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To: Leadership of North America and World Divisions From: Michigan Conference and Lake Union Conference Date: September 12, 2012 Recently the Michigan Conference sent a letter to their pastors outlining the history and processes regarding Samuel Koranteng-Pipim’s termination from ministry. (Pipim was the director of Michigan Conference’s “Campus,” a secular campus ministry, and instrumental in the formation of GYC or Generation of Youth for Christ). Below is an abbreviated joint release from the Michigan Conference and the Lake Union Conference intended for wider distribution to church leadership. For over a year the Michigan Conference has been processing the moral fall of Samuel Pipim. In May of last year, the Michigan Conference Executive Committee accepted Pipim’s resignation and terminated his employment according to policy. The Lake Union Executive Committee subsequently received and acted on a Michigan Conference recommendation to rescind his ordination. In addition, Samuel Pipim’s local church voted discipline by the removal of his membership. Samuel was further counseled by the Michigan Conference administration that he should focus on a long-term spiritual recovery. He was admonished to not engage in public ministry such as speaking and in particular the writing of his proposed book the “Wounded Eagle.” Since that time Pipim has continued to take speaking appointments in North America and internationally, written a book entitled, “Six More Chances” and has been active in online and social media ministry. Additionally, as Pipim and his local church moved toward his rebaptism, evidence emerged that his moral failures have not been limited to the one event for which he was disciplined. Appropriately, the rebaptism was cancelled and further investigation into Pipim's past misconduct ensued. Because of our expanded knowledge of Pipim's moral failures we strongly advise our colleagues, in and beyond our territory, to not support Samuel Pipim’s ministry such as speaking invitations, the use of his materials or any ministry activity. We feel these limitations are important for the physical and spiritual safety of church members and also vital to best facilitate his own spiritual/moral recovery. We pray this notification will be useful should anyone in your field of responsibility consider inviting Dr. Pipim for any speaking or leadership event.