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ROLL NO. 10th 100804001 100904001

1 2 AASHISH SINGH Aashish Vidhani

% age of marks 10+2/Dip. 89.40 81.60

CGPA 6.45 6.14

88.60 88.80

3 4 5

Abhishek Aggarwal Achintya Goel Aman Aggarwal

100904002 100904003 100904007

82.80 84.67 93.00

66.20 80.60 75.60

7.29 7.04 5.67

20 64.40 8.78 11 12 13 14 15 Ayush Markan Deepak Tanwar DEVESH CHAUDHARY DEVINDER BABOOL DIVANSHU GARG 100904018 100904021 100904025 100904026 100904027 78.60 6.40 79.80 90.20 87.60 86.4 81.80 6.08 5.18 9.80 88.60 82.20 7.70 5.37 7 Ankush Vashisht 100904012 92.05 5.20 95.00 83.20 85.6 Amit kumar 100904009 89.84 .83 8.07 7.80 79.04 8 9 10 anshuman goyal Arshdeep Singh ASEEM HANDA 100904013 100904014 100904015 84.12 78.00 77.00 82.40 74.

70 7.96 20 21 Iqbal Singh Jayantvir Singh 100904035 100904036 88.00 89.80 85.00 85.00 87.40 6.00 90.26 22 23 Munal Saini NAMIT KATIRA 100904042 100904043 83.80 6.00 82.84 17 18 19 Gurpreet Singh Gurvinder Singh Himanshi garg 100904029 100904030 100904033 84.90 5.80 91.27 8.00 83.52 6.20 87.34 95.20 73.20 88.00 80.16 Gurjot Singh 100904028 89.90 77.69 5.60 8.40 75.00 87.80 85.80 88.00 87.48 7.21 7.61 .20 82.00 6.73 6.80 89.90 24 25 26 27 28 Namit Mehta nishant garg NITIN SANDHU Pankaj Jindal PRIYA GARG 100904044 100904045 100904046 100904047 100904050 92.05 8.

12 8.40 5.40 88.20 5.12 36 Sekshey Bakhshi 100904063 87.20 82.29 Ranjit Singh 100904053 84.00 5.50 8.80 93.80 88.20 85.00 76.40 81.80 6.94 30 31 Ravi Garg RICKY GARG 100904054 100904055 86.00 6.00 72.84 35 Saravjeet Singh Brar 100904062 86.61 .43 34 sant bux singh dutt 100904061 91.74 32 33 Ritesh Malhotra RUPINDER SINGH 100904056 100904058 90.80 6.20 91.90 85.

60 75.00 87.20 6.60 86.00 75.80 82.37 Shipra Choudhary 100904064 94.60 91.80 8.83 85.40 92.66 41 42 Vivek Agrawal Hitesh Bharti 100904078 100904079 86.77 .68 39 40 surbhi jain Vipin Bansal 100904071 100904077 93.40 7.61 38 Shubham Rakheja 100904066 94.44 6.37 6.00 8.

20(dip) 74.38 .) 84.00 71.77 70.60 6.20 6.6 5.80 63.50 44 ASHEEM GARWA 100904082 70.60 5.67 45 46 47 Jatin Dosajh ACHALVIR SINGH BEDI Karan Pal Singh 100904084 101084001 101084004 92.80 83.08 (Dip.40 83.20 5.43 Akshay Varma 100904081 88.

50(diploma) 101084006 90.88) 101084007 78.10 8.17 5.00 64.00 72.40% 67.50 .45 7.00 dip 101084008 73.50 5.00 diploma(78.48 49 50 51 Mohit sood parveen kumar piyush bansal Rajat Kumar 101084005 76.

• 165 rank in 4th National Science Olympiad in 2002 Joint Convenor at Aranya'11. Thapar University. • Member of mess committee of Hostel J. (Science Popularization Association of Communications and Educators) in 2003-2004. # Several movie and TV Show reviews published on IMDb. 2010 # Won the first prize in Extempore and Runner’s up in Movie Quiz at Acumen 2012 # Completed a short-film called War. 2010-11 # Joint Convener. Thapar University.P.E. directed and acted in a play called ‘Sabse Bada Aadmi’. 2011-12 # Secretary. # Written and directed a play called ‘Poster’ and an Ad Film on No Smoking both of which won the Third prize at in first 1 year of blogging with almost 600 dedicated subscribers of the blog.Thapar Theatre Club. Thapar University. # Over 12. .C. Literary Society. which won the first prize at Acumen 2010. 2010-11 # Head of Event and Stage Management. Annual Literary Magazine. Thapar University. Thapar and wakeindianow. IIT-B and Cine Youth. Thapar University # # Several Articles published on Online Magazines like CupidSpeaks. Thapar University. • Convener of Management Events at ARANYA’10 o Managed the events “Dalal Street” and “Ad-it” which saw a combined participation of over 200. # Covered the Chandigarh Auditions of Hero MTV Roadies 9 as a member of their official Blogging team.Extra curricular Activities. • Member of stage management committee in IZHAAR’10 o IZHAAR is the inter-year cultural event if Thapar University • Participated in INMUN(Indian Model United Nations) 2006 and 2005 • Second prize in the NASA Space Settlement Design Contest in 2005 • First prize in Literary Merit NASA Space Settlement Design Contest in 2005 • Amateur astronomer level 01 by S. 2012 # Convener. 2010-11 # Head of Finance MUDRA Society.wordpress. Aaghaz ‘10. Member of ISTE. 2010 # Played the lead role in the play ‘Zukham Jari Hai’ at Elixir 2010 # Bass Guitarist in the college band The Thirteenth Note.Thapar Theatre Club and # Editor in ChiefAvant Garde ’12. # Official reviewer with Fingerprint Publications for the book Marathon Baba and One and a Half Wife. based on the works of Nobel Laureate Luigi Pirandello # Acted in the film Godse: Assassin? which won the best film awards at Mood Indigo.Thapar Movie Club. Thapar University. Also shortlisted by Filmbooth India to be screened at India Habitat Centre. # Shortlisted to review several books for BlogAdda. Delhi.000 hits on my personal blog Frankly Speaking (franklyaman. # Directed and acted in Noel Coward’s play Blithe Spirit held at Thapar University # Written. Thapar University from Jan-May 2012 o In charge of hostel canteen Head of Management Events at ARANYA’11 • o Headed six events at the technical festival of Thapar University which saw a total participation of over 400 people.A.

workshops. Worked as coordinator at Saturnalia and frosh week (cultural fest at Thapar). • • • • • • • • • • Recognition by Ex. 3)Participated in Web designing competition in International Youth festival at City Montessori School.jalandhar Meeting with Rakesh Sharma Internship at R&D Dept. Member of ISTE. ISTE (Indian society for technical education) Thapar University. Texas. indulge in game of badminton. winner of numerous art competions during school.sports First position in 'International space settlement design contest' organized by NASA at Houston.Noida Member of SCC(Student Consultive Committee) Member of IETE(Student chapter) Participation in debates. convener for management events at aranya 2012. 6)Attended Analog System Design workshop by Texas Instruments.played table tennis for school at natinal level. 4)Attended workshop on Automation of Home Appliances by DTMF in Thapar University. like to do technical stuff at home like repairing a tv remote or a CPU . player of runner-up team in inter school batminton tournament ( CHD . NTSE(National Talent Search Examination) Scholar Executive Member of Saturnalia'10 and Spicmacay'11. Active member in debates and competitions held during school years. watching and playing cricket . 5)Attended Ethical hacking and Information Security workshop by Kyrion Digital Securities. Administration). First position in 'Moon landing competition' organized by Aeronautical society of India(AAI) at Chandigarh. Lucknow. 1)Executive Member. love visiting industries and knowing how they work. .declamations.. . ROBOTICS during ARANYA 2010 . Participation in DRAMATICS (skit) in cultural fest IZHAAR '10 11 12. organised and coordinated a major event immolation at aranya 2012. President APJ Abdul Kalam at rashtrapati bhavan 'Students Fellowship Award' by Punjab Academy Of Sciences 'Certificate of commendation' by Office Of the Commissioner . 2)Represented Moga District in 50th Inter district Sports meet in badminton.Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.

School Basketball matches and won first position for consecutive two years (20032004. Froshweek-2011 2. volunteer of NSS. IET(2011-2012) . • Frosh Week’ team and in which I organized ‘Game Dome’ and ‘Technical Fair’. • Member of the executive team of inter college technical fest. • Selected for Mathematics and Science Olympiad round 2. Thapar University • Represented school for Inter. Interversity Kabaddi Participant. • Active member ‘Literary society’ and helped in organizing ‘Acumen’.volleyball team. Saturnalia 2012 Publicity Committee member. Elixir. • Won Bourn vita Quiz Contest Lil’ champs. Member of SAT organising committee. had been a member of event management team . plays and singing competitions in school • Participated in various quizzes and olympiads in school • Merit holder for continuous 10 years in school 1)Convener. Blood Donor Saturnalia 2012 Publicity Committee member.2011 participated in nukkad natak n other literary events. • Chief Member of NASA rover team at school inter-level. Hostel Executive Committee 5) Finance Secretary.) Finance Manager.) Participated in Izhaar 2010.• PLACEMENT REPRESENTATIVE for Electrical Engineering branch of 2013 and member of Placement Council. Saturnalia-2010 4) Member. Core member for 3 years. 2010. Saturnalia-2011 2) Silver Medalist. • Member of Core committee of ‘IMMOLATION’ (online LAN gaming).) NCC Disciple -2006. Blood Donor • Member . • General Secretary of ‘IET-LONDON’ student chapter at Thapar University. 20042005) • Participated in dances. Publicity Team . Publicity Committee. Discuss throw. under which various technical and non-technical events. • Core member of “FROSHWEEK’11”. intellectual talks and quizzes have been organized such as ‘Renaissance’. • ‘NSTSE’ scholar and ‘National South Whales’ topper. university level event.) Executive Member. Thaparlympics-2011 3) Executive Member Publicity Committee. • Won second prize in National Science project competition. 2004-2005) • Played Basketball matches at Distirct Level and won first position for consecutive two years (2003-2004. Thapar University • Member . • Event manager of Model United Nations (MUN) during Aranya’09. • Active member in debates and quiz competitions.2007 4. Active member in debates and quiz competitions 1. Saturnalia-2010 3. Reception Committee. • Event manager of “KHULJA SIMSIM” during Saturnalia’10. Thapar Movie Club-2010 6)Participated in Inter-district Badminton tournament -2005 Member of cricket . ‘Aranya’ (technical festival) for 3 consecutive years (2009-2011). • Worked as Event manager at ‘Saturnalia’ 2009-2011(cultural festival at Thapar).

worked as a core committee member in organising sports day. Reading and Writing about it.Captian Of Volleyball Team 4. Thapar University • Secretary.• As the Representative of my class 2011-2012 as a part of Student Consultative Committee of Thapar University as a member. Thapar University • Won 3 Intraschool declamation competetions in High School • Interschool champion of chess in High School Won 1st Prize in National Level Skiing Competition organized BY “Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering” held at Gulmarg. IET Society .Member of the Discipline Team for MUDRA NITE(2012) . Government of India 7.remained a committee member for 2 years n FAPS(fine arts and painting society). Participated in Marathon for “Honoring the Armed Forces” Participated in National Level Equestrian Championship. · Served as the Head Boy of school in class 10th worked as a core committee member in organising patiala tour(under FROSHWEEK).Memeber Of Bhangra Team for Fresher’s 2010 6. • Organised Patiala City Tour in FROSHWEEK 2011.remained in the school cricket team for 3 years. Secretary of Thapar Movie Club.800m) 5. Participated in National Level Equestrian Championship.Member Of Thapar University Cricket Team 2. • Worked in the event management teams of Aranya 2009(Thapar’s inter college technical fest) Saturnalia 2011 (Thapar’s inter college cultural fest) • Organised the college trip to Ratnagiri Gas Plant. Historical Events and Books Enthusiast. Performed Bhangra at College Level. Performed play at college level competition Member of Thapar Quizzing Club.Silver Medalists in Athletics(5000m. Won 1st Prize in NCC CAMP FOR “BEST OVERALL CADET” Achieved “A” CERTIFICATE IN NCC Organized the First Ever National Level College Film Festival (Cine Youth) at Thapar University. Fond of Travelling. 1. Member of Student Alumni Interaction Cell.Passed the certificate ‘A’ Examination held in 2005 under the authority of Ministry of Defence.Sports Secretary(2009-2010) 3. Won 1ST Prize in Inter College Movie Making Competition.

July – November. 3. Member of Sahyog. Attended French classes organized by AIESEC School of Languages at Thapar University. (DiscoverYourself and Positive Thinking) 1. Thapar University. • Worked in the event management teams of Aranya 2009(Thapar’s inter college technical fest) Saturnalia 2011 (Thapar’s inter college cultural fest) Acumen 2010 & 2011(Thapar’s inter hostel literary competition) Elixir 2010 (Thapar’s inter year literary competition). One of the 86 students out of 2050 students to be selected. Founder and General Secretary of the global student organization AIESEC at Thapar University. • Active member of Literary Society won various writing events & regular contributor to college magazine. teaching under-privileged children. as an executive member. 2010 5. Gained an international perspective on issues along with some useful leadership experience. 2010 – March. • Won various competitions at different levels in Nukkad Natak. Patiala. a Thapar University social outreach programme to prepare audio books for the learning of blind children. 2010 4. July . . October. Tellibration & Dance. 2010-2011. National Service Scheme 2011-2012 (as President) & Student Consultative Committee 2009-2010. Completed the 2 levels of courses by ISKON society. 2. January – May. Thapar University. • Volunteered in the college social outreach program “Pratigya”. 2009 6. 1. Thapar University.• Part of Youth United (a registered NGO) since 2009. • Went through training with course conducted by ISKON society. Member of the Readers and Writers club. • Went through the college level course of The Art of Living (YES+) run under the supervision of Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji. Helped in managing the accounts of the event FROSHWEEK’11. June – December. 2012 3. August.December. Worked as Secretary Of IET Student Chapter. 2009 • Participated in a national level college Technical festival. • Won glass painting competition. Thapar University. Completed the Art of Living course for college students (YES+) under the supervision of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Member. 2012 2.• Served as the Joint Convener of Hindi literary society. Literary Society. Thapar University (Positive Thinking and Discover Yourself). designed flexes for various college functions.

Debating Society. MINET (2005-11) Project Semester: Currently involved in Operation and Maintenance of Electromechanical systems in Airport Service Building (ASB) Under GMR Group at Delhi International Airport(p) LTD. Immolation 2011 (Online gaming event) Publicity Team of SATURNALIA 2011(Cult fest at Thapar) Executive Member .3. ten second positions and four third positions. New Delhi Summer Training: 6 Weeks Training on SCADA System at SLDC (State Load Dispatch Center). New Delhi for an inventory management system • Embedded Development. Thapar University (2011-12) • Convenor. Theatre Club. Thapar University (2012) • Convenor. implementing the use of perceptual 3D positional sounds • Schneider Innovation Challenge 2011: Modeled a system for improving the efficiency of wind farms by tapping heat using thermoelectric modules • Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge 2010: Conceptualized the design of a system to improve the efficiency of aircrafts using thermoelectric modules • Web Development at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2007 (7th globally after the first round) • Awarded certificate of Achievement at the Thinkquest international web designing event • Received award for “Positive work in the field of Information Technology” (2005) from The Mother’s International School for a long term contribution to the field of IT • Declared winner in eight computer programming events held across Delhi and NCR with six first positions.2.Captain of univ. handball team.Patiala. Terminal-3. Finalist at seven events • Top finisher in ten events with four first. Economics Club. Game Dome. four second and two third positions in web development & designing related events • Secured positions in six individual and team Mathmatics & Scienceevents. Thapar University (2011-12) • Overall Coordinator. one second position and one third position • Winner at 24 quizzes and crosswords held across Delhi and NCR securing 10 first positions. Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 (Among the top 30 teams in India and top 150 teams internationally):Received notable mention for Round 2 entry which included a system for efficient use of photovoltaic power • Embedded Development. Core Committee. Social Activities: Started a group named “Sahyog” which work for Blind Students in their study by recording their books under the guidance of The Society for the Welfare of Handicapped (Regd) Patiala Extra Curricular Activities: Member.• Solar Power Consultant for a PV installation at Power Grid Corporation substation at Meerut • Consulting developer for DIAL. Frosh week ’11 ( Freshers’ Welcoming fest ) Projects:water level controller and stablizer . cultural activities .twice silver medalist at state level in hanball. Stood 20th at the state level in the Beginners Maths Olympiad • Founding Member. attend scout and red cross camps. Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010 (top 150 teams internationally):Developed a walking assistance system for the visually disabled using ultrasonic sensors. Ablowal.

water level controller and participated in fest(prajwal) and organised technical workshop and regular blood donor ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: #Get Scholarship in 12th standard. #Participated in blood Donation Camps organizes by Lions club. #Participated in Kabbadi Interversity. #6 Months Industrial training at Sona Koyo Steering System. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: #Won Gold Medal in Thapar Olympics. . PROJECTS/ TRAINING UNDERTAKEN: # 2 Months Industrial training at Glaxo-SmithKline at Nabha. Gurgaon.participated in quiz of haryana education society made projects like semi automatic car parking .