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Dalda Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. By
Ezaz Rasul 10146 MBA-R 9/14/2012 Submitted to: Mr. Ekhlaque Ahmed

Inventory turnover 2. Quality inspection overseeing before the product runs out of the factory. Storage of finished goods in Warehouses(Some Owned by Dalda/Some rented warehouses) 4. who is Assistant Manager Marketing for activities at Dalda Foods at their headquarters based in Karachi Site area. Sales/Distribution Network 3. Dalda was sold by Unilevers in 2004 to Westbury Group.1 As per instructions of my respected teacher. I got a hold of Mr. . 5. Abubakar Mishwani. Transportation network overseeing to ensure the advertised product makes it to the market on time and as planned for effective ROI on advertisement. Marketing Organization: Marketing department at Dalda Foods consists in the following manner:- Country Marketing Head Karachi Regional Marketing Head Sukkur Regional Marketing Head Islamabad/Pindi Regional Marketing Head Multan Regional Marketing Head Lahore Regional Marketing heads are directly responsible for: 1.

Product Management: Dalda produces products such as a. Dalda Olive Oil b. Dalda Canola Oil c.2 Marketing Functions: There are six marketing functions which Dalda group implements at their company. Dalda Banaspati Product management includes procurement of oil and refining it under highest standards as I was told by Mr. Ekhlaque in the class. Marketing Information Management As discussed by Mr. 1. . Abubakar that Dalda foods currently holds following ISO Certifications: • • • • ISO 9001-2008 for Quality Management System ISO 22000-2005 for Food Safety Management System ISO 14001-2004 for Environment Management System OHSAS 18001-2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System 2. that Imfornation Management Systems are playing a crucial role in today’s competitive organizations and hence Dalda Foods have a customized ERP being implemented there which is made by Oracle. Dalda Cooking Oil d.

Pricing According to Mr.3 Mr. Also. especially during Ramadan as well as when they are launching at new product variant. and its getting a lot of popularity as no other .000 shops country wide to ensure the availability of their products in which their supply chain department plays a crucial role as it is aligned with their marketing department and they both ensure whatever product is being marketed is actually being made available to the public on the shelf as the product switching cost is very low incase Dalda were not to have their products available. Promotion Dalda conducts its seasonal promotion. Distribution Dalda Foods have an extensive distribution network where they cover over 100. 5. Such information is then made available for superiors in order to justify future decisions of the company. they are able to filter out any information they need which is relative to the need of their marketing department. etc. ROI over a single product launch. Abubakar. 3. they would certainly be at a great loss. Abubakar mentioned that. Such as Activity based Advertisement Expenses. 4. Dalda Foods keeps its prices competitive within their target segment in which they are competing and the prices are charged to the customer after having done a customer survey by marketing research firms such as Neilson and Neilson and finding out information such as purchasing power of the customer. the new launch of Dalda’s oil bag holder is being promoted heavily.

4 competitor has thought of this idea before. so Dalda has got the first movers advantage of that particular idea in order to market their product. .