The Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Multidimensional Golf Course Political Satire A Work of Fiction By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D.

, Esq., Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar President Bill Clinton (“BC”) and President George W. Bush (“GW”) are once again playing a round of multidimensional golf on the Mahoney Multidimsional Golf Course in Lincoln, Nebraska, on the Astral Plane, outside of space-time. BC and GW were on the 4th tee at Mahoney sizing up the hole. “I believe the honors are yours GW,” said BC. “Thanks, Bill, I appreciate that,”said GW as he teed up his golf ball and took his one iron out of his bag. “I didn’t know that you were an iron man,” said BC to GW. “Well, Bill, as my pappy always used to say, if you can’t do it with an iron, it isn’t worth doing.” Said GW. GW lined up his shot, drew back his club and swung through, smoothly, hitting the sweet spot.” “I think that I’m in heaven,” said GW, “I don’t see how else I could have hit the sweet spot.” “Are you in the Dao, GW?” asked BC. “Perhaps,” replied GW. “Say BC, as long as we are here I thought we would get down to it. Everyone says that you really aren’t a moderate, but are a Nazi, and that you will use your presidency to create a Nazi dictatorship.” Said GW. “I think that that is just a rumor.”said BC, “in fact, I have heard that you plan to use your presidency to create a communist dictatorship. In fact I was told the whole plan.” “Oh, really,” said GW, “tell me what this plan is, this is news to me,” as he watched BC tee off with his Driver. “Well, I can tell you one thing, it’s not that stale

Reagan plan to declare martial law after a fake invasion by communists from Nicaragua and Cuba by way of Mexico.” Said BC, “no it’s a little bit trickier than that. The idea is that you let terrorists blow up something like the World Trade Center in New York, and then you create a national panic over the terrorist organization, and say that Constitutional rights have to be suspended, and that people who are labeled “terrorist,” can be place in concentration camps without trial. You know that Catholic, Liberal

Democrats who support Social Justice will be your greatest opponents, so you have the FBI and CIA use a “profile” which says that Catholic Liberal Democrats are likely terrorist suspects and round them up, putting them in camps, prison, or psychiatric wards.”said BC “I don’t think that the American public would stand for that, “ said GW. “Well,” said BC, “maybe they won’t know, and maybe you don’t use Americans to get the job done. Remember, the Wall of Communism in eastern Europe is gone. There are a hell of a lot of KGB agents who were trained to go to American and spy who are now unemployed. All you have to do is tell them that you want them to come to the United States to spy for the CIA in the United States, saying that civil rights leaders, spiritual Catholics, and Catholic Liberal Democrats are all subversive political dissidents that must be eliminated. Since these KGB people don’t know anything about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, or Due Process of Law, it will seem perfectly normal to them.said BC, “and here is the best part, up until the very end, you can claim that you didn’t know anything about it, instead it was all a KGB plan, which, when brought to your attention you acted to stop by deporting the KGB agents back to Cuba and Russia.”

“Well,” said GW, “I still say that it is your fault. You gave me the idea.” “Perhaps,” Said BC, as he hit his second shot and landed the ball 3 feet from the cup. (to be continued).