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The Developing Country-NGO Delegation takes note of the decision on the New Funding Model
Dakar, September 18, 2012. The Developing Country-NGO Delegation takes note of the decision taken by the full GF Board on September 14 in Geneva to support the new funding model in principle. This new model will replace the previous Rounds based model that operated since the creation of the Fund in the 2002. This new model, said Dr Cheick Tidiane Tall, Board Member, is sending a positive message to traditional donors in the sense of ensuring clarity in the allocation of resources to address the three epidemics in countries with populations most in need. Dr Tall further reiterated his delegation's willingness to continue supporting the GF to seek additional resources from non-traditional donors, especially from emerging economies that are part of the G20 and from domestic resources.

Loretta Wong the Alternate Board Member of the delegation, expressed her enthusiasm for the Board to accept the proposal of its delegation to explicitly emphasize that civil society is and should be an integral part in the design and development of new proposals submitted under the new funding model. She noted that the establishment of country bands will also enable countries to know what to expect for their project financing.

The Delegation noted that civil society from the Global South, must ensure that their work in the Country Coordinating Mechanisms, independence from governments and activism, be strengths that enable their ideas and proposals to be incorporated into national strategic plans which will result in stronger and successful proposals.

The delegation Salutes the alignment of the New Funding Model with the Fund new Strategy adopted in Novemeber 2011. The model must now also ensure that the new

proposals go in the direction of ensuring greater health impact and effectiveness and efficiency in achieving results, that probably a significant number of countries around Africa, Asia, LAC and EECA, will continue to use the Most At Risk funding channel that the new funding model preserves.

The Delegation recognizes the new funding model is a step that occurs in the original sense of the Global Fund reform process started in May 2011, and considers that Global Fund soon also need to match the new funding model with the need to reprogram the use of several billions of dollars that the Global Fund has committed to different countries but which have not yet been disbursed.

More information on this press release contact: Ria Grant (Communication Focal Point)   End. NOTE: The Developing Countries Non-Governmental Organizations (DCNGO), has representatives of different developing regions of the world: Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe / Central Asia and Latin America & Caribbean. Our Vision: the Delegation imagines a world in which, AIDS, TB and Malaria are under full control and do not have disparate negative impacts on developing countries in the G.lobal South Our Mission: the Delegation influences the GF policies and practices so that they are continually and appropriately responsive to the need of those affected AIDS, TB and Malaria and NGOs/CBOs in the Global South.


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