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ISLA NUBLAR INTERIOR - DAY The party bumps along in two jeeps, Jurassic Park emblems on the side. Hammond and Gennaro share a Jeep. GENNARO This is impressive, but the investors are still nervous. By this time tomorrow, if your experts aren’t happy, I’m not happy. We’ll shut you down John. Hammond smiles and acts like a sweet old man who is not a ruthless corporate cutthroat. HAMMOND By this time tomorrow you’ll be owing me an apology. EXT. ISLA NUBLAR HILLSIDE - DAY Hammond stands in the lead Jeep and hisses at the driver. HAMMOND Stop, stop, stop! The ground shakes and Gennaro looks up in awe. In second Jeep Sattler is investigating a massive fern frond. SATTLER Alan, this kind of veriform has been extinct since the late Cretaceous... Alan Grant tears off his sunglasses and looks up. SATTLER (CONT’D) Alan, this is impos Grant grabs her head and turns it towards whatever has transfixed everyone else. She tears off her sunglasses and stands. A Brachiosaurus walks along a thin line of trees on the ridge crest, it’s pillar-like legs dwarfing the trunks. Honk. BRACHIOSAURUS

Grant, Sattler and Hammond are now out of the Jeeps, the two scientists making observations.

2. GRANT Look at the movement, the muscular structure... must be warm blooded. SATTLER These things didn’t live in swamps! Hammond approaches and everyone looks up in awe as the Brachiosaurus rears up on its hind legs, plucks at a high shoot of leaves and comes crashing back to earth. SATTLER (CONT’D) What’s the gestation? What’s their metabolism like? GRANT How fast do they go? HAMMOND Well, we clocked the T-Rex at 50 miles per hour. T-Rex? T-Rex. GRANT HAMMOND

GRANT You have a T-Rex? HAMMOND We have a T-Rex. Grant starts stumbling around, overcome. SATTLER Look down, look down. Between the legs. Grant bends over, trying to breathe, but collapses on his butt just in time for Hammond to get wistful. HAMMOND Dr. Grant... my dear Dr. Sattler, welcome... to Jurassic Park. Grant looks up and over the valley. A herd of hadrosaurus graze alongside a lake, while a collection of Brachiosaurus climb out on to the plains. There are probably like 40 goddamn dinosaurs down there.

3. GRANT Herds. They do move in herds. Hammond bows down next to the awed Grant. GRANT (CONT’D) How did you do this? HAMMOND (WHISPERED) I’ll show you.