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Sept 2012

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Ancient Greek Culture in Art
The first and second grade students have been studying Ancient Greek Culture in art class. They started off by learning about the Olympics and Greek Mythology and wrapped up this unit by focusing on the architecture of the Parthenon. Students chose a column from one of the three classical orders and posed like statues. Students then collaged their photos onto the pediment of their special buildings.

Message from the Principal
The New School Year is Here!  Huzzaah! As the new Principal of March Elementary school, I welcome everyone to be a supporter of and participant in the academic enterprise that we are embarking on as a community effort.  As my Open House Message underscored, I will endeavor to work with all of our teachers and students this year to make it the most memorable one to date. I am a firm believer in the transformative power of education to form minds and thus change lives.  Thoughts lead to Words. Words incite Deeds. Deeds lead to Habits. Habits form Character.  And Character.....determines Destiny.  If the goal is for happiness and fulfillment--What are we to make of it? Let us strive to work together this year in such a way so as to create success--and make it so. Best Regards, Hector D. Bonilla Principal March Elementary School Fortitudine Vincimus

Box T ops Update: It’s Hip to Clip
Our Little Leopards are off to a great start collecting Box Tops for the 2012-2013 school year.  Last year our school earned over $1,331 and this year, we set a goal of $1,500.  The money earned through Box Tops will help to fund our FAME prizes. So don't forget to clip them off and bring them into school.     And as Dr. Seuss would say, ! t’s hip to clip so snip and share. You can find box tops everywhere. Cereals, yogurts, all the things that you eat. Check every box and every last treat! ! Clip with your mom. Clip with your dad. Clip with a teacher you once had. ! Paper, labels, and even on plastic. Box tops, box tops, they’re fantastic! ! Jump on board snip, tape, and bring to school. We’ll earn great things for FAME, isn’t that cool! ! So help our March School and we’ll go far Oh the things you will earn with a FAME star!

Little Leopards Leap into Learning Over the Summer!

Congratulations to our kindergarten, first, and second grade students that completed their summer packets.  They worked on fun reading and math activities all summer long!   Each student was rewarded with a school supply gift bag and a special book to add to their own personal library.   As you can see, our Little Leopards are ready to "Take Off" this year!

Looking forward to another year!
Our Little Leopard school community is looking forward to continuing the FAMEtastic alliance build with the EAHS ambassadors and Channel 69ʼs Sports Director, Troy Hein. Many literacy project and events are being planned for this coming school year. A special thank you to Ms. Jeannine Capecci, the coordinator of the EAHS ambassadors program for her dedication and support with this school wide project for our students.

F.A. March Open House
Mr. Bonilla welcomed the F.A. March students and their parents to Open House on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Many students came to introduce their teacher to their parents and show off their books, beginning school work, and organized desks. The students were invited to visit with all of their teachers, PTA, Family Connections, and support staff. It was a great beginning to the 2012-2013 school year.

4th Grade Open House Letters
In Mrs. Maczkoʼs 4th grade class, students wrote letters to their parents for Open House about what they want to achieve this year. Below are two student letters:

Dear Mom, I like 4th grade because we get to play an instrument and get to be in safety patrol and tell other students to be safe. We get recess early and we also get lunch early. It is also fun to have lockers. We get to draw the cover of the school yearbook. 4th grade gets assemblies that are only for 4th grade. 4th grade is AWESOME!! Sincerely, Manrit

Dear Mom, So far in fourth grade I learned about place value. I also learned how to spell new words. I am looking forward to playing clarinet. I also hope to get into Leopard Council. I want to get better at reading. I am also looking forward to doing the announcements and being on safety patrol. I also have an awesome teacher! Sincerely, Lyla

Oh the PlacesYou’ll Go!!
This year FAME theme is Dr. Seussʼs “Oh the Places Youʼll Go!” It will be integrated into activities throughout the year. It can already been seen throughout the school and in classrooms.

Look here for more pictures and stories about our theme

2nd Grade Seuss Characters
At the start of the year, second graders read various Dr. Seuss books to introduce our school wide theme, "Oh, the Places You Will Go".   The students looked at the character traits of certain characters within those books and chose which character was most like themselves.  Mrs. Lasloʼs class created Venn Diagrams and took a picture with the Dr. Seuss character most like themselves.

Mrs. Rodriguesʼ Class Creates Seuss Characters

By Mrs. Rodriguesʼ Sneeches (Gracie, Mason, Cole, Jaiden, Hannah, Linus, Sadie, and Rose)

In Mrs. Rodriguesʼ classroom, we worked on comparing and contrasting to learn about character traits. Character traits are ways we can describe someone. We started by describing some of our favorite Dr. Seussʼ characters, then we described ourselves. We used a venn diagram to write everything down. After that, we put aside what was different, and took the character traits that were similar and created new characters out of colored paper. Some of them were 3-D! Then we described the new characters in speech bubbles. We had so much fun!!! 

Fresh Fruit and Veggie Program
FFVP- you may say “what is that?” It is the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) that is being implemented at F.A. March Elementary School. Three days a week students will have the chance to experience different fruits and vegetables such as the common watermelon and oranges to not the so common Jicama sticks and red bananas. This is a great opportunity for kids to expand their diet and learn to eat healthy.

Summer Reading

Fourth Grade student, Owen, participated in Bonnieʼs 3rd Grade Cabbage Program. Last year all third grade students took home a cabbage plant donated by Bonnie Plants. Students were challenged to plant the cabbage, care for it, and measure its growth. When students returned to school this year, they were asked to submit a photo of their cabbage to their third grade teacher. The photo will then be passed along to Bonnie Plants. As part of the program, Bonnie Plants awards a $1,000 scholarship to one student in each state. Good luck Owen and continue to Make Yourself Proud! For more information on how to bring this wonderful program into your classroom, check out Bonnie Plants at

Hoping to encourage a love for summer reading, Miss Ely and Mrs. Costello invited their third grade students to visit with them each week at the Easton Area Public Library. The students read to their teachers, received assistance finding interesting books, and kept in touch with their teachers throughout the summer months. It was an enjoyable experience for both the teachers and students.

Bonnie Cabbage Program

Staff Interviews
Each month different staff members will be interviewed by 3rd and 4th grade students. The students will develop the question with help from teachers. This months interviews are of the Office Staff and were done by 4th Grade Enrichment.
Interview with Mrs. Thomas by Jimmy and Sophia

Staff Interviews
Interview with Mrs. Ramirez by Jordan and Nate 1. What did you do before coming to F.A. March Elementary? Mrs. Ramirez was at the 5/6 Middle School before coming to F.A. March. 2. What are three things you like about F.A. March Elementary? Mrs. Ramirez loves her co-workers, students and parents. 3. What are your hobbies? Mrs. Ramirez hobbies are dancing, reading, spending time with her family and traveling. 4. Do you have pets? She has a dog named Lucy. 5. Describe the best place you have ever visited. The best place she has every visited is Uruguay in South America where she grew up and Spain where her parents are from. 6. What is your favorite book and why? Her favorite book is My Sisters Keeper because it reminds her of a close friend in elementary school. 7. If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why? Mrs. Ramirez would be one of The Flinstone characters.

1. What did you do before coming to F.A. March Elementary? Mrs. Thomas worked in a nursing home for people with disabilities. She did crafts, sang songs and did exercises with the people. 2. What are three things you like about F.A. March Elementary? Mrs. Thomas likes the staff, students and working with Mrs. Ramirez in the office. 3. What are your hobbies? Mrs. Thomas likes to do crafts, arrange flowers and making ceramics. She also likes to travel and enjoys swimming. 4. Do you have pets? She has 2 dogs. They are both seeing eye dogs. One worked for four years, but the other one had a hard time. 5. Describe the best place you have ever visited. She admitted that London, England was a great vacation spot! 6. What is your favorite book and why? Mrs. Thomas does not really read a lot of books, but loves to read magazines. She has read a few biographies, but does not have a favorite. 7. If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why? Mrs. Thomas would be Snoopy because he is a dog and people don’t know what dogs are really thinking. She would be Spoopy so she wouldn’t have to worry about people misinterpreting her and so she could sleep on the roof of the dog house and look at the stars.

Staff Interview Cont.
Interview with Mr. Bonilla by Marcial, Zack and Maxwell 1.What did you do before coming to F.A. March Elementary? Mr. Bonilla was the Assistant Principal at Paxinosa Elementary prior to coming to F.A. March Elementary. Before that he taught eight grade history at the Middle School. 2. What are three things you like about F.A. March Elementary? Mr. Bonilla likes the F.A. March teachers and staff, building and the neighborhood. 3. What are your hobbies? In his free time, Mr. Bonilla likes to read, watch Monday Night Football and the arts. His favorite football team is the San Francisco 49ers, but always roots for the hometown Eagles. 4. Do you have pets? Mr. Bonilla has 2 cats named Sammy and Samaria. 5. Describe the best place you have ever visited. The Grand Canyon at 1,000 feet. 6. What is your favorite book and why? Mr. Bonilla likes many different books. His favorite children’s book is Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. HIs favorite adult book is Shogun and his favorite book overall is the Book of Job. 7. If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why? Mr. Bonilla Would be Roger Rabbit because he is married to Jessica. If he had a second choice it would be Swamp Thing because he is not just a super hero, but a force of nature

Welcome to New Staff
This year we have a few new faces in the building. We would like to welcome. Mrs. Waas 2nd Grade Mrs. Orwan 3rd Grade Mrs. Maczko 4th Grade Mr. McMillian 4th Grade Miss Williams Music Mr. Dufor Gym Mrs. Joseph Art Miss Woodland Art

Mrs. Pasquel Title I Mrs. Danyi ESL

Up Coming Events
Oct 3 - $2.00 Bookstore Oct 8 and 9 - NO SCHOOL Oct 16 - Picture Day Oct 23 - Oct 26 - Scholastic Book fair October - Visit from local Firefighters


Nov 14 -20 - Conference Week Nov 21 - Early Dismissal

Begins Wednesday October 3, 2012 *During lunch *All books $2 *1 book/per student

*Held every 1st Wed. of each month


Parents, Would you like to volunteer to help? Please contact: Mrs. Petrignani: Mrs. Pasquel:

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Compiled By: M. Kinney and C. Kordek

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