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UPDATE From Doug Sadownick, LGBT Specialization Director, Cassie Najarian, Colors Program Manager, Henry Campagna, Colors

Coordinator, and Amy Smith, Antioch University Vice President of Institutional Advancement. -As a supporter of the COLORS LGBTQ Youth Counseling and Community Center, we are delighted to report to you on the progress of the Center in its first year. Your generous donation has helped COLORS achieve this one-year milestone with increasing services to LGBTQ youth and their families. The mission of COLORS is to provide free LGBT Affirmative counseling to youth 24 and under in the greater Los Angeles area to address bullying and oppression and to nurture a new generation of empowered LGBTQ persons and leaders. We have provided almost 430 therapy sessions to LGBT youth of different ethnic backgrounds (the majority are Hispanic), and youth at different stages of identification and coming out. We have helped families cope with coming out youths and the transition from confusion and doubt to fuller acceptance. We have worked to limit bullying by helping youths and their families empower themselves and stand up to hate. We have trained a cadre of LGBT Specialization students and graduates in a variety of areas of LGBTQ Youth issues (sexuality; drug use; dating; empowerment; LGBT spirituality). The supervision they receive from our AULA counselors is no doubt the finest quality affirmative supervision in the field. The LGBT Specialization/COLORS Advisory Board has evolved from an advisory to a working board with three committees (Development; Administration; Programming) that will help sustain the COLORS Mission. We have also developed community partnerships with Art Division; Connect to Protect; Circle Project; Heart of Los Angeles, the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, the LA Unified School District/Project 10 and Project Spin (Suicide Prevention Intervention Now) and the Transgender Service Provider’s Network. Through our fundraising efforts, we have raised $60,000 in the past year in addition to your support, which is quite an accomplishment at AULA for a new program. Your leadership gift helped us with the momentum needed to achieve our goals. We are currently considering some benefits associated with supporting COLORS, including a new membership level called the “Prism Club,” which is a way to honor our supporters with

literary and artistic special viewings curated by award-winning author Felice Picano. We are hoping to implement a robust recurring giving program for sustained support Thank you for your help in making the dream of COLORS a reality and helping us serve LGBTQ Youth with your support. Your sustaining support is an inspiration to all of us who seek to support the underserved population of LGBTQ youth in the downtown area of Los Angeles. Upcoming Events: _October 30, 6:-8:30 p.m., Antioch University, Author Marsha Aizumi and her transgender son Aiden will be reading from their new book “Two Spirits, One Heart: A Mother, Her Transgender Son, and Their Journey to Love and Acceptance” _A Fundraising Event in Weho In November _LGBT Specialization Holiday Party, December 10 at Colors _One Year Grand Opening Private Viewing January Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns or wish to become a Prism Club member. Doug Sadownick, Ph.D., LGBT Specialization Director Cassie Najarian, MFTI, Colors Program Manager Henry Campagna, MFTI, Colors Program Coordinator Amy Smith, Antioch University Vice President of Institutional Advancement

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