were are not the same person Yes there are a lot of the same tikkun and energy you still carry on yourself but you have changed your external world Best indication is to see how people are treating you. If you are insecure and people are telling you, you look sick, unwell, what’s wrong with you … When people just with their energy … like when you are judging someone and when you stop judging them they come close to you The more you eliminate the chaos within yourself and the more love you are injecting towards someone else, you are shifting and the energy around you is different When Esau met Jacob he ran and hugged him right away Because of the work that Jacob did We think that Jacob is the weak one that he needed to survive this whole chaos with his brother… Jacob came as a giver, it doesn’t matter who was stronger Jacob shifted the consciousness of his brother by shifting himself by loving

Powerful Story • There was a Kabbalist and a person came to him and said, “I need to kill my wife.” • The Kabbalist asks, “Why do you want to kill your wife?” • He says, “She is horrible, she is doing those things, she says those things.” • The Kabbalist says, “What is she saying, what is she doing?” • He can’t even say what she is doing because it is so ugly in his eyes • The Kabbalist says, “The only way she will die is if you promise something that you will do for others, something to help the world or help the environment and you don’t do it; your wife will die in 30 days.” • He asks, “Great… what should I promise?” • The Kabbalist says, “Promise that you will build a mikveh and a school for Kabbalah.” • The guy is extremely rich and stingy and the movements that he sees his wife do that disgust him are her asking for things • He then is asked about donating the money for the school and he says no money • He goes back to the Kabbalist and he says, “My wife keeps asking for things. I can’t stand it. What do I do?” • The Kabbalist says, “What do you care, she is going to die anyway… you’ll get it all back.” • So the guy knows it is close to the last day and he is feeling merciful and so he gives her a lot… • 3 days before the 30th day, he goes to the Kabbalist and says, “I want to tell you something I started liking my wife. I see her and I am can’t wait to come back home everyday. Maybe we should cancel the whole thing.” • The Kabbalist says, “Why cancel, it’s in 3 days … you’ll be free.” • He goes back home and couldn’t sleep so he then goes back to the Kabbalist. • “What do I do? We have to cancel this, what do I need to do? • The Kabbalist says, “Build the school.”
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The Lesson • The lesson is when you give something to someone then the love is awakened within yourself • Removing the person in front of you is not what matters • Removing that person is not guaranteeing you a better life • Removing your agenda, the taker within yourself removes the person behavior 99.9% of the time • When you are always micro managing your life and yourself with others, controlling what happens is you become more insecure, more heavy and less powerful with everything you do • The only way to get back to success is to do it by changing internally, changing your external is the second thing… after you love your environment and surroundings • As long as there is hatred and you are micro managing those around you your universe will stay the same • Last week we learned something very powerful: • I am very happy to let you know I cannot participate in your misery • Now after you say that with your consciousness, think about how you can give now with out the emotional attachment, without being upset • That is how you are going to change your destiny • Your job in the month of Sagittarius is to shift the internal, without the guilt • The way we shut down the guilt is by saying, “I am very happy to let you know that I cannot be part of your misery.” • After we shut down the guilt we can then give on a real level to others

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