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Enhancement Material Guides(Comet dust, Sun Spark and Comet tail)
Date: Jun 02 2012 13:33:06 Views: 5,291 Comment: 3
This article was shared by khuletstalaga. Since these materials are extremely hot in this game.Let me give you some review about these stuff..When I was at lvl 24 i don't have any idea on what comet dust will do on my character. After i reach lvl 32 that is the time i finally knew the benefits of that shiny blue thing, Comet dust is used to purchased the vortex at spiral code at blacksmith..

THE SPIRAL CODE (rare)…/enhancement_material_guidescomet_dust_sun_spark_and_comet_tail.shtml


com/news/…/enhancement_material_guidescomet_dust_sun_spark_and_comet_tail.shtml 2/9 .mmosite. need 128 comet dust to purchase this pouch A rare rarity code pouch that contains +11 to +14 spiral code. need 320 sun spark to purchase this pouch THE VORTEX CODE(Rare) rare pouch that contains +7 to +10 vortex code.A rare rarity code pouch that contains +7 to +10 spiral code. need 296 comet dust to purchase this pouch dn.

need 420 sun spark to purchase this pouch THE SPIRAL AND VORTEX EPIC RARITY Here are the complete epic pouches for Spiral and Vortex codes COMET TAIL dn.A rare rarity code pouch that contains +11 to +14 vortex code.shtml 3/9 .com/news/…/enhancement_material_guidescomet_dust_sun_spark_and_comet_tail.mmosite.

Can only be Obtain at +13 Rare Main Weapon and +12 Epic main Weapon.5k to 6k gold What are spiral and vortex codes? SPIRAL CODES To be able to use this code you must have the right ups on your items. 0 Tw eet 0 Like 1 Recommend Features RECOMMEND WARRIOR ARCHER CLERIC SORCERESS Dragon Nest Fast Leveling Up Guide PvP Ghoul Mode Guidance Dragon Nest NA Open Beta Tips Latest Skill Simulator Fashion Show Instance Player Comments (Totally 3 Comments) >> Leave a Comment Latest First to Last dn..mmosite. VORTEX CODES Unlike the spiral one. Ex.What is come tail? a Bright blue thing use to purchase 10000 comet dust.. +10 spiral code (gloves)..shtml 4/9 .But chances are not exactly 1oo% So far The selling Price of comet tail at Holywood Server is around 5. No ups required and 100% sure enhancement.Your must be on +9 ti be able to use this…/enhancement_material_guidescomet_dust_sun_spark_and_comet_tail.Vortex code is an instant enhancement for your items.

mmosite.Anonymous is it any +12 EPIC equipment ??? 24? 32? 40?? any ?? said on 2012-06-15 06:05:35 #3 0 0 Reply Report Anonymous wer can we get comet tail then ??? said on 2012-06-15 06:01:02 #2 0 0 Reply Report Anonymous B>+8 Manticore Staff (Intellect) Pm Me said on 2012-06-11 09:55:31 #1 0 0 Reply Report Comment NickName : Anonymous Remember me Sign In or Sign Up to keep your comments recorded Smiles Submit Total 3 comments [ More Comments ] Top…/enhancement_material_guidescomet_dust_sun_spark_and_comet_tail.shtml 5/9 .

.E3 2012 ..NEW SKILLS UPDATE IN SEPTEMBER?!?. Posted 08-28-2012 by WierzbaPepe 12 Comments Buy Totem Set with Ladder Points Posted 08-28-2012 by gbc23 5 Comments barbarian or destroyer T4 build Posted 08-27-2012 by DustySkull 8 Comments more Facebook Fans dn.shtml 6/9 .com/news/…/enhancement_material_guidescomet_dust_sun_spark_and_comet_tail.mmosite.The Big MMO Game List MMOsite Bug/Suggestion Gathering Event MMOsite Reader for Android(Beta) now Available Hot Tags Client & Patch + Game Info + Tool + GUIDE + Forum + Blog + MMOsiter Soapbox The Big Five-O Cash Shop Updates! (SEA) Posted 08-28-2012 by khuletstalaga 1 Comments Dragon Nest KR .

Kali low level dungeon 08-10 Dragon Nest fan-made MV 08-08 more Related News DN KR 23th Aug Update: Darklair 3 & Kali Skill Changes [08-23] Dragon Nest CN Jump 2.Kali low level footage 08-10 Dragon Nest .Like 6.mmosite.Kali low level footage 08-13 Dragon Nest . E rickson E ddy Jonathan C hristian G en E lla S hem Boy P each Jester DN Danise Related Videos Related Videos Dragon Nest .040 people like Dragon Nest.shtml 7/9 .com/news/…/enhancement_material_guidescomet_dust_sun_spark_and_comet_tail.0 Events Dragon Nest KR Adept Build/Guide by Rough Dragon Nest ShootingStar Guide by GunnerBaby cDN T4 PvE/PvP Smasher Skill Build by Azure [08-23] [08-21] [08-21] [08-20] more Photo Box Dragon Nest Screenshot 290 Dragon Nest Screenshot 289 Dragon Nest Screenshot 288 Dragon Nest Screenshot 287 more SEA NA KR JP CN Dragon Nest dn.

Scrore:7. Connect With Us E-mail: MSN:…/enhancement_material_guidescomet_dust_sun_spark_and_comet_tail. All Game Overview Story Game Trailer Classes Features System Requirements Control Guides Tools Box T3 Version Skill Simulator Instance Simulator Maps EXP Calculater Overview Story Game Trailer Classes Features System Requirements Control Guides Instance Guide Shadow Forest & Frost Hill Wind Forest Blizzard Plain Cristal Stream Gray Ruin Lower Ridge Hermalte Port Skirt of Black Mountain dn..mmosite.3 Vote:795 Genre:MMORPG Status:Open Beta Dev:Eyedentity Games Pud:Shanda Entertainment Fee:free to play CB Date:07-13-2011 OB Date:08-16-2011 Release: Official siteGamezoneGalleryVideo Hot Game Features...shtml 8/9 .

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