The Microsoft Password 1 MacOS Using provides 6. RequiringNotes Using password 5. Authenticating blank properties method 4. PasswordsInstallationDomainthe 3.

Keychain Minimum of passwords 2. InstallingStrong Authentication for pre-Windows 1.IntroductionUAM passwordsa ModuleAll Rights Reserved. CONTENTS1.1 BenefitsRequirements (NTLMv2) 2000 or older the © Microsoft Corporation,usingsuperior Windowsfor encrypting Servers March 2002Classic Microsoft¨with Microsoft¨ UAM2000 and later Servers ForIntroductionAuthenticationUAM extended Microsoft Userthe v5.0.112001-2002.on(UAM)characters2000 Serverspasswords that y 4.5 4.4 4.3 4.2 4.1 2.2 Changing your 2.1 UAM Credentials Windows ou use to log into Windows AFP Servers. The standard Apple UAM provides only min imal encryption (if any) so your password could easily be intercepted on the LAN 1.1 Internet.ofexpiration Microsoft¨ UAM or Benefits * Password using the notices when your password is within 14 days from expi ring* You can safely and securely change your Windows domain password from your ToInstallingRequirements limit of 64 must meet 2.1use the Microsoft¨ UAM,againstNTLMv2characters the Servers, minimum enjoy: Mac!* When authenticating128UAM computerencryptionlaterfollowing you willrequireme 2 Minimum the-Microsoft¨your passwords2000 or Case sensitive Password bit Windows Strong To Installation UAM, 2.2install the MSPowerPCMacOS 8.5 or MS UAM nts:* Processor:System:just drop the later binary inside your "AppleShare Folde Operating r" that is located inside your System Folder. If you do not have an AppleShare F older because this is the first time you are installing the MS UAM, you will nee NOTE: Make one. d to createsure the Chooser and Network Browser are closed before copying the bi nary. Otherwise, you will need to close and restart them before you can use the If MS saved 3 Keychain a password in your Keychain for a server, whenever you access the s newyou UAM.Notes erver you will not be presented the Microsoft¨ UAM login dialog unless there is an authentication or other failure. If you wish to see the login dialog and ignore the stored credentials in the keychain to perform another action (i.e. to chang e your password), then you must hold down the command key while you invoke the M icrosoft¨ UAM. This will force the Microsoft¨ UAM to bypass the keychain and present The login dialog. 4.1 Microsoft UAM does not support changing 4theUsing passwords with extended charactersyour password to one that contains c Passwords haracters generated using the option key. This is because there is no way to cor For security reasons, the 4.2 Using Macintosh extended characters to Windows extended characters. rectly mapblank passwords Microsoft UAM no longer supports blank (or null) passw ords. If you are required to use a blank password, you can use the Apple standar When Passwords are be no longerWindows characters in 4.5 Changing encryptionsensitive.servers only insensitive. 4.4 * since noyourpasswordis 64 so they 20002000 Serverspassword 4.3 UAM Passwordcanpassword,for pre-Windowsor length. Servers d UAMchangingyourpropertiesonnecessary. areinandsupportlength. lengths no long case to these upper-cased characters case later up Windows 14 than 2000 older Servers er than 14 characters. Use a Windows Client to change your password if it is lon ger than 14 characters. Windows Server 2003 will support changing to a password To authenticate Using Domain 5 Authenticatingto an SFM Server using domain credentials, enter your domain and length of up to 64 characters.Credentials For example, if domain\usernameas follows: "seattle" and your user name was "fre user name in the "Name" field the domain you belonged to d", you would enter "seattle\fred" in the Name field of the UAM login dialog. No As of Microsoft UAM version 5.0.10, there 6 that in Strong Authentication (NTLMv2)is a to checkbox labeled "Require teRequiringmost cases, you will not be requirednew enter in your domain name.str ong authentication (NTLMv2)" in the main UAM login dialog. This checkbox, when c hecked, tells the MS UAM not to authenticate to servers that do not support the stronger NTLMv2 authentication protocol. If you uncheck this item, the Microsoft UAM will authenticate to Servers that may only support weaker protocols thereby The Microsoft UAM will remember the setting compromised onIt isnetwork. increasing the risk of your password being between uses. the recommended that this checkbox be checked by all users who are authenticating to Windows2000 or To authenticate to newer SFM Servers. SFM Servers running NT 4.0 or older, you will need to have th is option unchecked.

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