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INTRODUCTION :1). AREAS :1). CLEANLINESS :-as we see smaLl children work in homes , schools, universitie s , shops, restaurants , hospitals . 2).

AGRICULTURE :- in farming , in plant cropping , godowns . 3). INDUSTRIES :- in mills :- sugar,jute,rice etc. 4). CONSTRUCTION :- while constructiong homes, govt. bulidings , children seen w hile load cement and stones to work area. other areas:- children seen while selling products at corner of the cities , at signals as a beggar , dhabas ..... 2). CAUSES :1). INFLATION :- due to price high in market of everything day by day affecting general people to adopt criteria :- save money by appointing small poor child at less wages . 2). ILLITERACY :- because of illiterate poor parents they are not even in thoug hts to allow their children to go school to make their future .. 3). FAMILY PRESSURE :- because of lower source of earnings at home , children enforced to go work outside for new resources of incomes or earnings .... 4). POVERTY :- as mentioned above all points i said are responsible for povert y in my nation . poverty which affects not to poor only but to our indian society as a whole .. 3). EFFECTS :1). MENTAL ABILITY :- small children's thinking effected by our society as they are not categorized as general people , their thoughts just revolve around their work only ; having no dreams , no p assion , no desires at all ... 2). PHYSICAL DISORDER :- sometimes children are not even treated properly when they get injured during work somwhere by workplace owners . Even some give punishment to them for any accidental work anywhere . 3). STRESSFUL LIFE :- because of poor family's pressure on children , lower pos titioning in society gives alot of stress to them for what and why they are !!!.... 4). NO BRIGHT FUTURE :- as where india is growing day by day in its techonolgy power , export products to other nation they are falling to rise poor children's future to grow because of la ck of resources available to poor. which leave no option ahead of children besisdes work even in their 12-13 age .. 4) WHAT ORGANISATIONS ARE DOING ?????? 1). BACHPAN BCHAAO ANDOLAN :- MENTION PURPOSE 2).CARE INDIA ( COOPERATION FOR ASSISTANT AND RELIEF EVERYWHERE ). 3).GLOBAL MARCH AGAINST CHILD LABOUR . 4).VIBHA :- A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR CHILDREN . 5). RIDE INDIA ( RURAL INSTITUTE FOR DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION ).

.......we can give them idea to know the importance of e ducation .... to take any quick actions .. games in spare/free time :. we can make complaint/report to p olice or govt....WHAT WE CAN DO ????????? 1). HOPE FOR D BEST playing games with them in our free time we c an make them realise as they are even the important as how much our youngers and children at our home ....... . stopage of wrong happenings :. ANY CHANGE YOU CAN DO ABOVE . 2).but to give us vision to th ink about those small children who have a right to live free in this nation ... OUR GROUP MOTO :now we all have decided that we will work together to make our society better by removing child labour bad thing from our nation by :.whenever if we see harrassment or disadvantag e or any torture case of any poor children by any owner or person ...earn by make website of whic h full money will go to those children who wish to make their life better .. by providing education :........(ANY 3-4 YOU MAY DO WITH PURPOSE ) 5). .. 3).. 7). CONCLUSION :here you must give special thanks to teacher who doesnot even give our opportuni ty to improve our intra personal skill abilities . 6). DO WELL . ehtical and moral values if someome try to take disadvantage of them .