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SAP Router Installation i1 Vote On this posting, I ll try to explain about how to install and configure SAProuter and

also how to set your SAProuter to match with Secure Network Communication (S NC) just SAP want to if they have to support you. The first thing you need to do, is to send a customer message to SAP Support (component XX-SER-NET-OSS-NEW) and tell them to register the hostname and IP of your new SAProuter. You have to register it with a official IP address (no internal IPs allowed), but it s allowed to use NAT in the firewall/router. After you ve received a confirmation from SAP that your SAProuter has been registered, you are ready to configure your SAProuter. If your SAProuter directory is C:\usr\sap\saprouter, these are the steps to follow. Note: You will be asked for a PIN code. Just pick your own 4 numbers, but you ll have to use the same PIN every time you re asked to enter one. 1. Set 2 environment variables: SECUDIR and SNC_LIB according to the guide you ve downloaded. 2. Download the SAP Crypto Library and unpack it into C:\usr\sap\saprouter 3. To generate a certificate request, run the command: sapgenpse get_pse -v -r C:\usr\sap\saprouter\certreq -p C:\usr\sap\saprouter\local.pse 4. Then you have to follow the guide and request the certificate from -> Download Area -> SAProuter Certificate 5. Create a file C:\usr\sap\saprouter\srcert and copy the requested certificate into this file. The run the command: sapgenpse import_own_cert -c C:\usr\sap\saprouter\srcert -p C:\usr\sap\saprouter\local.pse 6. To generate credentials for the user that s running the SAProuter service, run command: sapgenpse seclogin -p C:\usr\sap\saprouter\local.pse -O (this will create the file cred_v2?) 7. Check the configuration by running command: sapgenpse get_my_name -v -n Issuer (This should always give the answer CN=SAProuter CA, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE ) 8. Create SAProuter service on Windows with the command: ntscmgr install SAProuter -b C:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouter.exe -p service -r -R C:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouttab -W 60000 -K ^p:^ 9. Edit the Windows Registry key as follows: MyComputer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SAProute r\ImagePath > Change both ^ to 10. Start the SAProuter service

you can copy a ver sion (may be obsolete) from your directory /usr/sap//SYS/exe/run. this step is omitted and you start the SAProuter as described in Starting the SAProuter. If you cannot copy the programs from SAP Service Marketplace. you m ust specify this with the SAProuter option -R (see Option R ). Enter the required parameters in OSS1 -> Technical Settings Installation on UNIX 1. Step forward. If you w ant to keep it in another directory or under a name other than saprouttab. insert the following line into file /usr/sap//SYS/exe/run/starts ap: # # Start saprouter # SRDIR=/usr/sap/saprouter if [ -f $SRDIR/saprouter ] . Copy programs saprouter and niping to the newly created directory /usr/sap/ 4. 2. guy s. Get the latest version of the SAProuter from the SAP Service Marketplace (ser vice. Maintain the route permission table in directory /usr/sap/saprouter. Choose Support Packages and Patches ® Entry by Application Group ® Additional Components ® This should help in SAP Router configuration and installation. .SAR .11. (Optional) If you want to start the SAProuter on the same computer used for a n SAP instance. then echo echo \nStarting saprouter Daemon | tee -a $LOGFILE | tee -a $LOGFILE $SRDIR/saprouter -r -R $SRDIR/saprouttab \ | tee -a $LOGFILE & fi Insert the lines before the commands to start the SAP instance. 3. Create the subdirectory saprouter in the directory /usr/sap/. Normally the SAProuter runs on a different computer. If this is so. The SAProuter is in packet saprouter*. the program niping is also in this packet.