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The word ethics comes from the Greek language, ethos or ta Etha which mean shelter, pasture, habits

or customs. According to Aristoteles, ethics is used to refer to moral philosophy that explains the facts about moral values and moral norms, orders, acts of benevolence, and conscience (EY Kanter2001: 2). The word moral comes from the Latin, meaning mos or mores customs, habits, behavior, temperament, character, moral and way of life. Thus, ethics is the study of moral teachings, with rational thinking critically and systematically. Ethics leads someone to understand the basics of moral teachings. Meanwhile, more to the moral merits of human behavior that can lead him to the way he lives about what should and what should not be done. One example of the application of ethics in information and communication technology is etiquette or ethics and manners to communicate via the Internet. Although communication via the Internet a lot going through the writings and symbols, but Internet users must keep what he said and apply good ethics. If someone has good ethics, then that person also has a good moral. And vice versa. In terms of the use of software, ethics and morality is closely related to a person's right, the software maker. The software maker has been working hard to work so that their work was rewarded and protected by law. Indonesia as a legal state has laws governing intellectual property rights. In addition to noticing the ethics and morals, the use of computers and information technology tools and other communication should also pay attention to the principles of health and safety. The use of hardware that does not match to procedure could bring negative effects to the users. In the working world, especially the world of work that are bulk and large, health and safety factors need to be noticed carefully. Era of the all powerful now characterized is by the development of science and technology so quickly. The development of human technology is also closely connected to the computer which has become an absolute necessity today. The computer is not only can be used as a counting tool, but also a source of information and information tools. Information and communication can be done because the computer has a very wide range, fast and practical. We can send a letter via e-mail (electronic mail) to the person within a few minutes, even a few seconds throughout the State. The computer serves as a center for media and information, to find information quickly if it is connected to the Internet network. The use of computers as an information technology needs the main attention to run in accordance with the functions and benefits, the benefits in attitude, health and safety (K3). Some matters relating to ethics and morality in the use of information and communication technology:

will be able to make computers work in performing specific functions or achieve specific results. about 90% is dominated by the use of software products from Mocrosoft Corp.1. Always use the original software. The computer program is a set of instructions embodied in language. and licensed from the company that issued the software. a new work. f. copyright is the exclusive right of the author or recipient of the right to publish or reproduce the results of his creations or give permission for it to not reduce restrictions under laws in force. e. With the promulgation of the Law of Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI). the Windows operating system and software applications. Copyright Trademarks Patent Industrial designs Geographical indication Topography of intergrated circuits Protection of undisclosed information Copyright Software has two elements. d. copy. Respecting Other People's Work Some actions can reflect our appreciation for the work of others: a. Do not participate in the act of plowing. Avoid the use of pirated software that can not be accounted for quality and authenticity c. the need for defining the properties and the nature of ownership. b. or any other form. Avoiding misuse of the software in the form of anything that is negative and harmful to others. and the addition of a software creation. In essence. In Indonesia. the use of Microsoft software for operating system and application software must be original (native) or by . Intellectual Property (Intellectual property) which is the result of human thought and culture. No action alteration. In creating an ownership. Included in the Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI) are: a. including the preparation in designing these instructions. c. e. the purpose of copyright is to protect creation. Copyright Software When speaking of software. g. should receive legal protection from piracy and other illegal acts. 2. d. namely copyright and software (computer program). reduction. authorized. it has something to do with the problem of the nature and strength of legal ownership. which when combined with a media that can be read by a computer. schemes. b. codes. According to the laws that govern it. h. or duplicate software or computer programs without permission from the issuing company devices. film makers and software i.

Author or the Copyright Holder of a cinematographic work and computer program has the right to give permission or prohibit another person without his consent rents out the work for the purposes of a commercial character. the copyright function can be expressed as follows.purchasing a license number so that users are not trapped infringement copyright law. Copyright to Law number 7 of 1987. According to Article 2 of to Law on Copyright. . That includes open source software. 2. 3. Copyright Functions Copyright has a specific function for the owner. Intellectual Property Rights Rights to Intellectual property is a legal recognition that allows the holder of the intellectual property rights governing the use of ideas and expressions they create within a certain period. there are some open source software. Copyright is an exclusive right for the author or the author's copyright to publish or reproduce the creations that arise automatically after a creature born without prejudice to the restrictions under the legislation in force. Copyright to Law in force today is the Copyright to Law number 19 of 2002 which is a refinement of the Copyright to Law number 6 of 1982. and that intellectual property rights can be protected by law as well as other forms of property rights. According to Article 2 Paragraph (2) number 19 Copyright 2002. which is software that can be had at a low price and you are allowed to copy it for use in the process of learning or education and can be modified as long as not deprive them of their creator. The term 'intellectual property' reflects that it is the result of the mind or intellect. In addition to Microsoft. With Open Source software is expected as an alternative to the computer users to prevent themselves from the shackles of law copyright. 1. With the hope of a sustainable open source software can be used as a medium of learning in the world of information and communication technology education. Linux and Open Office is that can be downloaded via the internet. Creator and author or copyright in cinematographic works and computer programs have the right to give permission or prohibit another person without his consent for the creation rent commercial purposes. and Copyright to Law number 12 of 1997.

broadcasting. The announcement was reading. In RI legislation No.Intellectual Property Rights or usually known as HAKI. Objects that are set in HAKI related to the works of man are born due to his intellectual abilities. codes. or seen anyone else. d.Copyright and Related Rights . h. or perform in any way that a work can be read. dexterity. Basically. exhibition. distribution. namely: . or give permission for it to not reduce regulatory restrictions under applicable legislation. Creation is the result of each creator's work that shows originality in the field of science. skill or expertise manifested in a distinctive and personal. .Industrial property rights The scope of copyright includes works in the form of goods. Copyright legislation refers to to Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 of 2002. The computer program is a set of instructions embodied in language. or others who receive more rights than those who received these rights. License is a license granted by the Copyright Holder or Holders of Rights Related to other parties to announce and / or reproduce his work or products Related Rights under certain conditions. f. sale. The results of such work can be registered to the Department of Justice that is protected by law. design and so on. schemes. any work / human creativity can be registered to the Ministry of Justice in order to receive legal protection. either in whole or in part of a very substantial by using the same materials or not the same. art. including Internet media. including the preparation in designing those instructions. or any other form which when combined with a media that can be read by computers will be able to make the computer work to perform specific functions or to achieve specific results. e. writing. imagination. heard. or literature. IPR is divided into two. c. b. reproduce creation. Creator is one or several persons together upon whose inspiration a creation based on the ability of the mind. 19 of 2002 is explained that: a. including averting realize permanent or temporary (transient). Copyright is the exclusive right of the author or recipient of the right to publish. Propagation is the addition of a created thing. or dissemination of a creation by using any tool. The copyright holder is the creator of the copyright owner or a recipient of the rights of creators. song. g. A person or institution who register their works to the competent authorities will have legal protection.

4. and there are software which is not free and not commercial. Previously. reproduce. or modify it. but there is still a problem because someone can not use it on any operating system. namely: .Proprietary Software Proprietary software is software that is not free or semi-free. In addition. but allow everyone to use.Law number 6 of 1982 . The Rules of Copyrighted Software Copyright rules related to computer software provided for in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 19 Year 2000. distribute. or having to ask permission.Law number 7 of 1987 . A person may be prohibited.Law number 12 of 1997 Copyright legislation is to protect the work or the creation of offenses committed by people who are not responsible. In the field of software. . our country has ever Copyright of Law. broadcast or recording sound and / or picture show b. but there are commercial free software. there are several definitions that show the status of the software we need to know. Commercial and ownership are two different things. Producers of sound recordings have the exclusive right to give permission or prohibit any other party without the consent reproduces and / or rent recording work or sound recording. distribute. and modify (including distribution of modified versions) for a particular purpose. .Commercial Software Commercial software is software that is developed by a business to make a profit from its use. or if it is restricted to use. which consists of 15 chapters and 78 articles. Here is an excerpt from the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 19 of 2002: Article 49 a.Semi-Free Software Semi-free software is software that is not free. Semi-free software is better than proprietary software. copy. Performers have the exclusive right to give permission or prohibit any other party without the consent make. Most commercial software is proprietary. there are some terms relating to patents. These terms are: . .

and using other terms to the other meanings. which means that some copies or modified versions may not be free at all. . Results copyrighted works. This means that open source software should not be free. but those who continue to use them are required to pay a license fee. especially from the aspect of human resources. This is a special case of the non-copyleft free software (see GNU / GPL). These packages are not free software. Creation in the public domain can be used at will by either party. An example is the GPL license that is commonly used in Open Source software. then others should be able to make the same software functions. . people often disregard the distribution and continue to use the software even if the terms do not allow it. Infringement of copyright in the information technology and communications are common in software creation. The opposite of copyright is public domain. in this case the creation associated with the software. This concept seemed strange at first because the source code is the key of the software. algorithm patents.Shareware Shareware is software that allows people to redistribute copies. it is appropriate to be awarded a viable future created works better.Open Source The concept of Open Source Software is essentially an open source code of the software. GNU General Public License (GNU / / GPL) GNU / GPL is a specific set of distribution terms to perform copyleft a program (copyleft is a word cloud of the copyright).. and continue to sell commercial software (alias not free).Freeware The term freeware is not well defined. but it is usually used for packages which permit redistribution without modification (source code is not available). Sometimes people use the term public domain for free which means free or available for free. . For clarity. The offense can be: . The GNU Project uses it as the distribution for most GNU software. The concept of open source is actually nothing more. Knowing that there is logic in the source code. GPL gives rights to others to use the invention as long as the modifications or derivative works of creation has the same license.Public Domain The public domain software is not copyrighted software. Forms and Rules of Copyright Infringement The development of information and communication technology requires good resources from all aspects. it is better to use the term “public domain” in the sense of. 5. registered copyrights. In practice. We could have made our software is open-source code. But the public domain is a legal term that means not copyrighted.

5.00 (five hundred million rupiahs). the electrons are released to live free or other neutral atoms bind to form negative ions. 500. disruption in hand 4.00 (one million dollars).000. b.a. Anyone who intentionally and without right to reproduce for commercial use of a computer program shall be punished with imprisonment of 5 (five) years and / or a maximum fine Rp.000. or sell to the public a work or goods resulting from infringement of copyright or related rights as referred to in paragraph (1) shall be punished with imprisonment of 5 (five) years and / or a maximum fine of Rp . 6.000. c. disruption in the eye 2. b. 00 (five billion dollars).000. As we know. 1. or hobby should consider the principles of health in order to avoid various health problems. Radiation emitted by computer monitors such as: .000. This can cause adverse effects on the atoms in our bodies. duplication or copying proprietary software without permission the sale of pirated software installation of pirated software onto the hard drive software modification without permission Violation of copyright will be punishable by law in accordance with article 72 of Law Copyright number 19 of 2002 which states: a. Meanwhile. d. education. disruption in the body One of the computer equipment that could potentially cause health problems is the monitor. A person who uses a computer daily for work. c. Principles of Health and Safety Safety is certainly a very important factor. Personal computer users also need to apply the principles of health and safety in accordance with existing guidelines. the monitor emits radiation or emission of elementary particles and radiation energy. distribute. Anyone who intentionally transmit. display. Disorders that may arise from the use of the computer are: 1. disruption in the head 3.000.0000.500. Energy radiation can eject electrons from the nucleus so that the atom becomes positively charged and is called a positive ion.000. 00 (five hundred million rupiahs). or imprisonment of 7 (seven) years and / or a maximum fine Rp. Anyone who intentionally and without right to do anything referred to in Article 2 paragraph (1) or Article 49 paragraph (1) and paragraph (2) shall be punished with imprisonment of at least 1 (one) month and / or a fine of not less Rp.000.

The spine Sit with a straight back and relax is the correct position while using the computer. X-ray 2. The legs Use a footrest or footrest so that the legs are in a comfortable position. . The position is too flexible neck and head thrown back or facing down when the monitor is not justified because it will make you tired. every computer user needs to set the computer usage time. Keep your shoulders are not too down or too upright. 2. positioning equipment. we can work effectively and our health would be maintained. ultraviolet rays 3. room lighting. Body Position in Using Computers 1. 5. namely the position of the body. For that. try to set the time interval in order not constantly staring at the screen.1. extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation Health problems allegedly arising from computer radiation is cataract. you will be able to persist longer in front of the computer and not feel tired. can cause pain. If you have to work at a computer for long periods of time. air quality and noise). The study of how to arrange seating position is good and right in front of the computer is called ergonomics. will provide comfort while working. microwave 4. too tilted to the left or right. In this position. 4. The position of the arm and elbow Good arm position is located next to the body and elbows at an angle greater than 90 degrees. Besides radiation emitted by computer monitors. and environmental conditions (temperature. With a relaxed body position. 7. Body is too bent. 3. we need to also consider other factors that could potentially cause health problems. The shoulder Adjust the position of the shoulder so that the muscles are not tense shoulders. Keep the entire back propped up well by the chair. The head and neck Arrange for your head and neck straight with eyes fixed forward. Using a computer with the correct body position.

If you work with your left hand. 1. . 3. The position of monitor Monitor effect on eye health by releasing radiation. keeping the general guidelines that are taught by a health care professional such as eating and drinking. 4. but not too low. The position of mouse The correct location of the mouse is beside the keyboard. do the following: Place the monitor in a room with enough lighting (not too bright and not too dim) Adjust the position of the monitor to be right in front of your eyes Adjust the brightness of the monitor so that the light that comes out is not too bright or too dim Use a filter screen (monitor filter) to reduce radiation 2. To reduce the complaint to the eye. you need to pay attention to the following in order to maintain your health: • adjust the seat height to your height • keep the distance between the eyes and the monitor at least 80 cm. and exercise also need your attention. In addition to a set position. Monitor CRT monitors use a high voltage power and requires considerable power. adequate rest. In terms of hardware or hardware. Adjust the hand that you normally use for work. 5. The position of tables and chairs Arrange the tables and chairs in such a way that you are sitting in front of the monitor more comfortable.In addition to the above. the computer hardware must be maintained properly because these devices use electricity. Avoid splashing water monitor because it can cause a short circuit or a short circuit that can endanger your safety. and you can reach the keyboard and mouse easily. you need to consider the following factors as very influential on health and safety. • use a monitor refresh rate of at least 72 Hz so that the eyes do not get tired • use a chair that has armrests • set the illumination monitor Of course. place the mouse on the left of the keyboard and arrange to be left handed mouse settings through the operating system. The position of keyboard Put the keyboard with a lower position of the monitor.

for example on a table. CPU box can be grounded in a way connected to the ground or wall using a piece of copper wire. . Cable Set the cable arrangement be nice and neat. To avoid short circuit. Check the outlet or power source. Since the CPU requires large power consumption. then we have to keep him away from liquid objects and animals or insects to avoid short circuit. not to get loose because electricity is not stable potentially damaging computer hardware and cause a short circuit. Box CPU CPU box placed on the floor and not equipped with a ground which can conduct electricity when we touch it barefoot.6. 7. CPU boxes should be placed in a safe. http://hadilucu.REFERENCES http://buleamik.html .