KEB. BANDAR ENDAU 21st June 2012 – 32nd Annual Sports Day of Sek. Keb. Bandar Endau was held successfully in the school field started from 8.00 a.m. and ended at 12.30 noon with lots of cheering and applauding from the audiences. The annual school sports day was started with the marching of sport houses of Maharaja, Kesatria, Hulubalang and Bendahara. It then followed with the opening speech by the headmaster of Sek. Keb. Bandar Endau, Encik Zawawi b. Muda. After the event flag raising ceremony and reciting of event oath by the school head prefect, the events of the sport started. There were many sport events took place, such as 100m dash, 200m and 4X100m relay for boys and girls category under 12 and under 10 years old. The teachers and parents who came to the annual sport also took part in the 4X50m relay. This was followed with the telematch event by the pre school, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 pupils. Hence, made this year annual school sports day became so lively and happening. The annual school sports day ended with the tug of war event between the men teachers and the parents. Overall, Maharaja sport house had lead other sport houses of the school and emerged as champion. Second place was won by Hulubalang sport house while Kesatria and Bendahara sport house shared the third place. As for the marching event, Bendahara sport house took the first place with Maharaja sport house took second place. In the tug of war event, the representatives of Parent Teacher Association(PTA) beat the men teachers of Sek. Keb. Bandar Endau to emerge as victor. Fakrullah from Maharaja sport house and Faqihah of Hulubalang sport house were announced as the boy and girl athletics for the 32 nd Annual School Sport Day. Report by Norma bt. Setapa Secretary of Sport Sek Keb Bandar Endau

Also thanks to the teachers who given their ideas. Setapa Uniform Unit Coordinator Sek Keb Bandar Endau . Other activities held were jungle trekking. Bandar Endau had hold its uniform unit camping at the Gunung Arong Camping Site Mersing from 23rd to 25th july 2012. Uniform Unit Camping Report of Sek Keb Bandar Endau 2012 was prepared by Norma bt. They represented their respected uniform unit such as Scouts.TO: SENIOR ASSISTANT OF CO CURRICULUM SEK KEB BANDAR ENDAU UNIFORM UNIT CAMPING REPORT OF SEK KEB BANDAR ENDAU 2012 Co-curiculum unit of Sek. blind walk. All the activities were conducted by the teachers. May the cooperation and spirit that were shown during the camping could be continued from time to time. Several activities were carried out during the camping in order to build pupils self instinct and be discipline as well as to instill cooperation spirit among the pupils. Among the activities carried out was Campcraft which was the skill class for basic tent pitching and choosing the suitable site to pitch a tent. Keb. ! 00 pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 took part in the camping. Girl Guide and Red Crescent Society. time and energy during the camping in order to make sure the input of the program achieved by the pupils. cooking competition. campfire and cultural performance. especially in monitoring the program held and preparing food for the campers. night walk. motivation session. Sek Keb Bandar Endau expressed their thanks to the teachers and the Parent Teacher Association committee that were present during the camping in term of giving help.

they also demonstrated a good .m. There was also a declamation of ‘merdeka’ poems by Maheshini of 6 Cekal and Ahmad Shamil of 6 Arif. ‘Poco Poco’ performed by the Athletic Club. The students had clearly put in a great of practice. A big thank you to both of them. There were traditional dances performed by the students. Everyone applauded loudly when they walked past the audiences.TO: SENIOR ASSISTANT OF STUDENT AFFAIR SEK KEB BANDAR ENDAU NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATION SCHOOL LEVEL The 55th National Day Celebration School Level was carried out on the 20th of August 2012 morning. Teachers. Another group of students also came up and sang some traditional songs like “ghazal” and “lagu asli” sweetly. They danced traditional dances like “zapin” and “inang” gracefully. The president of the ParentTeacher Association. The school band led the march past.00 a. uniformed bodies and clubs also took part. Their efforts paid off well as all the dance steps were brilliantly executed. Their costumes were beautiful and the performances were excellent. The students were very talented and showed a skilful presentation with music. After the march past. It was held in the school square. Everyone stood up straight and proudly sang our National Anthem and patriotic songs accompanied by the music played by our talented school brass band. state anthem and patriotic songs with zest and gusto. The last event that morning was the aerobics. This was followed by some cultural shows performed on stage erected at one end of the field. The students marched steadily past the audiences in neat rows. Dressed in colourful costumes. Then we had the march past which was held in the school field. we had the raising of the flag by the head prefect. parents and students came to school with flags and sang the national anthem. The event kicked off at 8. Fakhrul officiated the opening ceremony. All the students and many parents were already gathered around the school square as the flag was raised. It was very exciting to watch them do the steps of ‘PocoPoco’ effortlessly. Members of the various school societies. They looked smart and patriotic. Azlan Hashim. En.

sense of timing. It was an exciting floor show. The event was a success. It also helped us to appreciate the wonderful country we live in and made us proud to be Malaysians. Even the teachers and parents involved with this performance. we had a great time. Setapa Counselor Sek Keb Bandar Endau . The students managed to attract the attention of the audiences with their performances. Our National Day celebration was truly a momentous one. Prepared by Norma bt. Despite the heat that morning.

I was honour and thankful because this assignment has completed on time. This made my love for teaching profession and the country so deeply and how important for every citizen to learn English as well as keeping the country in peace and harmony as it was. this task has taught me how importance Independence Day celebration for a country besides improving my English language in essay writing. I felt it was another burden for me as I was not good in English. In conclusion. My English was so low. At first. Ghazali b. when I was told to do this assignment. This was because our supportive tutor. Instead I took it as a momentum for me to complete it. But this burden did not stop me from completing this task. My interaction experience with the English teachers in my school and other colleagues has helped me a lot in improving my English in essay writing. Abdullah had given us information about how to do this task clearly. In the process of completing this task. Other than that. the guidance given by the tutor in order to complete this assignment had given the opportunity for me to improve my English weaknesses in essay writing. . I had come across how important that was English language for a person not just for a teacher. En.REFLECTION.

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