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Atelier's Launch and Promotion
this group will plan the launch of the digital atelier The main objectives are: to let people know that the atelier exists and to make it look appealing, even to people who are not specifically interested/involved in the digital design field; to convey a business model, where the digital design might have a key role in the production of any design product (industrial, fashion, interior, interface, sustainable design, ... ); any further/side application is welcome, provided it fits within the overall idea Possible hints for the promotion's development are: adapting ManagingNews (please refer to and use the gather platform we created for you) to collect and filter information, in order to find trends; using applications like Wordle, or being inspired by infographics and text visualizations, to design effective ways to present visually the collected data; thinking of specific events, installations, performances which might integrate digital technologies into the existing, traditional promotion strategies; "riding" the wave of interest which naturally comes out of fashion events, by focusing on topics such as: behavioral trends, materials, colors, etc.

(write your brief, ideas, links and comments below)


Christina Chila: We could use projection mapping in front of the building to draw people in and promote digital design. View link ( Something similar was done with Tiffany & Co during the 2010 opening of their new Tiffany Beijing flagship. View link ( Jeanny Aragona: While the projection mapping is an excellent idea we could also use this in popular cities as a news for caster to let the world in on whats new in the fashion world. As Christina had mentioned earlier this can be used for Tiffany's to introduce their new line. What if we could introduce multiple lines. This way people with a variety of tastes in different lines, due to the large amounts of diversity in bigger cities. This is currently done in time square NY. They have advertising in a digital way all over. Mainly of large technical companies like samsung or a clothing company. The word of the new line would get out a lot faster just from typical communication amongst the citizens.


notes from the past assignment
Jeanny Aragona (Managing news): This allows you to search and receive information on a specific topic. When fashion designers are doing their research for a new collection they go to a specialist who presents to them the color of that season, whats in and whats out. These specialists research constantly of what is going on in the world, what people are doing everyday and modernizing their research at a constant pace

Christina Chila: OK! So, some words and emotions that come to mind are : futuristic ultramodern, extravagance, smart, luxurious, and influential I like the quote we learned in the first class, “A SMART guy can combine different things to make new of that exists.” maybe we could use that somehow One of their hints for us was “adapting ManagingNews (from session 2; please refer to and use the gather platform we created for you) to collect and filter information, in order to find trends” … Based of of the discussion in class, we must create awareness of the “contest” and having articles of trends dealing with eco-friendly textiles or non expensive alternatives to garment construction could be relevant. Otherwise I have no idea how else we could use this tool for it to apply to what we need to promote (Digital Designers) We also need to raise awareness of the fashion show and how its an “interactive show” but participating throughout the web is also possible. Our main thing to figure out is after the fashion show, we will have an after-party promoting the digital designers and their work (who will be in attendance) They also gave us a hint to “thinking of specific events, installations, performances which might integrate digital technologies into the existing, traditional promotion strategies” … A performance would be a good idea to expand on maybe because for a party, you need music. I find this all to be very difficult because all of the information we have form other groups has to deal with the dressmaking and fashion show, but our goal is to promote the digital designers My last idea, (aside from traditional promotion) was to use their other hint, “using applications like Wordle (see pdf from session 2 for instructions), “ with the words described in the abovementioned and more. For a more modern/younger demographic, we should also create a twitter!

Kayla Haas: I think that a performance is a great idea. I remember mentioning in class how the Gorillaz used technology in their set. Maybe they could perform during the fashion show. This would attract people who are not only interested in fashion but music. Christina Chila: Cool, Gorillaz will perform at our after-party!! Today, we must construct a brief (which presents briefly the idea, its target, potential, the aspects of its novelty, etc.) and a collection of the considerations and information, written and gathered (text and web links) during the concept development There are 5 of us so we could divide this all in 4 groups two people in the second: 1) Promote the contest 2) Create the managing news trends to go along with the contest and the twitter (two people) 3) Promote through fashion week (ads for fashion week’s fylers and booklets 4) Promote the after party featuring Gorillaz and the digital designers Sign-ups: 1) Christina Chila (contest) 2) NIcole Dysart and Christina DeCarlo (Twitter, Managing news, & blogging) 3) Jeanny Aragona (fashion week ads) 4) Kayla Haas (party)

Contest: · Contest Description (idea): Can be done at home on the web or at the atelier At the atelier, the first station/space will give the user a large holographic globe in which they can learn more about the process before experiencing himself. At the second station/space, the user will then choose a location or country from where they would like their specific dress to be designed. They will be able to choose from which raw materials they would like their dress to make. These choices will follow the user to the third space as a projection flying behind them. While walking through the Atelier, users will receive immediate feedback through a computer interface explaining the pros and cons of their decisions regarding the social, economical, and geographical environment. As the user arrives to the final interactive section (this section will

overlap with the D-Dress Platform) of the experience, the fabric will be draped on them, giving the opportunity to create a garment according to specific desires. The dress then has the possibility to be manufactured, only after the user is made aware of the environmental and monetary costs that their design has created. If the carbon footprint that the creation of the dress would make is too high, the dress will be deemed unsatisfactory and will not be “made”. The user will then have the option to make changes to decrease the carbon footprint by using the information they had been given throughout the experience. Users who choose to create their dress on the web will not have the same interactive experience; however, they are also faced with the conflict of creating an environmentally-friendly and cost-friendly dress If the dress meets the specific set of environmental standards, it can be shown in the looping holographic fashion show that will continue until the end of fashion week. A separate finally fashion show will consist of selected designs only from those who created their designs through the process at the atelier, not on the web. (concept taken from the 3D hologram and D-Dress group) ● Target: Women and Men interested in fashion, digital technology, interactive experiences, and the environment. ● Potential: This contest will raise awareness to the Milan fashion week, D-Dress platform, and the digital designers. It will lure people into attending fashion week and the after party to see their designs on an actual runway, rather then just a looking show if done from the web ● Aspects of promotion: Have a featured story in Women’s Wear Daily publication. Have contest ads in magazines; Elle, Cosmo, Vogue, GQ, and Seventeen Have news articles in Yahoo News and AOL News Will also have contest description at fashion week inside of their promotional matter.

Managing News, Twitter, & Blogging 1. Managing News : We are going to use the managing news application for tracking trends in eco-friendly fashion, alternatives for materials such as fabric, hardware, and shipping, and major trends for looks. The managing news application will allow us to know which companies use eco-friendly materials for their clothes, which companies are coming up with and using new technologies, and what trends the eco-friendly companies are following related towards style.

The use for this is so that we can educate the associates working with the D-Dress and the 3-D hologram. The associates need to have a knowledge base about materials and trends going on so that they can better assist their clients when making dresses. We can also use the managing news application to see which group or target market of people are responding and researching about our atelier. This will enable us to better market towards that group of people. We will also be able to track how much people blog, tweet, and write about us on the internet, so that we will have a better idea of exactly how many people know about the Atelier. 2. Twitter : We can create a twitter account to tweet about the developments, products, and the coming along of the atelier. We can promote the digital designers through twitter also so that people will associate the digital designers and the atelier. We can also get a # promoted so that other people will tweet about us. If we can also get major celebs both in the fashion, digital, and architecture world to tweet about us then that would cover all of the markets of people that we need to reach. 3. Blogging: We can start blogging in detail about the services and designers featured in the atelier. We can also blog about the eco-friendly side of the D-Dress. We will create blogs for the fashion side, the digital design side, and the architecture side. Each blog will have the same information but it will be represented and marketed in way that each of our markets can understand and relate to. 4. Google : We can buy key words that relate to the atelier so that when people search those words our website, blogs, and twitter account will appear. Fashion week ads: While flyer’s and posters are given, when it comes to advertising , the presentation is key. For instance, the set up, what goes on the flyer’s and what information is given. Our flyer’s for fashion week will give a simple glimpse as to what our fashion show will entail. The fashion show will consist of the final winner of the D-Dress designs. The flyer's will also include information about the involvement of celebrities. Although the show, along with the after-party will be advertised on blogs, twitter ,and other Internet social networks, those who may not be technology crazy still have the option to hear about the fashion show. With that being said a short commercial at certain times of the day between shows will be played. This too will give the audience a real idea and feel for what this magnificent show is all about and when! To receive information specifically on the show times and where they will be held pamphlets will be distributed at particular tabacchi stands. Along with the main building which houses the team of our fashion show. Along with the show times these booklets will include information on our after party. For example, that the Gorillaz will be playing, what will be served, etc.

After Party: Whoever participates in the interactive components of the atelier (D-dress or 3 D hologram) will be given a ticket to the after party which will be held at a different location. Tickets will be available to others as well but they must pay for them. The party will be showcasing the Gorillaz who will be playing some songs from their new album which has not been released yet. The set that the Gorillaz use consists of a black screen and many colorful lights. The “band members” are 3D cartoon characters which are projected on the screen. This show will carry on the futuristic and innovative mood that we are trying to project. Attached below is a link from one of their performances At the party we will have people dressed in futuristic outfits serving cocktails and appetizers. There will also be several stations where guests can request what songs they would like to hear using touchscreen interfaces. Also, In between songs the work of the digital designers will be showcased on the screen for all the audience to see.

Stefano Cieri: The overall idea is pretty well structured. The document would have been better organized, if the brief reported a shorter description of the idea, highlighting just the key aspects of it, while the rest was moved to the description section, which might have included a collection of the ideas (and related links) you had during the development.

Target and potential are well outlined. The “aspects of promotion” section better fits (as is) within the idea description, than the brief; a brief should never give a final solution, while it should just outline in abstract terms the direction you want your design to be addressed to. The Gorillaz idea might have been developed further; right now that’s not so different from what was already done; also, when considering possible interactions, it is more important to describe the experience itself; remember that using the digital media, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re conveying an idea of “design”. 996.jpg&imgrefurl= SVT2PSZcV9oj3KKnhJzU0U=&h=424&w=500&sz=86&hl=en&start=157&zoom=1&tbnid=QEG NYpNorWbyLM:&tbnh=126&tbnw=144&ei=xd1Taj5C8fQsgbbnKjTDQ&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dvolume%2Bcontrol%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1 280%26bih%3D707%26gbv%3D2%26tbm%3Disch0%2C3461&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=415&page =7&ndsp=31&ved=1t:429,r:11,s:157&tx=97&ty=65&biw=1280&bih=707 image of volume control