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INT. VISITOR CENTER - DAY Everyone sits down in a darkened amphitheater.

Hammond walks to the front and stands next to a screen with a Jurassic Park logo projected on to it. Another Hammond, this one in a dark double-breasted suit, appears in the video, walking out toward the screen. VIDEO HAMMOND Hello John. HAMMOND Oh, I have lines. He fumbles in his front pocket and pulls out a stack of notecards. VIDEO HAMMOND Yes fine, thank you. HAMMOND How did you get up there, John? VIDEO HAMMOND Well to explain that first Ill need a little bit of your blood. Hammond sticks out his finger and holds it in just the right position for video John to reach to one side and prick it. HAMMOND Owch! That hurt. Hammond holds his finger up in front of the screen until a little red tornado zips up out of the pin pick and becomes an animated character. HAMMOND (CONTD) Oh! Mr. DNA! Mr. DNA is a red double helix, coiled into a loose spring. He speaks with a Texans soft drawl. MR. DNA Howdy! Im here to tell you about the miracles of cloning! Yet another John pops up on screen next to Video John. CLONE JOHN Hello John.



CLONE JOHN #2 Hello John. CLONE JOHN #3 Hello John. Grant, Malcolm and Sattler lean in conspiratorially. MALCOLM But how would you get a complete sequence? GRANT Theres never been more than sequence fragments from bone marrow samples... SATTLER Where do you get 100 million year old dinosaur DNA? Mr. DNA helpfully obliges. MR. DNA Hundreds of millions of years ago there were mosquitos... just like today! A crude cartoon begins, with a mosquito buzzing about. MR. DNA (CONTD) Mosquitos would feed on the blood of dino-sawrs. Sometimes a mosquito would land on a tree... The footage becomes live action nature photography of a mosquito getting stuck in sap. MR. DNA (CONTD) ... And get stuck in the sap! An animated scientist with a pickaxe Mr. Drillers into the ground, finally arriving at a chunk of gold stone set on a pedestal. MR. DNA (CONTD) The sap would harden and in a few million years would become what paleontologists call amber. (MORE)

3. MR. DNA (CONTD) Scientists at Jurassic Park carefully extract the blood from the amber. Technicians in white lab suits drill into a chunk of amber. A thin needle is stuck down the borehole into the mosquitos abdomen. Mr. DNA is backed by a swarming stream of genetic sequencing letters. Manic music begins to play as sequences rush by like speeding cars. MR. DNA (CONTD) DNA is like a code made up of billions of letters. So many, in fact, that if you watched this screen every second it would take ten years to see the entire code. Mr. DNA is hit by a speeding sequence of nucleotides. Whoooa. MR. DNA (CONTD)

The screen turns live action again, this time featuring scientists wearing special VR headsets and gloves, manipulating DNA sequences on a computer screen. MR. DNA (CONTD) Using soph-fist-icated techniques Jurassic Park scientists look for the gaps in the DNA chain. A white outline of a frog appears, Mr. DNA grabs a chunk from the outline and takes it over to a double helix strip with a gap in it. MR. DNA (CONTD) Using the DNA of a frog we fill the holes... in the... He struggles to squeeze the DNA into the gap. It falls into place and he exhales, tired. ... code! MR. DNA (CONTD)

A technician holds up a needle full of purple fluid. MR. DNA (CONTD) Bingo! Dino D N A. And with that we can make a little baby dino-sawr.

4. An egg hatches, revealing a tiny little neck, which quickly grows until its a giant stomping diplodocus, stones shaking as it marches off. The video stops. HAMMOND And of course this is all temporary. The final score will be much bigger, THRUM PUM BUM BUM. He presses a button on a remote control and roller-coaster seat guards drop on to everyones lap. HAMMOND (CONTD) And the tour moves up from there. The entire room rotates revealing a bustling lab behind an immense window. GENNARO This is all very impressive John. Are these scientists... are they... auto-autoerotica? HAMMOND Animatronic. No, there not animatronic. These are the real miracle workers of Jurassic Park. The room keeps rotating, turning them away from the laboratory. GRANT Well, wait a second! What about egg fertilization? SATTLER How do you interrupt cellular mitosis? GRANT Cant you stop this thing? Hammond looks flustered. HAMMOND Sorry... its kind of a ride. Malcolm looks at Grant and Sattler, then leads a quiet countdown. 3... 2... MALCOLM

5. Together they push up against the restraints, forcing the whole bar off of their laps. GENNARO They cant...! The walk past and out of the amphitheater. GENNARO (CONTD) You cant...! Gennaro looks to Hammond. GENNARO (CONTD) Did they just...?