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1 White 3 seat couch 1 White 2 seat couch 1 White coffee table 1 White end table Pipes for pipe and drape system (we carry drape) 1 Six foot trestle/banquet tables 2 Eight foot trestle table 4 White table cloths 2 Black table cloths 1 Glass front fridge - At least 5' / 1.5M(Clean) 1 Microwave (Clean) 1 Household fridge (Clean) 4 Waste paper basket size trash cans 2 kitchen style trash cans (tall & not huge venue style) 4 floor lamps (uplights preferred) 1 table lamp 1 Office chair (high back w. arms) 3 X 20amp circuits - EXTRA to existing room circuit - (There are multiple heating elements in use simultaneously) AC vents COMPLETELY covered & preferably switched off (best solution is to put the vent to one side and temporarily cover the hole with a ceiling tile - Otherwise neat clean white towels can be taped over) 1 Flat screen TV with Audio Visual feed from the stage - Co-axial cable run from a patch bay with RF modulated audio - Please have your house AV guy liaise with our Video chief, who has designated a person to provide the signal. Ethernet port. - we carry wireless - Please point out the location of this jack Flowers 1 Arrangement of 18 long stem nude white Roses, (clear vase, no foliage) 2 Arrangements of 12 short stem nude white -or purple- Roses (4" vases w/roses trimmed flat, flowers above the rim) 2 Arrangements of 12 white/ivory Tulips - If in season (2nd choice Freesia) 6 Individual Gardenias - If in season (2nd choice Lysianthus) Plants 2 Large Kentia Palms, (other Palms or Bamboo are also fine)

Band (5)
1 Full length Mirror 2 Folding Chairs 2 Six/Eight foot trestle tables 1 large couch 1or 2 small couches (if there is space) 1 Coffee table 2 End tables 2 Floor lamps

Backing Vocals (2)

1 Full length Mirror 2 Six foot trestle tables 1 small couch (2seat) 1 End table 1 Lamp

Female Dancers (4)

1 Full length mirror 4 Folding chairs 2 six foot trestle tables 1 large couch 1 small couch

Male Dancers (4)

2 six foot trestle tables 4 Folding chairs 1 Full length mirror 1 Large couch (2 small) 1 Coffee/end table

Wardrobe Room
2 Six foot tables (room permitting) 6 Chairs 2 X 20amp circuits Ethernet (we carry wireless) - location TBD by wardrobe

Tour Management Office

1 or 2 six foot trestle tables (if space permits) 1 table lamp 1 floor lamp 2 folding chairs 2 Phone lines (unlimited international) Ethernet port (we carry wireless) - Please point out the location of this jack

Live Nation / Accounts Office

2 Six foot tables (3 if space permits) 4 folding chairs Phone line (unlimited international) T.V. (if possible)

4 Six foot tables (minimum) 7 tables (if space permits)

6 folding chairs Ethernet (we carry wireless) - Please point out the location of this jack on arrival. 2 Phone lines (unlimited international) Once this list is complete we will ask the house labour to return to Rihanna's DR to see if any further furniture is required/ available. Please make relevant house personnel available as early as possible (without hindering general load in) to expedite this process. Thanks.