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September 2012

Memorandum to: Precinct Community Council Meeting Attendees



In an effort to educate New Yor City s communities regarding methods and resource s available to recognize and address youth-related concerns, the Community Affairs Bureau of th e New Yor City Police Department is hosting an array of gang forums, youth summits, and resourc e fairs. These presentations describe the numerous programs, services, and resources available to parents and their children. For more information about upcoming programs and initiatives in your a rea, visit us online at

NOTE: This month there will be a Youth Resource Fair on September 27, between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., at 209 Joralemon Street, Broo lyn (between Court and Adams Streets).




Tips of the Month

As children return to school this month, we remind parents that ta ing a few min utes to review a few safety tips with their children is time well-invested.

. Review the proper manner to exit a school bus with your child. Explain that ru nning out of the bus door, past the front of the bus, and into the street is very dangerous.

Direct your child to ta e notice of the flashing red lights when the bus is sto pped, and explain that cars are not supposed to pass a school bus with flashing red lights, but th at some drivers still violate the law. Tell your child to ma e eye contact with the bus driver, who will be chec ing his/her mirrors for on-coming traffic, and who may signal for the child to wait. The bus driver may signal your child when it is safe to cross the street. Additional ly, it is also advisable to instruct your children how to chec for on-coming traffic from the front of the bus themselves to ensure they cross the street safely.






. New Yor State law requires motorists to stop for school buses that are receiv ing/discharging passengers. This includes motorists that are approaching school buses from the o pposite direction in on-coming traffic, and even school buses on the other side of a div ided highway.

Before a school bus stops to load or unload passengers, the driver will usually flash yellow warning lights. When driving, always ta e note of the yellow and red school bus lights and be prepared to stop.

Program of the Month

The Law Enforcement Explorers is a program designed to educate youths, aged 14 t o 20, about the law enforcement profession. The program promotes careers in law enforcement but also emphasizes individual responsibility and life s ills that will benefit participants regardl ess of the career path chosen. There are currently 109 NYPD Explorer posts. For more information visit or

Philip Ban s III Chief of Community Affairs Bureau

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