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Simple Media Server for Streaming and Sharing Multimedia

Streams multiple HD media on DLNA TV or media player easily Auto download/upload platforms freeing up your PC Intuitive user interface with click-and-play media player zPilot™ organizes media files via easy drag-and-drop operations Green media server for energy saving
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Easily enjoy HD videos everywhere at home
With a powerful CPU and ample memory, the NSA310 1-Bay Media Server can quickly transfer, backup and stream large multimedia files at the same time. In addition, the NSA310 can handle simultaneous multiple 1080P high-definition streams to different UPnP and DLNA-certified devices such as the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PS3, SqueezeBox and DLNA TV in every room at home.


Store and share with your friends in a snap

In addition to serving as an eMule/BitTorrent/FTP server, our one-click hosting download manager makes it easy for you to manage large files downloads from RapidShare or Megaupload. If you’d like to backup your photos and videos stored in digital cameras, smart phones or USB mass storage devices, just plug these devices into the NSA310’s USB ports and push the copy/sync button*. You can easily store the precious memories and have them ready to share with friends and family. The auto-upload function enables the NSA310 to automatically share your files on Flickr, YouTube, and similar social media sites.
USB Mass Storage Device

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1-Bay Media Server

with internal hard disk hibernation support. you can quickly preview files through thumbnails and play photo slideshows directly from your Web browser. and they will be identified and delivered automatically to music. Home Screen Music Playback Button Organize media at your fingertips The zPilot™ file auto-classification function of the NSA310 enables you to easily store and manage media files through simple drag-and-drop operations. video or other designated folders on the NSA310. you can drag one or more files or folders to the zPilot™ icon on the desktop. allows users to turn on the NSA310 and access media files remotely anytime. photo. a new green feature. Music Photo NSA310 zPilotTM Video Green media server for energy saving Wake-on-LAN. With zPilot™ software installed on your computer.NSA310 1-Bay Media Server User-friendly interface Through NSA310’s intuitive user interface. the hard disk in the NSA310 can automatically spin down when there is no data transmission after a period of time. The power scheduling function can automatically turn the NSA310 off based on your usage patterns and needs to conserve power and expense. . In addition. anywhere. even the device at home is powered off. * It is recommended to create a specific share first for backup files. The NSA310 also allows you to create a music playlist and play it in the background for your slide shows.

71” x 5. session. FCC class B. EXT2. BSMI • Others: DLNA 1.6+. status monitoring Online auto-upgrade firmware • Alarm: E-mail notification for specified severity of log recorded High temperature e-mail alert with autoshutdown option E-mail notification when finish BT download task • Logs: Syslog support Periodically system event notification via e-mail Minimum System Requirements • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64 bit) • Browser: IE 7. FAT32. 50/60 Hz Output: 12 V DC. XFS Security • Support HTTPS and FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL) • Encrypted NSA to NSA remote replication • Encrypted NSA to external disk archive backup Backup Solutions • One-touch copy/sync button for external USB-capable devices backup • Backup planner: Instant/scheduled backup NSA to NSA synchronization/archive backup NSA to external USB hard disk backup USB Device Support • USB hard disk and card reader • Maximum 2 USB printer servers (by CIFS protocol) • Digital camera (support picture transfer protocol) • APC UPS monitoring and auto shutdown RAID Feature • Internal SATA work with eSATA hard disk to have RAID1 or JBOD migrate to RAID 1 Disk Maintenance • Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S. Flickr and YouTube Media Playback Support • Supports Windows Media Center plug-ins for playing music/videos • Supports photo slide show File System Support • Internal HDD: EXT4 • External HDD: NTFS.5.25“ x 4. Google Chrome 10+ Hardware Specifications • One 3. ReiserFS.240 V AC. Safari 5+.12”) • Item weight: 662 g (1.38 lb) Environmental Specifications Operating environment: • Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF) • Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-condensing) Storage environment: • Temperature: -30ºC to 70ºC (-22ºF to 158ºF) • Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-condensing) Certification • Safety: CE LVD • EMC: CE. 2.R. HTTP DHCP client PPPoE Network Time Protocol (NTP) • Network setting: DyDNS support • Network applications: UPnP AV server Print server support (CIFS) iTunes server support SqueezeCenter support Samba/FTP server support Photo album server phpMyAdmin/MySQL/PHP Support eMule/BitTorrent/FTP/HTTP downloads One-click hosting sites download manager Auto-upload newly-added files to FTP servers.0+.91”) • Packing weight: 1530 g (3.0 ports • One eSATA port • Buttons: Power button Copy/Sync button Reset button • Smart fan design • Power consumption: Access mode: 16.46 lb) • Packing dimensions (WxDxH): 362 x 110 x 201 mm (14.24 Watt • Power: Input: 100 . C-Tick.A. Firefox 3.) • Automatically detect disk bad block sector with e-mail notification Power and Thermal Management • Power control: Internal disk hibernation support eSATA hibernation support Scheduled power off/reboot System automatically resume after power outage Wake-on-LAN support • Thermal management: Smart fan speed control High temperature alert/buzzer Auto shutdown while high temperature Management • User & group management • Package management for setting up applications • IP filter table management • Download service with bandwidth control • Download status management • RSS client and server support auto-download and notifications • Recycle bin with auto-cleanup and restoring files function System Tools • System maintenance: System resource.3 Watt Wake-on-LAN mode: 0. NFS (for Linux/Unix) FTP.5 A Physical Specifications • Item dimensions (WxDxH): 58 x 196 x 130 mm (2.T.5” SATA II/III hard disk interface supported • LAN: One 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45 connector • Two USB 2.33” x 7. UPnP Package Contents • Media server • Stand • Power adapter • Ethernet cable • Quick start guide • Support CD • Warranty card .28” x 7.NSA310 1-Bay Media Server Specifications System Specifications Networking • Network protocol: TCP/IP CIFS/SMB.M. EXT3.

NSA310 1-Bay Media Server Front Panel Rear Panel Power LED LED Indicator: System/HDD/USB/ eSATA/Copy Copy/Sync Button USB 2.0 Port Gigabit Ethernet Port Kensington Security Slot Power Cord Storage Hook Application Diagram PC-free Download from eMule/BitTorrent/FTP/HTTP Convenient to Store Internet TV PWR/SY S 1 2 P. co m Copyright © 2011 ZyXEL Communications Corp.Bay Media Server USB Mass Storage Device PC Notebook Easy to Stream & Share TV Game Console Fo r m o re p ro d u c t i n fo r m at i o n .6 00 series LAN 3 4 DSL INTERNET DMA2501 Full HD Digital Media Streamer NWD2205 Wireless N USB Adapter xDSL/Cable Modem Digital Camera NBG4615 Wireless N Gigabit NetUSB Router NSA310 1.0 Port Stand Power Connector Fan eSATA Port USB 2. All other brands. 5-100-00611005 11/11 . ZyXEL logo are registered trademarks of ZyXEL Communications Corp. v i s i t u s o n t h e we b at w w w. Zy X E L . product names. All specifications are subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. or trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. ZyXEL.