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Getting to know the Platform

About the Platform

Brian Baldwin Platform Co-Chair| IFAD

Platform Dialogue 7th June 2012 // Stockholm

Membership Formed in 2003 34 member organisations Common vision: ARD is central to poverty reduction Objective: enhancing the quality of development assistance in ARD Conviction: need for coordinated global approach Networking for partnership and knowledge

The Growth of Knowledge

Thematic areas


KX Tools

Workplan 2012 Thematic Areas

Aid/Development Effectiveness/Results Agriculture Research and Development CAADP Climate Change/Resilience in Agriculture Gender Equity (and Youth) Nutrition in Agriculture Pastoralism/Livestock Post-Harvest Losses

Strategic Plan 2012-14

Inter-member knowledge exchange effective advocacy for aid delivery


Knowledge Exchange

Scattered ARD knowledge Avoid duplication Better uptake of best practices Pointing to sources information Providing a space for interaction between policymakers and practitioners


Potential of ARD to reduce poverty poorly understood and underestimated Generating and promoting common messages Raise profile of ARD in various fora

Recent activities (2011/12)

ARD Day and COP 17 in Durban High-level Forum 4 in Busan Annual General Assembly in Berlin Launch of PKP3 on the strategic role of the private sector in Rome

Ongoing activities

Examples Synthesis paper on agricultural research prioritisation Reporting on ARD-related events at Rio Expanding use of current knowledgeexchange technology

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