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Credit ratings: how Fitch, Moody's and S&P rate each country

Fitch has cut Spain's sovereign credit rating to BBB from A. See how different credit rating agency compare countries • Get the data • US debt ceiling analysed • Who owns America's debt?
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Credit ratings agencies judge each country's currency: Maria Toutoudaki/Getty Images How do credit ratings vary by country and by ratings agencies? Fitch has slashed Spain's sovereign credit rating to BBB from A and given the country a negative outlook. The credit rating agency announced the decision yesterday citing "the high fiscal cost of restructuring and recapitalizing the Spanish banking sector, and the likelihood that Spain will remain in recession through 2013" as the major factors precipitating the downgrade. Larry Elliott, Heather Stewart and Josephine Moulds write: Fitch said mistakes at a European level that had allowed the debt crisis to escalate were in part to blame for its decision to cut Spain's credit rating by three notches to just above junk bond status.

The move – which follows the pattern that led to Greece, Ireland and Portugal needing help from Europe and the International Monetary Fund – makes it harder and more expensive for Spain to borrow money on the world's financial markets. In a tense time for Europe, Moody's have cut the credit ratings of six German banking groups and Austria's three-largest banks. Greece had their rating slashed to CCC from B- by Fitch only two months after an upgrade following its debt restructuring deal. In March the UK was given a warning by Fitch when the credit rating outlook was changed to negative, becoming the second ratings agency to put the treasured AAA rating at risk after Moody's made the same move. This signalled a "slightly greater than 50% chance" that Britain would lose its AAA rating with Fitch in the next two years. There has been better news though - Honduras have had their long-term foreign and localcurrency sovereign credit ratings raised by Standard and Poors, from B to B+ and given a stable outlook. Elsewhere, Moody's downgraded its rating for Cyprus to Ba1 - junk status - and gave it a negative outlook back in March. The credit agency also took its rating for Greece down from Ca to C. The interactive below by Thiagu on Charts Bin shows how each country is rated. Click on the drop down menu to switch between credit rating agencies. In February, the UK had the outlook on its Aaa Moody's rating changed to negative in a range of adjustments by the major credit agency including downgrades for Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Spain. At that time, Moody's also announced France and Austria would share the same fate as the UK with their outlooks being changed to negative. The recent rating adjustments from Moody's echo the mass downgrade of nine eurozone countries by Standard & Poor's which saw France stripped of its coveted AAA credit last month. S&P also cut Austria's triple-A rating, and relegated Portugal and Cyprus to junk status. The agency downgraded the ratings of Italy and Spain by two notches and Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia were all cut by one notch. Last August, America lost its AAA rating when S&P downgraded it to AA+, despite a deal being drawn to raise the US debt ceiling. Earlier last year, Moody's re-assessed the credit ratings of several countries. Ireland had its credit rating slashed last year, down two notches to Baa3 - leaving it at just above junk status, with the verdict being delivered as the euro dropped against the dollar. So, who are the ratings agencies? The big three agencies are Fitch, Moody's and Standard & Poors. What they do is assess how likely a borrower is to be able to repay its debts and help those trading debt contracts in the secondary market.

That means for those trading debt contracts such as Treasury gilts after they have been issued, ratings agencies help assess a fair price to charge. Ratings agencies have been criticised for having too much clout in jittery markets during the financial crisis. They were widely attacked for failing to warn of the risks posed by certain securities, in particular mortgage-backed securities. Losing your rating or being downgraded can have a fatal effect on your country's ability to borrow money on the markets. Thanks to the three big agencies, we can bring you the ratings of countries around the world as of today. Because each agency's approach is slightly different, we have colour-coded them in three broad categories too. All the ratings have been updated today. Ratings for previous updates this year and from 2011 are in the spreadsheet, so you can see how ratings have changed over time. Can you do something with the data?

Data summary Credit ratings by agency and country - Updated 8th June 2011
Click heading to sort table. Download this data FITCH S and P MOODYS MOODYS Fitch S and P Country OUT OUT RATING OUT LOOK RATING RATING LOOK LOOK Red: junk, Orange: under observation, Green: top notch NEG: Negative; POS: Positive; STA: Stable; RUR: Rating under review; DEV: Developing outlook Albania B1 STA B+ STA Andorra (Principality A NEG of) Angola Ba3 STA BBSTA BBSTA Argentina B3 STA B STA B STA Armenia Ba2 NEG BBSTA Aruba BBB STA ASTA Australia Aaa STA AAA STA AAA STA Austria Aaa NEG AAA STA AA+ NEG Azerbaijan Ba1 POS BBBPOS BBBNEG Bahamas A3 NEG BBB STA Bahrain Baa1 NEG BBB STA BBB NEG Bangladesh Ba3 STA BBSTA Barbados Baa3 NEG BBBNEG Belarus B3 NEG BNEG Belgium Aa1 RURAA+ NEG AA NEG

Credit ratings by agency and country - Updated 8th June 2011
Country Belize Benin Bermuda Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Chile China Colombia Cook Islands Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Curacao Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Fiji Finland France Gabon Georgia Germany Click heading to sort table. Download this data FITCH MOODYS MOODYS Fitch OUT RATING OUT LOOK RATING LOOK B3 STA B STA Aa2 STA AA+ STA B1 POS B+ STA B2 A2 Baa2 Baa2 B2 Aaa Aa3 Aa3 Baa3 Baa3 Baa3 Caa1 Ba1 A1 Aaa B1 Caa2 B1 Ba2 A1 B1 Aaa Aaa Ba3 Aaa NEG STA POS STA STA STA STA POS STA STA STA STA NEG STA STA STA STA NEG STA STA NEG STA NEG STA STA B AAA B+ A+ A+ BBBBB+ BBBSTA STA STA STA STA STA STA NEG BBB BBBSTA POS S and P RATING BB AAB+ B ABBB BBB B B B AAA B+ A+ AABBBB+ BB BBBABB+ AAAAA B+ BB+ BBAAB AAA AA+ BBBBAAA S and P OUT LOOK NEG STA STA POS WATCH NEG STA STA STA STA STA STA STA STA POS STA STA STA STA NEG NEG NEG STA STA STA POS NEG STA NEG STA WATCH NEG NEG STA STA WATCH NEG



Download this data FITCH S and P MOODYS MOODYS Fitch S and P Country OUT OUT RATING OUT LOOK RATING RATING LOOK LOOK Ghana B+ STA B STA Greece C DEV CCC NEG SD NEG Grenada BSTA Guatemala Ba1 STA BB+ STA BB NEG Guernsey AA+ STA Honduras B2 STA B+ STA Hong Kong Aa1 POS AA+ STA AAA STA Hungary Baa3 NEG BBBNEG BB+ NEG Iceland Baa3 NEG BB+ STA BBBSTA India Baa3 STA BBBSTA BBBSTA Indonesia Ba1 STA BB+ POS BB+ POS Ireland Ba1 NEG BBB+ NEG BBB+ NEG Isle of Man Aaa STA AA+ STA Israel A1 STA A STA A+ STA Italy A3 NEG A+ NEG BBB+ NEG Jamaica B3 STA BSTA BNEG Japan Aa3 STA AA NEG AANEG Jordan Ba2 NEG BB NEG Kazakhstan Baa2 STA BBB POS BBB+ STA Kenya B+ STA B+ STA Korea A1 STA A+ POS A STA Kuwait Aa2 STA AA STA AA STA Latvia (Republic of) Baa3 POS BBBPOS BB+ POS Lebanon B1 STA B STA B STA Lesotho BBNEG Liechtenstein AAA STA Lithuania Baa1 STA BBB POS BBB STA Luxembourg Aaa STA AAA STA AAA NEG Macedonia BB+ STA BB STA Malaysia A3 STA ASTA ASTA Malta A3 NEG A+ STA ANEG Mexico Baa1 STA BBB STA BBB STA Mongolia B1 STA B+ STA BBSTA Montenegro Ba3 STA BB NEG Morocco Ba1 STA BBBSTA BBBSTA Mozambique B STA B+ STA Monstserrat Namibia Baa3 STA BBBPOS .Credit ratings by agency and country .Updated 8th June 2011 Click heading to sort table.

Download this data FITCH MOODYS MOODYS Fitch S and P OUT RATING OUT LOOK RATING RATING LOOK Aaa Aaa Aaa A1 B3 Baa3 B1 B1 Baa3 Ba2 A2 Ba3 Aa2 Baa3 Baa1 STA STA STA STA STA POS STA STA POS STA STA NEG STA STA STA AAA AA BBAAA STA STA STA STA AAA AA B+ AAA A BBBBB+ BBBBB BB ABB AA BB+ BBB B AAB+ BB AAA A A+ BBB+ A B+ BBAAA AAA AABBB+ A BBBBB S and P OUT LOOK WATCH NEG STA STA STA NEG STA POS STA STA STA STA STA NEG STA STA STA POS STA NEG STA STA NEG NEG STA NEG POS STA STA STA STA STA STA NEG POS BBB STA BBB BB+ ABBBBBBBBB B A AABBB AAA A+ AABBB+ BBB BBB+ AAA AAA A+ BBB BBBBB+ STA STA STA NEG STA POS STA NEG STA STA STA STA STA NEG STA NEG STA STA STA STA STA STA NEG POS Aa3 B1 STA STA Aaa A2 A2 A3 A3 B1 B1 Aaa Aaa Aa3 Baa1 Baa1 Baa3 Ba2 STA NEG NEG NEG NEG POS STA STA STA STA STA STA NEG POS .Credit ratings by agency and country .Updated 8th June 2011 Country Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman (Sultanate of) Pakistan Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Rwanda San Marino Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Suriname Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey Click heading to sort table.

Updated 8th June 2011 Country Click heading to sort table. Download this data FITCH S and P MOODYS MOODYS Fitch S and P OUT OUT RATING OUT LOOK RATING RATING LOOK LOOK B STA B+ STA B2 STA B STA B+ STA STA STA NEG NEG STA STA NEG AAA AAA BB B+ B+ B+ NEG STA POS STA STA STA AA STA AA A AAA AA+ BB+ B+ BBB+ STA STA STA NEG STA STA NEG STA Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates Aa2 (Abu Dhabi) United Arab Emirates (Emirate of Ras Al Aa2 Khaimah) United Kingdom Aaa United States Aaa Uruguay Ba1 Venezuela B2 Vietnam B1 Zambia Download the data • DATA: download the full spreadsheet More data Data journalism and data visualisations from the Guardian World government data • Search the world's government data with our gateway Development and aid data • Search the world's global development data with our gateway Can you do something with this data? • Flickr Please post your visualisations and mash-ups on our Flickr group • Contact us at data@guardian.Credit ratings by agency and country .uk .co.

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have records of consistent failure when they have meddled with nations´ economies. The press have given them so much coverage and credibility this week you could almost believe they are the PR wing of the company. As I began. they are sometimes very poor. they also failed to predict the failings of Iceland´s two largest banks. It appears other failures have led to huge losses for some investors. Having failed to predict the financial crisis. with the self-fulfilling prophecy factor taken into consideration. and organisations like the IMF. But they have not had to suffer the consequences of their meddling. That confidence is certainly not based on history. By now we should all be very sceptical about anything coming from any international authority dealing with our money. perhaps journalists should give their reports far less credit than they do at the moment. . and at worst. such as Alan Greenspan. Formerly lauded financial gurus. At best it seems their ratings are standard.   2 Next All  jlbrown3 30 April 2010 11:57AM Has Irelands rating recovered any due to their austerity measures?  o o o o Recommend? (18) Responses (0) Report Link  stitchups 1 May 2010 10:35AM Before journalists give any more weight to Standard & Poor´s credit ratings to assist them in the self-fulfilling prophecy game ( just look at the way the world´s stock markets reacted to this week´s news) they ought to have an in depth look at the company´s own ratings. the ordinary people of those nations have.

. who did see it coming. Democracy is being threatened by globalised organisation simply by the fact that nobody votes for them. were ignored and even derided. and now threaten the poor of Europe with even more poverty.  o o o o Recommend? (7) Responses (0) Report Link . their advisors. There is almost no accountability whatsoever. predicted the present financial crisis. it´s not quite so hard to predict the future so inaccurately either. I think readers will get the gist.poor dears. or any state regulating´s quite not so hard to predict the future so inaccurately either. These reports.  o o o o Recommend? (265) Responses (0) Report Link  stitchups 1 May 2010 10:44AM " . They love to tell us it´s easy to be clever in hindsight." I don´t think I quite meant that. Greece isn´t bankrupt. and not just information from those who have a financial stake in the outcome.. Well. don´t just affect the stock markets and bankers . These policies take away our livelihoods and our homes unnecessarily far too often. if you take all the information into account. Even I´m not sure what that clause adds up to. Bankrupt of ideas and bankupt of ideals. None of the large financial institutions. Anyway. After all isn´t that what they´re getting paid for? Payment on results would provide strong incentive for banks and their advisors to be rather more cirmcumspect when making decisions of worldwide importance. scandalously wrong far too often. yet all the evidence was there. and yet their policies and assessments of our economies are acted on at government level. Standard to poor is my literary evaluation.. Some did.. the system is. losing all that money and even having their bonuses threatened they affect huge numbers of the impoverished all over the world.Let´s get real. Economists.

all we need to do as a global community is look at who gets rich off of data like this .  o o o o Recommend? (28) Responses (0) Report Link  greatgrapeape 22 July 2010 8:05AM As long as debt markets exist. As ever. Unless there is an independent agency and the assessments are detailed and transparent there is no point in listening to ratings.e people are able to make money of other's ultimate misery. this country is not deserved to be A3. .the same elite that control the companies publishing this data. these agencies will continue to publicly post their garbage and set the markets on their weekly rollercoaster journey.  o o o o Recommend? (9) Responses (0) Report Link  RobertSchuman 20 July 2010 9:09AM The rating agencies don't add value as the fact basis for their ratings appears to be on thin ice and isn't transparent at all. It's a self-propagating economic system that can only end in tears. Danns 2 May 2010 2:11PM Moodys graded too generous for Greace. i.

It's not very helpful. then what's possibly the twelfth.  o o o o Recommend? (54) Responses (0) Report Link  Elfy 25 March 2011 7:32PM It would be useful if. results in a list that first has countries that have no ranking at all. though I'm really not sure of any of these. third. then the sixth. seventh. fourth. for example. Sorting by Moody's. rather than alphabetically by the letters the ratings agency choose to signify their ranking. when you click to sort by a particular column.Change our thinking.that trend in the last ten years would be a bitter pill to swallow. it would sort it in the order they're ranked in. change our planet. then what I think are the fifth tier. How long will we allow this to continue? When 1% of the world's population controls 99% of the money? There's a graph I'd like to see .  o o o o Recommend? (3) Responses (0) Report Link  MeinHerzBrent 25 March 2011 9:50PM Stitchups Greece isn´t bankrupt. first. . The latest financial depression has been nothing more than a blatant redistribution of wealth. second. the system is.

I LOL'd. Scarcely a decade goes by without the Greek government going bankrupt. because those nasty Germans want to protect the value of their savings. Baa3 Baa3 Black Sheep?  o o o o Recommend? (10) Responses (0) Report Link  Briantist 15 April 2011 5:58PM Robert Schuman: The rating agencies don't add value as the fact basis for their ratings appears to be on thin ice and isn't transparent at all. but where is your evidence?  o o o Recommend? (2) Responses (1) Report . The difference under the Euro is that they can't print a load of fresh money to inflate their way out of bankruptcy. Unless there is an independent agency and the assessments are detailed and transparent there is no point in listening to ratings. A fine assertion.  o o o o Recommend? (68) Responses (1) Report Link  Briantist 15 April 2011 5:57PM A key for what the ratings mean for each ratings agency works would have been handy.

as usual. non-appointed and plainly self serving organisations to dictate the financial security of any countries economy. I think you might be confusing the term ratings agency with the concept of an oracle. Maybe the ratings agencies are crap at advising investors so anyone wanting to buy debt better rely on their own judgement . then the system is doomed to failure. If we are happy to allow such unregulated. . un-monitored.o Link  Briantist 15 April 2011 6:01PM stitchups: To be honest.  o o o o Recommend? (34) Responses (0) Report Link  echinoderm 16 April 2011 1:33AM I'm not sure what the above posters are criticizing.  o o o o Recommend? (3) Responses (0) Report Link  harmonyfuture 15 April 2011 8:37PM I view these agencies with the same scepticism I view many so called financial advisers in as much as the temptation to present biased information for their own gain can blur the truth.

 . Chile. As usual I'd like to hear about a better system from the current system's critics. In these areas people -as a generalisation . who knows? Maybe like Saudi Arabia they have lots of resources under them for the taking. they are a focused and rigidly ordered society that has learnt from its mistakes. Globally. You can see that Israel is 'High grade' blue where this is happening even now. The rest are Anglo-Saxon protestant.? Short answers?  o o o o Recommend? (11) Responses (0) Report Link  echinoderm 16 April 2011 2:01AM As for the map: there's China.are increasingly judged more by their wealth than their race or culture and the Devil take the hindmost. they made the system that supports the massive population of consumers on the planet today through their hard work and competitive attitude. It's all the Tragedy of the Commons. Well they are coming from a very low base after a century of mistakes and corruption when traditionally they have often been economic stars in the past 1000 years. take care if you want to change the system . It may destroy the wealth (and lives) in the end but if you don't profit in the mean-time someone else will. just like everything else we all do. In North America and Australia the land was wiped clean of the aboriginal people for Europeans to do their thing.Or maybe they are part of a conspiracy to shift cash from the masses to the wealthy maybe they are consciously or unconsciously? I don't know. Get in there and make some profit while the going's good and get out quick before the exodus becomes a stampede.there ain't much slack anymore to accommodate mistakes. Both are homogeneous with citizens who understand who they are and their place in society. Japan looks good.

that trend in the last ten years would be a bitter pill to swallow..o o o o Recommend? (14) Responses (0) Report Link  R1ckr0ll 18 April 2011 8:29AM I cannot believe they all think so wonderfully of the US.  o o o o Recommend? (17) Responses (0) Report Link .. Hard to say this hasn't already happened. but DEBT. America's prime and only industry these days is Debt circulation. It's a sad sad world when debt becomes an industry. We're a mess over here. But maybe it's our issues that will occur in the next 10 years or so because of the crap that our Congress has pulled. Now that i think about it.  o o o o Recommend? (4) Responses (1) Report Link  R1ckr0ll 18 April 2011 8:34AM How long will we allow this to continue? When 1% of the world's population controls 99% of the money? There's a graph I'd like to see . I commend your statement and i wish more people cared that they are playing the devil's game and throwing around not even money. Even worse than the trend is the acceptance of it as if it were some sort of inevitability.

 o o o o Recommend? (23) Responses (0) Report Link  bekibunny 1 August 2011 5:42PM I realised that these ratings are not tied to reality when I saw that France has a higher rating than China. based on past history.  o o o o Recommend? (17) Responses (0) Report Link  stomachtrouble 1 August 2011 5:57PM The ratings agencies are curiously non-recursive.. Then they head back to the wine bar to discuss what car/yacht/penthouse they're going to buy next.. Then they start selling off one country's currency before downgrading it just for a laugh.. If they self-applied their own algorithms. Robgallen 18 April 2011 1:37PM Nah. What they do is rock up to work around midday and get pissed up in their local bankconverted-into-a-gastro-bar discussing ways to make themselves richer. . they would have ratings well back in negative territory and be out of business.

uk/business/2011/apr/19/geithner-shrugs-off-credit-ratingwarning?intcmp=239  o o o o Recommend? (2) Responses (0) Report Link  veragottlieb 1 August 2011 7:10PM By now it is well known that these 3 rating agencies issued totally misleading ratings during the 2008/09 financial crisis . That they retain any credibility at all says much about the gullibility of politicians. The agencies have not just been frequently wrong. but for the US based agencies. it would mark political suicide. they have been staggeringly stupendously wrong. In fact. the agencies would melt down.  o o o o Recommend? (41) Responses (0) Report Link  Greywater 1 August 2011 7:06PM Oh. they won't downgrade the world's biggest debtor nation with a ballooning debt/GDP ratio. http://www. To the uninitiated that might suggest consistency. That day will come.Of course.receiving payments from those companies whose . near stagnant growth and unemployment at a stubborn 9%. that it hasn't yet after the catastrophe of 07/08 CDS valuations may appear If the EU political establishment collectively decided to brush off Moody's. the agencies require a deluded supine relationship with Wall Street for their continued 'credibility' and that my friends is why the US will not be marked to Fitch and the S&P.

When will the world stop crawling up America's rectum???  o o o o Recommend? (38) Responses (0) Report Link  Corcaioch 1 August 2011 9:28PM These ratings companies were giving AAA ratings to Ireland until the moment that the housing bubble collapsed. why are we paying much attention to them. Why such a discrepancy one wonders.  o Recommend? (67) . So why do we keep paying attention to these crooks? Why should the credit rating of the US not be lowered? It should have been lowered ages ago as it has been the biggest debtor nation for many years. These rating agencies sink foreign nations but when it comes to the US."junk" bonds were being rated AAA or such.. Maybe it is because all the aforementioned agencies are based in the US.give me a break! The Chinese ratings agency Dagong has rather a different view giving both AA+ negative. Seems just to be another abstract notion with no empirical support to scare us into accepting bail-outs for banks and cuts to public services. Possibly they are influenced by all the Anglo-American hype. and putting them 25 and 26 behind the real AAA top-notch states. who knows? But their estimates seem seriously out of whack. If that's how poor their forecasting is..  o o o o Recommend? (24) Responses (0) Report Link  Scipio1 1 August 2011 10:23PM The US and UK top notch AAA .

How could we believe such data??  o o o o Recommend? (2) Responses (0) Report Link  jascow 6 August 2011 2:14PM Lovely to see the UK with the same credit rating as Germany .o o o Responses (0) Report Link  amrit 2 August 2011 2:45AM The comments on the other data set are closed. Thanks George Osborne and Danny Alexander!  o o o o Recommend? (9) Responses (0) Report Link  frontalcortexes . Also it is telling that democrats will be guys in power in many years to come. However I have two questions: We are in the year 2011 hoever data in that chart goes to many years further.both of them top notch.

 o o o o Recommend? (16) Responses (0) Report Link  batleybulldog 6 August 2011 3:34PM How did banks get so much power? These gradings need to be independent. Replies may also be deleted. Now their holding company chairman. How can you trust gradings from organisations which possibly have their have their own political agenda?  o o o o Recommend? (11) Responses (0) Report Link  frontalcortexes 6 August 2011 3:50PM This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards. For more detail see our FAQs.  PacoFleyas 6 August 2011 4:14PM .6 August 2011 3:04PM Standard & Poor. Neither Terry McGraw. The people who took bribes to rate mortgage bonds. is hyping Mitt Romney for the Presidency by aiding Romney's silly Neo-Liberal line that the US is near bankruptcy. the chairman of McGraw Hill who own S&P or Mitt Romney understand what a sovereign currency is. Terry McGraw. how it works and what it can be used for.

E.. For more detail see our FAQs. If their track record is anything to go by the States could just have turned the corner. They should be re-named Poor Standards!  o o o o Recommend? (13) Responses (0) Report Link  saagua 6 August 2011 5:33PM 1. 2.G.  Dalma1 6 August 2011 8:35PM . The other two have not downgraded US debt. it gave Lehman Bros. an A rating just before Lehman collapsed into bankruptcy. It also gave investment grade ratings to sub prime mortgage bonds that all turned completely sour.  o o o o Recommend? (8) Responses (0) Report Link  giltedged 6 August 2011 6:27PM This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards. The market is the final arbiter and it says US credit is as good as that of Germany and the UK. Replies may also be deleted. S&P is one of three principal raters. S&P has a terrible record of being wrong.Why on earth are this lot still being given any credibility at all . 3.never mind this self induced global panic that a bunch of discredited tipsters who underwrote sub-prime with such gold plated confidence has induced.

coupled with tax breaks for the wealthy (in a false pretense of "trickle-down-economics") have existed before Obama. . then I have not heard it in decades. The latter is just a sad tool for the corporate bankers and wall street investors. when these uncertainties are not voiced about their ratings of anyone else. continued tax breaks for the wealthywhen our children start crippling from the strain perhaps then we might wake up. If there was any true voice left in the average american blue collared worker. Imperialism is still at large. Where have you all been living for the past couple of decades? Underneath a rock? Out of control spending. corporate tax loopholes. So perhaps we should be more concerned that they still rate the USA so highly? I am curious though why the credit agencies opinion of the USA trustworthiness regarding its debt is questioned.  o o o o Recommend? (2) Responses (0) Report Link  loveyk 7 August 2011 12:28AM Trillion dollars in debt. It is no small wonder we had managed to retain an AAA credit rating with S&P! That anyone who is actually surprised by the downgrade surprises me.Is this the same Standard & Poor's who's given Lehman Brother's a AAA rating right up until they've filed for bancrupcy protection in 2008?  o o o o Recommend? (10) Responses (0) Report Link  heebeegeebies 6 August 2011 9:30PM It seems S & P have a record of over stating the credibility of debtors. A good orator he may be. two continuing wars. but the face of the administration is the only thing that has changed in the decade.

... I am not saying that they compare to China but why single out France as their economic situation is probably better than ours at present..Regarding S&P: While S&P may be only one of three.And who is going to build our new nuclear plants?. They are a major stakeholder in Airbus (see record breaking orders of the revamped A320 at Paris air show last June).. then so be it.. I think their reasoning is pretty spot on with this decision.. If it takes a downgrade to kick the shins of those in office..  o o o o Recommend? (14) Responses (0) Report Link  pichard 7 August 2011 2:30AM @bekibunny . and while it may have misjudged in the past..  o o o o Recommend? (4) Responses (0) Report Link  pichard 7 August 2011 1:52AM @bekibunny "I realised that these ratings are not tied to reality when I saw that France has a higher rating than China." Is the UK economy in much better shape than that of France? The French just sold several aircraft carriers to the Russians at a time when we are scrapping defence contracts in this country!.

credit ratings are CRUCIAL in pricing loans and bonds. then gladly confess 'after the deal was done'. same old.  o o o o Recommend? (6) Responses (0) Report Link  stepheninnewyork 7 August 2011 6:21AM This is all very. . Why is the media not asking the obvious question? Why did Goldman Sachs allow this to happen? The idea that S&P is somehow 'independent' is surely ludicrous. In the US (unlike other parts of the world. With the US downgrade potentially TRILLIONS of dollars worth of debt could be repriced by the banks upwards cos its 'more risky'. Bond traders would actually lie to me on a regular basis. very upsetting and kinda crazy.same old.  o o o o Recommend? (13) Responses (0) Report Link  smilerone 7 August 2011 5:24AM Gosh Canada may be dull and boring at times but its a safe harbour to be during this financial storm. The key thing is to understand who benefits from credit ratings. France's GDP is slightly above that of the UK. Another exciting night in Vancouver draws to a close. I was a financial journalist in Hong Kong in 1997 .Britain's external debt is almost twice that of France. actually).

ABC etc report I have friends with broken knees. before moving to New York.go friggin travel the place and see it. Fox. really.  o o o o Recommend? (10) Responses (0) Report Link  sciencebod 7 August 2011 6:40AM . NBC. my phones tapped etc. please stop with the bullXX about China's credit ratings or whatever. and our front door faced Goldman's (former) global HQ. Hitler's Germany was booming in the 1930s. having lived in for frigs sake.  o o o o Recommend? (11) Responses (0) Report Link  stepheninnewyork 7 August 2011 6:26AM And people. I used to live on Pearl Street in Manhattan . Moody's & Fitch do (B) what CNN. Millions of Chines live in abject poverty . so stop with the China is paradise crap.from my window I could see S&P HQ.. China is like Obama sitting in an office and deciding what (a) S&P.Fabulous!!! The US market is SO MUCH BIGGER than everywhere else this is a huge deal. and having my phones tapped. Yeah.

5% and a positive balance of trade.. Yet Fitch only gives a rating of AA+..Rating agencies? Berating agencies more like it. relatively low government debt. whose dissing reports quickly become self-prophesying.7%. unfortunately a high private debt level. the potential for a mafia-style protection racket is unlimited. Whether realized or not.  o o o o Recommend? (10) Responses (1) Report Link  Bruce2 7 August 2011 11:31AM . At least the other lot gave as AAA.  o o o o Recommend? (5) Responses (0) Report Link  santos25 7 August 2011 9:10AM I must laugh at some of the ratings. Funny thing is that saving isn't all that hard. We here in Australia have unemployment of 4. The Chinese and Japanese are the savers in this world and they will eventually call the shots. I did all my life and i am sleeping soundly among all that mayhem. Who gives a stuff about the US or Europe. interest rates for a one year deposit are 6. As long as China is doing well we are smiling.

Dis-united Europe. existing road/transportation & communication infrastructure. makes any individual's sovereign commentators comments suspect. regulatory enforcement systems. etc.Does the US credit rating downgrade matter that much? And to who? If the US has already issued Treasury bonds to cover all of the $14. I would like to see a ranking of their different infrastructure support systems. it will be interesting to see the relative value of these points. tax system. In that analysis. how does a downgrade affect the actual amount that the US has already agreed to pay on those Treasury bonds it has already issued? Won't the downgrade only increase the interest the US has to pay on subsequent NEW Treasury Bonds it issues? Won't the downgrade only reduce the current tradeable value of already issued Treasury bonds? Won't this only affect the wealth of those currently holding US Treasury bonds? Has this led to China's criticism? Who else 'owns' all those US Treasury bonds?  o o o o Recommend? (0) Responses (0) Report Link  SymphonyMusic 7 August 2011 11:58AM Credit ratings are only meant to be a tool. not relevant to their primary purpose. Individuals who commit real money are only meant to refer to them to come to real world conclusions about investing real world money into a particular financial instrument. All the comments and articles I read seem to rely on the rating as a report card. As China. I would really like to see a comparison of the world's important economic and geographic regions. accounting systems.  o Recommend? (0) . and India throw stones. Russia. As this is a trend. Items/issues to consider should include a region's political process. but also items such as their legal systems. women's rights. It would seem that the lack of product liability enforcement pretty much destroys the credibility of China. Europe.2 trillion debt it has. not held to one credit rating standard. for sure. The breadth of poverty and lack of homogenous development in India and Russia makes that difficult. and the whole issue seems to be about trust in the American system.

It actually inspired us to put together a video for a U. Any country thought of as anti US is rated as very poor and allies.o o o Responses (0) Report Link  rCharel 7 August 2011 4:52PM When I look at this list I cannot escape the idea that these US credit rating agencies reflect a distinctive US political view of risk. Though luck if you believed us in the past and even tougher luck if you believe us now. http://www. no matter what risk get good grades. Until the sh*t hits the fan and you will loose your deposit.  o o o o Recommend? (13) Responses (0) Report Link  brandonfmg 8 August 2011 5:11PM This is a great article! It shows that plainly explaining a topic doesn't have to mean skimping on facts and statistics. Follow the flavour of the month they claim and your money is safe.S.fmgsuite. audience that explained our recent credit  o o o o Recommend? (1) Responses (0) Report Link  Dimir .

And. . which this Korean Lecturer completely ignored. for exchange rates between the countries. it has no net foreign assets any more. That is exactly what Standard & Poor implicitly suggested. heads of each section finalise their senarios and alternative senarios taking into account of the risks. which China could not master. for most of the commodities.9 August 2011 5:02AM Much thanks for the down grade Tea-baggers. Using these forecasts based on detail statistical models. I suppose it wasn't enough that you put all those big money fellows on your staff. even greater props to you. USA is in a bad situation and it is responsible for that due to two main factors. various international events and so on. It is like your total debts are more than your assets.  o o o o Recommend? (1) Responses (0) Report Link  DKBose2000 10 August 2011 5:13AM I used to work for the Standard & Poor. Thus. These two factors have caused net foreign liability for USA. which has destroyed USA's manufacturing industries except for those in high technology areas. for trade flows between the countries etc etc . The second factor is the imports from China. Good thing you short sheeted Ms. it is dangerous to lend you money unless you change your behaviour. Thus. Based on that a country's future can be evaluated. It will help with the deficit tremendously. All other issues like restructuring financial sector etc have nothing much to do with the current problem of USA. but whatever complexity one can imagine would go into the construction of these models. these are not guess work or political propaganda. First factor is the gigantic defence expenditure which is causing budget deficits. The solutions are very clear: reduce Defence expenditure seriously and impose tariff against China. Warren too. O-coward. It has forecasting models for most of the countries of the world.

S. . In regards to measuring the average per capita financials against other developed countries such as the USA and most European New Zealand appears to be doing extremely well. Questions must be raised in regards to this methodology in that if it is mathematical (which it should be rather than a personal opinion) then we should be provided with the proof. and planned 3rd worlding of america while everyone believes things are about to get better with the delivery of some miracle or other. Its amazing how people cant see the overall bigger picture that this is just the end of the biggest transfer of wealth in history. In regards to the country it is trading reasonably well considering the environment. This week New Zealand was down graded from AAA to AA+.  o o o o Recommend? (5) Responses (0) Report Link  TCondon 3 October 2011 10:07AM What I find difficult to understand in regards to the ratings system is the transparency of the decisions in regards to how the defined rating was obtained. The country has not only made it through the world recession almost unscathed but they were still able to post positive growth after suffering a major natural disaster which partially destroyed its second largest city which represented approximately 17% of our GDP (the value of the damage is estimated at 17 billion (US)). credit rating have forced global investors to park their money in yellow metal as gold being the safest investment and hedge against global economic instability. o o o o Recommend? (3) Responses (1) Report Link  DebtRelief 27 August 2011 9:39AM S&P’s decision of downgrading U.

compared to what little leadership and direction that I have seen from the USA and Europe I still find what happened to the New Zealand credit rating as a difficult pill to swallow.I accept that the government does need to make some difficult decisions around monetary policy to ensure our debt does not get out of control (similar to other developed countries New Zealand has borrowed money to finance a high proportion of its recent expediture as I understand the finance option was cheaper than using its own capital reserves). UK. These are always ongoing. if they go down. The German banks are on the hook for some heavy sums in 2012 and. I would pay attention to the downgrade of the German banks that carry an undisclosed amount of toxic assets from sovereign/consumer/corporate debt. France. etc are not also being downgraded. In addition the market place needs to be freed up a little more to remove some of the barriers to trade and allow further foreign investment into the country. 25 March 2011 9:50PM "because those nasty Germans want to protect the value of their savings" Those nasty Germans should do a bit more to protect their savings than vilify all the small countries in EU. Maybe New Zealand needed to be downgraded but the rating agencies need to look seriously at themselves and answer the question of why other countries like the USA (USA have been downgraded by one ratings group). However. Maybe its because New Zealand are only 4 million strong and they can be used as the lab experiment for how the ratings agencies will treat other developed countries. The New Zealand economy is no bowl of roses however it sure smells better than the bowl that Europe and the USA are swirling around in. they will take Germans' savings with them.  o o o o Recommend? (2) Responses (0) Report Link  MonaLisa4ever 6 December 2011 6:52PM Response to MeinHerzBrent. And one more word of caution: .

the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation. search S&P's ratings of European countries (May 2012): AAA AA A BBB BB B CCC CC C Default no rating . it should try not to piss those guys off too too bad. as they are the key to manufactuing orders and jobs in Germany.When a country depends on others like Germany does on the periphery for exports. Credit rating From Wikipedia. Playing the 'we are Oh so mighty" card to the millions of unemployed masses in EU can always backfire.

The credit rating is used by individuals and entities that purchase the bonds issued by companies and governments to determine the likelihood that the government will pay its bond obligations.AAA Purple A Turquoise BB Dark blue AA Red . A poor credit rating indicates a credit rating agency's opinion that the company or government has a high risk of defaulting.not rated A credit rating evaluates the credit worthiness of a debtor. It is an evaluation made by a credit rating agency of the debtor's ability to pay back the debt and the likelihood of default. including non-public information obtained by the credit rating agencies analysts. The credit rating represents the credit rating agency's evaluation of qualitative and quantitative information for a company or government. Credit ratings are not based on mathematical formulas. credit rating agencies use their judgment and experience in determining what public and private information should be considered in giving a rating to a particular company or government. especially a business (company) or a government.B BBB Grey . Instead. Contents       1 Sovereign credit ratings 2 Short-term rating 3 Corporate credit ratings 4 Credit rating agencies 5 See also 6 References .World countries by Standard & Poor's Foreign Rating:[1][2] Lighter blue Green .[3] Credit ratings are determined by credit ratings agencies. based on the agency's analysis of the entity's history and analysis of long term economic prospects.

A. In the past institutional investors preferred to consider long-term ratings.k. 7 External links Sovereign credit ratings Further information: List of countries by credit rating A sovereign credit rating is the credit rating of a sovereign entity. Best defines "country risk"[5] as the risk that country-specific factors could adversely affect an insurer's ability to meet its financial obligations.20 3 4 Denmark 89. the Basel II agreement requires banks to report their one-year probability if they applied internal-ratings-based approach for capital requirements. Source: Euromoney Country risk June 2011 Country risk rankings (June 2011)[6][7] Least risky countries. "trade credit" risk).a.86 2 2 Switzerland 90. Second. specifically sovereign default risk and/or payment default risk for exporters (a. Nowadays. It takes political risk into account The table shows the ten least-risky countries for investment as of June 2011. i. The sovereign credit rating indicates the risk level of the investing environment of a country and is used by investors looking to invest abroad. many institutional investors can easily manage their credit/bond portfolios with derivatives on monthly or quarterly basis.. Score out of 100 Previous Country Overall score Rank 1 Norway 92. economic risk.e. M.44 1 6 Luxembourg 90.72 5 12 Singapore 87.[citation needed] First. Therefore. Euromoney's bi-annual country risk index[4] monitors the political and economic stability of 185 sovereign countries. some rating agencies simply report short-term ratings.07 4 3 Sweden 88.31 7 . This is in contrast to long-term rating which is evaluated over a long timeframe.65 6 5 Finland 87. short-term ratings are commonly used. Results focus foremost on economics. Ratings are further broken down into components including political risk. a national government. Short-term rating A short-term rating is a probability factor of an individual going into default within a year.

C. B. Moody's or Fitch Ratings and have letter designations such as A. AA-. Dun & Bradstreet. CCC.[8] The Moody's rating system is similar in concept but the naming is a little different. A3. B++. A. CT1A. BBB-. B-. C. Baa1. B. B. Moody's S&P Fitch Long-term Short-term Long-term Short-term Long-term Short-term Aaa AAA AAA Prime Aa1 AA+ AA+ A-1+ F1+ Aa2 AA AA High grade P-1 Aa3 AAAAA1 A+ A+ A-1 F1 A2 A A Upper medium grade A3 AAP-2 A-2 F2 Baa1 BBB+ BBB+ Baa2 BBB BBB Lower medium grade P-3 A-3 F3 Baa3 BBBBBBBa1 BB+ BB+ Non-investment grade Ba2 BB BB speculative Ba3 Not prime BBB BBB B1 B+ B+ Highly speculative B2 B B . All these CTRISKS grades are mapped to one-year probability of default. C-. F. M. B3. BB+. Ba3. and S. It is as follows. Caa1. C. B1.24 86. Aa1. These are assigned by credit rating agencies such as A.97 85.73 Corporate credit ratings Main article: Bond credit rating The credit rating of a corporation is a financial indicator to potential investors of debt securities such as bonds. A. Ba2. Aa3. BB. from excellent to poor: Aaa. Ca. CCC+. AA. B-. A-. C+. BB-. A-. M. rather than the whole corporation. Best rates from excellent to poor in the following manner: A++. Baa3. Aa2. from excellent to poor: AAA. BBB+. AA+. A. CT2B. CCC-. A1. D. A+. B+. CT3B. The Standard & Poor's rating scale is as follows. D. The CTRISKS rating system is as follows: CT3A. Caa3. Baa2. A2. B2. CT3C. C. Caa2. CT2A. E. Ba1. BBB. C++.8 9 10 7 6 13 Canada Netherlands Germany 87. Anything lower than a BBB. B+. CT2C and CT1C. CT1B.rating is considered a speculative or junk bond. Best. Credit rating is usually of a financial instrument such as a bond. A+. Standard & Poor's. CC.

B3 Caa1 Caa2 Caa3 Ca C / / BCCC+ CCC CCCCC C D BSubstantial risks Extremely speculative C CCC C In default with little prospect for recovery / DDD DD D / In default Credit rating agencies Main article: Credit rating agency The largest credit rating agencies (which tend to operate worldwide) are Dun & Bradstreet.[9] Other agencies include A. Moody's. Global Credit Ratings Co.).S.S. (Japan). Rapid Ratings International (U. Ltd.). Muros Ratings[11] (Russia alternative rating agency).S. Best (U. Egan-Jones Rating Company (U. and Credit Rating Information and Services Limited[12][13](Bangladesh) . Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings. Japan Credit Rating Agency.). [10]. (South Africa). Baycorp Advantage (Australia). M.