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Nha Trang’s balloon wrecked due to high winds

A hot-air balloon that is used for tourism purpose at Hon Tam tourist site in the beachside city of Nha Trang was wrecked on Thursday afternoon when its envelope was torn from the mooring-mast in high winds accompanied by gusts. The bad weather also toppled some trees around but luckily there were no human casualties. Nguyen Thien Thanh, director of the Hon Tam Bien Nha Trang Joint Stock Company who owns the balloon, confirmed with Tuoi Tre News that they stopped serving balloon rides at the time of the incident. But he added the air had not been let out of the balloon before that. Thanh said they will have to send the balloon envelope to the US for repair. The balloon flights were first offered at Hon Tam Island in February 2010 for VND190,000 (US$9.5) to provide tourists with a panoramic view of the coastal city. The fares now have been reduced to VND100,000 (US$5) during the day and VND120,000 (US$6) in the evening for a 20 minute ride. It serves from 200 to 300 passengers per day. The balloon, that was bought from France for EUR1.2 million (US$1.57 million) in 2008, has a diameter of 22 meters and is covered by 46 pieces of colorful heat- and pressure-resistant plastic. It contains approximately 6,000 cubic meters of Helium and natural gas. Its basket can hold up to 25 people at a height of 150 meters.

local newspapers said. Manila. Filipino authorities have also formed a team to find out if Dong had contacts at the airport or if a syndicate could have been involved in the drug smuggling. customs police said. The suspect. An airport official told the GMA News that the Vietnamese woman arrived at the airport’s Terminal 2 on board Philippine Airlines flight PR 753 from Bangkok. according to the Global Nation. The drugs were found in a sealed plastic bag concealed in a fabricated compartment of her luggage. . Thailand.9 kilos of methamphetamine hydrochloride in her luggage. at around 2 pm on August 14.Vietnam woman caught with drugs at Filipino airport A Vietnamese woman was arrested at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. was handed over to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency for investigation. Philippines on Tuesday after custom officials found 2. who was later identified as Dong Ty Yen.

Akilino Haris Susaia said the two countries have established effective coordination in multilateral area. At a reception for Sierra Leone Ambassador Abubakarr Multi Kamara. He spoke highly of the two countries’ leaders’ agreement in principal on ways to elevate bilateral ties towards a strategic partnership. Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan who presented him their credentials. Praising Singapore for its performance as one of leading investors in Vietnam . Sierra Leon. including food security. The Azerbaijani Ambassador affirmed his country is willing to help Vietnam in human resource training and cooperate in oil and gas exploitation. The President welcomed Singapore ’s supportive stance in the East Sea issue. the President affirmed Vietnam ’s support for and cooperation with the country in many areas. Ambassador Jean Robert Goulongana said he wishes the two countries continue finding out new cooperative mechanisms to strengthen bilateral ties. President Sang said he wants the regional country to expand investment in localities with development potential in Vietnam . respectively.President welcomes new ambassadors President Truong Tan Sang gave separate receptions in Hanoi on August 15 for new ambassadors of Singapore. Micronesia. suggesting the Vietnamese agricultural sector cooperate in fishing tunas and exchanging farm produce with Micronesia . Ambassador Abubakarr Multi Kamara affirmed that his country will support Vietnam ’s legitimate rights and interests. In his meeting with Singaporean Ambassador Ng Teck Hean. He said he believes that Vietnam and Azerbaijan will soon open their embassies in Bacu and Hanoi . Expressing his honour as the first Micronesian ambassador to Vietnam . the Gabonese Republic. Ambassador Ng Teck Hean said Singaporean businesses have confidence in investing in Vietnam and affirm to continue pumping investment into the country. He proposed that the two countries should early sign a trade agreement and cooperation documents on the exchange of students. Sang stressed that Vietnam follows closely situations in the South Pacific and wants to develop friendship with Micronesia and island nations in the region. the State leader expressed his hope that the Gabonese Republic will work as a bridge for Vietnam and the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC). Sang said that two-way trade between Vietnam and Azerbaijan has not yet matched with great potential of their economic ties. President Sang stressed that in its external policy. He said Kazakhstan is looking forward to President Sang’s coming visit. The ambassador affirmed that in his working tenure. Talking with Azerbaijani Ambassador Latif Seyfaddin Oglu Gandilov. Vietnam prioritises to develop ties with traditional friends. While receiving Micronesian Ambassador Akilino Haris Susaia. such as Phu Quoc island. The diplomat introduced his country’s fishing potential. He stressed that based on their traditional ties the two countries will seek new opportunities for increasing wideranging cooperation. including Kazakhstan . On welcoming Gabon Ambassador Jean Robert Goulongana. . proposing both sides coordinate at regional and international fora. He asked the diplomat to work for stronger ties between Vietnam and Micronesia and South Pacific island nations. At a meeting with Kazakh Ambassador Nurlan Yermekbayaev. the President affirmed that Vietnam always attaches importance to enhancing friendship and comprehensive cooperation with Singapore . he will have specific initiatives to promote bilateral cooperation. He underlined that Vietnam will exert efforts to help Gabon and other CEMAC members access the ASEAN market.

a good accomplishment. but Republicans could get indigestion from recent polls showing President Barack Obama set to win more than 60 percent of the Hispanic vote nationwide. who says he favors Romney. He said Hispanics will support his father once they get to know him. though. They may enjoy the food. “I am not voting for Obama because he has not done anything these four years. when Hispanics will comprise an even larger part of the voting population. you do not have to be a liberal Democrat.S." said Cuban-American barber Jose Mario Farina.” But Elena Alfonso. an immigrant from Colombia. for example. likes Obama. These delegates are from the southwestern state of Arizona. But the Hispanic vote is not monolithic. Craig.” he said. “Our main objective is to preach this gospel.Republicans Face Tough Job Winning Hispanic Votes TAMPA — The Republican convention's host city of Tampa is home to a well-established Hispanic community. But Arizona delegate Jose Borrajero. and some Republican strategists worry that failure to attract more Hispanics this year could hurt the party's prospects in future elections. . where tough Republican-led measures to slow illegal immigration have offended many Hispanics. Also on hand was Mitt Romney's Spanish-speaking son.” Prominent Hispanic Republicans like Florida Senator Marco Rubio and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez made a pitch to Hispanic voters at an event here Monday. “I like how he has represented the country and he gave opportunity to the immigrant students. often hold different political opinions from those in the Southwest. if your last name ends in a vowel or a z. And there is diversity even among Tampa's Hispanics. Hispanics here in the east coast state of Florida. an immigrant from Cuba. "He has not made a change and he hasn't done anything. Senator. That may be a tough sell. says he and others like him think many Hispanics should identify with conservative social values championed by Republicans. in other words to tell Hispanics that 'Hey. with Cuban cigar shops and restaurants that attract delegates and even a U. you do not have to be a liberal Democrat.