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Imagine that you are preparing these documents for your manager, and that they have a general idea of what you are doing, but are not familiar with the details. Drawings should be clear, and properly labeled. All programming needs to be completed and your stock must be ready before reserving time to make your parts. For the project you will: 1. 2. Do this by your own. This is an individual project. Model a part that you want to make in either CATIA or MasterCAM software that indicates the material from which it will be made, and its dimensions and tolerances. Appropriate views and sections should be provided to make the design clear. Workpiece provided is in the size of 120mm X 100mm X 25mm. Make sure that your design is within this limit. Create a manufacturing plan to make the part that includes the following information: a. Cutting tool required b. Feed rates and RPM for each tool (if applicable) c. The dimensions of your workpiece d. A plan for holding your workpiece on the milling machine e. The sequence of operations Create a program to machine the part in MasterCAM and post the Gcode with the report. Send all the documents needed and report plus the final workpiece to me on the 19th October 2012, not more than 5pm. Late submission will definitely reduce your marks. Prepare for brief presentation, which will be announced later. Describe how your workpiece will be secured on the mill. Include sketches or photos if helpful. If a tooling plate or special fixtures will be needed, please turn in CATIA drawings of the tooling. You can only choose 1 (one) type of end mill tool, with the smallest is Ø4mm. No tool change allowed for this project as it will create longer machining time. Face or finishing operation will be done manually. DO NOT generate this operation in your procedure. Face operation will be prepared by the Technician.

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As there are only 4 (four) didactic machine available, so “first come first serve” basis will be entertained. Please check with the Technician for schedule and machining time offered. Do the best design you can achieved but bear in mind that the more complex design it be, the more machining time it will take. So, please design sensibly. Small presentation will be made as this affect in your marks, which comprises of “Project with Presentation” as in your Course Outline. This semester, you are required to design an automotive logo. Marks are given depending on your creativity and complexity. Report format should include introduction, objectives, methodology, scope and limitation, project planning, design, results and conclusions and references. Report for this project will be considered as Technical Report 1. Any questions and uncertainty raised, please come and see me or email to or through FB (CADCAM & RP).


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Notes: Recommended value – Feed Rate – 200mm/min Spindle Speed – 1500rpm Plunge Rate – 150