From the people of Egypt to Morsi and the Brotherhood: You Will Not Steal Our Revolution

Friday September 21, 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood thought that it controlled the apparatuses of the state, from the government, universities, and trade unions to the nationalist newspapers and television, and beyond that the army, the police, and the Constitutional Constituent Assembly. They have tried to reproduce the regime of Mubarak by reconciling with the businessmen, who for years stole the wealth of the nation, drowning us in exorbitant debts and interest to the International Monetary Fund. They have operated under the delusion that they were capable of deceiving the people with their illusions, lies and peripheral controversies?. But then came hundreds of strikes, occupations, and demonstrations during the past few days, in which millions of Egyptians participated from all different sectors to cast a blow straight at the heart of the Muslim Brotherhood's illusions, screaming to their faces - we will not leave you to steal our revolution and we will not compromise on our goals of bread, freedom, social justice, and human dignity. From the public transportation workers, teachers and doctors to the university workers, students, and Petrojet employees, from Kafr al Dawwar textiles, the airport and metro workers to the taxi and microbus drivers, the street vendors, the laid off and temporary employees demanding secure employment and many others, even including the soldiers and non-commissioned officers of the army...They have come out in raging waves, dozens and hundreds and thousands, demanding the rights forbidden them for years, the rights that Morsi promised to begin implementing in the first hundred days after he came to power. But on the contrary, his policies have followed in the footsteps of the former regime, hostile to the poor, from the workers and farmers, upon whom he set the fist of security to drag women along the ground and arrest protesters, attacking demonstrators, occupying Tahrir Square, and killing the youth in Mit Ghamr and Mahalla. But we have learned during our ongoing revolution strategic patience and diversity in the forms of protest in order to achieve our goals. We have seen a progressive escalation in the general transport strike,hunger strikes by teachers and junior doctors, and marches to the cabinet, the presidential palace, and the Constitutional Assembly. We have seen the Salafi worker, when it’s strike time, taking sides with his fellow workers, exposing the face of power doing back room deals with religion. We assert the support and participation of the Revolutionary Socialists in all forms of struggle to attain the rights denied to the people. We have every confidence that the social revolution is absolutely capable of returning these rights to their future owners. We call upon all dedicated revolutionaries to join ranks behind a unified revolutionary front adopting the demands and goals of the revolution, principally among them: First: To begin on the following steps on the path to achieve social justice: The setting of a minimum wage and living allowance not less than 1500 Egyptian pounds and a maximum wage not exceeding ten times this amount.

Disbursements of temporary assistance for the unemployed based upon progressive taxation by income bracket Raising the exemption limit to include younger workers, employees, and farmers A halt to the infamous processes of privatization and the re-nationalisation of the companies that were sold in corrupt deals by court ruling. The imposing of price constraints on basic commodities The doubling of subsidies in the state budget for the benefit of workers and those with low income. Secondly: The refusal to send out security forces to kill the revolutionaries and a retrial of those responsible for the blood of the martyrs and the injured from January 25, 2011 up to the present day. Thirdly: The release of all detainees who were tried before military and exceptional courts Fourth: The reformation of the Constituent Constitutional Assembly to represent all social forces Long live the struggle of the Egyptian people toward bread, freedom, social justice, and human dignity. All power and wealth to the people. The Revolutionary Socialists September 22, 2012

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