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Atty. Butch Jamon

PART ONE: INTRODUCTION I. A. B. C. Scope of Conflict of Laws: Nature, Definition and Importance Diversity of Laws, Customs and Practices Definition Object, Function and Scope

II. A Brief History and Development of Conflict of Laws A. Roman Law Origin B. Modern Developments II. Sources of Conflict of Laws A. Direct Sources 1. Codes and Statutes 2. Treaties and International Convention 3. Case Law 4. International Custom 5. Constitution B. Indirect Sources 1. Natural Law 2. Works and Treaties of Jurists and Writers

PART TWO: JURISDICTION AND CHOICE OF LAW III. Jurisdiction A. Basis of Exercise of Judicial Jurisdiction 1. Jurisdiction over the person Case: William Gemperle vs. Helen Schenker, (22, Coquia) 2. Jurisdiction over the Property Cases: Pennoyer vs. Neff, (24, Coquia) International Shoe Co. vs. Washington, (26, Coquia) Mc Gee vs. International Life Insurance Co. Shaffer vs. Heitner, (31, Coquia) Mullane vs. Central Hanover Bank and Trust Co, (30, Coquia) 3. Jurisdiction over the subject matter Case: Idonah Perkins v. Roxas

Assume Jurisdiction: Apply Foreign Law a) Theory of Comity Cases: Hilton vs. Barnes. Coquia) IV. Coquia) Haag vs. Traditional Approaches 2. Characterization and the Single-Aspect Method 1. Guyot. New York Insurance Co. 547. Coquia) c) Local Law Theory d) Modern Theories Cases: Auten vs. Hix. Querubin. Coquia) In re: Testate Estate of Suntay c) where a case involves any of the exceptions to the application of the proper foreign law Case: Querubin vs. Depecage . Bohanan (53. Modern Approaches V. Assume Jurisdiction: Apply Internal or Domestic Law a) where application of domestic law is decreed b) where there is failure to plead and prove foreign law Cases: Fleumer vs.. Standard Oil Co. Dismiss the Case: Forum Non Conveniens Cases: Heine vs. (52. The Correlation Between Jurisdiction and Choice of Law B. Coquia) Gray vs. Substance-Procedure Dichotomy B. (410. of New York. (549. Ways of Dealing With a Conflicts Problem 1. The Problem of the Characterization A. (72.(68. Auten . (98. Companie Generale Trans-Atlantique b) Protection of Vested Rights Theory Cases: Loucks vs. Subject-Matter Characterization 2. Coquia) 2. (3 Coquia) Johnston vs. Gray ( 59. Coquia) 3. Coquia) Phil Trust Co vs. Choice of Law A. (44.B. C0quia) In re: Union Carbide. Approaches to Choice of Law 1.

The Foreign Law or Judgment is Contrary to Good Morals (Contra Bonos Mores) 6. RP (p. Usefulness of Renvoi VII. Coquia) Co. Com. Electrical Tribunal (p. Extent of Judicial Notice B. Notice and Proof of Foreign Law A. Natural-Born Citizens Cases: Talaroc v. 161. Exceptions to the Application of Foreign Law 1. v. Loss of Philippine Citizenship . Definition B. Proof of Foreign Law C. Issues are Related to Property (Lex Situs) 4. The Foreign Law is Contrary to an Important Public Policy of the Forum 2. 141. 157. of Immigration (p. Citizens by Naturalization C.VI. 142. Determination of Nationality 1. The Foreign Law is Penal in Character 8. Various Ways of Dealing with the Problem of Renvoi C. Salonga) Zita Ngo Burca v. Nationality A. Uy (p. The Application of the Foreign Law Might Endanger the Vital Interests of the State PART THREE: PERSONAL LAW IX. Salonga) D. The Problem of Renvoi A. Coquia) FPJ Case 2. The Issue Involved in the Enforcement of Foreign Claim is Fiscal or Administrative 5. Importance of a Personal Law B. Procedure for Naturalization Cases: Moya Lim Yao v. The Foreign Law is Procedural in Nature 3. The Application of Foreign Law will Work Undeniable Injustice to the Citizens of the Forum 7.

E. Absence E. Name F. Kinds of Domicile Cases: White v. Coquia) 2. 276. 176. Legislative Jurisdiction Distinguished from Judicial Jurisdiction C. Berlingieri (p. Sol. Domicile A. Problems in Applying the Nationality Principle 1. Salonga) B. Salonga) . Salonga) Winans v. Merits and Demerits of Domicile C. 158. Definition Case: Berlingrieri v. Winans (p. General Rules on Domicile Case: Dorrance Estate (pp. Tenant (p. 196. 156-157. v. Age of Majority G. Beginning and End of Personality D. Frank (p. Salonga) XI. 202. Statelessness Case: Kookooritchkin v. Gen (p. Dual or Multiple Citizenship Case: Nottebohm Case (p. 177. Salonga) D. Capacity Case: Insular Govt. Definition B. Principles on Personal Status and Capacity A. Coquia) X.

Coquia) --PAULINE In Re: Miller’s Estate (p. 276. Coquia) Apt v. Validity of Foreign Divorce Between Foreigners ---YANNAH C. Coquia) YANNAH Pilapil v. Annulment and Declaration of Nullity –JUSTIN D. Choice-of-Law in Family Relations A. Marriage 1. Parental Authority Over the Child E. Intrinsic Validity of Marriage -. Personal Relations Between the Spouses b. de Barros (p. 257. Divorce Decrees Obtained by Filipinos --YANNAH Cases: Tenchavez v. Effects of Marriage --PAULINE a. Apt (p. Domestic Adoption Law 2. Parental Relations --JUSTIN 1. 260. Coquia) People v. Salonga) PAULINE Harden v. Ibay-Somera (p. Common Law Principles on Legitimacy 3. Coquia) 2. v. Inter-Country Adoption Law . 263. Mora Dumpo (p. Coquia) 3. Escaño (p.PART FOUR: CHOICE OF LAW PROBLEMS XII. 255. 219. Extrinsic Validity of Marriage ---DANNA Case: Adong V. Adoption --. Fisher (p. CA (p. Cheong Seng Gee (p. Emilio Peña (p. 256. 251. Philippine Policy on Marriage and the Family --DANNA 2. Property Relations of Spouses Case: Collector of Internal Rev.DANNA Case: Sottomayor v. 284. Paras) YANNAH B. Divorce and Separation YANNAH 1. 282. Determination of Legitimacy of a Child 2. Coquia) Quita v. Salonga) 4.JUSTIN 1.

IAC (p. The Controlling Law B. Cases: Insular Govt. Coquia) D. Lex Loci Intentionis……………………………………. Hufuagle (p. Salonga) Proctor v. 303. Frank (p. 309. Exceptions Cases: Swank v..XIII. 305.. Intrinsic Validity of Contracts…………………………………. Pratt (p. 1. 360. Coquia) C. Lex Loci Contractus…………………………………….. Glassgow. Extrinsic Validity of Contracts C. v. Choice of Law in Contracts A. Extrinsic and Intrinsic Validity of Conveyances Case: Liljedahl v. Mangaliman (p. Salonga) E. 378. Dir. Liong Chong (p. Salonga) Milliken v. D. Choice of Law in Property A. Situs of Certain Properties 1. Lex Situs Rule 1. Salonga) 331 331 332 339 340 . 379. Capacity to Transfer or Acquire Property Cases: Llantino v. 280. (p. Capacity to Enter into Contracts………………………………. 276. of Patents (p. Situs of Personal Property for Tax Purposes 2. Co. Situs of Debts 4. Contracts Involving a Foreign Element B. Situs of Corporate Shares of Stocks F. Frost (p. Patents. Situs of Money 3. 399. Salonga) Mentholatum v. Salonga) XIV. Lex Loci Solutions……………………………………… 3. Trademarks. 2. Coquia) Cheesman v. Trade Name and Copyright Case: General Garments v.

Coquia) 4. Special Contracts Cases: Lopez v. Choice of Forum Clause………………………………… 2. Choice of Law in Wills. Trusts Cases: Aznar v. Interpretation of Wills D. Coquia) KLM v. 1. 410. Coquia) B. 296. The Applicable Law in the Absence of an Effective Choice G. Christensen Garcia (p. (p. Tolete (p. de Perez v. CA (p. 381. Salonga) Zulueta v. Extrinsic Validity of Wills Case: In re: Estate of Johnson (p. 301. Pan Am (p. 354. Klepper (p. Salonga) F. 400. Salonga) 340 341 353 . Zapata (p. Contracts with Arbitration Clause Case: Antesveser V. Limitations to Choice of Law XV. Succession and Administration of Estates A. Coquia) PAL v. Pan Am (p.E. 362. Intrinsic Validity of Wills C. Revocation E. Salonga) 3 Adhesion Contracts……………………………………… Cases: Pan Am v. CA. 301. Salonga) Bellis v. 411. Lines v. Salonga) American Pres. Administration of Estates G. 356. Choice of Law Issues in Conflicts Contracts Cases……………. 302. Rapadas (p. Probate Case: Vda. Coquia) F. Bellis (p.

Control Test During War . 445.. Personal Law of a Corporation Case: M. Standards Oil Co. (p. Foreign Tort Claims 1. Exceptions to the Rule of Incorporation Test a. Insular Lumber Co. The Most Significant Relationship Case: Saudi Arabian Airlines v. (p. Conditions for the Enforcement of Tort Claims 2. Coquia) 2. Coquia. Wong Cheng (p. Estate of FM (p. Lex Loci Delicti Commissi Case: Loucks v. 467. Philippine Rule on Foreign Torts Case: Asahi Metal Industry Co. Products Liability of the Foreign Manufacturer 3. ibid. Marcos. (P. Corporations 1. 410.) People v.) Guinto v. (p.) 4. Modern Theories on Foreign Tort Liability 1.) F. ibid. 434.425. Policies Behind Conflicts Tort Law B. People of the Phils. ibid.) US v. 470. CA (p. Choice of Law Affecting Corporations and Other Juridical Entities A. Choice of Law in Torts and Crimes A. Pena-irala (p.E. (p. 414. ( p. Look Chaw (p. Constitutional and Statutory Restrictions b. Coquia) C. 460. 440.) Trajano v.XVI. The Alien Tort Act Cases: Hilao v. ibid. ibid. Distinguishing Between Torts and Crimes Case: Liang (Huafeng) v. 465. Interest Analysis 3. v. Coquia) E. Gray v. Lex Loci Delicti XVII. Superior Court of Calif. 446. Coquia) Filartiga V. Coquia ) 2. Marcos. Caver’s Principle of Preference D.

Partnerships PART FIVE: FOREIGN JUDGMENTS XVIII. Exceptions to the License Requirement a. Mangaliman. Definition and Scope of “Transacting Business” B. Action to Protect Trademark. Isolated Transactions b.3. Requisites for Recognition or Enforcement 1. d. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments A. Right of Foreign Corporation to Bring Suit 6. Goodwill. Bases of Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments C. SAlonga) c. Trade Name. Jurisdiction Over Foreign Corporations 5. v. The Judgment Must be Final and Executory to Constitute Res Judicata in Another Action 4. The Foreign Judgment was Rendered by a Judicial or Quasi-Judicial Tribunal Which Had Jurisdiction Over the Parties and the Case in the Proper Judicial Proceedings 2. Policies Underlying Recognition and Enforcement D. Distinction Between Recognition and Enforcement B. Special Corporations 1. Patent or for Unfair Competition Case: Mentholatum Co. The State Where the Foreign Judgment was Obtained Allows Recognition or Enforcement of Philippine Judgments 5. (360. The Judgment Must be for a Fixed Sum of Money . The Judgment Must Be Valid Under the Laws of the Court that Rendered It 3. Domicile or Residence of Foreign Corporations 4. Religious Societies and the Corporation Sole 2. Agreements Fully Transacted Outside the Philippines Petition Filed is Merely a Corollary Defense in a Suit Against It 7. Transnational Corporations C.

The EEC Convention of 1968 3. SUMMING UP DISCUSSIONS ##### . Modern Developments in Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 1. Procedure for Enforcement XIX.6. Collusion. Uniform Foreign Money-Judgments Recognition Act H. The Hague Conference on Private International Law 2. The Judgment Must Not Have Been Obtained by Fraud. The Foreign Judgment Must Not be Contrary to the Public Policy or Good Morals of the Country Where it is to be Enforced 7. Mistake of Fact or Mistake of Law E. Grounds for Non-Recognition F.