Kainat-e-Ali Chair IEEE LUMS Student Chapter Phone +92-333-420-5050 13100099@lums.edu.


EVENT NAME TENTATIVE DATE(S) ROLE OF IEEE LUMS Celebrating Electrical Engineering @ LUMS SBASSE Last week of September During the first Executive Council meeting of IEEE LUMS, an idea was brought up that first batch’s passing out and accreditation by PEC should be celebrated, not among the students only, but along with the faculty that worked tirelessly to achieve this success. As IEEE is the sole society in LUMS that covers the domain of activities related to Electrical Engineering, we would be honored to organize an event for the celebration. IEEE LUMS Student Chapter will be responsible for the arrangements of the event, logistical requirements being fulfilled, provision of student volunteers required for a smooth run event. The event will be approved from ECA and other LUMS admin staff by the society. WHY HAVING IT? The event is supposed to be a celebration for the entire LUMS community and especially for the people related to EE department. The event addresses to 2 main achievements: 1) Accreditation of SBASSE’s EE program from PEC. 2) Passing out of first batch of SBASSE. The event will be held in honor of all those members of faculty and staff who worked their days and nights off for achieving this success in a perfect manner. WHAT THE EVENT IS? The event will include following things:       Small talks by the people who worked for all this achievement. Small talks by EE graduate students sharing their experience of EE at LUMS, and their views of job markets and higher studies. Role and achievements of IEEE in LUMS in respect of their moto: Advancing Technology for Humanity. A cake cutting ceremony. Group Photos. Refreshments & Hi-Tea.


cake-cutting ceremony). Hi-Tea for faculty members. Souvenirs/shields. décor. and all five batches of SBASSE. Ph. OPPOSITE SECTOR ‘U’. flexes. posters. standees. DHA. Apart from this. EXPECTED EXPENDITURE Funds will be needed for the following items:      Flyers. LAHORE – PAKISTAN. Refreshments (Drinks. Miscellaneous expenditures (Arrangements.000/- LAHORE UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (LUMS). Expected expenditure: PKR 30. Dean SBASSE. HoDs of all SBASSE departments and SBASSE advisory board. EE faculty members. all LUMS family will be welcome to attend the event. etc). backdrop. +92 42 3560 8000 .WHO WILL ATTEND? The invites will be given to LUMS VC.

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