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Douglas A. Grandt 3885 Oakes Drive Hayward, CA 94542 September 26, 2012 Mr.

Rex Tillerson CEO & Board Chairman Exxon Mobil Corporation 5959 Las Colinas Boulevard Irving, Texas 75039 Re: Do Something for Kids -- Stop the Climate Emergency Dear Rex, Monday, I told you a true story about my friend’s father who is very ill with West Nile Encephalitis. The lack of a prognosis is not good. Long term, the solution is to turn back climate change -- but how? Experts agree that it will be up to people like you and me to take the necessary steps to shift the direction we are heading as a society to a carbon-free energy paradigm. The average person just does not have the will to do it, nor is our government capable of quickly changing harmful policies. I know you have children who are of childbearing age, and if you don’t already have grandkids, you will very soon. Are you prepared to look them in the eyes and tell them what you are doing to assure that they will have a life free from fear and anxiety, not to mention the real, bad impacts of climate change? Do you expect your progeny to adapt to the horrors that we are seeing escalate with our very own eyes? What is your legacy? Please assess whether your heart and values are truly guiding what you do in business. For humanity, Doug Grandt