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SCOMAF Updates



Message from the 2 literature coordinator Know your leaders Dr. A. Maluwa elected as the NEC Chairperson Form one students at Ndirande Hill Secondary School gets intoxicated with the Lord. Just bow down and it will all be done Testimonies SCOM/SCOMAF Awareness

ollowing the Annual General meeting which was held at Beit Cure International in Blantyre on Saturday, 11 August, 2012, Blantyre SCOMAF has a new Committee. From the elections, Herbert Mwalukomo succeeds Henry Silika who has been the chairperson for Blantyre SCOMAF for two consecutive terms. Abigail Madise is the current Vice Chairperson replacing Herbert Mwalukomo and our new Secretary is Patricia Msuku who is has replaced Abigail Madise. Chikondi Thuwala maintains the Herbert Mwalukomo: The new Chairperson position of the Vice Secretary while the Treasury is now at the the Literature Coordinator. helm of Louis Mlangiza Banda As for the prayer engine, Gibson Suwho has succeeded Bernard Phanlani moved from being the acting gaphanga. Prayer Coordinator and is now the The new Fundraising Coordinator Prayer Coordinator. is Francis Chiwalo, Milca Waya Tufwane Mwagomba is the new Trainnow occupies the position of the ing of schools coordinator a position Ladies Representative and Stern which was previously held by EmChepuka maintains the position of

manuel Mikoko while Ken Chisanga who was the acting Training of Associates Coordinator is now a full Training of Associates Coordinator. In his acceptance speech, Herbert Mwalukomo thanked God for making him to be a leader of a ministry which is at His (God) heart. He also thanked all associates for entrusting the people in the current committee with the positions. He then appealed for availability and commitment of the Associates in all the programs and activities the zone will be organizing.. Hastings Banda, the Chairperson of the Electoral Committee said, “the newly elected committee cannot do anything if the associates don't support them.” He therefore appealed for Associate’s support.

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Testimonies Who is who at SCOM 8 9 –one on one with Herbert Mwalukomo 2012-2013 allocation School 10

How readest thou? Quotable quotes

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Blantyre SCOMAF meetings are held every Thursday starting from 5:30pm to 6:45pm and intercessions every Saturday starting from 6:45am to 7:45am, all at Worship Centre, opposite Ziboliboli in Blantyre

reparations for the 2012 Associate’ Conference (ASCO) which is scheduled to take place starting from Friday 12th to Sunday 15th October, 2012 at Chongoni in Dedza has reached an advanced stage. All is set and the conference is on. We expect it to be a powerful and a life changing as God will be transforming lives through the power of His word.

Election of new office bearers for the National Associates’ Committee also constitute the activities that will take place at this year’s ASCO. To attend the conference, each Associate is required to pay a delegate fee of K3,000 and make their own transport arrangements. As a zone, B.T SCOMAF is required to make a contribution of K150, 000. B.T SCOMAF is making transport arrangements to ferry Associates from Blantyre at a fee and is therefore requesting all associates and all other people who are interested in attending this year’s ASCO to register their names with Sister Ummah

Mwanyongo by calling on 0888 379 019 or Kachere Khumalo on 0991 821.You can also send an email to Registration can also be done by coming to our office at Trade fair ground or at the Thursday or Saturday SCOMAF meetings. ASCO brings together Associates from SCOMAF Zones all over Malawi. All Blantyre SCOMAF Associates are encouraged to attend. We have a few days before the date. Start preparing now. If God will be there, why not you?

The theme for tne 2012 ASCO is derived from Galatians 1:6-7. Topics to be covered includes Hot potatoes in the church, Purpose driven passion, and effective student ministry.

Secondary schools were opened on 3rd September,2012, Plan to visit your school (s).




We praise the Lord for the New Year. It’s indeed a new year for schools as well as for the Bt SCOMAF leadership. With the New Year we believe there should be a newness of passion for the ministry as well. We know that • some members of the new executive committee were also in the previous committee which had stayed for three years instead of • the normal two. Our hope is that your being chosen to lead in the various portfolios was a result of God himself being confident in you that you can lead His holy business to • greater heights. God feels and knows that you are not yet finished so do not entertain the thoughts of being tired or feeling exhausted in serving the Lord. By the way, every born again Christian is a leader. More especially SCOMAF members, we are leaders of the noble gospel movement in secondary schools and colleges. We need to be conscious of this fact and make delib• erate plans for our ministry in the schools and colleges. God has given us different abilities of various magnitudes. Let’s do our best to serve Him. We do not have to be all evangelists, teachers or prayer warriors to • impact a soul to the glory of our God. Sometimes all what is needed is simply a walk to the school, call a student or students and chat. Your constructive advice/counsel is probably what a student needs to come to the Lord or become a better vessel of the Lord. To us, what happened at Ndirande Hill Secondary School shows that our SCOM members need more of our sound counsel now than ever.

REMINDERS SCOMAF meetings are held every Thursday starting from 5:30pm to 6:45pm and intercessions every Saturday starting from 6:45am to 7:45am at Worship Centre, opposite Ziboliboli in Blantyre. Secondary schools opened on 3 September, 2012, plan to visit your school. If you happen to have no school allocated to you, please notify the Training of Schools Coordinator for the allocation. Are you a registered Associate? Remember to pay your K1,000 annual registration fee now. Until when shall you be operating as an illegal Associate? SCOM handbooks are available for sale at K200 per copy.

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OFF FROM BLANTYRE Fraser Mzungu moved to Nsanje, He secured a new job. Macnell and Dalitso Shire moved to Nsanje. Ellen Chakanga moved to Lilongwe. She secured a job. Ivy Chavinda moved to Ntcheu. She secured a job. Martin Kalima will be moving to Lilongwe.

BACK TO BLANTYRE Gilbert Chimalizeni back from Lilongwe. CHANGE OF JOB Louis Mlangiza-Banda has changed a job. He is now working with ESCOM

UPCOMING EVENTS Associates’ Conference (ASCO) will be held from 12th to 15th October, 2012 at Chongoni in Dedza. SCOM House Project fundraising dinner will be held on 28th September, 2012 at Malawi Sun Hotel. The delegate fee is K5,000 for singles and K9000 for couples. Please attend or support. You are also encouraged to invite your friends and relatives. BACK FROM FURTHER STUDIES Booker Waya is now back • from the University of Leeds, U.K where he was • doing a Masters Degree in

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WEDDINGS Magie Kunje will be getting married to Pastor Brighton Kalombo on Saturday 29th September, 2012. Officiation will take be at Bible Faith Church in Chiwembe and later on to a reception at Ntonya schools grounds. Lets go and support them as SCOMAF always does.. Charles Dzimbiri wedded Annie Majamanda on 11 August, 2011. Gideon Chikatipwa wedded Arphrida Chirwa on 28 July, 2012.

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A chain prayer and fasting was held from 25 to 29 June 2012 followed by a night of prayer on the 29th June. Ladies climbed Soche mountain for prayers on Saturday 21 July 2012. Blantyre SCOMAF Annual General meeting was held on Saturday 11th August, 2012 at Beit Cure International. A new committee was elected. bv30 Associates were in attendance.

BABY ASSOCIATES Baby girl to the Mweta’s. Baby girl to Olive and Frank Chozenga. Conglatulations !!!

GIS for Catchment Dynamics and Management . Welcome back


A new SCOMAF Sub zone has been established at PIM in Chiradzulu. It is operating under Blantyre SCOMAF hence needs our moral support. Associates who are allocated to PIM schools should continue to visit the schools as one way of training the members of the subzone.

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Do you know that there are many schools we have not yet visited? If you don't have a school allocated to you, please contact Tufwane on 0888 896310.




Abigail Madise (Vice Chairperson)

Patricia Msuku (Secretary)

Herbert Mwalukomo (Chairperson)

Louis Mlangiza Banda (Treasurer) Francis Chiwalo (Fundraising Coordinator

Chikondi Thuwala (Vice Secretary)

Milca Waya (Ladies Coordinator) Gibson Sulani (Prayer Coordinator)

Stern Chepuka (Literature Coordinator)

Ken Chisanga (Training of Associates’ Coordinator)

Tufwane Mwagomba (Training of Students’ Coordinator)

The Literature Department and Blantyre SCOMAF as a whole wishes you all the best as you execute your duties. We believe God has entrusted you to take the ministry to another higher level.



t the National General Council Meeting which was held on Saturday 8th September, 2012 in Lilongwe, delegates elected a new SCOM National Executive Committee (NEC) .

COM has started a project of con- The fence needs about 48 panels to be structing a brick walled fence at the completed and a panel is estimated to SCOM national office in Lilongwe. cost MK30,000 to erect. As of now, a number of people have already commitDr. Alfred Maluwa was elected on the position of According to Patrick Kaudzu, the ted to build some panels and the SCOM Chairperson while Mr. Moses Mlenga is the Vice SCOM General Secretary, electing the Office extends the invitation to all associChairperson. Mr. John Kuyeli assumes the position brick fence around the premises is one ates and all other well wishers to prayerof Treasurer and Mr. Benard Phangaphanga from of the strategies that has been put in fully consider building a panel or so. Blantyre SCOMAF is the Vice Treasurer. place by the office with an aim of strengthen security. This come after the It is also possible for a zone to build a As for the committee members, from Blantyre secretariat offices has been broken into panel and a few people to join hands and SCOMAF we have Dr. Thandie Mwalukomo and by robbers five times within this year. build a panel according to their financial Mrs. Grace. Khumalo. The NAC representative is abilities?” Patrick Kaudzu said, “if we He also said the project, “will cost a can adopt this concept, I believe we can Mr. Felix Lombe. The meeting also appointed Mr construct this fence [like the Jerusalem Prince Tembo [Chairperson for SCOM North] as a significant amount of money [Around MK2,000,000]. By the grace of the Lord Wall] within a short time! Its possible.” Trustee to replace Mr Sam Thunde who resigned some brethren have already provided while Moffat Ngalande has retired from the NEC. some initial funds for the project and All those who are willing to join this we are at the moment mobilizing build- team of builders should contact the FiSCOM RESOURCE CENTRE IS ing materials, mostly bricks, to start the nance and Administration Officer on work [using what we have so far] trust- +265999538940 or +265111208008, email: OPEN FOR USE BY ALL and give ing that as we go more funds will be identified to complete the work.” their details and commitments. t SCOM and at SCOMAF, we greatly encourage each other to be reading spiritual books which could help in deepening our spiritual lives.





However, the cost of such books in our bookshops in town are on a higher side such that most students cannot afford to purchase. Even some Associates find it hard to buy a book of their own. Most libraries are not heavily stocked with spiritual books and to find someone who can be borrowing you spiritual books is another challenge to most of us. This leaves many with a desire to read but with nothing to read.



lantyre SCOMAF has organized a fundraising dinner which will be held on Friday 28th September, 2012 at Malawi Sun Hotel.

Singles and K9,000 for couples. The dinner is open to all people including all those who are not members of Blantyre SCOMAF. B.T SOMAF is constructing a house which will be rented out when complete as a means of raising funds for running the ministry. Construction of the ring beam is about to begin and roofing will begin as soon as funds will sourced.

Have you found yourself in such a situation? Don’t worry, SCOM has a good news for you. At The delegate fee is K5,000 for SCOM we have a resource center where not only students but also Associates can access helpful books and all kinds of spiritual literature.

The dinner is aimed at raising funds towards the roofing of the SCOM house which is under construction at Ginnery Corner.

The SCOM resource center is located at SCOM office in Trade Fair Grounds, stand number 40B, opposite NABW. It is open from Monday until Friday and can be accessed by SCOM or SCOMAF he 2012 SCOM Universities and members and it is open even to those who are not Colleges Section (UCS) national conference will take place starting members of SCOM. from 26th to 28th October 2012 at To become a member of the Resource Center, stu- The Natural Resources College (NRC) dents are required to pay a registration fee of K50 in Lilongwe. while Associated are required to pay a registration The conference will be held under the fee of K500. theme, “Right Side Up” and will focus on equipping students in seeing Why struggle looking for books elsewhere while things (spiritual, physical, emotional, you have a lot of them waiting for you at SCOM intellectual, and social) from God’s Resource Centre? The bible says, “study to show perspective. thyself approved unto God, a workmanship that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Various topics like transformed life, word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15) human rights and climate Change will be addressed among others.

The conference is expected to bring together over 500 students from various tertiary education institutions across the country. It is a conference which will bring the much needed change of mind in the lives of students; and it will move them from being good to being great.. UCS is a section within SCOM working in over 50 Universities and Colleges campuses. It is mandated to Evangelize, Establish and Equip students to be responsible members of the society.


Do you spare some time to pray for students? We thank God for that. Jesus used to spend the whole night in prayer but he didn't stop there, after praying, He was going out to preach to the unsaved. When did you last visited the students you spend time praying for?



By Stern Anold Chepuka
they were, busy ‘ministering’ to one another.


t was on 5th July 2012 when about 60 form one students (both boys Of course most of the students and girls) agreed to spend some time were already very exhausted by praying at Ndirande Mountain after around 8pm, the time they were knocking off from classes. found. One wonders what would While at the mountain, the prayer have happened had they spent session became so wonderful that the whole night at the mountain they resolved to spend the whole without any attire to give them night there despite the fact that they warmth during the cold night. did not obtain permission to do so from their parents and school au- Any way, they were ordered to thorities. stop the prayers and were led By 7pm a mob of parents/guardians back to the school premises. engulfed the head teacher and the Mind you, Ndirande Hill is a day SCOM patron’s house seeking infor- secondary school. After some mation as to where their children talk, transport was organized to were after someone tipped them that take the students to their respecsome students were involving them- tive homes, of course under esselves too much with payers at the cort school. A flood of phone calls was also coming at the same time. Well, this story clearly demonAfter some investigations, it was es- strates that SCOMAF has a huge task of ensuring that the young tablished that some students had believers should not only grow indeed disappeared into the bush for spiritually, but also mentally as prayers but not as SCOM. The teach- well as morally. ers accompanied by the angry par!!!!!!!!! Feed the flock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ents decided to follow the students up to the mountain and indeed there


Buy your copy at as low as K1,500
To press your order, call us on 0888 379 019 or visit SCOM offices at trade fair grounds, stand number 40B, opposite NABW
After encouraging the disciples to pray, Jesus went on to mobilize them to go out on a mission field. Until then, Jesus had been doing much of the work of the ministry while disciples were watching. However, the magnitude of the mission required more than receiving from Jesus. It was time to participate. Jesus mobilized the same people that he had asked to pray for labourers to go out on a mission field (Matthew 10; Luke 10). This is true today as much as it was then. It should also be noted that seeing with our physical eyes does not guarantee perception of the spiritual reality of the target audience. When Paul tried to join the disciples in Jerusalem after his conversion, they were all afraid of him not believing that he really was a disciple (Acts 9:26). When Peter went to the house of Cornelius, it was a big surprise to him that God could be interested in Gentiles (Acts 10:28). It took God to prepare him for such a surprise through a vision. On the contrary, when Jesus saw Matthew, he did not see a crooked tax collector. Instead, he saw a disciple. When he saw Zacchaeus, he saw a repentant heart in need of a savior. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36). As we interact with students, may the good Lord help us to see what Jesus saw when he looked at the crowds.

he saw it: ‘When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they ne of the familiar messages in were harassed and hopeless, like sheep SCOMAF is the cry by our Lord without a shepherd.’ Jesus Christ that workers are few. We often reflect on this message in Jesus was able to see the need of his the context of the need to mobilize more immediate audience because he went Associates to increase our ability to out to where people were. It was against this background that Jesus said ‘the reach out students. harvest is plentiful but the workers are The context of this expression as re- few’ (Matthew 9:37). Such was the imcorded in the book of Matthew (Chapter pact of what Jesus saw. 9) is that Jesus had been out and about reaching out to people. In this chapter, The enormity of the task and the need we see Jesus healing the sick and rais- for God’s intervention was so apparent ing the dead; calling disciples; and at the sight of a hopeless society. Liketeaching the word of God. wise, we can only see the need that is out there by going out to where people By the time we get to verse 35, the bible are. In the SCOMAF context, this means does not give detailed accounts of spe- going out to where students are. cific ministry events any more. We are simply told that ‘Jesus went through all Facing the reality of the ministry field the towns and villages, teaching in their draws us to God in prayer because we synagogues, proclaiming the good news realize that we cannot manage by our of the kingdom and healing every dis- own ability. That is why Jesus said we ease and illness.’ One gets the sense should ‘ask the Lord of the harthat Jesus wanted to make a difference vest…’ (Matthew 9:38). In other words, in the life of everyone he came into con- we should not rely on our ability. tact with. Through prayer, we admit that our experience counts for nothing but God is Jesus gave himself so much to service all that we need to be effective in our because he was aware of the need and outreach. By Herbert Mwalukomo



6 There are many ways of bowing in exchange of these glories of the world. Corruption is a form of bowing in order to gain the splendors of the world; giving sexual favors is yet another as we seek to gain these glories and abuse of power and authority to get what we crave is another. What we don’t know however is that by bowing just a little, like Esau, we are selling our inheritance rights in the kingdom of our Father! That is the price we have to pay; to enjoy the glories of this world for a short time and forfeit the eternal glories in heaven. So we go on and acquire property by short cuts, amass wealth corruptly and even ascend to positions of influence by hook or crook. We sacrifice the eternal on the altar on the temporary! We should know that when God has an investment on us, the devil will not sit idle and clap hands for us! He will do everything to oppose God by fighting us. If the investment is in a form of ministry calling, he will attack both the individual and the ministry. He will fight the servant knowing that the fall of the servant will affect the ministry as well. That is why we need to be on the lookout at all times. The fall of a leader [Associate, staff, etc] in SCOM is not just an individual fall; it will affect the entire ministry! Learn from the Master Himself Jesus Christ provides a model on how to resist temptation. He was God yet he depended on prayer, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Written Word of God. He was led into the desert by the Holy Spirit to pray [4:1-2]. The Holy Spirit does not lead us where we will fail or fall. He leads us where he knows we will succeed. When the devil finally attacked him, Jesus was quick to quote the scriptures instead of just resisting or binding the devil. Jesus used the written truth to fight the devil [verses 4, 8 and 12]. Knowledge, right interpretation and application of the Word backed with prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit is what we need to remain vigilant against the constant onslaughts of the determined and deceptive enemy, the devil. His desire is to discredit by causing us to depart from the will of God. He persists in coaxing us to bow to him and when we do, he accuses us before the Father. We should beware of him at all times! We have a Master who has overcome and we can depend on His help at all times!

to tempt us all the time! He majors in fighting people of all walks of life. None of us is The devil led him up on a high place and immune to his tricks. We are all vulnerable showed him in an instant all the kingdoms and need to be on the look out! We should of the world. And he said to him, “I will not hide under false forms of spirituality. He give you all their authority and splendor; it does not respect anyone. has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. If you worship me, it will He is Like a Chameleon! all be yours” Luke 4:5-7, NIV The devil is a master of deception. He presents himself in many forms. When we were The Scripture quoted above reveals how students at Bunda, we used to sing a song determined the devil has always been in that referred to the devil as a chameleon that his business. He uses every weapon and comes to us the way we are; the stronger you trick in his possession to tempt people, to are; the stronger he comes, the weaker you coax us into doing what we are not sup- are, the weaker he would come. He comes in posed to do. He has been doing that since unsuspecting ways and takes you the way creation of the world. His main agenda is you are to where he wants you to be. to cause the human species rebel against God by breaking His will. He knows your desires and struggles and uses your very environment to tempt you. When he met our forefathers, Adam and Your workplace, school, community would be Eve, the trick was to present the fruit as the right environment for him to tempt you. an attractive and desirable thing to have, He does not need to take you out of that in to taste and own [Genesis 3:6-7]. He also order to tempt you. No. He will use what is discredited God as being dishonest by not already around you to tempt you. It could be telling Adam and Eve the truth. It worked money, sex, power, authority, material reas our parents fell for the trick! We are all sources, etc. He comes with some ideas that victims of the consequences of that fall. seem brilliant to take you where he wants you to be! A Determined Enemy The devil is a determined enemy that does All This Could be Yours if you…. not give up. He uses every opportunity to When the devil tempted Jesus, he used a tempt, trick and cause us to act contrary number of tricks to make the Lord do what to God’s will. He hates human species he was not meant to do. He used the power with a hatred that cannot be described in and authority Jesus had as a tool to tempt human terms! When he attacked Job, he him; “if you are the Son of God that you are, made it clear that he is serious in his with creative powers, you can turn the stones business of torturing human beings. into bread and your hunger will be taken ‘Skin for skin” Satan replied. “A man will care of [Luke 4:3]. give all he has for his own life” [Job 2:4, NIV]. He also told him that if Christ could jump from the highest point he had taken him, His hatred for mankind is so deep and angels would ensure that his foot does not intense that he is prepared to go all the hit against a stone [4:9-11]. Abuse of power, way to achieve his agenda. We should be authority, gifts, talents, skills, profession and fully aware of this at all times. Unfortu- resources in our care is one of the major nately, we tend to take him lightly most temptations most of us struggle with today. often. That is where the major challenge The devil wants us to be bad stewards of the arises from; on one hand we have a very resources entrusted to us! determined enemy who will go all the way to have what he wants and on the other But perhaps one of the subtle ways he uses we have a complacent mankind that does is to appear to our greed and lustful desires. not take the satanic threats seriously. He shows a glimpse of the glories of the The result is that the enemy has a field world. He knows that we crave these things day! We have become an easy prey. in many ways, that we pray earnestly for them and that we labor to amass these No Respecter of Persons things for our own use. He knows that we The devil is no respecter of persons. Every genuinely need these things and he comes to human being is a target for his warfare. us as a sympathizer wanting to assist us get We are enemies of the devil by virtue of what we have craved for a long time. Yet he our being created in the image and like- wants to do something for him as a condition ness of God. He fights anything and eve- to acquire these glories; he wants us to bow rything that relates to God with all the for him [4: 5-7]. powers he has! He wants us to worship him, just a little bow One may think that the devil would keep and all these things, glories, riches, privileges away from Jesus Christ and not fight will be ours to keep and enjoy! And since we him. But that was not the case. The devil yearn for these glories, the temptation to bow fought the ministry Jesus Christ in many can be so strong to resist We often reason ways right from birth to death. Now, if he with ourselves that a little bow won’t do us can even dare to tempt our Lord himself, any harm so we bow, selling our inheritance we should be conscious of his desires in the process! By Patrick Kaudzu

We are saved to save others. Make sure that as you leave the earth, you should be a man to be remembered on earth and be rewarded in heaven.


7 speaking. I called her, “Mother! Mother!” and to the peoples’ surprise, she responded by speaking. I led her into a prayer of repentance and she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of

When we said amen she slept. Little did I know that it wasn’t an ordinary sleep but rather it was the end of her life. I came to realize this when some of her I could not manage to go to her home. relatives told me that she was dead. By Shallon Macheka The following morning, I received a work with one of the organizations phone call and I was again told that the I thank God that she received Christ as dealing with development especially woman wants to meet me as soon as her Lord and personal savior and I bein the rural communities. As a born possible. lieve that right now she is with Jesus. again Christian, any time I go to the The devil tried to delay me so that I villages I make sure that I should share the word of God with the villag- I went to our office, took a motor bike should find her already dead. In the first and started off to her home which is at place she didn’t receive Christ. With the ers. a distance of 50 kilometers from our prayers I was offering for her and upon In a certain village, I came across a office. As I was going there, I had a her seeing the love of Christ in me, the woman who was suffering from celvic break down. I didn’t hesitate, I called woman was saved at her last minute. cancer and I was moved to be helping for a mechanic and the bike was fixed. her spiritually and supporting her Such was the case for her. She was materially. Whenever I go to work in her area, I used to go and preach the I proceeded with the journey. After cov- saved at her last minute like the man on word of God to her and at one point in ering a distance of 20 kilometers, an- the cross. This should make someone to time, I had to travel a long distance to other break down occurred. Then I consider his/her ways. It is much wiser realized that the breakdowns have gone her home to take her to the hospital. beyond the physical realm and that I to repent right now as we never know Time came when, her condition wors- am in a spiritual battle. I started pray- whether we will have a chance to repent ing and singing worship songs and at our last minute. Yesterday is history, ened. Following the love I showed her, surprisingly, the bike moved without she told her daughter to make a any other break down and I reached my today is an opportunity, and tomorrow is an adventure. You never know what will phone call to me and tell me that she destination. happen tomorrow. Until when shall you wants to meet me. By that time I had When I arrived, I was told by the resist God’s call for you to repent? a tight schedule at work such that



woman’s relatives that she had stopped

By Dalitso Shire
t was in 1996 when I attended my first SCOM conference. At that conference, I learned a lot of things such that my life was changed. I found the conference to be very encouraging such that I wish the days were extended but time came when we had to go back home. I left the place, blessed, encouraged and on fire for Jesus. When I arrived home, life was not the same. I found myself exposed to the day to day challenges a Malawian, Christian girl child faces. The challenges were coming from all angles of life. While at the conference, I happened to come across I came across Mr. B.B.C Nyirenda, my spiritual father who was staying in Lilongwe by then. The man was helpful to my life and he contributed a lot to what I am today. When I face a challenge, I used to make a phone call to him to seek guidance as to what could be a solution to what I was going through at that instance. I remember the words he used to tell me oftenly, “don’t worry my daughter, God’s time is the best.” This gave me the courage to face the challenges positively with my eyes fixed on Christ.

By Louis Mlangiza
first came to know SCOM on Sunday 20th November, 1994 when I first stepped into the corridors of Robert Blake Secondary School. Little did I know that I was starting a journey in a new ministry which will transform my life forever. Through the ministry of SCOM, I came to realize that there is an accountant in me. This was when I was elected to be the SCOM Treasurer. At that time, our SCOM branch was running a tuck shop and when I assumed my position, I did a profitability analysis and realized it was making high loses. This gave me food for thought as to what needed to be done to turn the situation around, a thing I did. Through the ministry, I have come to appreciate what the bible means when it says, “train a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he will not depart from it.” The training I received at SCOM forms my character and what I am today.


Mr. B.B.C. Nyirenda never gave up on me and remained helpful to me and in 2002, I was selected to pursue a nursing course. The impact Mr. Nyirenda made on my life motivated me to make up my mind to be actively involved in ministry to students a majority of which are facing challenges similar to the ones I faced. When I came to Blantyre, I did not know any detail on the venue and time SCOMAF meetings are held. I also had no person to contact. It was by God’s grace that I was listening to Transword Radio a certain day and Patrick Kaudzu, the SCOM General Secretary was talking more about SCOM. On the number he gave, I didn’t hesitate and I sent him a text asking him to connect me to the Blantyre SCOMAF. I thank God that my desire has been accomplished and am serving God under a ministry I am passionate of. God’s time is indeed the best for He is the Master Planner as well as the Master Builder. To Him be the glory now and forevermore, Amen.


The impact SCOM made to my life gave me a passion for students. Further encouragement came from the senior friends from Lilongwe SCOMAF who used to visit our secondary school SCOM branch. When I went to the Polytechnic, I joined BD-SCOM, a sub-branch of Poly SCOM responsible for coordinating SCOM Branches in Secondary Schools within the city of Blantyre. Ministry under BD-SCOM made me to have a desire of seeing more and more students coming to the knowledge of Christ through SCOM and strengthened my passion for school visitations. Through BD-SCOM, I came to realize there is SCOMAF as well. After graduating, I didn’t hesitate but to join SCOMAF which has also given me an opportunity to minister in line with my passion for students. Through SCOM, I have come to realize that students need more help than what we think. The harvest is really plentiful and it is my hope that the Lord will continue using the ministry to save and serve more and more students



SCOM-AF takes an active role in coordinating and promoting SCOM work in different parts of the country. It is however important to note that SCOM work in each region or section falls under the respective regional or Sectional committee. These are responsible for planning, supervising and monitoring SCOM work under their jurisdiction. In order for these committees to achieve this, they need the assistance of SCOM Associates. The associates may, among other things have the following activities:

1. Staff cannot do all the work alone
(helpers are needed)

• Coordinate and support fund-raising activities for SCOM related programmes. • Train key students in evangelism, follow-up and leadership skills.
Produce a magazine and a newsletter from time to time, for circulation among members and interested persons and organization featuring a wide range of items such as Bible expositions, testimonies, information about developments in SCOM, book reviews, personal news etc.

2. Much more can be accomplished 3.
with and through volunteers than lone staff workers. The use of volunteers, open doors for the use of other people's gifts, skills and talents for the furtherance of the work (Ephesians 4 vs. 11 - 12) It brings more help, support and encouragement along the way. It is for the overall profit of the ministry (Ephesians 4 vs. 16).

4. 5.

• •

Attend SCOM regional/sectional and school leavers’ conferences to assist in counseling and otherwise. It must be emphasized that no SCOMMake visits to the SCOM branches to ob- AF member or group is allowed to visit schools tain first hand experience of affairs of the unless and until after being properly trained. movement. Organize conferences or retreats.

AIMS OF SCOMAF AIMS OF SCOM 1. To call all students to personal faith in God the Father, the Son and the 1. To further the work of the SCOM through prayer, encouragement, counsel and financial support. Holy Spirit according to the scriptures, and to a life of union with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. 2. To help identify and provide part-time workers/senior friends/patrons to such 2. To deepen the spiritual life of students through prayer, study of the Holy branches as may stand in need of them. Scriptures as the word of God as the true record of God’s revelation of 3. To make the work of the SCOM as widely known as possible. Himself to man and worship. 3. To help Christian students to witness for Jesus Christ in and out of school or college, and by study and discussion, fulfill their Christian vocation by living as His true disciples. 4. To bring Christian students into Christian fellowship with each other in serving the needs of all students and of the wider world. 4. To promote Christian fellowship among members. 5. To encourage members to seek the highest standard of Christian and professional conduct, to commit their training and abilities to God’s service, and commend faith in Christ to colleagues at work.

5. To call Christian students to work for the unity, renewal and extension of 6. To foster constructive Christian thought and help in the production of the church in Malawi and throughout the world, and to encourage them to be evangelical literature. responsible members of their particular church denominations, in obedience 7. To compliment the work of SCOM staff-workers under the guidance and to the LORD Jesus Christ.

By Mussa Rashid
e call it the backbone of Christianity in Malawi and its indeed true. SCOM has made a great impact on the nation of Malawi to the extent that we cannot talk of the Church in Malawi being what it is today without talking about SCOM. If you happen to have an opportunity to ask most of the people in leading positions in a majority of the churches in Malawi, if at one point in time they went to a secondary school or a college and got born again while there, they will tell you that SCOM has contribute-


-d a lot to what they are to- -nessed and we are witnessing many students commitday. ting their lives to Jesus, beIf you also ask a majority of ing trained and consequently living a life worthy of a disciour Pastors, Apostles, Reverple of Jesus Christ. ends, Prophets, Bishops and other great men and women One thing that makes SCOM of God of today, most of them unique is that we minister to will honestly tell you that the students in all the three difoundation of their ministries mensions of life. We minister to the Spirit, body and soul. traces its roots in SCOM. They will surely tell you that Upon ministering to the soul SCOM helped in changing and the spirit by preaching their lives and shaping them the gospel of salvation and other teachings pertaining to into what they are today. spiritual life, SCOM mainBefore ascending back to streams its programs with heaven, Jesus commissioned teachings on career guidance and academic excellence us to go and preach the gosamong other things which pel to people of all nations most churches and minis(Matthew 28:18-19). With a tries neglect. network of branches in althrough such most all secondary schools However, and colleges in Malawi, teachings, many testify that through SCOM we have wit-

that SCOM played a critical role in shaping their future. It gives us joy that we have many people who used to be SCOM members holding influential positions in both the government and in the private sector. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt, God is on our side. The way the ministry is growing is a clear indication that it is not the working of man but rather it is God at work. God is delighted with SCOM. The work He began in SCOM, I believe he is faithful to finish it for every good work God starts, he makes sure he should bring it to completion.



Herbert Mwalukomo– The New B.T. SCOMAF Chairperson


lantyre SCOMAF is blessed with people who love the ministry dearly. These are the people whom when you consider their level of commitment to the work of the ministry, you are challenged to consider taking a serious step of upgrading your own level of commitment. It is impossible to talk of such people without talking about Herbert Mwalukomo. After spending a considerable amount of time in the U.K, a few days after his arrival in the country, he is now the new Blantyre SCOMAF Chairperson with effect from Saturday 11 august,2012. Joshua Mchenga (JM) interviewed Herbert Mwalukomo (H.M) to know more about his life and ministry. JM: First of all, would you please tell us more about your personal details? HM: My name is Herbert Mwalukomo. I come from Mwanjasi Village, Traditional Authority Kilupula , Karonga district. I was born in a family of 9 children, 3 boys and 6 girls and I JM: In what other positions in SCOM/ am the eighth born. SCOMAF have you ever served before? JM: Tell us more about your education? HM: At Secondary school, I was the SCOM Secretary. When I was at the Polytechnic, I was the Vice Chairperson of the BD-SCOM, a sub-branch of Poly SCOM responsible for coordinating in SCOM branches within Blantyre. I also served as a Vice Chairperson of the Polytechnic SCOM, Chairperson of Southern Region SCOM and also the Vice Chairperson of Blantyre SCOMAF.

JM: By the way, is Herbert Mwalukomo married? HM: I thank God that am happily married to my lovely wife Thandi and God has blessed us with a son, Enoch. JM: Imagine I have invited you to my home, what food would you like me to prepare for you? HM: I like roasted beef so much. JM: During your free time, what do you like doing? HM: I like site seeing during my free time. JM: What’s your favorite music? HM: I like worship music and more especially Ten thousand reasons by Matt Redman. JM: I know you have read books in your life but which book can you point out to be your favorite? HM: “People with Passion” by Collin Dye is one of my favorite books. JM: As the new Chairperson, what vision do you have for Blantyre SCOMAF?

HM: From 1982 to 1991, I did my primary school education in various schools. In 1992, I went to Chilumba Secondary School where I did my form 1 to 4. It was at this school where I obtained my MSCE. After finishing my secondary education, I went to the University of Malawi, Polytechnic where I did a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science and Technology. I didn't stop there, I JM: What impact has SCOM made on your also went to the University of Witwatersrand life? in Johannesburg, South Africa where I did a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies. HM: SCOM has nurtured me spiritually to the point where I am today and JM: What do you do to earn a living? continues to do so.

HM: : I look forward to see Associates increasing in their knowledge of God HM: I work with the Centre for Environmental JM: During your time of ministry in and serving God - not out of legalism, Policy and Advocacy (CEPA). I started working SCOM/SCOMAF, what things can but out of their love for God and a there in April this year (2012). you point out to be your achieve- burning passion to see students' lives transformed. ments? JM: Where else have you worked before? HM: Previously, I have worked with Concern Universal, Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi and Nkhomano Centre for Development. I also worked at SCOM under the STEM programme. HM: I am one of the people who pioneered the Short Term Experience in Ministry (STEM) Programme. Through SCOM, I also have had a privilege of sharing the gospel with students and encourage them to remain in the Lord. JM: How would you want people to remember you in SCOM/SCOMAF? HM: I want people to remember me as someone who had shortfalls but recognized that God uses people when they avail themselves because of who they are in Christ. JM: Any last words? HM: I thank God that I can be part of the leadership team of Blantyre SCOMAF. It is my prayer that God will help us all to grow in our knowledge of Him so that our services can be driven by the character of God in us. We are all work in progress but we still have something to give to each other and do to the students out there.

JM: When and where did you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savJM: How do you look at the future ior? of SCOM? HM: I got born again in 1988 in Karonga. HM: SCOM is as relevant today as it JM: Was it in that same year when you was when it was established. SCOM joined SCOM? will continue to play an important role in the body of Christ in the years to HM: I became a member of SCOM in 1992 come until our Lord Jesus Christ JM: When did you become a member of SCOMAF? comes to take His church. HM: I joined SCOMAF in 2001.

Are you a registered Associate? Pay your registration fee now.



responsible for meeting her school fees and other basic necessities. Their relat SCOM, we encourage young tionship started way back when she people to concentrate on their was at primary school. education and refrain from sexual relationships as these retard The girl is the first born in their family. progress of their studies. Those that Their parents abandoned them at their are already in such relationships are village in their young ages. As an elder, she had the responsibility to fetch food encouraged to terminate them and other necessities for her siblings as During this year’s SCOM Annual Con- they could not get any help from their fe re nce w h i c h took p la ce a t parents or close relatives. During Chiradzulu Secondary School from school holidays, she would go to look 23rd to 26th March, I had a privilege of for work in town to get some money to buy food, but the money could not pay counseling some young girls. her school fees and that is why she was Among them was a Form 3 girl, born still maintaining the relationship with again and eager to serve the Lord, who the man despite her faith in Jesus.

By Francis Omega Chiwalo


for her needs. I also advised her that maintaining the relationship would exert a lot of pressure and burden on her mind and that she would easily give up for an early marriage or contract Sexually Transmitted Infections which would shatter all her dreams for a better future.

In today’s economic environment, she is not alone in that situation. These circumstances put a lot of load and pressure on young people and they fail to make meaningful progress on their education. This is a wakeup call to all of us the servants of the Lord. As SCOM, we need to explore means on how best we can assist such students who after accepting the right way of the confessed that she was engaged in a I encouraged her to go ahead to termi- cross, they face a lot of challenges that sexual relationship with a certain hinder their spiritual growth. nate the relationship and look to God working gentleman. The man was

NAME OF ASSOCIATES Agness Mphaka, Mr. & Mrs. Msukwa, Mr. & Mrs. Shire Mr. & Mrs. Madise,Mr & Mrs. Kanyuka, & Brenda Mlambala, Mr & Mrs Chiwalo Mr & Mrs Silika, Mr & Mrs Mwagomba, Mr & Pastor Joyce Phiri & Darlington Bandawe Mr & Mrs Mwalukomo,Amon Kaliza, Nyaganzi Malunga, Mr & Mrs Thunde, Mr & Mrs. Satali Mr & Mrs Chepuka,, Patricia Msuku & Emmanuel Mikoko, Ivy Chavinda Mr & Mrs Khumalo, Mr & Mrs Kaundama, Fatsani Sumaili, Mr. J & T. Mrs. Mlagha, Ellen Chakanga,Davie Banda B Phangaphanga,Mr & Mrs kachipanda, Umma Mwanyongo, Mussa Rashid, Mr & Mrs Mlelemba Mr & Mrs Chisanga,Mr & Mrs Thuwala , Cedreck Machira, Charless Dzimbiri Mr & Mrs Mlangiza, Mr & Mrs Kumitawa Mr S & T Kuyeli Victor Bwanali, Shupikire Nangoma Mr & Mrs Malunga, Francis Ngabu, kumbukani Meke & Kaminjolo, Mr. & Mrs. Phokoso, Michael Kamala Mr & Mrs Mlagha, Mr & Mrs Jeremiah, Mr & Mrs. Ngalande & Jacquilene Pangani, David kachepa Mr & Mrs Waya, Mr & Mrs Chitekwe, Hilton Khwalala, Precious Mkhwangwanya, Pastor Kondwani Banda, Mr. & Mrs. Chiwalo Mr. Mrs. Napala. Mr Hastings Banda, Mr & Mrs Chakudza, Memory & Ellen Kalimwayi, Mr. & Mrs. Kudeko, Joshua Mchenga Mr Luhanga Pastor Mapunda Ngwira Mr & Mrs Mambulasa Maggie Kunje, Mr & Mrs Sulani, Levi Chirombo Petros Phiri, Thoko Chimbali, Mr. & Mrs. Malajira NAME OF SCHOOLS ALLOCATED Njuli CDSS, Benin Girls, Lisao Pvt. St. Augustine & Mpumbe CDSS Nyungwe Girls, Namaka CDSS, Malimba Sec. Chipere CDSS, Namadzi CDSS.Nyadirani Pvt. St Patricks Sec. Chiradzulu Sec. Chiradzulu CDSS, Nankhundi CDSS Khwalala CDSS & Makuwa CDSS

Mr. S & Mrs. T Kuyeli, Mr. & Mrs. Thuwala & Mr. & Mrs. Warmsman Mr. & Pastor Joyce Phiri, Mr. & Mrs. Chakudza, Mr. & Mrs. Mambulasa Mr. & Mrs. Silika, Pastor Mapunda Ngwira Mr. & Mrs. Chisanga, Mr. & Mrs. Kaundama Mr. & Mrs. Malunga, Mr. & Mrs. Madise & Mr. & Mrs. Msukwa Mr. & Mrs. Kachipanda, Mr. & Mrs. Satali, Pastor Chirwa & Mrs. Chirwa Mr. & Mrs Mwalukomo, Dr Moses Chinyama, Mr. & Mrs. Khumalo Emmanuel Mikoko, Mr & Mrs. Kudeko & Mercy Kandozo Benard Phanganga & Nedson Magona Mr. & Mrs. Thunde, Mr. & Mrs. Chepuka Mr. & Mrs Mlangiza, Mr. A. & Mrs. M Mulagha Mr & Mrs Kanyuka, Mr & Mrs Malajira Mr Galatiya, Patricia Msuku, Mr & Mrs. Mwagomba Polytechnic

Malawi College of Accountancy Catholic University Malawi Institute Of Tourism Skyway Business College Soche Technical College College Of Medicine

PIM CDSS, Chilembwe Sec. Masalani CDSS namalamba CDSS Nguludi Sec. St Theresa CDSS Malowa Pvt. Nsoni CDSS Mapesi CDSS & Goliati CDSS Muhasuwa CDSS, Namadidi CDSS, Litchenza CDSS, Namulenga CDSS Bvumbwe CDSS, Bvumbwe Pvt, Berlin Pvt,Mountain View CDSS & Ligowe Pvt Thunga CDSS Christian Victory Pvt School Mpemba CDSS, Mpempa Pvt, Madziabango CDSS

Bt. Teachers College

Bt Institute of Management Chilangoma DAPP TTC A Malika DAPP TTC Mikolongwe DAPP Vocational School Evangelical Bible College (Goliati)

Army, Ngumbe Pvt, Sunny side my Sec. Ngumbe CDSS Schools, Emmanuel Pvt, Kalibu Academy Lunzu Sec. Mtenjera CDSS,Matindi CDSS, Matindi Academy,Kaphuka Pvt, Amazing Grace Pvt. Mlomba CDSS, Lirangwe CDSS, Mdeka CDSS, Christian Liebec Namwanje CDSS Mudi CDSS Chigumukire CDSS, Chilangoma CDSS St George Pvt,Khombwe CDSS, Maliya CDSS

If you have no school allocated to you or you feel you will not be able to visit your schools, please contact the Training of Students Coordinator, Tufwane Mwagomba on 0888 896 310. You can also send an email to



By Emmanuel Mikoko
t started in the year 1999 when I was in form one and continues up to date. Visits by associates like Dr. Dixie Maluwa Banda, Mr Kholowa, Psalm Chinyama, Mr. and Mrs. Mmadi, Tima Soko, Felista Balakasi (now Mrs. Dzekedzeke) and many other associates from Zomba SCOMAF inspired my life a lot. One thing which used to amaze me is the humility of these associates. These people were humble to the point that they could eat sugarcanes together with the students while sitting under a tree, a thing which is not common with most associates nowadays. When I was in form two, I was elected to be the chairperson of our SCOM Branch. A certain day, when I was escorting Dr. Dixie Maluwa to a bus stage, I asked him on how a person can become a SCOM Associate. On that day, I made a decision to join SCOMAF as soon as I finish my secondary school education. Through a series of visitations by the Associates, I was mentored in all areas of my life; spiritual, academic and also social life. It indeed seems as if we are doing nothing when we visit the students but we make a great impact on their lives. Two weeks after finishing sitting for my M.S.C.E exams, I moved from Chiradzulu, where I was staying to Blantyre and then joined SCOMAF. Blantyre SCOMAF exposed me to a wide range of experiences. I remember an instance which happened when I visited Khombwe C.D.S.S. The SCOM Patron at that school was a member of



Gule wa Mkulu and a heavy drunkard. MUDZI WAMTUDZU He came into the room drunk and as I By Kachere Khumalo was ministering, the power of God Pamudzi pano pabwera a chipani moved such that the students were just mwawalandira falling down under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Pamudzi pano pabwera a ulimi mwawalandira The move of God did not pass by the patron. The man was touched by the Pamudzi pano pabwera a zamatsenga Holy Spirit to the extent that he started mwawalandira to cry out loudly then he came back to his senses regardless of the fact that he Pamudzi pano pabwera a zamaphunziro came into the room heavily drunk. Af- mwawalandira terwards, I counseled him accordingly and his live was completely changed. Pamudzi pano mwankaniranji Mlalikiyu? . The time I first visited the school, I was told that no one has ever gone to the LET’S STOP ASKING WHY university from their school by then. Though a combination of the grace of By Rhoda Chiwalo God and intensive teaching and encouragement from the word of God, the If we have any conception of God students were motivated to work hard We should refrain from the question why? and it was interesting to see some of However understandable that might be them going to the Polytechnic to do Many thousands of issues electrical engineering and other We simply do not and cannot know Why does God allow courses. The birth of severely handicapped children I also know one of them who is now a We don’t know Pastor of one of the renowned Pente- Why are some individuals costal churches in Malawi after under- Plagued with tragedies for much of their lives going appropriate training in one of the While others suffer hardly at all reputable Theological Colleges in Ma- We don’t know lawi. I thank God that he enabled these students to be where they are today If we ask why, the questions are endless and that he used me to make so great We should ask the question what? What are you saying to me God? an impact in their lives. What are you doing in my life? What response do you want me to make? Many are the times we think our visits With what we can expect an answer to schools are a waste of time or just a mere part time thing. The impact we More important than anything else make to the students goes beyond what We do not hear God speak we can describe. Let’s make sure that Or if we do we fail to respond we put our maximum effort in these Its knowing God’s will and doing it It’s more important visitations bearing in mind that God Than having intellectual answers will surely reward us at an opportune To all our philosophical questions time as He is a rewarder of those that About God and man Suffering and pain Life is short and uncertain But God’s Word endures forever Our lives are so often so full of other things That we find it impossible to hear or discern What God is saying to us Our ears are deaf Our minds dull And our wills stubborn We do not hear God speak Or if we do We fail to respond It’s sometimes only through suffering That we begin to listen to God Our natural pride and self-confidence Have been striped painfully away We become aware for the first time Of our own personal needs We may begin to ask God for help Instead of protesting about Our condition or insisting on explanations

Have you already visited your school (s).? Don’t think you will ever find a better time other than this. Time will never come where you will be absolutely free.



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his does not purport to be an in-depth study of the life of Christ, but is designed to induce Christians to read carefully the records by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to stimulate interest in the study and application of practical lessons drawn from His life and teachings. It is adopted from a booklet by Guy V. Caskey. Study verses: Matthew 1-5, Mark 1, Luke 1-5, John 1 Multiple choice: Underline the correct answer. 1. Luke addressed his letter to (Stephanas, Theophilus, Gaius). 2. John’s father (Zecharias, Jechonias, Joseph) was a very devout man. 3. “And when (seven, eight, nine) days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, his name was called Jesus. 4. Elisabeth was of the daughters of (Aaron, Judah, Zebulun). 5. Peter had a brother whose name was (Andrew, James, Bartholomew). 6. (Luke, Matthew, Mark) tells us that when Jesus was twelve years old, he was left in Jerusalem and became lost to his parents. 7. Of (Philip, Nathaniel, Zebedee) Jesus said, “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile. 8. Jesus said that Simon Peter should be called (Crispus, Cephas, Demas). 9. In the temptation of Christ, the Holy City to which Satan took him was (Samaria, Joppa, Jerusalem). 10. The Holy Spirit revealed unto (Joseph of Arimathaea, Simeon, James) 11. When Jesus was born, because there was no room for him in the (inn, hospital, homes of Bethlehem), he was laid in a

manger. Completion: Fill in the correct word or words. 1. The theme of Jesus’ personal ministry was, “Repent: for the …………………………………………………………………….. 2. And they were astonished at his doctrine: for he taught them as one that had ……………………, and not as …………………” 3. When Jesus called James and John, “they left their father ……………………………… in the ship with hired servants, and went after him. 4. And the devil said unto him, if ……………………………….. ……………………, command this stone that it be made bread. 5. “In the beginning was the …………….., and the …………… was with God , and the ……………………… was God. True/False: Put a ring around the correct answer. T F 1. Jesus began his personal ministry when he was about thirty years old. T F 2. Andrew had been a disciple of John the Baptist.. T F 3. The Sadducees were strong believers in the resurrection of the dead and in the existence of angels and spirits. T F 4. Luke informs us that, as a child, Jesus was weak and frail. T F 5. Under the law of Moses, when a male child was born, a sacrifice of a pair of turtle doves, or two young pigeons was compulsory. T F 6. We have learned that Luke traced the genealogy of Christ back to Adam. T F 7. Jesus did not perform many miracles in the early part of his ministry. T F 8. Because of the promiscuous living of the Jews, Jesus positively refused to teach in their synagogues. T F 9. Leprosy is a defect of the eye closely akin to astigmatism. T F 10. Philip’s home was in Bethsaida, “the city of Andrew and Peter.”



Ingredients: 150 g finely-chopped peanuts 100 g margarine (or butter) 2 tbsp sugar 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract 220 g flour Icing sugar Generous pinch of salt Cooking Instructions: Cream together the margarine (or butter) and sugar then add the peanuts, vanilla extract, salt and flour. Knead lightly then break-off small pieces and roll into balls. Place on a greased baking tray and bake in an oven pre-heated to 170°C for about 35 minutes. Remove from the oven and immediately roll in the icing sugar. Allow to cool then roll the peanut puffs in the icing sugar once more before serving as a snack.

Ingredients 1 boiled Chicken shredded SAUCE: 1/4 Cup pineapple juice 1/4 Cup soy sauce 2 tbs vinegar 1tbs ginger 2 tbs flour 2 tbs Sugar

Are you facing any challenge? Don’t suffer in silence. Blantyre SCOMAF is a family. Share what you are going through with the Welfare Coordinator by calling on 0888 897 895. In fact that is why we need each other. You never know, you might be suffering while someone in our midst is having a solution to what you are going through. At SCOMAF we believe that God use people to answer our prayers.


Directions “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, Mix the above ingredients in a bowl. and ordained you, that Ye should go and bring Add sauce to the shredded Chicken and let forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: marinate at least one hour. that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my Stir fry the marinated Chicken with 2 sliced green peppers Add water if too dry. name, he may give it you.” (John 15:16) Then add 1 sliced mango and peanuts. Cook only long enough for the mango to get hot. Serve over a streaming bed of rice.


1. I MUST BELIEVE THAT I AM A SINNER. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 6:23). “BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THOU SHALT BE SAVED” (Acts 16:31). That is, I must believe that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again to save sinners like me. He bore “our sins in his own body on the tree” (1Peter 2:24). I must trust Jesus. I MUST CONFESS MY SINS AND ASK TO BE CLEANSED OF ALL SIN “ If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleans us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). I MUST BELIEVE HE HAS DONE IT. I must take God at His word and confess Him before men . “That if thou shalt 2.

According to Exodus 6:18-19 and Numbers 25:59, Moses’ father was Amram and his mother was Jochebed. Sarah B. Khudze from the Polytechnic is the only one who gave a right answer.



Apart from Gershom, the bible says that Moses had another son. What is the name of Moses’ second son? SMS your answers indicating your name and the actual verse where the answer is found to 0888 365 001/0999 769 164. Names of the first three people to give correct answers will be published in the next edition of the Blantyre SCOMAF Newsletter.

confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10). 5. I MUST FORESAKE MY SINS To repent means to forsake or turn away from. He will give us power to do this. “But as many as received him, to them he gave power, to become the sons of God (John 1:12). For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation” (2Corinthians 7:10). “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out” (Acts 3:19)

According to Genesis 35:22-26, Jesus had 12 disciples. Find their names from the table below:

LAST QUATER’S WORD The bible word from the table on the right is Reverence. It is commonly used in the bible to refer to fear, respect, worship or admiration. Leviticus 19:30; Psalm 89:7 and Hebrews 12:9,28 are some of the verses containing the word reverence.










• • •
Find a 10 lettered word from this box. It has to be taken from Psalm 118 (KJV) Each letter must be used once. Find the meaning for the word and other 3 verses containing it.


“Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you're not saved yourself, be sure of that!” (Charles H. Spurgeon) “He is not seeking a powerful people to represent HIM. Rather, He looks for all those who are weak, foolish, despised, and written off: and He inhabits them with His own strength.” (Graham Cooke ) “As a large fire begins with kindling of small twigs and branches, even so a large revival is preceded by the prayers of a few hidden seemingly insignificant souls.” (Gary Amirault) “We are too busy to pray, and so we are too busy to have power. We have a great deal of activity, but we accomplish little; many services but few conversions; much machinery but few results.” (R.A. Torrey) “God sends no one away empty except those who are full of themselves.” (Dwight L. Moody)

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“We best defend the Lord's glory by speaking first TO Him about unbelieving men rather than speaking first ABOUT Him to unbelieving men.” (Sinclair B. Ferguson)

“If your Gospel isn't touching others, it hasn't touched you!” (Curry R. Blake)

“Use your ministry to build people, not people to build your ministry. “ ( Jacquelyn K. Heasley )

Blantyre SCOMAF is also on facebook Trade Fair grounds stand number 40B, Opposite NABW.

“God's work done God's way will never lack God's supply.” (Hudson Taylor)

SCOM doesn't rely on funding from foreign countries. Members’ contributions is our main source of income. Therefore, remember to give your ministry support.