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FALL 2012

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North Hampton

North Hampton Heritage Commission
or relevant information about the depot, we would be thrilled to see it. Other areas of specific interest are the school and the old library (stone building). We are very grateful to Bruce Dow for sharing family documents, photos and history with us. His great-grandfather, S.A. Dow, kept a diary which gives fascinating insight to daily life in the 19th Century as well as the construction of Centennial Hall and its dedication on April 27, 1876 complete with a five piece Marine band, dancing and “nice supper 50 cts” . We are giving some thought to planning a “memories” event for this winter which would feature several North Hampton decedents of early families. It would be an opportunity to share photos and stories about the daily life of their ancestors. This event would be open to the public and give us all an opportunity to learn more about our town and the people who shaped its character. The National Register application of Town Hall had to be postponed to this fall. When the ramp was removed, damage to the sill was discovered and needed immediate attention. The repairs have been completed and the result is wonderful. We owe a great deal of thanks to the Old Town Hall Committee and the late Jane Palmer for their tireless efforts to restore the building. We anticipate that the National Register application will be submitted to the New Hampshire State Historical Review Council by the end of September. ~ Donna Etela, Chair North Hampton Heritage Commission


he Atlantic Ave survey is officially underway. The volunteers are meeting, as a group, on a monthly basis. We are finding that it is difficult to find some information on the date of construction of various buildings and dates of additions. We have a number of old photographs depicting houses, scenes of the town and various citizens, however, there are no dates! Apparently our forefathers did not anticipate that people in the 21st. Century would need or want that information. We have also found it very tempting to get immersed in the genealogy of the families that were prominent in the history of North Hampton. Our task, however, is to document the individual buildings with as much of the building’s history as possible. The construction date and original location of the former train depot is proving to be rather difficult. If you have old pictures, news clippings

Little Boar’s Head Heritage Commission
Little Boar’s Commission members Jane Rockwell and Janice Mellian display old photographs of the Fish Houses at North Hampton Beach. The presentation included a history of the individual buildings in the Little Boar’s District as listed to The National Register of Historic Places 1999.

Our neighbor was left with one chicken and. He built in a large gravity feeder and he has designed a watering system to gravity drip a continuous flow of water. At one week intervals. our Agriculture Commission can offer tips and advice. he was also keeping track of expenses and weighing the new chicks every week. and an old reversible drill. two more chickens just disappeared.6ozs (72% growth).. but we know they have “chicken fever” and it won’t even matter. Our neighbor had been exhibiting an increased interest in our chickens.. By tracking the feed consumption. Pretty soon the raccoons started showing up and three chickens were lost before he managed to trap and relocate three raccoons. Today’s renewed interest in farm-fresh foods and increased appreciation for the rural experience is reflected in the Agricultural Fairs held throughout the state.5ozs (50%). At this point. Instead. he rigged the coop with a circuit. automatically allowing the chickens to go out each morning and closing them in each night. All was fine with the new flock. He can adjust the rate of flow to whatever is necessary to maintain a continuous fresh supply of water for all the chickens. B ackyard chickens are very popular and the following is the short version of our retired neighbor’s adventure in trying to get it right. They are also tracking “costs per egg” and figure in two years they will break even. they reached a steady growth of about 3-4% weekly weight gain. the chicks averaged: 2.a fortress of security! For ease of care. they averaged 1. there was a gradual decline in the weight gain. While building the coop. While the chicks were outgrowing multiple “nursery” boxes. livestock judging to farm equipment displays and woodsmen’s challenges.5ozs each.. he found another hen dead and it was determined that he was too fat and had died of a heart attack.North Hampton Agricultural Commission days old. he found that three pounds of feed added about one pound of weight. he quickly bought four more hens. he briefly considered 2 North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 just quitting. but it still surprised us when he announced.1ozs (238%). Thereafter. At first weighing. 8. After a few weeks. By 19 weeks some chicks were laying eggs. They are about 20 weeks old and still growing at the same rate. 13. Ultimately. with only two chickens left. which opens and closes a sliding door.. It has been a couple of years now and quite an odyssey for him. there’s something for the whole family. They absolutely love the journey! For those of you interested in starting your own adventure with chickens.. he bought twelve chicks and began a serious building project to house all hens and chicks. that he had been gifted 5 “pet” chickens and a coop. when they were 4 . until one night an opossum killed one of his chickens. AGRICULTURE FAIRS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE 2012 Agriculture is an important sector of New Hampshire economy. he was hurrying to finish the new 8 X 8 movable coop including an 8 X 16 outdoor run that he fenced underground as well as over the top. This was going to be an impenetrable fortress of safety for those birds. From sheep shearing to horse pulling. with great excitement. a timer.8ozs (43%). 6. By week 16. since chickens are flock animals. Below you will find a list of some of the upcoming Agricultural Fairs for the 2012 season.

. 9 Beach Cleanups ....... Carefully selected and screened leaders provide good role models in a group setting where values are taught and help to reinforce positive qualities and character.... Besides providing a positive place where boys can enjoy safe...UPCOMING 2012 AGRICULTURAL FAIR DATES • Deerfield Fair Deerfield... 2 Cub Scouts Pack 162 . 2012 www... wholesome activities......... 2012 www. Commissions. North Hampton Agricultural Commission iN this issue Heritage Commission. improving physical fitness... 1 Little Boar’s Commission . 2012 coNtact iNfo SCHOOL: Jan Scipione.. 4 Town Clerk/Tax Collector . You can also request printed versions of these guides through the Department of Agriculture.............. 10 Library: History Corner ....... Departments.. As a program for the entire We have a wonderful family of scouts in North Hampton and would love to have you join us! For info on how to get involved... Next deadliNe Thursday... 7 Library: News .. 7 Recycling Center . North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 3 . http://agriculture. and North Hampton School. 7 Greenhouse Fundraiser .... -Cynthia Jenkins.. Chair....... 6 People Active in Learning The New Hampshire Deptartment of Agriculture also has two new Agriculture Maps available online: the Taste of New Hampshire Agricultural Map and New Hampshire Garden Guide.... 3 Recreation Department. For more information...... 11 Historical Society... Scouting provides your son with a positive peer group who can encourage him in all of the right ways.. 964-6326 or email at youthlib@nhplib........ 1 Agricultural Commission . please contact Cubmaster Porter Davis at • Sandwich Fair Sandwich. teaching practical skills and developing a spirit of community service................... 6 Planning Board ..... 5 Boy Scouts Troop 162 ..... 964-5501 TOWN: Lorreen Keating..... 10 Trustees of the Library ...... the Cub Scout program has been a fun and educational experience concerned with values......... December 27... 12 Cub Scouts Pack 162 S ince its beginning.... The North Hampton Community Newsletter is published four times a year to inform citizens of news of Town Boards....... Short news items from non-profit groups in town are welcomed and will be included on a space available basis. New Hampshire October 6-8.. 8 Library: Adult Services . Cub Scouting can help families teach their children a wonderful system of values and beliefs while building and strengthening relationships among family 8 Library: Youth Programs..... New Hampshire September 27-30..deerfieldfair......... please visit the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture at www.. Cub Scouting focuses on building character....

into the woods and connected with the environment. Breakfast with Santa coming Christmas 2012 Summer was very active and entertaining for PASA this year. They led our staff and Our August trip was to Essex campers through an exceptionally River Cruise Company in Essex. Space is limited so sign up early and avoid missing out on a spectacular program! BREAKFAST WITH SANTA will be back this Christmas so keep your eyes and ears open for this magical event for the youth of this great community! For more information. Jim O’Hara Interim Recreation Director S 4 North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 . We had Massachusetts. Our July Trip was a magnificent day visiting Star Island located at the Isle of Active Adult Seniors lunch at the Oceanic Hotel Shoals off of the Maine/ ummer Rec Camp was a success New Hampshire Coast. a beautiful place to relax and explore picturesque grounds and take in intoxicating aromas and sights. changes. Children involved in nature based education programs often experience a deeper sense of self-respect. You will need to Re-Register for Session two before the end of Session 1. Finally. gov . a thank Summer Recreation Camp 2012 you to all the campers and families that make Summer Camp the place to be for kids each year.North Hampton Recreation Department from that. Jon Gamache and Patti Venega deserve a special thank you for helping out with some of the day to day things that come up. fun and exciting summer. We would be more than happy to take your suggestions! Also. PROGRAMS FOR ACTIVE SENIOR ADULTS has been very busy as of late and would like to encourage anyone interested in joining to call or email the Recreation Department for more information. please go to www. for frequent updates on program offerings. self-esteem and a strengthening of their connection to the natural world. We had our June trip to Fuller Gardens. The weather was beautiful weather this year and fantastic and the informative guide Summer Rec Camp really benefited to the tidal estuary was spectacular. Farrell. NH. Jim O’Hara at 964-3170 or by email at johara@northhampton-nh. and cancellations “Like” us on Facebook! ~Thank You. GUNSTOCK SKI PROGRAM Registrations will be accepted at the Town Offices on Monday September 24th and will remain open until November 9th. Thanks again to everyone at North Hampton School for their gracious hospitality. September’s trip is Wednesday the 26th and we will be visiting Castle in the Clouds in lovely Moultonborough. we really appreciate the support. We followed up this phenomenal trip with a wonderful lunch at the Riverside Bistro.northhampton-nh. COYOTE CLUB is driven by a passion to get children comfortable with the outdoors. If you would like to see a new program offered. this year with hard work and It was a very hot day even out on consistency shown by Camp the island and we had a wonderful Directors Jon Waugh and Kelsey lunch at the Oceanic Coyote Club will be held on Tuesdays beginning September 18th for six weeks. please contact Interim Recreation Director.

requesting confirmation that you voted in the election. county or municipal government. Between November 1.NH. 1. you will receive a verification letter from the Secretary of State. Chapter 289. Is there any post-election action required by me after I vote without an approved photo ID? After November 1. U. or the clerk. you will be asked to provide one of the following: Driver’s license issued by any state (even if expired). from 8:00am-7:00pm IMPORTANT CHANGES IN ELECTION LAW State of New Hampshire Voter ID Law . This explanatory document is required under the “Voter ID” law as part of the process of educating the public about the law’s requirements and application and outlines the law’s requirements for 2012. Explanatory Document During the 2012 legislative session the legislature passed House Bill 1354. 2012. any voter who does not present an approved photo ID will be permitted to vote after executing a “challenged voter affidavit. 2013. Valid photo ID card issued by either the federal government or a state. A voter who does not have an approved photo ID may obtain a free photo ID for voting purposes only by presenting a voucher from their town/city clerk or the Secretary of State to any NH DMV office that issues identification. U. 2012. card. Judy 964-1816 or Harlan or Pat 964-6304. 2012 and September 1. ID card issued by NH DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles).S. Armed Services ID Where can I get more information? Your city or town clerk or the Secretary of State: www. Passport (even if expired). Valid student ID card. if you filled out a “challenged voter affidavit” in order to vote on Election Day.S. If you do not respond in writing to the Secretary of State within 90 days of the date it was mailed. also known as the “Voter ID” Law. the moderator or the clerk. The new law will phase-in a photo identification requirement over a period of time.GOV (603) 271-3242 ~ Susan M Buchanan Town Clerk/Tax Collector North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 5 . the Attorney General will conduct an investigation to determine whether fraudulent voting occurred. 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION at the North Hampton School. Contact us: Dave 964-6140. the moderator.Laws of 2012.Not Registered to Vote? No Photo ID? Don’t know how to do the paperwork? We will help you for free! Everyone has the right to vote. or Verification of identity by a supervisor of the checklist.SOS. Other photo ID deemed legitimate by the supervisors of the checklist. Town Clerk/Tax Collectors Office IMPORTANT DATE: NOVEMBER 6. What type of photo ID will I need in order to vote? For any election before Sept. What if I do not have an approved photo ID? Before November 1. 2013. any voter who does not present an approved photo ID will be informed of the new law and permitted to vote.

For years PAL has brought enrichment programs and community events to our vibrant school. musicians and authors visit our school to inspire and educate the students. teachers. PAL works in many different ways to support the growth of all the students of NHS. Justine Pallatroni and Nancy-Jane Luff . camping. and all eligible boys are welcome to join at any time. playing games. Two scouts attended a five day high adventure back-country experience which included PAL: People Active in Learning N orth Hampton students everywhere ran to their mailboxes. at 7:30 is our next PAL meeting. in the NHS cafeteria. earning merit badges and having a lot of fun. 6 North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 PAL is an integral part of the student experience at NHS. theaters are attended. NHS citizens and community sponsors are the heart of PAL. advancements. Through field trips history is appreciated. No prior scouting experience is necessary. the Scouts plan to attend the District Camporee.Boy Scouts Troop 162 T his July Troop members and adult leaders attended scout camp at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation in Gilmanton Iron Works. and cities are discovered by NHS students each year. day trips and troop meetings. All the parent volunteers. October 2nd. Through PAL’s support scientists. expenses for trips. troop162. The fall schedule includes camping trips. and will canvas the town for the Scouting for Food Drive in November. Everyone is welcome! Join us! ~Your PAL Co-chairs. and participated in swimming. Scouts will again be selling beautifully decorated fresh Christmas wreaths and garland. a weekend of competitions and fun with other Troops. For more information please visit www. Troop 162 meets weekly on Monday evenings. with the proceeds supporting the Troop’s activities. artists. cooking outdoors. Scouts also met often over the summer to work on merit badges. as well as each boy earning credit towards scout camp or other troop activities. rock climbing. Tuesday. water sports and boating. supplies. rifle shooting. and equipment. archery.webs. as well as hiking. Their efforts are deeply appreciated by all. snorkeling and kayaking. students. community service projects. In October. rappelling. Please consider purchasing your holiday decorations from a North Hampton Boy Scout this year. It is a great organization! PAL is always growing and changing and welcomes any effort anyone has to give to it’s continued success. Teacher letters had arrived! The door to a new school year and world of possibility had swung open! What excitement! Many parents and friends of NHS (North Hampton School) opened a new door this Fall as volunteers for PAL (People Active in Learning ). Boy Scouts is open to boys in 6th grade to 18 years old. NH.

insecticides. When the flock is ready to migrate the committee comes for them and brings them to their new home. Laurel Pohl. In compliance with the New Hampshire State Mandate for Workforce www. Route 111A. ~Respectfully submitted. brush and branches are chipped. NHS and on the school website. from 12:00 p. along with Brian Groth. North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 7 . ONLY 8-12pm and 12:304:30pm. Food will be provided.m. toilet bowl. swimming pool chemicals. drain cleaners. pest strips.Planning Board W orkforce Housing Proposal: This past spring the Planning Board was presented with a 53-lot subdivision Workforce Housing proposal for design review under North Hampton’s “Inclusionary Housing Ordinance. straight waste oil. antifreeze. Vice Chair. Shep Kroner. Mike Hornsby. diesel. September 29. A sticker is required to drop-off the material and can be obtained from the Town Office for $1. spot removers. Brentwood. Chips and compost available to residents at no charge. North Hampton’s “Inclusionary Housing Ordinance” is designed to ensure both protection of the environment as well as long-term affordability of workforce housing units. Flamingo Flocking is a playful fundraiser in which families make a donation to send a flock of flamingos to roost on a friend’s lawn for a few days. Select Board Representative. The Planning Board. mercury. North Hampton. Chair RECYCLING CENTER Open Wednesdays and Saturdays 8-5pm BRUSH & COMPOST AREA Dispose of your yard and garden waste at the Recycling Center until November 24 – this is the last day until the first Saturday in April. link to: Future Land Use • Community/Recreational Services/Municipal Complex Scheduled for the October 6. poisons. 2012 SESSION INCLUDE: • Role of Vision and Future Land Use Chapter of the Master Plan: • Route 1 Corridor Recommendations. Jr. Barbara Kohl. gasoline. Planning Board Members: Shep Kroner. Open Saturdays. order forms can be found at the library. Get FLOCKED with Flamingos! T he Greenhouse Committee’s Flock-for-the-Greenhouse Fundraiser kicked-off on the morning of the Back to School Picnic when North Hampton School was flocked with 20 pink flamingos. Chair. Hours 8-12pm. For additional information. Dr. Tim Harned. NH. NHS and on the school website. Master Plan Update: The Board also urges the public to attend the upcoming “Public Visioning Sessions” to be held on Saturday. 231 Atlantic Avenue. TOPICS TO BE DISCUSSED AT THE SEPTEMBER 29. and yard waste is composted. flea powder. 2012 at the Town Hall.m. If you’d like to support the Greenhouse Project by flocking a friend. Joseph Arena. 2012 session will be a presentation of the results of the first vision session as well as public comment and feedback. call the Recycling Center (964-9825) or DPW (964-6442). kerosene. and Phil Wilson. Rockingham Planning Commission Circuit Rider. To learn about the NHS Greenhouse Project a copy of the proposal is at the public library. Please plan to attend.” At this point no formal subdivision plan has been submitted to the Board.. engine degreaser. 2012 and Saturday. paint thinner. OCTOBER 20: BULKY ITEM COLLECTION at Recycling Center 8-5PM. Alternate Members: Tom McManus and Nancy Monaghan. Would you like to meet and talk to Town residents? Volunteer at YOUR Recycling Center! Interested in volunteering? Please call the Department of Public Works at 964-6442 or Recycling Center at 964-9825. SEPTEMBER 22: HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE Collection at the Highway Garage. oven. will be conducting “Public Visioning Sessions” as part of the process to update the Master Plan. lead compound. Some items to bring: Oil based paints and strippers. to 3:00 p. For your efforts. October 6. the more residents who participate the better the outcome for all.

and father –in-law of former Library Trustee Emily Creighton. Their stores are perilously low and donations are needed. THE WORKS OF WONDER BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP is meeting again this fall with discussion host holly to bring you genealogy microfilms to the library. Our deepest condolences go out to the Creighton family. Michigan State U. D. November 7th we will discuss “Selected Stories” by Andre Dubus. Jerilee Zezula. Adult Services Librarian 8 North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 . everyone! We also have some great programs planned for the Fall! On October 23rd join us at 7pm for a pet program called the Animal Human Bond presented by Jerilee Zezula. Contact the library for details. Health and psychological benefits of pets will be explored as well as animal hoarding and the links between domestic violence and animal abuse. father of Andre Dubus III. You can sign up to check them out by contacting Liz at circdesk@nhplib. NEW LIBRARY SERVICE OFFERED. It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of William Creighton. an honored library patron. Call Susan Grant at the Library or email nhpl@nhplib. a special thanks to Jumpin Jacks Java in Hampton for donating two gift cards for a raffle prize. Health and psychological benefits of pets will be explored as well as animal hoarding and the links between domestic violence and animal abuse. We also get ebooks that are available just for our patrons through the State Library Consortium to make an appointment. ~ Susan Grant.. Copies can be picked up at the library—the group is open to those over the age of 16 who are interested. this is our 3rd season and we welcome new members to join us. The library is joining other libraries in the seacoast area to collect nonperishable food & toiletry items for Rockingham Community Action.V. This presentation will give an overview of the relationships between pets and people…both good and bad. NEW BOOKS. Christiane Northrup. who wrote “House of Sand and Fog” and “Townie.M. org or calling the Library. reviews and raffles! Be on the lookout for a compilation book of patron reviews in the near future. We’ll be showing Foodmatters October 25th at 6:30. In November we will begin a series of documentaries on a variety of subjects. The Library Director is now a Notary Public and will be available at no charge by appointment. NHPL has partnered with FamilySearch. -Liz Flot. D. Contact Susan at the library for details. starting with “Bill Cunningham New York” a documentary about the New York Times Photographer.V.M.. Recommended by Dr. There is a box by the front door of the library to drop off your donations. This presentation will give an overview of the relationships between pets and people. both the good and the bad. PLEASE DONATE. of the UNH Speakers Bureau.North Hampton Public Library News GENEALOGY RESEARCHERS TAKE NOTE. Thanks again. UPCOMING PROGRAMS. Library Director Library Notes from the Adult Services Section T hanks to everyone who participated in the Adult Summer Reading Program of 2012 “Between the Covers”! It was a great summer of reading. The Library gets new books and bestsellers as they are released from the publisher. Also. you can have it sent to the library and view it on our microfilm reader. author of “Women’s Wisdom” this documentary features ways that food can be used in medicinal ways to benefit our health. If you have a film you want to view that can be ordered online from The Family History Library in Salt Lake City. is a retired associate professor of applied animal science at the Thompson School of Applied Science at the University of New Hampshire. OCTOBER 23RD AT 7 PM JERILEE ZEZULA OF THE UNH SPEAKERS’ BUREAU WILL SPEAK ON THE ANIMAL-HUMAN BOND. September 12th we discussed “City of Thieves” by David Benioff. The Library will be continuing our Documentary Series this fall and winter.

12/6. activities. Stacy! Meets Thursdays 10:15-10:45 am– 9/20. 10/18. 12/12 STORY TIME For ages 2-4 with Ms. 10/24. music. Join us for a weekly knitting group. activities and fun for ages 2-4 . 12/5. snacks. 12/12 KNITTING CLUB Calling all knitters ages 8-18. 11/15. Bring your project and join the group. finale Summer Reading Program 2012 Clay Sculpting with Anne McCrea of Clayworks POLAR EXPRESS PARTY! Mark your calendars for Tuesday. 10/10. rhymes. activities. 10/25. December 18th 6:30pm SATURDAY STORY TIME Join us one Saturday each month at 11:00-11:45 am for stories. Thursday November 1st. 11/14. Thursday. Join us for lively discussions. Meets Saturday 10/13. that IS a Porcupine. Stories. October 4th. and crafts. Beginning knitters can join the group one at a time to learn the basics. 10/3.Youth Programs at the North Hampton Library SUMMER READING 2012! Thank you to all for the tremendous effort in reading this summer. Registration required. 11/14. 12/8 Stuffed Animal Sleepover Guests YOUNG ADULT BOOK GROUP Young Adult Book Group for grades 7+ Meets one Thursday night a month. 10/25 11/1. 12/5. 10/4. 10/10. Call or stop by the library to sign up Magic of Steelgraves. 10/11. 11/28. 4:00-4:45pm. Keating. 11/10. from Squam Lakes Natural Science Enter . 199 children ages 2. and books for babies and toddlers! Meets Wednesdays 10:15-10:45 am. 11/7. Meeting dates: 10/3. 10/24. 4:00-4:45pm. ~ Lorreen M.14 signed up and read more than 2700 hours! A big Thank you to the library staff and volunteers and for the prize donations from The Beach Plum and The (former) Great American Country Store of North Hampton. Meets on Wednesdays 4:00-4:30pm. 10/17. 11/15. 12/13. 10/17. and a prize raffle! No papers to write – just good books! Meeting Dates: Thursdays – 9/27. 11/8. Thursday December 6. (call or email to join as a beginner! You CAN learn to knit!). 4:00-4:45pm Yes. 12/20 Time: 7:00 – 7:45pm North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 9 CRAFTS AT THE LIBRARY Ages 5 and up. 11/7. 11/29. Assistant Library Director 2012 FALL YOUTH PROGRAMS BABY LAP SIT STORY TIME Songs. 11/28. Youth Services Librarian. songs.

for targeting education and pollution prevention programs. recommended in April that new NHPL building should be the first phase of any possible town campus.Volunteers Needed for Monthly Beach Cleanups S ome towns have lakes or ponds for swimming.Amy Kane.m. as well as an online survey that was sent to residents gave the citizens of North Hampton. Monthly cleanups are held the third Saturday of every month at 9 am. Ladd’s building program will be an expression to an architect and other entities involved of what North Hampton wants and needs in a new library. a town campus project consultant hired by the town.. This can help identify trends in marine pollution. Will you help?? It’s a great service opportunity for school and scout groups. We pull on gloves. provided the opportunity for participants to express their ideas and visions of what a new town library should entail. I post reminders at facebook. and walk the length and (tidevariable) breadth of the beach on the hunt for trash and marine debris. followed with presentation of the 10 North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 . RSVP me at 964-5675 or amykane@comcast. 2012. and anyone who wants to spend an hour at the beach in good company for a good cause. Victor Azzi. or just show up. or more? Help keep our special beach clean and safe for people and the local waters safe and healthy for marine life. In addition. We have had anywhere from as many as 30 to as few as 4 people (including me) show up for a Kelly Parrott. During Ms. volunteers from local businesses and service organizations. Susan Grant. we record what we find on data cards provided by Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation. August 21. for a cleanup that lasts about an hour. Ladd was able to present his findings in regards to what North Hampton needs in terms of new library space as compared to like size towns in New Hampshire and based on the materials. patrons. rivers or streams for fishing. grab a trash bag or reusable grocery store bag. As part of the regional AdoptA-Beach program. .com/ northhamptonbeach. NHPL Trustee Chairperson. North Hampton State Beach Cleanup Coordinator Trustees of the North Hampton Public Library O n Tuesday. Our cleanups yield anywhere from 10 to 35 lbs of stuff that doesn’t belong there. Mr. The open session began with a brief history of NHPL since 1973 presented by the Library Director. The meeting. NHPL staff and trustees hosted a session open to the public with the North Hampton public and Thomas Ladd. The NHPL was built in 1973 to fill a “twenty year need” and the library has clearly outgrown its current space. a necessary step in the creation of a new NHPL building to be constructed on the corner of Alden and Atlantic Avenues. Mr. Our town has an ocean! North Hampton State Beach is our one sandy ocean beach. On the third Saturday of every month volunteers meet at the south end of the parking lot at 9 a. library programs and visits. Won’t you consider joining us for one cleanup. a library building consultant. With that mind the trustees and directors at the library have initiated the process that will eventually lead to the construction of a new NHPL. Grant’s presentation it was noted that the idea of building a new library in North Hampton has been in the works for a numerous years. Ladd was hired by the library to create a building program for NHPL. rain or shine. Mr.

NHPL ranks third in programs offered. The “building program” will serve as guideline of the steps that need to be taken to build a new library. North Hampton Public Library The Library in 1976. Susan Leonardi. Ladd informed attendees that North Hampton now has 25% more residents than it did in 1973 and the library now holds survey results. A community center and or arts and culture area were both heavily weighted in the survey. Assistant Director.” (School Board Report – year ending 3/1/1892) • 1893- 1907 North Hampton Public Library located in the Southwest corner of Town Hall • 1908 – New Library Building- (now the office of the Town Clerk/ Tax Collector) • 1912 – Number of books in library collection: 1. ~North Hampton Public Library Trustees . according to library standards. However. outdoor space. ft.157 in 2011. not only to North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 11 . Secretary North Hampton Library History Corner the adult portion of our population. Loaning of materials has increased from approximately 24. We believe a library once established would prove. According to the survey results. Thomas Ladd concluded the night with a presentation of his research in NHPL needs and an open forum for attendees to express their thoughts about a new building. of ever increasing value . Forty-one percent of those surveyed also pointed out that the largest problem with NHPL is overall space and lack of a separated children’s space.700 people) NHPL falls somewhere in the middle as far as current available space. Mr.000 to 4.309 print items. In addition. a teen study area.Kelly Parrot. many citizens indicated that they would like to see the library attempt to partner with other town entities. with no growth possible. and consistent temperature and humidity. inspiring work space.“We trust the Town at its annual meeting will vote to accept the offer of the State in regard to the establishment of a town Library. but also to older scholars in your schools. but attendance is limited because of space constraints. John Kollmorgen. cds with only 7 public computers in an aging building with many structural needs. audiobooks.800 • 2012 – Number of books in library collection: 32. The standards say that NHPL should be operating in a space of approximately 9. Those who completed the survey indicated that the most valued service of the NHPL is the collection of adult and children’s books. Keating. In addition because of the crowded space the aisles between the stacks of books may not currently meet ADA standards. Also. 2.000 materials per year in 1980 to 49. gathering space for adults. The number of registered borrowers has also increased by roughly 500 people over the last five years. we are operating with only 58% of space that is needed. ft. 1892 Town Meeting Vote to establish a public library . just a few years after it was dedicated in 1973 S ome interesting facts about the North Hampton Public Library. and thus securing one hundred dollars from the State.639 videos. Ladd presented NHPL as a library existing in 2012 in a library built in 1973 at 5.624 sq. but is near the top in circulation. Mr. as it grows from year to year. by making the necessary appropriation of twenty-five dollars. Chair.070 ~ Lorreen M. The document is expected to be completed in September. exhibit space. Treasurer. what citizens want most in a new library is space for books and more dedicated meeting and program area space. compared with towns similar to North Hampton (with a population of 4. Citizens also shared many ideas on what they would like to see incorporated into in a new library. laptop areas. which included among myriad ideas: quality natural lighting.625 sq.

The presentation is scheduled for Monday. Some objects have stories to tell. H arley Savage. A cowhide box full of folded and tied documents was found in the safe at Town Hall during the building’s repair and restoration.S. At the request of Shakers in Canterbury in 1961. The 1858 North Hampton Community Newsletter Fall 2012 12 Community News North Hampton. lower level. bootjacks. 4 North Hampton Resident . NH 03862 nity mmu unity e Co ng th he Comm lvi Invo ming t for by In North Hampton Standard U. another was used at Hervey Hobbs’ grocery store at 281 Atlantic Avenue. owner of Frye’s Measure Mill. On the National Register of Historic Places. that uses some of its original nineteenth century equipment. yokes for sheep. Visit the exhibit and learn the rest of their stories. Curator Priscilla Leavitt has installed a new exhibit in the Town’s stone building (Clerk/Collector Office) called Wood Products of Nineteenth Century New England. the mill offers tours and still sells some of its first products.S. October 15th at 7pm at the UCC Church. We’ve also asked him to bring along some of its products for exhibit and sale. Savage will talk about the history of the mill and the museum. and carpentry tools. the mill began producing Shaker box reproductions. On display are the many types of wooden objects found in everyday life a hundred years ago or so. cooking utensils.North Hampton Historical Society Measure Mill is the one of the last water-powered mills in the U. Postage PAID Permit No. They include boxes of all kinds. toys. is the kickoff speaker for the Historical Society’s Fall program series.