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Agent: Erick de los Ríos Contact: 3143554290

Loreen Mendez


Andrea Benavides


John A. Osorio 46

Laura Velez




Juan David Duran


Susana Patiño


Andrea Alfonso


Music - Entertainment - Culture

Juan Carlos Coronel


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« am an enterprising woman, a supporter of all the opportunities which will come, because if you don't learn to use them, they disappear without return, like the happiness of the moment and that's why you have to learn to enjoy it.


My model career arose from a coincidence; of an opportunity full of intentions, difficulties and victories that I have achieved in the time with dedication and the support of my family; thanks to the values that always inculcated me I have not lost nor I will lose my identity.

travel, what is one of my favorite hobbies, to meet the wonderful people who are always pending on my projects, who write me every day and fill my life with happiness, who admire me not only as a model but as a woman, they are my motivation and my inspiration, I am useful to dedicate these lines and this wonderful project with such prestigious magazine that today allows me to come to you and to share a little bit more of my life, to show you a normal woman who dresses uncomplicated in her free time, who likes to eat much and detests the diets, who loves sport and enjoys in her free moments to go dancing like crazy and who loves animals and joins those foundations that defend and protect them.

To be who I am today, has given me the opportunity to

Sea World
Peru (International winner among 18 countries)


Promotion Colombianas vs Peruvians. Peru (Lima) March – April, 2012 (Recruitment for press conference and promotion in mass media, parades with marks Bésame Underwear among others).

Professional colombian model, sports lover, student of commercial aviation at the school AEROANDES S.A., the passion for aviation has always been present in her life.

Actual Model at
Boomery and Ride for USA and Mexico 2012 (auto parts) photo poster (Model for calendar 2012) for both brands at Fería de Autopartes in Mexico D.F. in 2012

Images Bathing suit “PERLINA”

MISS TANGA COLOMBIA INTERNATIONAL 2008 ‘’This competition was the springboard to many successes, anecdotes and wonderful experiences in my career as a model“.

‘’It was a concept change, to dedicate moments from my life for social works with the National Army and the Foundations who host this wonderful contest“.

A dedication to my friend and manager CHARLOT IZAKO MUSTAFA (Owner of the contest).


(Bogota Summer Festival at Simon Bolívar Park)

- Model of Dr. Alan González (plastic surgery) Bodypaint - Disco image of the Rock band”ENEPI” good and holy, launch Hard Rock Cafe Bogota - Model Promotion Colombianas vs Peruvians. Peru (Lima) March – April, 2012 (Recruitment for press conference and promotion in mass media, parades with marks Bésame Underwear among others). - Actual Model at Boomery and Ride for USA and Mexico 2012 (auto parts) photo poster (Model for calendar 2012) for both brands at Fería de Autopartes in Mexico D.F. in 2012

- Model Petite Colombia 2009 Agency Top Models - Winner of La mejor cola de Caldas 2011 (Dorada-Caldas june 2011) - Department Queen of Turismo de Caqueta 2010-2011 - Institutional video image of the Aesthetic Center Rada (Dr. Sergio Rada) Bogotá - Image of the School of Aviación de los Andes Aeroandes S.A. (Guaymaral) - Image Luckydei Jeans (Gran San) - actual image for: Tu Figura (strips) take photos for publicity image coming out 2012 - Image Corporate of Herko Automotive Group International, 2011-2012 (auto parts Corferias 2011) calender « n August, I’m going to fly once again to the beautiful country Peru to a Media Promotion with Tour Xtreme Girls!!!».


«Finally I hope that these pretty photos should be of pleasure, thanks to ‘’LATIN AMERICAN MODEL“ and its Director MICHELLE HUESTIK for the pleasure of being on the cover, good luck and that success should keep on coming to all the reader with these fresh notes who help us to forget a little the social problems that unfortunately receives us. I adoooooooore you all!!!! Good luck and kissesssssss!!!>> Agente: ERICK DE LOS RIOS Contact: 314 3554290




Height: 1.67 Hair: Black Eyes: Green Complexion: Swarthy Age: 21 Years Measurement: 89-60-93 cm Agent: Raúl Villamizar Contact: 3136622068 Bogotá - Colombia


n Argentina: Minutes before starting to record with CANAL DEL SUR

he model Andrea Benavides beautiful and beaming as ever!



Andrea Benavides has conquered the Argentine public with her beauty and charisma. ARGENTINA EXPECTS YOU BACK!.


Height: 1.83 Complexion: white Eyes: coffee-colored Hair: chestnut Peso: 75 kg Home: Bogotá – Colombia Agent: Erik de los Ríos Contact: 3143554290

Type of Model:
Catalog / Catwalk / Television / Underwear / Bathing suit / Advertising / Editorial / Magazine / Video Clips / Show Room / Protocol / Showing clothes proposals / Brand Activation / Business / All kinds of exhibitions / Caravans

„Colombiamoda 2009“ Model of the month in „Sweet“ 2008 Protocol, Congresses, Public Relations for companies and brand activation All exhibition which take place in Corferias Convention Center in Bogotá, Colombia: (Expomarketing with the newspaper “El Espectador”, International fair of business, Agroexpo, Metalexpo, International fair of health International Automovil Expo) Events, Caravans, Catwalks for several brands, Publicity photographs, Television and Business

Andrea Montenegro The peruvian actress Andrea Montenegro, who stars next week
Ready for her second Baby
in one of the stories in the series MUJERES AL LÍMITE, confesses that she feels happy because she is in the fourth month of pregnancy. Montenegro, who has already a six years old daughter, is starting to prepare her organism for the childbirth; she is also in full preparations to get her next baby in company with her partner, a 35 years old psychologist. “In this time, I’m in maximal care of my nutrition in a kind that I prefer fruits. I want that my baby will get everything what it needs to be healthy and strong at her birth.”

The actrice Tania Robledo, who stars next week in one of


the episodes of MUJERES AL LÍMITE, is completely dedicated to the preparation of the monologue “Las penas saben nadar”, which soon will begin to present during a short period in a known night place in Bogotá. The work is originally from the Cuban author Abelardo Estorino, and shows a very human story about an actress who is constantly obessed by her problems and which has brought her to flee in alcohol. "It's about a character who tries to cover the misery with humor. I like it and I identify with the text, because I have suffered very similar situations in the real life. For me "Las penas saben nadar" is a very good reflexion for the audience and for myself".


Clara Rodriguez

To celebrate their 14 years on air, the program SWEET releases a new image and implements several changes both in its look and in its contents.

Now it will have a new set completely full of glamor and modernity to show a night sight and it will start every night with a very dynamic introduction and new music of César Escola who has developed the original music with the famous whistle in the SWEET style.

Carlos Giraldo

In addition, the new SWEET, which continues in its usual slot at CANAL UNO, from Monday to Friday at 10:15 pm, will now have Katherine Torres in the set, its beautiful Director of the Social Networks. Taken almost one year in this work, she will show for the first time her face on the screen, being every day directly available with the fans at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in her section SWEET ONLINE. In his journalistic work EL DULCE SABOR DEL Chisme get recruitment and can add Silvana Gómez and Amador Padilla in his ranks, who will be in charge of "landing" with their cameras the right spots in all events and rumba night parties for showing the celebrities in their natural ambiences. Colombiana de Televisión, producer of SWEET, "dared" to change visually the logo of this program, which for 14 years had not changed, by giving him new colors, volumes and movements that will identify it from now on. Carlos Giraldo will remain as director of this team that has demonstrated the show successfully; and along with Maria Clara Rodriguez, he will keep on presenting SWEET every night with his unique style for which he was "crowned" in Colombia as the only and pioneering KING OF GOSSIP.

a u l a

e s t r e p o

Agent: Erick de los Ríos Contact: 3143554290 Colombia

Giorgio Del Vecchio


y name is Paula Andrea Restrepo, I was born on the 8th of September in Manizales under the sign of the virgin. Like a good virgin, I am a perfectionist, a good friend and I am too honest. My height is 1.72 m, my eyes are coffee-brown; I have blond hair and white skin. Since I was little, I was fascinated of the world of modeling. When I was 9 years old, I took part in the Reinado de la Horticultura in the town of Villamaria Caldas, where I was crowned as the local queen the first time as a child. I won a scholarship to the Academy of modeling participated there at the age of 13 in the contest "the most beautiful face of Caldas" and became second. I took part at "Miss Teen Colombia"; and also at “Cola más bella de Caldas" I became first. After my graduation I decided to go to Bogota and to study social communication and journalism at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano. I additionally started studying acting at the theatrical school Alfonso Ortiz. Bogotá was the springboard for my career, after great effort and dedication I've managed to build an image of myself in the advertising industry. I was chosen to kenwood-girl, was the image of Gillete for the magazine "Vive Fútbol" and I was the model for the 2009 calendar of ACE DELCO in Argentina.

FM Entretenimiento

decided to continue my studies in one of the best theatrical schools in the city of Buenos Aires. I stayed there for 3 years, after several auditions, I became Model at the television station Fox Television. I'm back in Colombia since August 2011 in order to complete my studies. My goal is to become an anchorman.

I have various

job offers, one of it for a program in Miami which will soon go on air. I am a very quiet and very family person who enjoys its free time at home reading a good book. I really like good food, music, and I love the nature. I am very animalloving, especially dogs, of which I have four.


passionate about sports, especially cycling, roller skating, going to the gym, just everything that helps me to high energy. I think that the key to a harmonious life is to be clear to itself and the other. I'm very happy and I am grateful to my mother who gave me my life, and to God for all his blessings that he gives me every day.

Paula Restrepo

Juan Carlos Coronel
Juan Carlos Coronel presents his new work

<<De un Coronel a un Principe>> With this sense tribute, "Colonel"
Juan Carlos Coronel appreciate José José the prince of the Mexican song in an album that includes his biggest successes

FM Entretenimiento


his project became true in 2009, but the idea grew a while ago

in the head of Juan Carlos Coronel. At that time, when he made together with the producer Milton Salcedo the first test take of "El Triste", Coronel was still concerned with other projects (Superstición and Tesoros, both nominated for a Grammy) had to postpone his dream for a while. Yet in 2010, the record label of José José in Mexico heard of this test take, were very interested and asked Coronel to complete the project.

From the extensive repertoire of José José, there are selected 13 beautiful songs (Vamos a darnos tiempo, Cuidado, Mi vida, Voy a llenarte todo, Volcán / Gavilán o Paloma, Amnesia, El amor acaba, Mi niña, Me vas a echar de menos, 40 y 20, Lo dudo, La nave del olvido, El triste y Voy a llenarte toda). Again the producer Milton Salcedo with its team did the arrangement for all the songs preserving the extract of originals, but bringing to the sound of today.

For the recordings were summoned big musicians, among others: Manny López, Lee Levin, Teddie Mullet, Pedro Alfonso, Dan Warner and several symphonic musicians of the Orchestras of Miami and Los Angeles. In September 2011, the DVD for Mexico was recorded in the historically Troya, a place of big importance for the career of José José, who was invited to this recording and who in press conference said to the media of the country, that in the homage that had done for him, he had the feeling that this was the one in which he has found his interpretive quality, and he was auguring the success of this homage, calling repeatedly Juan Carlos Coronel as the one who has fulfilled the generational change. They embody special recordings in December in Colombia in one of the most spectacular stages of the country with lights, sound and video of last generation in high definition.

Today, after four years of work and perfectionism, we are

glad to present you the popular and all-round singer Juan Carlos Coronel with for us all the most sensual homage to José José: “De un Coronel a un Principe”.

The repertoire of this work contains: La neva del olvido, Vamos a darnos tiempo, Ciudado, Mi vida, Voy a llamarte toda, Volcá (Gavilán o paloma), Amnesia, El amor acaba, Mi niña, Me vas a echar de menos, 40 y 20, Lo dudo y El triste.
Follow Juan Carlos Coronel

FM Entretenimiento

Bellydance in Manizales

Last August 4, in the city of Manizales, the group of Bellydance presented themselves in an event that assembled the worldwide best rhythms with the eye-catcher in the artistic part of EMSA Villavicencio, seven beautiful ballerinas: Paola Garzón, Margarita Franco, Katerine Idalgo, Milena Mendez, Martha Aparicio, Johana Barrero, Biviana Guavita.
Thanks to all the persons who made possible this event full of energy, sensuality, good rhythm and much oriental magic.

Congratulations to the beautiful ballerinas!.

Laura Velez

Age: 5 Years Size: 4 Size of shoe: 27/28 Height:109 cm. Agent: Erick de los Rios Contact: 3143554290


aura is a girl who began at the age of two years with the modeling. Her first competition was Baby Expo in Medellin that she won twice in two consecutive years.


he was the image of various companies, including the Tesoro shopping mall and other public companies in Medellin. Her last photo shoot was in mid-June 2012 with the company St Even (underwear and sports). On 5th, 6th and 7th of July, she was in Bogota in a contest for child models, in which she won the title and was able to attend a casting for a short film for which she is about to start work every first Saturday of each month in Bogota to start the project .. She is currently nominated for Miss Chiquitica Medellin; the coronation will take place at an evening event at Saturday 3rd of August. In January she will travel to Pereira to the contest "Miss Chiquitica Colombia" to qualify for a trip to the Dominican Republic to represent Colombia.

Since then she has made

several campaigns and has been in three versions of "Colombiamoda" with an outstanding performance on the catwalk

with her first reading and writing exercises when she was almost 3 years old, thanks to the constant visits in libraries she made ​with her mother.

Laura is a girl who started


he is perfectly working on the computer, and she is excellent in mathematics, a quality she has inherited from her father, who is a pure mathematician. She is in the first grade in the elementary school Salle Bello (Antioquia). On Saturdays, she plays football and on Fridays after school, she goes to the ballet class.

Uwe Ohlendorff

Part 1


French cuisine is one of the most important cultural heritage of Europe and of the world. It looks back on a century-long tradition at the beginning of the 19th Century, which culminates in the Haute Cuisine, the art of cooking and the ideal for the European nobility. To eat and to prepare food in France does not only mean to ingest something to eat; it is a ritual transmitted across all levels of the society and it is an essential part of the French culture. The French cuisine has invented the several course dinner and has developed it to compositions of pleasure at the highest level. Since 2010, the Haute Cuisine is the world intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. The French cuisine is very diverse and possible in many different variations. The following menus are only examples of possible combinations.

Hors d'oeuvres

Main course

Bisque Bisque is a creamy, spicy soup, classically prepared with a shellfish coulis from lobster, crab, shrimp or crawfish. It also can be added with roasted and pureed vegetables. Bisque is served traditionally in a low two-handled cup.

Coq au vin Coq au vin is a braised or boiled chicken with wine, bacon, mushrooms and garlic. Coq au vin is normally cooked with wine from Burgundy, but there are also variants with wine from regional vineyards. The chicken is marinated in wine sauted in fat and then simmered slowly. Other ingredients include bacon (salt pork), mushrooms or morels, onions and garlic, and spices like salt, pepper, thyme, parsley and bay leaf.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Montmartre, Paris

Patisserie & Dessert

Hors d'oeuvres

Mousse au Chocolat Chocolate mousse is a classic French dessert of dark chocolate, egg, sugar and cream or butter. To prepare: melt gently bitter or dark chocolate, cream the egg yolks and sugar together until light, stir the cream and the melted chocolate and fold egg whites into the mixture. If you use butter instead of cream, you must add it directly to the molten chocolate. The mousse can be served after several hours of cooling.

Velouté Velouté is a soup with Créme Fraîche and egg. There are several variants: Velouté d'asperges, Asparagus Créme Soup Velouté de celeri, Celery Créme Soup Veloute de champignons, Mushroom Créme Soup Velouté aux moules, oyster soup

Patisserie & Dessert

Plat principal

Steak au Poivre Steak au Poivre or Pepper steak is a filet mignon traditionally coated with peppercorns. The peppercorns form a crust on the steak and so arise a pungent counterpoint that completes the rich flavor of the steak. The steak is typically sauted in a hot pan with a little oil and butter.

Crème Brûlée Crème Brûlée is a dessert of vanilla pudding with a coat of hard caramel. It is usually served cold. Other variants are a pudding with lemon or orange, rosemary, chocolate, coffee, liquor, green tea, pistachio nut, coconut and other fruits.

Ile-de-France In the capital district of Paris are all specialties of the country represented.



Tarte flambé Tarte flambé is a very thin dough (yeast or leaven), raw onions, bacon and sour cream or créme fraîche, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, which is cooked with strong heat for a short time in the stove.

Comté cheese Comté is a raw milk cheese. It is already produced since 1000 years in the region of the same name. The cheese was for the rural population a secure food for the long and very snowy winter.



Quiche Quiche is a cake with a spicy paste ​of eggs and milk, regionally also with cheese and onions.

Quenelle Quenelle is a mixture of fish cream, chicken or meat, sometimes combined with breadcrumbs and egg white. It also can be served vegetarian. It is usually poached.

Molino de la Galette, a mill in Montmartre, Paris

Photography: ISAURA CD

Cathedral Notre-Dame, Paris

Photography: ISAURA CD

Palace garden Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Photography: ISAURA CD

Juan David Duran

City: Medellín - Colombia Agent: Erick De Los Ríos Contact: 3143554290

«In my childhood I wanted to be a doctor. When I was 15, it happened that a model representative in Medellin spoke to me and asked me if I would like to participate in the model competition "Expo Model Youth 2010", I thought about a long time and finally I decided to participate. At the end of the event, they chose me at the 1st place. This contest was a great honor for me and my family, especially since I have no experience with the media».

«After this great opportunity that God has given to me, I modeled for a fashion brand. I introduced myself to the best agencies in Medellin and they accepted me. Now I am 17 years old and stay in the modeling industry. Thank God it works super well with me, I was at last on July 26, 2012 in one of the most important fashion shows in Medellin, "Fashion for the World 2012". My mission and my vision is to be one of the models on the catwalks and, with the support and the opportunity which offer me this magazine, to come for the first time into the mass media, such as television, magazines, etc. The agent Erick De Los Rios has inspired me to participate.»

Contact: Walter Saldarriaga 301 6074755 Medellín - Colombia


ndrea lfonso

Height: 1,67

Age: 21 Years Skin: Brownish Hair: Black Agent : Erick De Los Ríos Contact: 3143554290 Bogota - Colombia

«I am a young woman with experience in fashion design and in dancing. I have practical experience in event promotion and in the protocol in various agencies.»

The Colors (part 1)
In the view of Feng Shui, every color contains energy, feminine or masculine, passive or active, sedative or energetic. That's why to use the colors in a wise manner which will allow creating favorable ambiences in any location. YIN COLORS Pink Blue Black Beige Tone of Madeira Tone of Tierra YANG COLORS Red Green White Yellow Orange Purple

There are physiological and psychological effects needed to achieve the the most suitable sensations. Since we are able to create rooms we can give the feeling of spaciousness as well as warmth, harmony, tranquility and well-being. The colors don't may bring us tension nor stress. There is a color for each location and for each goal.

Each color evokes a different and unique feeling and sensation. The color has a magic that, depending of its use, brings its owners benefit or harm. Next a brief description of the colors and emotions.

YELLOW: Is associated with a long life. The longevity is

represented by these vibrant colors. We also relate intelligence, optimism and happiness with that color. It is suitable for large rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and some areas of the house where the family use to spend special moments together.

BLUE: Is a color that inspires calmness, serenity, harmony and

internalization. It is also associated with solitude, coldness and seriousness. You can use this color for study rooms, waiting rooms in clinics and beauty salons. It is a color that inhibits the appetite, so it is not useful to place it in kitchens, dining rooms or restaurants.


Is a color that symbolizes strength and character, and which at first glance is taken visually in our brain. It represents blood, sexuality, prohibition, war, love, hate, danger, desire, creativity and risk, among others. It has a special characteristic, can increase the cardiac rhythm and stimulates the flow of chi, the Chinese term for vital energy. It can generate aggression, anxiety or nervousness. Small stimuli can also help depressed people. It is a universal symbol for danger. It is not advisable to use them at home as a solid light, rather as light objects that can be removed at any time.

Por: Michelle Huestik

Makeup depending on
skin tone
Base depending on skin type
* The complexion will be proofed with the help of a

magnifying mirror, so you can determine which areas of your face you should conceal and which ones you should accent. * Another way to find out what tone is appropriate, is to test the tone in the middle of the cheek bone.

Cinnamon skin
• Use tones in blue-yellow as basis to avoid the ash-gray appearance. • If the chin and the eyebrows are very dark, use lighter colors on the cheeks. • Use all colors except the ash-colored ones. • The best shades are the hot colors. • Black eyeliner is perfect • If you take bright colors, there are perfect gold, cream and yellow tones. • This type of skin with pigment needs a lot of color.
Modelo: Natalia Calvo

Intense should be the tone.
• Lipsticks in soft colors.

Brownish skin
• For a clear swarthy skin, you should take yellow tint and avoid pink tones. • At night, you should use lavender drops, which creates a warming effect. • Imperfections in the nose and dark circles under the eyes can be corrected with yellow powder. • For shadows, take brown, terra and toast, or even soft peach (moderate) or pink with a little brown (not red). • For the day, the eyeliner or the mascara should be brown or light gray, and eyebrow pencil should be light brown. • At night use a black mascara and eyebrow pencil in medium coffee color. • Orange looks good on the lips, but in case of pigmentation with a touch of brown.

white skin
• White skin is a beautiful natural canvas that is convenient for all colors. • Use tones of gray, brown, green, blue, smoke, terra, beige, and black to accent blue eyes. • You can take a wide range of colors for light-colored eyes. • Don't use dark colors for your eyebrows.

Dark brown skin
• You always look good with the shade of sand, orange, ocher, and generally all the earthy tones. • To get a nice contrast to the skin, the colors for the eyes and cheekbones should be strong. • The darker the hair, the more!.