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October 2012


Auglaize County
Auglaize County traces its recorded history to the 1780s when the Shawnee established a settlement along the banks of the Auglaize River at Wapakoneta. The built their Council House not far from the river, named by the French for its clay-filled waters. Many great American Indian leaders came to Shawnee village to council, including Tecumseh, Little Turtle, Blue Jacket, and the Shawnee’s elder chief, Black Hoof.

By 1814 they had erected a saw and grist mill on the banks of the Auglaize, and constructed a school. In 1832 the federal government removed the Shawnee from Ohio The Society of Friends, also known as and sent them to Kansas. What had been Choosing the right location for a new Quakers, established a mission at Wapakon- their reservation was now open for white company or the expansion of any existing eta, living and working with the Shawnee. settlement. company can be difficult, but the economic development professionals in Auglaize County are confident they have the location Residents and businesses located in Aug- for success. The county is at the hub of west laize County are a direct flight away from central Ohio. It is centrally located between any destination in the world thanks to one of Chicago, Cleveland and Cincinnati. finest county-operated general aviation faMore than 9 million people live within cilities in the United States. Neil Armstrong 300 miles of Auglaize County. It is within a 33.4 Acres for Sale—DivisibleAirport, named for the Auglaize County day’s drive of more than 50% of the US and son and first person to Zoned Industrial / All Utilitiesnative boasts a 5,500-foot long walk on the Canadian population. In addition, 70% of moon, by 100-foot the manufacturing facilities in North AmeriIndustrial zoned land for sale at shovel ready site wide runway capable of handling aircraft ca are within 600 miles of the county. located off State Routes 219 and 29, and only 9 weighing in excess of 50,000 pounds. This Easy access to profitable markets allows miles from I-75 and 5 miles from US 33 combined with its advanced interment ap- Auglaize County companies to reduce their Prime location next to Neil Armstrong Airport, one proaches; make the airport capable of acof the best general aviation facilities in the nation, commodating any size corporate and general cost of doing business. Being close to MidSale—Divisible western, Central Canadian, and Mid Atlantic 33.4 Acres for Sale access to local, giving companies immediate – al / All Utilities 33.4 Acresnational, Sale—Divisible aviation aircraft manufactured to-date in any markets is an important advantage to local state, for Divisible and world markets ale at shovel ready site Zoned Zoned Industrial / All Utilities weathernumerous individuals and businesses companies. The county provides an ideal loIndustrial /available,Utilities flights, condition. Averaging over 30 daily All municipal utilities All including municipal 19 and 29, and only 9 s from US 33 cation not only to reach US customers, but to electric at competitive rates, as well as fiber-optic, store and maintain their aircraft in the air- also export to Canada, Mexico and the rest of Armstrong Airport, one Industrial zoned and cable sale at shovel ready site DSL, land for networks For Further Information Contact: n facilities in the nation, ports 87,000 square feet of hangar space. State Routesland managed and only 9 ate access to local, the world. Many Auglaize County compaVillage owned 219 and 29, Village of New Knoxville located off I-75 and 5 miles from US by businessmarkets To meet the ever-increasing demand and nies participate in Ohio’s $37 billion per year miles from friendly CIC 33 able, including municipal Phone: (419) 753-2160 requirements for air travel, airport leadership export trade. Ohio’s exports have increased Prime Neil Armstrong Located Rural Enterprise Zone and s, as well as fiber-optic, E-mail: location nextintoReinvestment AreaAirport, one has recently developed plans for a new ter- every year since 1998. Its location plays an Community including of the best general aviation facilities in the nation, ged by giving companies immediate access to local, minal facility. This facility, will address the important part in the annual increases. residential construction incentives future needs of business and private travelers state, national, and world markets Auglaize County is also home to the ine Zone and with conference areas and other state of the tersection of two major US highways – InArea including All municipal utilities available, including municipal centives art amenities. The airport also has future de- terstate 75 and US 33. electric at competitive rates, as well as fiber-optic, velopment opportunities available for those I-75, one of America’s busiest interstate DSL, and cable networks rtherFor Further Information Contact: Information Contact: interested in building their own aircraft han- highways, passes north-south through the Village owned land managed by businessgar. As a further benefit, a 32-acre shovel- county, while US 33 travels east-west linkillage of VillageKnoxville New of New Knoxville Phone: (419) 753-4504 friendly CIC ready industrial site is located only a quarter ing the county with Chicago, Columbus, and Phone: (419) 753-2160 E-mail: mile from the airport. Land is available for on to the east coast. More than 20 million Located in Rural Enterprise Zone and : any business interested in taking advantage people pass through Auglaize County each Community Reinvestment Area including of its proximity to this tremendous resource year on I-75. The county has a number of residential construction incentives located in Auglaize County. other state routes that connect with I-75 and US 33 providing each community with these location advantages. Plus, Auglaize County is midway between I-90 and I-70, two of the nation’s primary east-west routes. Located at the center of the 13-county west central Ohio region, Auglaize County is Architects also a natural for retail and service sector success. More than 650,000 people live within Engineers the region and Interstate 75 and US 33 puts Landscape Architects the county at the heart of that market. Shoppers within the region have quick and con38 S. Lincoln Drive venient access to the stores, restaurants and service companies within Auglaize County’s Minster, OH 45865 communities. Recent major additions to the 419-628-4240 retail sector include Kroger’s, Wal-Mart Supercenter, and Lowe’s. These national an419-628-4299 - Fax chor stores will add to the county’s inbound traffic for shopping and dining and en the potential for future growth. Whether it’s industrial or commercial development, Auglaize County’s location truly does provide an important advantage. • • • • • •

The Right Location for Success

New Knoxville Industrial Park

Neil Armstrong Airport

New Knoxville Industrial Park

ville Industrial Park

New Knoxville Industrial Park

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Health Care
Rural areas are viewed by some to be places where access to quality health care is not possible, but this is not the case in Auglaize County. From a first response by a local, well trained and equipped emergency squad through hospital treatment and follow-up care, the health care available to residents of Auglaize County is superior. Without a doubt, Auglaize County is home to some of the finest health care facilities in the country. Joint Township District Memorial Hospital (JTDMH), part of the Grand Lake Health System has been recognized and rated as being in the top 1% of all hospitals in the nation for quality, excellence, and efficiency and their Home Health and ER services have been ranked among the best in the United States. JTDMH is the anchor facility of Grand Lake Health System and one of four hospitals which serve Auglaize County and the surrounding region. The largest of these is St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima. An outstanding facility, St. Rita’s comprehensive high-quality medical services include an accredited Level II Trauma Center. The hospital’s Radiation and Oncology center is one of only 134 in the nation that has been accredited by the American College of Radiology. Lima Memorial Hospital, another hospital easily accessed by Auglaize county residents, also has an accredited Level II Trauma Center and is the only hospital in the area that requires all emergency physicians providing trauma care at the hospital to be board certified and specially trained in emergency medicine. Lima Memorial Health System is also part of the Toledo Community Hospital Oncology Program (TCHOP), a National Cancer Institute designated Cooperative Program which provides the patient the opportunity to participate in research offered nationally while remaining in his or her local setting. The emergency department at Wilson Memorial Hospital, a community hospital funding for its Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program and curriculum. The program, which engages students in all grades, has become a model for other school districts in the state. Another Ohio first is found in St. Marys, where each student in the 3rd through 6th grades has been provided a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Students are learning to incorporate the PDA into their schoolwork by using them to access the internet for research, organize their homework assignments and other school related tasks. This hands on experience teaches students to integrate technology into their daily tasks. Not only is this program proving to be successful in improving academic achievement, the skill the students are learning will no doubt be of value throughout their lives and to future employers. Auglaize County school districts invest in their facilities. One sees newly built high schools, middle schools, junior high and elementary schools dotting the county in nearby Sidney has received national recognition for exceptionally quick treat and release times. During 2009 Wilson renovated four surgical suites to allow for built-in technology to enhance the quality of patient care and ease of use for surgeons. It is the first community hospital in the region to introduce integrated, advanced technology in their new surgery suites. Residents of Auglaize County have quick access to these health care assets via Interstate 75, US 33 and SR 66. When necessary, helicopter Care Flight is available to transport patients to other regional medical centers. If long term nursing or rehabilitative care is needed, Auglaize county residents can choose from several licensed facilities: Auglaize Acres, Cridersville Health Care Center, The Gardens at Wapakoneta, Golden Living Center in St. Marys, Heritage Manor Nursing Center of Minster, St. Marys Living Center, Valley Nursing Home in St. Marys, and Wapakoneta Manor. landscape. The St. Marys and Wapakoneta school districts have completed major building projects. St. Marys has built a new facility which houses both its Junior and Senior High Schools. The Wapakoneta School Districts has built two elementary schools (Cridersville and Wapakoneta Elementary), as well as completing renovations to the High School and Middle School. The schools are LEED certified and incorporate the latest technologies for students and faculty. These are just the latest investments made by Auglaize County schools. The last decade has also seen both the New Knoxville and Waynesfield-Goshen school districts expanding facilities. While Minster constructed a new middle school New Bremen a new high school. In fact, during the last decade, the county’s school districts have invested over $1.8 Billion for new construction and renovation projects. True testimonies to their commitment to ensure their students are learning in the best possible facilities.


Seniors in Auglaize County can choose from Otterbein Communities in Cridersville and St. Marys as well as Elmwood Communities of New Bremen as options for both independent and assisted living as well as long term care. Whether it’s, routine check-ups with family physicians, critical care in a hospital setting, or long term nursing care, residents of Auglaize County have numerous options and access to the finest health care available. In Auglaize County, those who wish to continue their education, have many options from which to choose. Nearby schools such as Wright State University Lake Campus, which has just completed a $9 million renovation to its classrooms, laboratories and student activities space, the Lima Campus of The Ohio State University, Rhodes State and Edison Community College offer two year technical certificate programs, Associate Degrees, and Bachelor Degrees as well as some post graduate programs. Additionally, Auglaize County’s location in west central Ohio makes it easily accessible to numerous four year universities. These include Bluffton University, Bowling Green State University, Findlay University, Ohio Northern University, University of Dayton, University of Toledo, University of Northwest Ohio Urbana University, and Wright State University From Kindergarten through advanced studies, Auglaize County offers the opportunity for an unsurpassed education.

Employers want to know employees and their families will have access to quality education. There is no question that schools in Auglaize County provide the education they are looking for. Excellence in education is a hallmark of the county’s school districts. Auglaize County Schools are known for academic excellence. The county’s school districts consistently receive ratings of Excellent on the State of Ohio School Year Report Card. Average attendance rates of 97%, graduation rates of 97.8%, average ACT scores of 23 and schools where 30% of graduates receive an Honors diploma, are just a few of the statistics that illustrate the quality education that students in Auglaize receive and the success the districts have in helping students excel. Auglaize County Schools are leaders in developing curriculum that focuses on the subjects employers need. For example, the New Bremen School District, in partnership with two other local schools was one of the first schools in Ohio to establish and receive

October 2012



What allows world-renowned companies to succeed in Auglaize County? It’s an educated workforce comprised of dedicated employees with a deep-seated passion to provide quality products and services. Highly Educated and Trained Ohio and its communities are committed to providing a skilled, educated workforce to help our businesses succeed in the ever changing world marketplace. In Auglaize County – that’s exactly what we have to offer industries and businesses looking to expand or relocate. Auglaize County is home to an overall workforce of over 26,100 workers. Of this workforce over 85% hold a high school education or higher. The same Moving goods and services in a timely, cost-effective way is crucial to business success in the twenty first century. Companies need raw materials and parts readily available. They need fast, low-cost shipping options to get finished product to their customers. They also need efficient, safe ways for a regional workforce to get to and from work. Transportation plays a vital role in sustaining our existing companies, helping them to expand, and attracting new firms can be said of the employment pool of nearly 350,000 persons from the region which Auglaize County businesses draw. With a diverse employment base across a large range of industry sectors, Auglaize County takes great pride in its highly educated diverse talent pool. Strong Work Ethic Passion for quality is also key in Auglaize County. It may be the rural, agricultural dedication that plays into the belief of providing first-rate products and services, but whatever the reason excellence is the result. Our employees prove unparalleled dedication time and time again. This dedicated workforce combined with stable labor to the region. Overall, the State of Ohio is served by a world-class transportation system that includes eight interstate highways, five international airports, and the nation’s fourth highest rail freight traffic. With Auglaize County and West Central Ohio’s sophisticated transportation infrastructure – roads, rail, and air – the region represents a strong global platform to route goods and services anywhere in the world. With both Interstate 75 and US 33 intersectmanagement makes Auglaize County an attractive place to do business. Productivity Manufacturing output is a good indicator of how productive a workforce can be and the State of Ohio has a very productive workforce ranking 3rd in the United States in manufacturing output. Contributing to this ranking is Auglaize County, a manufacturing powerhouse in west central Ohio with over 17,600 industrial sector jobs. Our companies range in size from small independent machine shops to international Fortune 500 firms. All are using state of the art technology with highly skilled employees. There is a strong tradition of excellence and innovaing the county, it is well-positioned to take full advantage of nation’s entire transportation infrastructure network. An estimated 5.4 million commercial vehicles travel through Auglaize County each year on Interstate 75 and nearly a million on US 33. These statistics indicate the connectivity the county has with commercial freight traffic throughout North America. Shipping raw materials, components, and finished goods in and out of the county’s manufacturing companies by truck is easy, quick, and cost effective. The county also has a significant rail transportation advantage. The main rail line running north-south through Auglaize County is operated by CSX Transportation. CSX operates the largest railroad in the eastern US with a 21,000-mile rail network linking commercial markets in 23 states and two Canadian provinces. CSX Corporation provides rail, intermodal, and rail-to-truck transload services that are among the nation’s leading transportation companies, connecting more than 70 river, ocean, and lake ports, as well as more than 200 short line railroads. Auglaize County’s 470-acre Job Ready Site is located along the CSX mainline rail at Wapakoneta and has received CSX certification. It is currently Ohio’s largest rail-served, greenfield industrial site. One of the nation’s leading short line rail companies, RJ Corman, also provides rail service in Auglaize County. Corman operates four short line railroads in western Ohio. These lines connect shovel-ready manufacturing sites in Minster, New Bremen, and St. Marys with a variety of main line rail systems. RJ Corman also provides a wide variety of transload, warehouse, and distribution services to its Auglaize County customers. Ohio is a national leader in logistics with companies throughout the state ready to ship tion plus an outstanding work tradition of craftsmanship. Our people enjoy what they do and take great pride in their work. Education and Training The vast educational opportunities in Auglaize County and the surrounding area prepare a workforce well-matched to the evolving needs of today’s high-tech work environment. Here in Auglaize County, employees can establish careers and keep their skills fresh through a multitude of educational resources. In addition, local Workforce Development Centers are available to provide employers recruitment assistance, as well as helping employees with job search, job placement and training. and receive finished goods, semi-finished products, or resources taking full advantage of the state’s central location and transportation strengths. Auglaize County is home to one of Ohio’s leading logistics firms, AIP Logistics, Inc. AIP is a third party logistics provider serving Ohio and the Midwest with public warehousing, contract warehousing, dedicated transportation, railroad logistics, and inventory management services. Located near the intersection of Interstate 75 and US 33, with direct CSX rail access, and more than 450,000 square feet of modern warehouse space, AIP provides reliable and cost effective logistics and distribution services to companies in Auglaize County and throughout the Midwest. Two of Ohio’s five international airports are within 90 minutes of Auglaize County. Dayton International, 60 miles south of Auglaize County on Interstate 75, is within 90 minutes air flight of 55% of the US population. Port Columbus, 90 miles east of the county, also provides international air service via more than a dozen air lines. Toledo Express, a regional commuter air port, is 60 miles north of Auglaize County on I-75. Near the center of Auglaize County at New Knoxville is Auglaize County’s own Neil Armstrong Airport. One of Ohio’s best county general aviation airports, it was named for county native Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the Moon. With its 5,500-foot runway, the airport handles a high volume of air freight and corporate travelers. It can accommodate any size corporate air craft. Armstrong Airport averages more than 30 flights daily. With all of these transportation advantages it is easy to understand why Auglaize County companies continue to succeed. From a transportation perspective, the county’s companies are truly well connected to national and international markets.

Transportation Linked to the World

Providing the best access to major markets for centuries
St. Marys, Ohio is a city built on transportation and trade. Its prime location on    Tax incentives Municipal utilities at competitive rates Fiber optic technology anywhere in the city

US 33 and progressive local government have attracted substantial foreign investment, and local companies are continuing to expand. New investors in St. Marys benefit from:

Sites for your new location or expansion are available now. Once you experience St. Marys, you too will want to stay in the city “Where Living is a Pleasure.” For more information on all St. Marys has to offer, contact:

Susan Crotty, CEcD

Industrial and Community Development Manager 101 East Spring Street 419-394-3303 ext. 3117 St. Marys, Ohio 45885 4B TheBusinessJournal October 2012

While great pride is taken in the strength of Auglaize County’s manufacturing base, often overlooked and underestimated is the contribution that agriculture makes towards the economy of the county. In fact, agriculture and the food industry is Ohio’s top industry, contributing over $93 billion annually to the state’s economy, leading the state to be one of the top agricultural producers in the nation. Auglaize County is a leader in this sector, ranking 8th among Ohio’s counties with over $117 million in market value annually created in grain and livestock sales by its 1,050 farms. While the agriculture sector begins in the fertile fields of the county’s farmers, it extends through the many companies that service the sector with seed, fertilizer, and storage, and continues to the thriving food processors in the county and region. Businesses like Tru-Pointe Cooperative, a multi-location cooperative headquartered in Wapakoneta, provide state-of-the art products and services to the region’s farmers. Auglaize County also has one of the world’s most advanced labs for soil and water analytical testing in Brookside Laboratories headquartered in New Bremen. Not only is Auglaize County a producer of raw materials itself, but due to its unique geographic location, it is poised as an ideal location for food processors. Auglaize County is blessed with the tremendous water resources required by food processing. Aided by the presence of the underground Teays river system and other ground and surface water resources within the region, Auglaize County’s plentiful, renewable water resource is readily available and welcoming to food processing any other water-intensive industries. Combine this resource with the county’s position directly between the nation’s Midwestern breadbasket to the west and proximity to population centers to the east, as well as Ohio’s advance transportation infrastructure, and a recipe for success is created for companies in the food sector. These facts helped lead Danone Group to locate its yogurt production facility in Minster, Ohio, which is currently the world’s largest yogurt plant capable of producing over 2 million yogurt cups per day. Whether the food and fiber is produced and sold from an innovative local farm stand like Green Thumb between New Bremen and St. Marys or a world-leading processing plant, agriculture in all its forms is thriving and is ripe for new opportunities in Auglaize County.

Foreign Investment
Foreign investment is often a gauge identifying those areas that accommodate the unique opportunities offered by foreignowned companies wanting to invest in new manufacturing plants to meet their global marketplace requirements. Auglaize County has realized great success in this area, providing a home to many foreign-owned companies. The Dannon Company, Inc. was the first foreign-based company to establish operations in Auglaize County. The French-based Danone Company has produced the easily recognized, world renowned Dannon Yogurt products in Minster, Ohio since 1968. Four Japanese-owned companies have located in St. Marys, Ohio over the past 20 years. AAP St. Marys Corp. produces aluminum wheels for the automotive industry; Setex, Inc. produces automotive seats; and Murotech Ohio Corporation (MTO) produces precision metal parts for the automotive industry. All three of these companies began with modest operations and have grown to become some of the county’s top employers. The headquarters of TAIYO AMERICA, INC., a Japanese hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, are also located in St. Marys. This company chose St. Marys for its pilot manufacturing facility due to its close relationship with Parker Hannifin. Wapakoneta experienced foreign investment success when Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, a Japanese company, acquired On Time Machining Company (OTM.) OTM is a manufacturer and supplier of indexable cutting tool products. Additionally, French firm Ingredia Group moved into the Wapakoneta market when it acquired the local company Kantner Ingredients. Kantner is a distributor of dairy proteins and manufacturer of blends for the food industry.

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Auglaize County is home to a wide array of shopping establishments ranging from small specialty stores to large retail chains. Whether you’re in need of everyday items or searching for that a one-of-a kind gift, the county’s retailers and service providers are diverse and accessible. Numerous local specialty shop retailers thrive in the local downtown areas and shopping centers offering virtually unlimited choices to consumers. From unique apparel, gifts, hardware, sporting goods to fine wine and jewelry, it’s available at local retailers. The historic downtowns are one example of many one-of-a

kind retail areas. Shoppers can peruse a great quantity of unique antiques, crafts, home furnishings and exquisite gifts and more. In addition, other smaller retail and service establishments offering everything from groceries to wedding dresses are sprinkled throughout Auglaize County. Along with local retailers, several large nationally recognized chain stores have invested in Auglaize County in recent years. Kroger’s, Lowe’s and Wal-Mart have all realized the buying power of the residents of Auglaize County and the surrounding region and now call Auglaize County home. For years, Auglaize County

has been the center of local commerce and this tradition continues today. For family shopping, one needs to look no further than the City of St. Marys, which is home to JC Penney, K-mart and Kohl’s. If someone is looking for that hard to find item, then visiting the award winning True-Value hardware between Minster and New Bremen is a must. No matter where you are located in Auglaize County, one is able to find every basic necessity that one needs, within a short distance. Plenty of dining options appeal to a wide variety of tastes with something for every palate.

If one is looking for entertainment, the beautiful downtown of New Bremen is the place to be with places to dine as well as a stadium style movie theater. One of the nicest things about shopping in Auglaize County is the friendly atmosphere. You are not dealing with strangers, but with your friends and neighbors who work in our local stores. The communities of Auglaize County treasure their small town atmospheres, but embrace the advantages of convenient services, shopping and fine dining. Auglaize County has all this and more – and all of it is close to home.

Shovel Ready Sites—2 acre to 45 acres with streets and utilities in place Zoned I-2 for Industrial development, ideal for light manufacturing Rail access is feasible via R.J. Corman Rail Line Easy Access to I-75 and other major State Highways Local Incentives which result in substantial savings to your bottom line
To learn more about Bunker Hill Industrial Park and New Bremen, please contact:

Shovel ready sites available at BUNKER HILL INDUSTRIAL PARK, State Route 274, New Bremen

A Community Ready for You NOW!
Local Officials Willing to Work with YOU Vibrant Local Retail and Service Businesses Existing Manufacturers that will Complement your Business Excellent Schools A Safe Community Outstanding Public Facilities & Services

Angela Hamberg Economic Development Director 214 North Washington Street P.O. Box 27 New Bremen, OH 45869 419-629-2447
6B TheBusinessJournal October 2012

Marco’s Pizza aggressively expands, averages one new franchise opening per week
TOLEDO, Ohio -- With the recent celebration of its 300th store opening, Marco’s Pizza is continuing to eclipse the growth rate of industry heavy hitters and further anchoring itself as the fastest-growing pizza company in the United States. The Toledo-based franchisor of Ah! thentic Italian pizza opened its 300th milestone location in Wheeling, IL, also marking the company’s first Illinois store. Opening an average of one new store per week, Marco’s Pizza now operates restaurants in 24 states and the Bahamas, and plans to open over 85 locations by the end of this year alone. Company plans also call for having a total 1,500 restaurants open and operating in the next seven years. “We’ve accomplished considerable growth in the past few years and continue to strike multi-unit deals in new areas around the country to expand our footprint,” said Marco’s Pizza CEO Jack Butorac. “Our continued success, despite a weakened economy, is a true testament to the brand and all that we’ve done to position ourselves atop the multi-billion dollar pizza industry.” Butorac noted that in addition to system growth, many Marco’s Pizza locations are continuing robust positive same store sales to date in 2012. In fact, Marco’s Pizza same store sales since the beginning of 2011 have been 7.04% system-wide and 10.85% in Company managed stores -- impressive anytime but especially given the general US economy. Company executives attribute several Marco’s Pizza’s initiatives for enabling the company to expedite its growth, including an innovative partnership with movie and game rentailer Family Video, creative financing options for would-be franchisees and the creation of a “hybrid” franchise model that has recruited top-level executives from other brand giants. -- Family Video Partnership In February 2012, Marco’s Pizza entered into a $100 million deal with privately held movie rental chain Family Video to open Marco’s outlets within as many as 350 of its movie stores. -- Pizza Equity To skirt loan financing challenges facing potential franchisees, Marco’s Pizza raised $20 million in private equity funding to assist operators with down payments. The company also established a leasing arm to help franchisees upgrade equipment or build See MARCO’S, page 8B

Sunshine Playground – 100% Handicapped Accessible Playground

In June 2012, the Sunshine Playground, at Bremenfest Park in New Bremen, Ohio was open for play. The Sunshine Playground is a 100% ADA certified playground, the only one located in Auglaize County and the surrounding region, within a 70 mile radius. The Sunshine Playground features a rubber surface, ramps, wide walkways and special swings. The handicapped accessible playground is located adjacent to the standard playground equipment. This convenient setup allows for a family to meet the needs of their entire family unit, allowing children the opportunity to play at their physical capability levels, as well as together. The vision and reality of the Sunshine Park was made possible through the efforts of the New Bremen/New Knoxville Rotary Club. Sunshine Playground is just one example of the many great achievements that can be accomplished by residents of Auglaize County.

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Huelsman earns designation
Andrew Huelsman of Garmann/Miller & Associates in Minster, has met the educational, testing and experience requirements need to qualify as a Certified Energy Manger (CEM). The CEM is a certification established by the Association of Energy Engineers. It provides a recognizable affirmaHuelsman tion of demonstrated competencies in a wide range of energy related principles and practices. CEM’s are now found in various aspects of the energy industry including consulting, corporations, utilities, controls, universities, school districts, and federal, state and local governments. Andrew lives in St. Henry and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton. He joined Garmann/Miller in February 2010.

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(Continued from page 9B) entire stores, which typically cost $250,000. They also secured millions of dollars in additional capital to assist new and existing franchise owners. -- Mass Brand Migration Marco’s Pizza has created a “hybrid” model by recruiting top-notch talent from other brands -- including Fuddruckers, Domino’s Pizza, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Boston Market and Ruby Tuesday. With this model, certain senior management positions create individual holding companies which become shareholders of Marco’s Pizza, giving them a vested interest in the company’s growth. About Marco’s Franchising, LLC Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Marco’s Pizza (Marco’s Franchising, LLC) is the fastest-growing pizza company in the U.S. (based on the number of stores signed into development since 2007). Marco’s was founded in 1978 by Italian born, Pasquale (“Pat”) Giammarco and is committed to making Italian Pizza with fresh ingredients. The company has grown from its roots as a beloved Ohio brand to operate more than 300 stores in 24 states and the Bahamas. Marco’s Pizza recently ranked 11th place in the “2012 Pizza Industry Top 100 Movers & Shakers” article sent out by To inquire about franchise opportunities with Marco’s Pizza visit or e-mail


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Hot trends in senior care & assisted living franchises
As the aging population grows, businesses seek out new and innovative ways to care for elders who desire independent living Popular new trends provide added comfort and convenience for patients and their need for quality in-home care According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of American seniors, ages 65 and up, will double in 26 states by the year 2030. As more people begin to reach their golden years, having access to the proper care will be more important than ever. Gone are the days when elderly citizens were sent to a nursing home with few other options. Today, popular business trends dictate the ultimate in convenient care for our aging population. Because approximately 80% of seniors prefer in-home care versus relocating to a care facility, the current market trend largely surrounds aid that is administered in the home of the patient. Among the well-known franchises capitalizing on in-home care are Right At Home, Comfort Keepers, Visiting Angels, ComForCare Senior Services and Home Instead Senior Care. Affordability, another popular trend in senior care, is important to those on a fixed income or simply have very little money to spare. Home Instead Senior Care, a company with over 600 franchise locations worldwide, offers “an affordable solution for seniors who prefer to remain at home through their later years.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics named personal/home care aides as one of the fastest growing occupations of 2005. Non-medical home care is a $15 billion industry and an important part of it’s success revolves around the important services offered to patients. Therefore, a rising trend is found in the services provided by home care specialists. According to Home Instead Senior Care, “From a few hours a day, up to 24 hours, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays, thousands of older adults receive help with everyday tasks like meal preparation, reminders to take medication, laundry, light housekeeping, shopping and errands.” Because schedules are so very important, See TRENDS, page 10B

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it’s essential that a senior care service be customized to fit the needs of each patient. Visiting Angels, one of the leading nonmedical care providers in America, is designed to work on the patient’s schedule. “It is our job to adjust to your schedule and to

DSC Provides Pick-up Service for Rowmark Tapes
“If something happened to our server, it would take us hours, if not days, to get the information back up, says Scott Austermiller, IT Manager at Rowmark Inc., a Findlaybased manufacturer of plastic sheets for the display industry. “As it is, if there is a problem, I call Don and he is back at our plant in 15 minutes with a backup tape.” Don, is Don Thompson, manager of Document Service Company, and he visits Scott at Rowmark once a week to pickup five backup tapes. Don then stores the tapes at the DSC facility in Findlay. Rowmark was founded in Findlay about two decades ago. It is a dynamic member of the Findlay business community. “Making backup tapes daily and storing them offsite is part of our security procedure,” Scott explains. “Many companies just send the tapes home with an employee, but there is inherent risk in that. The tapes can be lost or destroyed. The price benefit with DSC for off“Intangible personal touch”

site storage far exceeds any calculated ROI.” Scott thinks it is important to deal with another communityminded local company, and, frankly, he likes the personal service he gets from Don Thompson.

is a guy with a positive attitude. It is great when you can do business with a person who genuinely cares about your company and the people there.”

Findlay Surgery Committed Center Relies On DSC to exceeding Service Foryour Medical, Busiexpectations ness Records

see to it that you remain comfortable in your own home,” the company says. In realizing that each patient is unique and has varying needs, this is one franchisor that is on track with the trends. Speaking of convenience, most seniors who need in-home care do so because they live alone. In this case, it is important to have 24-hour monitoring to help in the event of a medical emergency or accident. Although senior care is available on a full-time basis, patients who opt for anything less will enjoy having the peace of mind in knowing that help is just a click away. ComForCare Senior Services has partnered with ADT, the worldwide leader of in-home electronic monitoring and communications systems, in an effort to provide their customers with around-the-clock access to help as needed. When it comes to the latest trends in senior care, at-home services and convenience top the list. Affordability, also an important factor, isn’t far behind as seniors and their families often struggle, both financially and emotionally, with the aging process and how best to obtain the necessary care to make each day a little easier.

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“If we dealt with an out-oftown company, it would take hours, instead of minutes, to retrieve a tape when we need it,” he says. “Don and his people are just a few minutes away, and his service is top notch.” Then, there is an intangible personal touch. “Rowmark is an upbeat company,” says Scott, “and Don is an upbeat guy. He

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Submitted by Fortune Accounting and Business Solutions Inc. 1825 Allentown Rd., Lima, OH 45805 This summer has come and gone by really fast. It is my hope that you enjoyed the season and was able to cool down on what were the record breaking heat indexes. It almost seems like tax changes were moving in direct correlation with the summer temperatures. I have spent approximately 80 hours of this summer in tax seminars and thought the best way I would drive this value home would be by communicating tax changes to my clients. I hope this communication would cause you to pause, see how you may be impacted by these changes and take advantage of whatever time is left to do some tax planning. Here are some tax breaks that are set to expire by the end of December, 2012 unless congress intervenes. Individuals: -Payroll Tax Cut—2% Social Security tax cut on wages up to $110,100 in 2012. This will certainly reduce net pay effective 1/1/2013. -Marginal Tax Rates—Currently 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33% and 35% would become 15%, 28%, 36% and 39.6% after 12/31/2012. -Capital Gains/Dividends—Capital gains and dividends are currently taxed at 0% for taxpayers below the 25% bracket and 15% for those in the 25% and higher bracket. After 12/31/2012, capital gains will be taxed at 10% and 20% respectively, while dividends would be taxed as ordinary income.

Tax breaks set to expire by the end of December 2012
-Personal Exemptions and Itemized Deductions—Personal exemption phase out and itemized deduction limitation is still repealed through 2012. This means the full amounts could be claimed through 2012. The personal exemption amount is $3800 for each eligible person in 2012. -Health Care Costs—the AGI threshold for deducting medical expenses jumps from 7.5% in 2012 to 10% in 2013 for some tax payers. You may want to plan your medical spending to take advantage of the lower threshold this year by performing some postponed or delayed procedures, change glasses and make dental visits, etc. in this year. -Tuition and fee deduction of up to $4000 and $2000 per return for the Lifetime Learning Credit is set to expire. -American Opportunity Tax Credit of $2500 per student is set to expire. A tax credit is a direct dollar reduction in tax liability. -Child Tax Credit is reduced from $1000/ child in 2012 to $500/child in 2013. -Child Care Deduction limit of $3000 reverts to $2400 in 2013. -The option to deduct itemized deductions for general and state local sales taxes instead of claiming an itemized deduction for state and local income taxes is set to expire. This option was beneficial to residents in states that had no personal income tax or paid very little state tax. -Income tax exemption on home sale—Homeowners who had their mortgage reduced through restructuring, or the bank agreed to a short sale or even lost their home through foreclosures were allowed to exclude up to $2million of such forgiven debt from income. Typically, any forgiven debt is
662 Elida Ave. Delphos 419-692-0007 2102 Elida Road Lima 419-229-2125 1835 Harding Hwy Lima 419-229-7287

income. This income exclusion is set to expire this year. -Deduction for student loan interest ends. -Deduction of $250 above the line expenses for school teachers ends. -Deduction for mortgage insurance premiums ends. -Education IRA limit drops from $2000 to $500. -The marriage penalty relief is set to expire. The standard deduction for a married filing jointly couple will remain double that of individuals through 12/31/2012. This means taxpayers filing a joint return would pay more in taxes in 2013 compared to if they remained unmarried and filed two separate returns. -Transit passes—Effective 1/1/2012, the maximum excludable amount of transit subsidy dropped to only $125/month ($230/month in 2011). -Estate Tax—under the 2010 Tax Relief Act, the maximum federal estate tax rate will be 35% with a $5million exclusion amount through 12/31/2012. This will revert to the pre-2001 rate of 55% and $1million exclusion amount after 12/31/2012. -Alternative Minimum Tax Patch—the amount of the exemption for 2011 was $74,450 (MFJ), $48,450 (Single) and $37,225 (MFS). We are awaiting the number for 2012. -Adoption Credit—the adoption credit was expanded to a maximum of $13,360 in 2011. The credit amount is lowered to $12,650 for 2012 and will expire at the end of 2012 without congressional approval.

-Energy Efficient Appliance Credit will expire. -New Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit will expire. New For 2013 -Medicare Surcharge Change 0.9% on earned income 3.8% on net investment income -Additional Medicare Tax—Effective 01/01/2013 A. Earned Income—the additional Medicare tax of 0.9% applies to wages and self employment income over the following threshold: 1. $200,000 for unmarried individuals 2. $250,000 for married filing jointly 3. $125,000 for married filing separately Employers are required to withhold the additional Medicare surcharge of 0.9% on any employee whose annual income exceeds $200,000. Couples who individually do not meet the withholding requirement but whose combined income exceed the $250,000 threshold would need to make withholding adjustments to avoid penalties and interest on late payments. B. Net Investment Income—the Medicare tax of 3.8% applies to the lesser of: 1. Net investment or 2. Modified AGI over the applicable threshold: a. $200,000 for unmarried individuals b. $250,000 for married filing jointly c. $125,000 for married filing separate Please note that ownership in partnerships and S corps in which you are passive is investment income.

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