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HISTORY Volume42 2007 Editors JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY Richard Evans J. NiallFerguson Stanley Payne .

ARTHUR MARWICK 29 February 1936 .27 September 2006 .

RICHARDSTEIGMANN-GALL'S HOLYREICH THE Richard Evans J. Christianity Stowers Stanley The Concepts of 'Religion'. Bergen Nazism and Christianity: Partners and Rivals?A Response to Richard Steigmann-Gall. Manfred Gailus A A Strange Obsession with Nazi Christianity: Critical Comment on Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich Ernst Piper Steigmann-Gall.HISTORY C ON T E N T S DISCUSSION FORUM.The Holy Reich Hexham Irving Inventing'Paganists': A Close Reading of Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich OF JOURNAL CONTEMPORAR 5 9 25 35 47 59 VOLUME 42 NUMBER I JANUARY 2007 .Nazi Conceptionsof 1919-1945 Christianity. 'Political Religion' and the Study of Nazism DorisL. and Political Religion:A Debate Nazism.The Holy Reich.

Had ItSo Good. . derAvantgarde Traditionalismus. Site-wide access to thefull textformembers subscribing of institutions. 1936 KenYoung US 'Atomic Capability' and the BritishForward Bases in the Early Cold War REVIEW ARTICLES McGarry Fearghal Ireland Revisited Twentieth-century Diarmaid The 1900-2000 Ferriter. patriota sfid6 decadenza. 1939-2000 Adventures Britannia. RogerLouis(ed. . History Britain Suezto of from theBeatles Noteson Contributors eacharticle follow ABSTRACTS 171 Visithttp://jch.Ireland. Politics Culture and A Dominic Never Sandbrook.sagepub.Marinetti 1929-1944 nuovo dell'uomo fascista. T.ARTICLES Nuno LuisMadureira Cartelization and Corporatism: Bureaucratic Rule in Authoritarian 79 Portugal. Jones (eds). Transformation ofIreland VII Hill 192 of J. im Die radikalen Futuristenitalienischen Faschismus 1919 bis 1931 von che F. 137 97 117 149 Lowe Rodney Life Begins in the Seventies? Writingand Rewritingthe Historyof Postwar Britain 161 I A Companion Contemporary PaulAddison and Harriet to Britain.R.). with Freeaccess to table of contents and abstracts. YetMore Personalities.A NewHistory Ireland. 1926-45 Ruiz Julius Defendingthe Republic:The Garcia Atadell Brigade in Madrid. 1-1984 Gonter Berghaus New Research on Futurismand its Relations with the Fascist Regime zum Von Patricia Chiantera-Stutte. (ed.). e I'idea Un la MarjaHirmanmaa.