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Neutral: My Stand in Philosphy Final Paper Questions are formulated when one isn’t certain about something.

And in every question, there must be an answer. For every problem, there’s always a solution. But how can we be certain if the answers are correct? In science, we do the scientific method to draw a conclusion. In math, we solve using a formula. But how about in religion, are we even allowed to question God? People have lots of questions left unanswered. Does God exist? If God exists, why is there evil? On Anslem’s proslogion, it was stated that “God cannot be conceived not to exist.-God is

that, than which nothing greater can be conceived.- That which can be conceived not to exist is not God.” which was actually criticized for incomprehensible reality which we, the finite beings, could
understand the infinite being, if there’s any. Does God really exist? It is a question where a finite being could easily answer by faith but without convincing evidences, maybe there are some, but could be rebutted by many. It was said that God is just a projection of human mind- that his perfection are just based on human idea of himself. Anthromorphism is the scrutiny that God has humanlike properties. It is actually a depiction of the divine as having human characteristics. It was also alleged that God only exists in the mind- that there what exist in reality is much more powerful that a God that exist only in the mind. There were loads of criticisms about God we stumbled upon. One of the many is the article of John A.T. Robinson, Can a Truly Contemporary Man not be an Atheist? On his article, it was said that God is intellectually superfluous-that means people tend to bring God to fill the gaps of science. God is treated as a working hypothesis. Another point is that God is emotionally dispensable. Here, people come to apprehend that they no longer need religion nor God. They tend to cease there so-called dependence to God’s providence. And the last point of Robinson is that God is morally intolerable. This point had been an atrocious beat to the theists’ beliefs. Here, it was stated that if God did exist, we should have to abolish him. God was viewed as a blood-sucker who takes away the justice, the meaning and the freedom. God is a not an omnibenevolent God, that he is cruel which only means that we must eliminate him. Another challenge for the theists is Antony Flew’s article- God-Talk is Meaningless. He uses the parable which was told by John Wisdom, the Invisible Gardener. The believer of the invisible gardener was challenged by a sceptic. The senses were the major basis of his queries. And the question, just how

does what you call an invisible, intangible, eternally elusive gardener differ from an imaginary gardener or even from no gardener at all?, in which the gardener was referred to God, was
answered by the cosmological argument ( the five ways of St. Thomas). The argument from motionthat is whatever is moved is moved by another and so, God is the prime mover. The second way is the nature of efficient causes, that God is the ultimate cause of everything. The third way as the possibility and necessity states that God is the necessary being. Our existence is nothing compared to the existence of God. The fourth way is from gradation. And the lastly, from the governance of the world. God is the archer that directs the arrow where it must go. But Aquinas’ five ways were criticised by David Hume’s article, If God Exists, Why there is Evil? This was introduced to us by the Movie, God on Trial. There, the possible answers for this question were presented. Maybe, evil is a punishment of our sins, that evil is the product of our own free will, that God’s ways are mysterious. It even reached the point of accusing God that he is not a good God nor a powerful God- that he is an impotent or a malevolent God. The sceptics claim that God is just a mere illusion, a fantasy, a

our reasons wouldn’t suffice his greatness. Another point is what we call conscience. and to apply more rigorous methods. on someone we are doubtful of? No matter how much we try to explain his existence. It’s like believing on a fantasy. I was certain that I will never be an atheist. The existence or the non- . They don’t believe on something stupid. etc. On the other hand. This proposition had opposed the evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin. He stated on his Wager that believing or not believing on God has its own costs and benefits. This voice. a man inside a big fish. the theists have lost their lives. the cost and benefit would still be nothing. would speak to us internally.that God is behind all this complex cycle. whenever we did something ghastly. I am not a theist yet. They are certain that God exists. They think that Ignorance creates insecurity. Conscience is the knowledge within oneself. rather it was well-designed. “Faith is in general the persuasion of the mind that a certain statement is true. We feel guilt because we know that we did something dreadful. It was also stated that Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don't have all the answers to think that they do.that we are products of an intelligent design. the answers to my questions. to not just settle on what was taught to me. if he really exists. On the other hand. if God really exists. Doubt may have meticulous significance as leading towards disbelief or non-acceptance. based on his or her supposed authority and truthfulness”. But conscience is not that easy to get rid of.figment of our imagination. This is an amazing analysis which is based on a complex idea and complex understanding of how our system works and operates. but I’ll soon be. But the theist’s they have what we call faith. Doubt sometimes tends to call on reason.(Religuluos) It really attacked my remaining faith. But as the session goes on. your cost would equal to zero while your benefit will be infinite. My major point for this position paper is that how can we have faith on something we’re not even certain. behind the creation of such intricacy. therefore the people need to find a way to fill in this gap in their knowledge (Enemies of God). But the atheists say that if there’s no God. We cannot compare ourselves to an infinite being because that would make us insignificant figures. But if God doesn’t really exist. The theists have their faith while the atheists have their reasons not to believe. what if God really does exist. With this bet. for the non-believers. Everything can be explained by science.a talking snake. The system is not just it is by chance. but as I went into searching. Doubt may persuade people to hesitate before acting. I seek for empirical evidences. the atheist believe that reasons and evidences of God’s existence are insufficient. And the proofs such as this system is made by an intelligent designer. They are seeking for logical reasons which were shown by Pascal through mathematical figures. And this voice who’s hassled us is the voice of God. I am in doubt. But I’m using this doubt to prove something. with the theists’ to the atheists’ points of view. But the safest bet is to believe on God. a world of virtual reality. belief in and assent to the truth of what is declared by another. to search for more. would want to wish it away. even the smallest thing that cannot be seen by our naked eye has its complex function and complex design. In fact. And if God doesn’t exist. the benefit would be equal to zero while your cost would be negative infinity. God is infinite. if I’ll find sufficient evidences and facts to support my stand. And one thing is drawn up to conclusion. the design is more complex compared to that. This is not just as simple as the survival of the fittest. I have been made to understand better and to embrace the understanding without bias and unjust judgements. They spent their whole life believing on something that doesn’t exist. then your cost would still be equal to zero and so is your benefit. We begin to be bothered and often times. a world of false hopes and false dreams.

this subjects us into deciding on our own. I am an Agnostic.can’t be proved and can’t be refuted. keeping mankind in a bondage to fantasy and nonsense that has spawned and justified so much lunacy and destruction. I am not YET a theist. I don’t want to believe in him just for salvation. I can’t fool myself and believe on something I’m not certain. But for the theist. but I know. whether to believe or not to believe.existence of God is unfalsifiable. Meaning. I am not yet a theist nor an atheist. if he really exists. They believe that. to discover facts and evidences that cannot be hacked and to develop a strong defence for God. kanang mudaog ug miskan unsa nga akusasyon. I want to be completely knowledgeable and I want to defend him without doubts and hesitation. according to the Religulous Documentary. is not sufficient. to be specific. I am an Agnostic. faith alone. I want to believe on what is true. But as of now. And those who preach faith. . kanang dili mapangitaan ug lusot.blind faith. It's nothing to brag about. I’m seeking for more proofs. If would become a believer. he would know how eager I am to prove his existence and I know he would provide me some answers. and enable and elevate it are intellectual slaveholders. As much as I want to be a theist. I am not closing my doors to any stand. they are certain that God exists. who is searching for something more. answers to my questions that would eliminate my doubts and uncertainties. My lack of knowledge hinders me to defend his name. I wanted to complete my knowledge about him. They are certain. On the atheists side. In our dialect. Faith means making a virtue out of not thinking. They have Faith. on what is real.