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New York Unity PAC Releases First Post-Primary Polling: Shows McDonald Positioned to Win and Strong Support for State’s Freedom to Marry Law New York Unity PAC Pledges to Help McDonald Through His November Victory
September 27, 2012 – Today New York Unity PAC released the first publicly available post-primary polling data in New York’s 43rd Senate District showing Senator Roy McDonald in strong position to win in November. The poll of 300 likely voters was conducted by Voter / Consumer Research, the polling firm used by President George W. Bush and the 2004 Bush presidential campaign. In the 43rd Senate District, Roy McDonald has a clear lead:  Roy McDonald is very well known and very popular: 86% of the public know who he is, and give him strong positive ratings: o 49% favorable rating / 29% unfavorable rating o 54% approve of the job he is doing while only 26% disapprove  By comparison Marchione is reasonably known but controversial: 30% have a favorable impression of her but 29% have an unfavorable impression.  McDonald will almost certainly beat Marchione regardless of the ballot designations: o If McDonald runs on the Republican and Independence party lines he gets 47% of the vote against Marchione’s 25% on the Conservative line (17% for Andrews on the Democratic line). o If McDonald runs on the Independence line alone and Marchione runs on the Republican and Conservative lines he gets 45% against her 28% (18% for Andrews). In other words, virtually the same end result, regardless of the party designation.  Specifically, with McDonald on the Independence line and Marchione on the Conservative and Republican lines McDonald will get more Republican votes than Marchione (48% to her 42%).  In addition, McDonald does extremely well among Democrats, getting nearly half of the Democratic vote whether he is on the Republican and Independence lines ( 44% of Democrats vs. 40% for Andrews, Marchione only gets 5%) or only on the Independence line (48% McDonald, 42% Andrews, only 3% for Marchione).

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 There is little risk of Republicans losing the seat. o In a three way race, Robin Andrews stands nearly no chance of being elected, as she pulls no more than 18%. o If she were to exit the race, McDonald would stand to gain significantly, with his percentage increasing from 45% to 50%.  Governor Cuomo is extremely popular with voters of all parties, with a 76% favorable and only 17% unfavorable rating. Cuomo’s recent endorsement is likely to help McDonald significantly.  The district supports the freedom to marry law by a margin of nearly 2 to 1: (58% leave in place, 27% repeal). o Nearly half (48%) of all voters not only support the law but feel strongly that it should remain in place. o Among Republicans 47% want to keep the law while only 38% want to repeal. It is clear that the small percentage of voters who turned out in the primary were not representative of likely Republican voters generally. “Not only did Mark Grisanti and Steve Saland win their primaries, but Senator McDonald is also wellpositioned to win in November,” said Jeff Cook, Senior Advisor to New York Unity PAC. “New York Unity PAC is fully committed to making the independent expenditure investments necessary to ensure all three Republicans are victorious.” Cook continued, “The voters of the 43rd District have a clear choice between two Republicans in November – one who has worked faithfully with a commonsense Republican Senate Majority and Governor Cuomo to start to get Albany under control and one who pledges to stand in the way and return to the destructive politics that made things such a mess in the first place. They can select a successful businessman who fought for the largest middle class tax cut in more than 50 years, or a career bureaucrat who said she would have been the only Republican to vote no. And they can pick a thoughtful Senator who voted his conscience and knows New Yorkers are ready to move on, or a divisive figure who prioritizes preventing some citizens from marrying over solving our state’s economic challenges.” Cook concluded, “If Senator McDonald decides to move forward, we are committed to backing him because we need him as a member of the Republican Conference continuing to achieve real results for New Yorkers.” ### About New York Unity PAC – New York Unity PAC is an independent expenditure-only committee formed in July to defend pro-freedom Republican Senators Mark Grisanti, Roy McDonald and Steve Saland.