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WHer Do you NEEDro createa breathtakingbouquetlike the one on the coverof this book? Justthreethings.First of all, the material for flowers: gum paste,either madefrom a mix or the recipe. Next, your set of specially shaped cuttersand tools. With these, fashioninga flower is almost as easyas cutting out cookies. Last, and most important- your own two hands!As you progress through the lessonsof this book, you'll learn to know the feel of the gum paste,just how you can roll it to translucent thinnessand how to ruffle and furl the petals so they are nearly as beautiful as nature's own flowers. Tne New AND SIMPLIFIED method in this book makesflower-making simple,easyand fun. If you're a beginner,you'll make beautiful flowers in your very first lesson. If you've madeflowers before, try thesenew techniques. They're quicker and easierthan any others- and the results are breath-taking! confectioners'sugar.Knead for five minutes,gradually working in t/s cup of confectioners'sugar.Mixture shouldbe smoothand non-sticky. Use at once,or store at room temperature a tightly sealed in plastic bag in a coveredcontainer. Will keep for up to six weeks. If storing longer than one week, mixture shouldbe refrigerated. Yield: enoughfor 50 rosesor sugar.Now add remaining t/alb.of 100 daisies. sugar,kneadingwell until mixture is pliable, very elastic and slightly Wilton gum poste sticky. You may needmore sugarif recipe gum pasteis very sticky. t heaping Tablespoonglucose Yield: enoughfor 50 rosesor 100 daisies. Recipemay be doubled. 4 Tablespoonswarm water (or 3 Tablespoonswater plus 1 Tablespoonlemon juice or vinegar) Tips on gum poste mode from mix or recipe 1 TablespoonWilton Gurn-texw, gum tragacanth or gum Karaya Alweys sroRE in a tightly sealed plastic bag, then in a covered 1 pound confectioners' sltgar container.Gum pastewill keep up l. Placeglucoseand water in a to two weeksat room temperature. small saucepan over low heat. Stir If storing longer, refrigerate.Bring constantlyuntil mixture is just warm to room temperature before using. and well blended. To rw1 break off the approximate 2. Place Gum-texrMand 3l+lb. of the amountyou plan to use, apply a confectioners'sugarin a mixing little icing color with a toothpick, bowl. Stir to blend thoroughly.Make and kneadwith your fingers until a well in the centerand pour in the the color is evenly spread.Be glucose-water mixture. Mix well. It sparingwith the color - you can will be a soft consistency. always add more. 3. Placemixture into a plastic bag, Bnner oFF JUsr ENoucH gum scrapingout the last remnantswith a pasteto roll out. The amountwill spoon.Twist bag to close and secure be suggested the directionsfor in with a twist tie, then place in a individual flowers. Keep the coveredcontainer. Allow to rest remainderunder glassor wrapped 8 hours,or overnight at room tightly in plasticwrap as you work. temperature. not refrigerate. Do Scrapsleft over after you cut out the flowers can be kneadedback in. 4. Gum pastewill have solidified into a hard mass.Dust work surface Thereis no waste! and your handswith confectioners'

Wilton gum poste mlx
CovtsINB one pound of mix and r/+cup of water in a large bowl. Stir until well mixed. Dust your work surfacewith confectioners'sugar, turn out mixture on surfaceand kneadlike breaddough until mix is well worked in. Placein a tightly sealedplastic bag and let rest for 15 minutesat room temperature. Now rureD AGAIN. Turn out on surfacelightly dustedwith

How to roll out gum poste
1. Prepare a smooth work surface practice board, formica, plastic or glass. To make sure the gum paste does not stick while vou are

Whol other moteriols ore needed?
In addition to this book, cutters and tools, you will need these simple items. Some you will find in your own kitchen. Wernn AND MERTNGUEPowDER. This is the glue that holds parts of flowers together.Combine equal parts of meringue powder and water, such as I Tablespoonof each, to make an adhesive that holds securely. Suell ARTIST'SBRUSH.Use to apply water and chalk colors. Sunll DRINKTNG GLASS.place upside down on your work surface. Put unused gum paste and scraps under it to keep moist and pliable as you work. Sclssons to cut wire, floral tape. Srraell SeATULAto lift scraps and cut-out shapes.One with a pointed tip and bent blade is best. PesrB ICING coloR paste and icing. for tinting gum

Wilton Royol lcing
41lz teaspoons meringue powder 2 cups sifted confectioners' sugar 3 Tablespoons warm water Place all ingredients in small bowl of electric mixer. Blend at low speed,then turn speed to medium and beat seven to ten minutes or until light and fluffy. This icing dries very quickly, so keep bowl covered with a damp cloth while using. Store in tightlysealed container in the refrigerator for several months. Bring to room temperature and rebeat to re-use. Yield: lrlz cups, enough to pipe stamens on hundreds of flowers.

rolling, lightly coat work surface with white vegetable shortening. 2. Break off a piece of gum paste and knead again with your fingers. Knead in icing color until the tint is evenly distributed. Form into a ball about lr/2" in diameter. This is enough to make five daisies or sweet peas. Place on prepared work surface. Keep remaining gum paste under glass or wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. 3. Lightly roll out the gum pasre ball to about r/2" thickness. Pick up the piece, turn it over and give it a quarter turn on the work surface. Repeat this procedure two or three times as you roll the gum paste thinner and thinner. When you finish, the gum paste should be about '/ro" thick. The turning will make the rolled-out gum paste an even thickness throughout. Now you are ready to cut out the flowers and leaves.

CoRNsrencH. Used occasionally for drying large shapessuch as the tulip leaf. Spread a layer about r/2" deep in a pan. Use it also for ruffling some petals. Blocr oF 2" THICK sryRoFoAM. Stick stems of flowers and leaves into it to dry. PlesftC WRAPfor covering cut-out flower shapes to keep from drying. Royel tcltrtc and tube 1 or ls for piping stamenson some flowers. Srraell DECoRATINGBAG - or make your own from parchment paper. WRe. for stems on leaves and flowers. Use either stiff or fine wire. depending on weight of flower. A NnnoI-s NosE eLIERS is handy for forming hooks on wire stems. ARrmtcreL srAMENs. for centers of some flowers. NoN-roxIc PASTELCHALK. Stroke the color you need on a small piece of paper, then pick it up with your brush or grate through a tea strainer. Flonel TAPEfor wrapping stems.

Before you stort
Set out everything you need near your work surface. You'll be able to work quickly and easily, with no time lost looking for a forgotten tool. You'll find a list of all your needs at the beginning of the directions for making each flower. Read through the directions. Study the pictures. They are all actual size, and show you just how to form the flowers. Green gum paste is needed to finish almost all flowers. Tint a little gum paste green before you start to make flowers. Have fun! Flower making is easy and the results are beautiful.



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Here ore lhe FIORAL-ART culters ond simple lools you need to foshion lhe flowers shown in lhis bookond mony more. Florol-orl cullers qre versolile. Most ol lhem will shope severql different flowers.





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A dainty, airy little flower that makesa pretty trim for a cake or a Iovely spring arrangement.The apple blossomis one of the easiest flowersto make in gum paste.

You will need: Pink-tinted gum paste, a pieceabout7"x7"x1/2" Greengum paste Rollingpin AppLeblossomcutter Plastic wrap Thin foam squore Stich 1 Small gLass water of Artistb brush Tbelue6" lengths of thin fLorists'wire ArtificiaLstamens Decoratingbag or cone Royal icing tinted yellow and tube 1 Styrofoamblock 1. Make a tiny hook at one end of each wire. Roll out your gum paste to about r/1;"thick on greased surfaceas directedon page 3. Cut out six shapeswith the apple blossomcutter. Place one on a squareof thin foam. Cover the remaining shapeswith plastic wrap. 2. Cup petals by gently pressing the center of eachpetal with the

roundedend of stick 1. Hold stick upright and pressstraight down. 3. Break off a tiny piece of gum paste and roll betweenyour fingers to a ball about 7e"in diameter.(Dust your finger tips with cornstarchif necessary.) Dip hook of wire in water,shakeoff excess. Slide the ball onto the wire until the hook is buried in the ball. 4. Brush top of ball with water and gently pressflower onto it. 5. Cut about six artificial stamens to V+"Iength. Using tube 1 and yellow royal icing, pipe a ball in the center of the flower.Push in stamens,then stick stem of flower into styrofoam to dry. Mahe fiue moreflowers in assemblyline method. First cup all petals. Attach all flowersto wire stems (Steps 3 and 4). Add stamensto all. Your original piece of gum paste will make up to 50 appleblossoms.

{L with plastic wrap. Roll petal areas only with stick 1 to thin and lengthen them. Use the stick like a rolling pin. Do not roll centen 3. With thinned shape still on foam, pull the pointed end of the stick, held almost horizontally, gently from center to tip of each petal. Do not touch center area of flower. Set shape aside. 4. Thin a second cut-out daisy shape by rolling, just as you did the first. Pull stick on each petal, just as before. 5. Dip brush in water and paint center area of the daisy shape you have thinned last. Lay other daisy shape on it, making sure petals fall between petals of daisy shape below Press your finger in center of daisy. Petals will curve naturally. Dry about an hour. 6. Add a stem to your daisy. Roll a little piece of gum paste into a ball the size of a small pea. Dip the hooked end of the wire into water. Shake off excess. Working quickly,

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A fresh, summery flower done in two pieces-and almost as easyto make as the apple blossom.Make one completedaisy first-then make four more in assemblvline method. You will need: Untinted gum paste,a piece
xl1/2" x1/2" about 11/2"

push the plain end of the wire through the gum paste ball, until the hook is buried in the ball. Brush the top of the ball with water. Lay the daisy on the ball and presslightly on the center of the flower to attach. Work lower part of ball up to flower abovewith your fingers. Stick wire in styrofoam. 7. Dry overnight,then fill the center area of the daisy with tube 1 dots for stamens. Tb speedyour work, use an assembly-line method. Thin petals of each shape,then apply stick to petals of all. Join pairs of daisy shapeswith water and press to fluff and attach. Now add wire stems to all four daisies.If you handle the flowerscarefully so as not to loosen the stems,you may add the piped stamensimmediately,without waiting for the flower to dry. You will havespent lessthan two minutes per flower! As you progrcss, you will be able to do sevenor eight daisiesat a time.

RoLlingpin. and stick 1 Large daisy cutter Plastic wrap Thin foam square Small glass of water Artistb brush Stiff wire cut in 6" lengths, one end bent into a tiny hook Decorating bag or cone Tl"rbe1 and yellow royal icing Styrofoam block 1. Lightly grease work surface and lay gum paste on it. Roll out to /16" thickness.(Seepage 3.) Cut out ten shapes with the cutter. 2. Lay one shape on thin foam square. Cover remaining shapes

A big showy flower that's just a joy to create!Follow the steps-see how quickly the tulip goestogether! You will need: Tinted gum paste, a pieceabout llz"xllz"xlz" Rolling pin and stich 1 Th.Lip cutter Thin foarn square PLasticwrap Small glassof water and artistb brush Empty eggcarton, couercut off Cotton balls Stiff wire cut in three 9" pieces FloraL tape Small decoratingbag or parchment cone TU.bes and 1 and vellow 17 royal icing Artificial stamens 1. Roll out the gum paste on greasedsurface to about %0"thick. Cut out six shapeswith the tulip cutter. Place one shape on the thin foam square-cover remainder with plastic wrap. 2. Roll edgesof petals with stick 1 to thin, using the stick like a tiny rolling pin. Roll all around edgeof each petal, leaving center of petals and center of flower shape unrolled. This will give the flower strength. Set aside. Roll a second shape on thin foam the same way. 3. Brush center area of flower shape you havejust rolled with water. Lay the other rolled shape on it and gently press with your finger to attach. Make a tiny hole in center of flower with the pointed end of the stick. 4. Lay foam square on your palm, flower still lying on foam. Hold the end bf the rolling pin over the center of the flower and turn rolling pin and foam upside down so flower drapes over end of rolling pin. Removefoam. 5. Cup the flower gently in your palm and lay it in the egg carton to

dry overnight. Thck bits of cotton betweenpetals with the pointed end of the stick. This will give the flower a natural look. 6. Preparecenter stamen on wire. Wind floral tape around end of wire so about 1" of the wire is covered.Cut off six artificial stamensto 3/". 7. Pipe a tube 17 yellow royal icing star inside the flower in the center. Immediatelypush the prepared wire through the piped star and the hole in the flower. Hold the tulip gently in your palm, wire stem extendingthrough fingers, while you push in artificial stamens. (Seepicture 9.)

8. Now, starting just at the base of the tulip, wind floral tape smoothly around wire stem. This will hold the flower securelyon its stem. 9. As a final touch, pipe three icing strokes with tube 1 on the end of the center stamen. Malu two more tulips with the remaining cut-out shapes. First form both flowers through Step 5 and dry. Prepare center stamens on two wires,then assemble both flowers (Steps7 through 9). With a little practice, you will be able to cut out, then assemble, or more six tulips at a time.




The tulip leof
1. Cut a 3" Iength of stiff wire and bend a hook at one end. Roll out a piece of green gum paste about
Ir/ztt xll/2tt x7//2"to'/ru" thickness. Cut

out two shapeswith the tulip leaf cutter. Place one on thin foam and cover other with plastic wrap. 2. Use stick 1 like a rolling pin to ripple and thin the edges. Roll lightly the length of the leaf on both sides.

3. Dip the hook of the wire into water. Lay the dipped portion on the base of the leaf and gently pinch the leaf around the wire. Lay in flower former and adjust the leaf in graceful curves with your fingers.Dry overnight.

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To make just the right leaf for your flower, observe fresh flowers or study the pictures in a seed catalog. Most leaves are cut with either a rose leaf cutter or a rose petal cutter-but you will also use the ivy leaf and tulip leaf cutters. AII leaves are very quick and easy to make in the assembly-line method. 1. Roll out a small piece of green gum paste to about r/r,;"thickness. Cut out. In this picture we used the Iargest rose petal cutter.

2. Roll the leaf to thin it, using stick 1 like a rolling pin. If you want a longer, slim leaf, roll it the length of the cut-out shape. For a broader leaf, roll across the width of the shape. 3. To vein your leaf, press it firmly on a leaf'veiner. 4. Attach a stem to your leaf. Cut a 3" Iength of fine wire. Dip the end in water and shake off excess. Lay the wire on the center of leaf, only about r/4"to 3/8"of the wire

extending on the leaf. Gently pinch the base of the leaf with your fingers, giving it gentle natural curves. Lay in a flower fbrmer to dry. 5. For a cluster of leaves,such as the characteristic three-leaf cluster of rose leaves,tape the stems smoothly together. 6. To attach leaves to a cluster of flowers, or to a single flower, just tape stems together.



Theimpotiensn wild rose,violel qnd sweet peo

In this lesson you will make four of the prettiest little flowers that ever grew! The first three are made in a very similar method to that used for the apple blossomin Lesson One. These blossomsare ideal to make in assembly-line fashionyou can make a dozen in a matter of minutes. You'll learn to control the size of

the finished flower by the thickness of the rolled gum paste. The wild rose cutter is used for both the impatiens and wild rose, but the wild rose is a larger finished flower becausethe gum paste is rolled thicker before being cut. Study the actual-sizepictures to seethis happen. You'll also see how brushing a flower with chalk adds realism.

Most exciting of all-you'll master the easy technique of creating the ruffled sweetpea, never before done in gum paste. When you've finished a group of flowers, you'll learn just how to arrange them in a vase or basket for beauty that will last for years.


Styrofoam block 1. Roll out gum paste on greased Practicemaking one,then finish a dozenflowersin about 15 minutes! surface about I/6" thick. Cut out

water and thread the ball up the wire until hook is buried. 5. Brush the top of the ball with water and gently pressto flower. Pressthe ball with your fingers to flatten againstthe flower and taper around the stem. 6. Finish the flower by piping a tube 1 dot in the center for a stamen.Stick in styrofoamto dry. Finish the other shapesall at once for a dozenimpatiens.Do all shapes through Step 3, then prepareand attach all stems through Step 5. Pipe all stamens.

You will need: Red or pink-tinted gum paste, x71/z" a pieceabout71/2" xt/2" Rollingpin Wild rosecutter PLastic wrap Thin foam square Stichs1 and 2 Thtelue lengths of fine fLoristb 6" wire, tiny hooksat ends Waterand artistb brush Small decoratingbag or cone icing I Tfube and royaL

twelve shapes. Lay one shape on thin foam. Cover remaining shapes with plastic wrap. 2. Use stick 1 as a rolling pin to thin and enlarge the shape. 3. With stick 2, roll each petal from side to side to give a ripple to the petals. Do not roll center. 4. Prepare the stem. Make a ball of green gum paste about the size of a small pea by rolling with your fingers. Dip the hook of a wire in

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You will need: Violet-tintedgum paste, a pieceabout1"x7"xlz" Rollingpin Apple blossom cutter Small spatula Thin foam squdre Plastic wrap SticksI and 2 Tbelue6" lengths of fine wire, each hoolud at one end Water in small glass Purple chalk , Artistb brush Decoratingbag or cone (at left) You will need: Pinh-tinted gum paste, a Piece aboLtt 7"x7"x1/2" Rolling pin Wild rose cutter Thin foam square Stichs1 and 2 Calyx cutter Six 6" lengths of fine wire, each hookedat one end Water in small glass White chqlh Artistb brush Decoratingbag or cone TLbe 1 and royal icing Styrofoam block 1. Roll out gum paste to almost 7e" thickness.Cut out six shapeswith

TUbe1 and royal icing Styrofoam bloch 1. Roll out the gum paste to about r/ro" thick and cut out twelve shapes.Pick up one and gently push two of the petals together, leavingthe other three undisturbed. Lay on thin foam and cover remaining shapeswith plastic. 2. Use stick 1 like a little rolling pin to thin the flower. 3. Pressthe center of eachpetal lightly with stick 2 to cup. 4. Form a ball from greengum paste about the size of a small pea the wild rose cutter. Place one on thin foam. Cover the rest of the shapeswith plastic wrap. 2. Use stick 1 as a rolling pin to thin the shape. 3. With stick 2, roll eachpetal from side to side to broadenand ripple the petals.Do not roll center of flower.This will overlappetals. 4. Make calyx. Cut out with the calyx cutter from green gum paste rolled as thin as possible.Lay on thin foam and roll entire calyx with stick 1 to thin and elongate. Points will curl slightly. 5. Form a ball of greengum paste the size of a small pea. Dip hooked end of a wire in water and thread the ball up the wire until hook is

with your fingers. Dip hook on wire in water,then thread the ball on the wire until hook is buried. 5. Paint top of ball with water, then gently press flower to it. Work the ball with your fingers to shape. 6. Now make a stroke of purple chalk on a piece of paper.Run your brush acrossthe stroke and brush the center of the flower.Finally pipe a yellow dot for stamen. Very quichly completethe other violets. Roll and pressall flowers. Add stems (Steps4 and 5) to all, finish with chalk and stamens.

buried. 6. Paint top of ball with water, then Iay calyx over it. Presslightly to attach, then touch points of calyx with pointed end of stick 1 to curl. Stick stem into styrofoam. 7. Stroke white chalk on paper. Run brush acrosschalk stroke and brush center of flower. 8. Brush top of calyx with water and gently pressflower onto it. Pipe a tube 1 ball in center of flower,then pull out stamens. Mahe fiue moreflowers quickly. First roll and ripple petals (steps2 and 3) on all. Preparefive calyxes and stems.Chalk all flowers,attach stemsand pipe stamens.











Just as sweet and delicate as the fresh flowerl The sweet pea is new in gum paste and very easy to do. Make them in all the dainty tints of nature. You will need: gum paste, a piece YelloLu-tinted about 2" x2" x1/2" Rolling pin SmaLl carnation cutter Thin foam square PLastic wrap




StlcAs I and 2 Sharp knife Water and artist's brush Fiue 6" Lerugths stiff wire, a of tiny hook at one end of each SpatuLa Calyx cutter and small amount of green gum paste Styrofoam block 1. Roll out gum paste on greased surface to about r/1;"thickness. Cut out ten circles with the small carnation cutter. Lay one circle on a thin foam square. Cover others with plastic wrap.

2. Roll the circle in one direction only to thin and elongate it into an oval. Use stick 1 as a rolling pin. 3. Now give the edges of the oval a gentle ruffle, using either stick 1 or 2. Always ruffle on thin foam. Starting on one end of the oval, Iay the stick on the edge and roll forward a short distance with gentle pressure. Now roll the stick back toward yourself a slightly greater distance. relaxing your pressure a little. Continue this back-and-fbrth movement with the stick to ruffle the oval. TLrn the

foam square as you do. After practicing a little, you will find that ruffling is a very fast procedure. Note that the center of one side of the oval is Ieft unruffled. 4. Removeanother circle from under the plastic wrap. With a sharp knife, cut off about one-third of the circle and set aside. 5. Now ruffle the curved edge of the larger section,just as you ruffled in Step 3. Do not ruffle the straight edge. 6. Preparestem. With your fingers, form the cut-off portion of the circle into a ball. Dip hookedend of wire in water. Thread the ball on the wire until the hook is buried. Now form the ball into a long oval by rolling it betweenyour thumb and forefinger. 7. Gently fold the semi-petalyou havejust ruffled over the blade of a spatula,forming a crease. 8. Paint the creasewith water, then gently pressthe semi-petalto the center of the oval petal. 9. Paint the back of the long oval on the wire with water. Thread the wire through the flower as shown in the picture. 10. Use the edgeof the spatulato pressthe long oval, forming a crease. Pinch the petals to bring them together. 11. Finish the flower so it looks as perfect from the back as the front. Cut a calyx from green gum paste rolled as thin as possible.Brush center with water, then thread it up the stem to the flower. Gently form the calyx around the petals with your fingers. Stick stem in styrofoamto dry overnight. Malu four more sweetpeas. Ruffle petals and semi-petalsfor all. Preparefour stems and attach to petals.Add calyxesto all. Each flower will appear different as you gently pinch and adjust the petals-all will havethe airy grace of the fresh sweetpea.

How lo disploy your finished flowers
Your beautiful hand-fashioned flowers may be arranged in a container to give any roo{rl a bit of color and beauty that will last for many months. Or use the flowers as exquisitecake decorations. For arrangenlents,always spray the flowers at least twice with acrylic spray.This will give them a porcelain-likefinish and protect them from humidity. Selectyour container-a vase, flower pot, small basket,even a salad bowl. Cut a piece of 2" styrofoam or oasis (purchaseat florist or florist's supply shop). Styrofoam is good for flowers with stiff wire stems. If your flowers havefine wire stems,use oasis. Wedgeit into the container-it should fit tightly. For further security,use royal icing as glue to hold the styrofoamor oasisin place.To coverthe surface,pipe curving lines, like spaghetti,with moss greenroyal icing. Now arrangeyour gum paste flowersjust as you would fresh flowers,sticking the stems into the styrofoamor oasis.Add appropriate leavesto fill out the bouquet.With care,your arrangementwill last for years. For dramatic cuke trim, arrange the flowers in a small vase or bowl and place it betweentiers or on top of the cake.These bouquetswill be lasting souvenirsof the occasion. Do not sprcy flowers put directly on the cake.Do not add wire stemsto these blossoms. For a flower like the rose or stephanotis,where a wire stem is essentialto the construction,clip it off at the base of the flower. (Removethese flowers beforeservingthe cake.)Attach all flowers to the cake with dots of icing.

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The ro$encorncllion, dqffodil snd lily

This lessonwill be your most enjoyable!You'll learn to make four dramatic flowers that appear to be almost impossible to re-createin gum paste. But you can do it-easily. Just follow the actual-size steps in the pictures and watch the lovely flowers take form.

styrofoam to dry. 2. Cut out the petals. Cut four with the smallest cutter. five with the medium cutter and sevenwith the largest cutter. Place one of the smallestpetals on thin foam, cover others with plastic wrap. 3. Use stick 1 like a rolling pin to thin the petal on one side only. 4. Moisten the thicker side of the petal with water and wrap it around the base,thinned side up. Furl the thinned edgewith your finger. 5. Roll a secondsmall petal on the roundedend, leavingthe pointed end unthinned. Brush the pointed end with water, then press it againstthe lower part of the base. Furl the top on right side. 6. Repeat Step 5 with remaining small petals. Each overlapshalf of the petal already attached. 7. Now roll the curved side of a medium petal with stick 1 to thin it. Brush a little water on the pointed end and pressto base.Furl the right side of the petal.

10. Repeat Step 9 with remaining six largestpetals, spacingevenly and always furling the right side. The rose has taken form! 11. Roll out greengum paste as thin as possible.Cut out with calyx cutter, lay on thin foam and roll with stick 1 to thin and elongate the points. Moisten center with water and thread up wire. Press againstbaseof rose. 12. Model a pea-sized ball, moisten top with water and thread up wire. 13. Curl points of calyx with pointed end of stick 1. The rose is complete!

Everyone'sbest-loved flower! Make this basic form of the multi-petaled 'rose-then you will be able to create any of its famous varieties. You will need: A 6" length of stiff wire, tiny hooh at one end Tinted gum paste, a piece about 7 "x 7 " % " x Rolling pin Small, medium and large rose petal cutters Thin foam Plnstic wrap Stick 1 Water and artistb brush Calyx cutter and green gunt, paste Small carnation cutter (for bud) Styrofoam blnck 1. Ahead of time, form the base for the rose. Break off a bit of gum paste and form into a ball about %" in diameter. Dip hooked end of wire in water. Shake off excess. Slide the ball up the wire until the hook is buried. Now model the ball into a tear-dropshape.Stick in

Moking lhe rosebud
1. Preparea base,just as you did for the rose. Cut out two shapes with the small carnation cutter. Place on thin foam. 2. Elongate each into an oval by using stick 1 like a rolling pin. 3. Ruffle the edgesof each by rolling with stick 1 (seepage 14, paragraph3). Leaveone long side unruffled. Moisten half of the center area of one oval with water and lay secondoval on it.

8. Repeat Step 7 for four more 4. Brush a little water on the lower petals, spacing them evenly on the part of the base and wrap ruffled baseand furling the right side of each. shapesaround it, keepingunruffled. 9. Make a row of the sevenlargest side down and pressing to attach. petals. Roll the rounded end of the 5. Add ball and calyx, just as in petal to thin, moisten pointed end Steps11, 12, and 13 of the rose. of petal and pressto base.


Mol oking lhe rose
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Moking thSrosebud





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Practice ruffling-then the carnation is quick and easy. You will need: Pink-tinted gunxpaste,a piece about1" x 7" x 7" Rolling pin Large and small cqrnation cutters Thin foam square 18

PLasticwrap Cornstarchin small container Stick 1 Waterand artistb brush A 9" length of stiff wire, hooh at one end Calyx cutter,green gurn paste Styrofoam block 1. Roll out gum paste to 7s" thickness.Cut out two shapeswith the large carnation cutter, another

with the small cutter. Sprinkle your foam square with cornstarch and work it in with your fingers. Lay one large shape on the foam square, cover others with plastic wrap. 2. Ruffle the edge of the shape all around by rolling with the round end of stick 1, leaving a r/2" area in the center unruffled. Roll the stick

firmly fbrward with a pushing motion, then roll it back toward yourself more lightly. Roll the stick back a slightly greater distance than forward. Work quickly. If necessary, dip the stick in cornstarch from time to time so it won't stick to the gum paste. Thrn the foam square as you ruffle. 3. Now ruffle a small shape. 4. Brush water on center of large shape, lay small shape on it. 5. Lay doubled shape on thin foam and press lightly with round end of stick 1 to cup. Press again firmly so stick makes a hole. 6. Make insert. Ruffle a large shape just as in Step 2. Brush center with water and fold in half. Dip hooked end of a wire in water and lay on folded shape. 7. Fold one side of shape over wire. then fold other side of shape over. 8. With your fingers, work the base of the insert down the wire to form the Iong throat of the flower. 9. Brush upper part of throat with water, then pull the insert down through the hole in the doubled shape. Press and smooth with your fingers to join. Stick in styrofoam to dry 20 minutes. 10. Roll out green gum paste to'/r,t" thickness and cut out two shapes with the calyx cutter. Lay on thin foam. Roll with stick 1 to elonsate points. 11. Brush elongated calyx lightly with water and thread it up the stem to the throat of the flower. Smooth around throat with your fingers. Brush second calyx with water and thread it up the stem. Smooth again. Tb mahe the Leaf,roll green gum paste to '/r,;"thickness. Cut with the large rose petal cutter, then follow the steps in the picture.



Roll fo thin

Alfoch wir-e sfem Shope ond dry

_/ Cul in sfrips


One of the sunniest signs of spring! Make the daffodil in three steps: first form petals, then the ruffled cup and finally, assemblethe flower with stem and stamens. You will need: A 7"x7"xlz"pieceof yellowgum paste, smaLler piece of orangegum paste Rnlling pin Daffodil petal and cup cutters Thin foam square Plastic wrap Sricks 1 and 2 Water and artistb brush Ttxo9" bngths of stiff wire Floral tape Artificial stamens Small decoratingbag or cone Royal icing and tube 1 Forming the petals 1. Roll yellow gum paste on greased surface to \/ra"thickness. Cut out four sets of petals with the daffodil petal cutter. Place one on foam, coverothers with plastic wrap. 2. Roll each petal with stick I to widen and thin. Now gently pull the round end of the stick from top to tip of each petal to create a center depression.Do not roll center area that connectsthe three petals.Set aside. 3. Repeat Step 2 with a second petal shape.Brush the center area with water, then lay first set of petals on it. Press lightly with the round end of stick 1 to attach, then make a hole through both shapeswith the pointed end of the stick. Set aside. Forming the cup 4. Roll out orange gum paste to t/,.u" thickness. Cut two shapeswith the daffodil cup cutter. Place one on thin foam, cover secondwith plastic wrap. 5. Roll the shape with stick 1 to make it deeper. 6. Ruffle the edgeby rolling with stick 2. Step 2, page 18, tells how

to do this. Roll very rapidly to make a deeply ruffled edge. 7. Brush a line of water on one straight edgeof the shapeand wrap it around your forefinger to form an open cone. Press with your thumb to attach and smooth seam. 8. Pinch the top of the coneto close it. With forefinger inside the cone, flatten the top with your thumb to form the cup. 9. Brush center of petals with water and set cup on it. Press lightly with finger to attach. Make a hole with stick 1 in the center, correspondingwith hole in petals. AssembLing flower the 10. Bend r/e"at the end of a wire to

form a right angle. 11. Dip bent end of wire in water, then thread the wire through the hole in the flower until bent end touchesbottom of cup. Wrap stem with floral tape, starting right up against petals to secureflower to stem. 12. Clip five artificial stamensto 1/2" Iengl.,h. Pipe a mound of icing inside cup of daffodil. Push in stamens. Mahe a second daffodiLwith With remaining cut-out shapes. practice, you will be able to make five of the flowers at a time.

The dqffodil leqf
1. Roll out greengum paste to'/ta" thickness.Cut a shapewith the tulip leaf cutter. Place on thin foam. 2. Roll the length of the leaf with stick 1 to elongateand thin. 3. With a sharp knife, cut the leaf shape into four strips. Round the ends with the knife. 4. Cut a 3" length of stiff florists' wire. Dip about 1" of it in water, shakeoff excess. Lay the dipped

end on the base of the leaf and wrap the leaf around the wire. Lay the leaf on a piece of cardboard and give it a gentle ripple with your fingers. Dry overnight.



A flower of astonishing beauty and variety from the snoqry Easter lily to the roadside tiger lily and all the colorful hybrids. Here we reproducePink Champion-but you can make many other lilies with a similar method. Complete one flo\ rcr first, then make three more. Your piece of gum paste is enough for four lilies. You will need: Pink-tinted gunt.paste, a picce about 2"Jc2"iclz" Rdling pin Lily cutter Plnstic wrap Thin foam squore Stirk I Small gl,ossof umter Cotton balls Artistb brush Colaredclwlhs Artificial stanrens 4' Lengtlwof finc wire 9" lcngth,sof stiff wire Flaral tape Decorating bag or corrc Th,be1 and royal icing 1. Roll out gum paste to about f16" thickness. Cut out four shapeswith the lily cutter. Place one on thin foam, cover others with plastic wrap. 2. With rounded end of stick 1, gently pull from base of each petal to point. Repeat twice more to elongatepetals. 3. Brush a strip of water along one side of shape and fold the other side around to form a cone shape. Hold the cone on your index finger and smooth the seam with your thumb. 4. Drop a cotton ball in the flower and place it upside dourn. Wrap each petal around stick 1 to give it a curve. Dry overnight. 5. Make stamens and stem, observing pictures carefirlly so measurements are correct. Wrap fine wire and stiff wire together

with floral tape, ormlapping wires about r/2". Pipe three dots on end of fine wire. 6. Cut off tips of six artificial stamens. Insert end of each through hole in tube 1 and press bag very lightty as you draw out stamen. Thpe stamens to fine wire, applying tape to the same area as shown in Step. 5. 7. Join tips of your forefinger and thumb to form a circle. Let dried flower rest in this circle as you brush green chalk deep within the throat of the floqrcr. Now brush pink chalk within the flovrcr, drawing it out to a line in the

center of each petal. Add spots by dampening brush, touching it to chalk and applying to flolrrcr. Now insert your prcpared stem through the hole in the florver. Thpe the stem right up against the base of the flon'er to secure it, then complete taping stem. 8. Brush pink chalk on outside of flower. Your brilliant lily is complete! Mafu three more lilics with remaining cut-out shapes.Complete all through Step 4. Prepare stems and stamens for all (Steps 5 and 6), then chalk and assembleall three lilies.

The lily leqf
1. Roll grcen gum paste 1/rr" thick on greasedsurface and cut with the largest rose petal cutter. Place on thin foam. 2. Roll the shape lengthwise with stick 1, using it like a rolling pin. 3. Dip the end of a 3" length of fine wire into water. Shake off excessand place on base of leaf. Fold leaf around wire. 4; Arrange the leaf in ripples with your fingers and dry overnight.



The forgel-rlo-hol, chrysqnthemum, ponsy qnd orchid

This wonderful array of flowers teachesus severalthings about the art of flower making. The forget-me-not is a good example of a production-line flower to be made with great speed.As you make the pansy you'll learn just how thin you can roll the petals and the colorful effects that chalk can give. The chrysanthemum with all its curly petals appearscomplicated to

do-but only simple techniques are neededto createthis handsome fall flower. The regal orchid is actually an easy flower to make! Do the throat and petals separately-then put them together for a breathtaking effect!

you'll use as a dainty cake decoration,or as a "filler" in a bouquet. You will need: 3" lengths of fine wire piece of blue Marble-sized. gunxpaste Rnlling pin Forget-rne-notcutter Thin foam square Stick 1 Water and artistb brush Decorating cone, tube 7, rayal icing Styrofoam block 1. Prepare stems. Make a tiny hook at one end of each wire. Non' bend the hooks so they form a right angle to the stem. A needle-nose pliers makes this easy. 2. Roll out the gum paste as thin as possible. Cutzfive shapeswith the cutter and lay on thin foam. Press center of each with round end of stick 1, holding it straight up. 3. Dip hook of wire in water, shake off excessand gently press flower to it. Stick stem in styrofoam. 4. Pipe a yellow dot in the center of each flower. Dry.

A tiny, quick-to-make flower, that


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Styrofoam block Start with a simple five-petaled shape to create these brilliant flowers. The formation of the paper-thin petals and the colorful "patches" make the gum paste pansy'Just like real". You will need: Fiue 6" Lengths of stiff utire, each hoohpd at one end Tinted gum paste, a piece about 7 "x 7 "x 1 / 2 " RolLingpin Pansy cutter PLastic wrap Thin foam Stick 1 CaLyxcutter and green gum paste Colored chaLk Decorating cone or bag Tbbe I and royaLicing


1. Prepare stem. Roll a bit of gum paste with your fingers into a ball the size of a pea. Dip hook on wire in water, shake off excess. Thread ball up the wire until the hook is buried. Form the ball into a flat-topped cone. 2. Roll out gum paste to about 1/16" thickness. Cut out five shapes with the pansy cutter. 3. Separate the petals by making a tiny cut with a sharp knife at each indentation. Cut a tiny notch in the edge of one petal. Place one shape on thin foam. Cover others with plastic wrap. 4. Roll each petal sideways with the round end of stick 1 to thin and broaden. Do not roll the center ofthe shane.

5. Note that notched petal overlaps the petals on either side, two top petals are behind lower petals. 6. Brush top of cone on wire with water and gently press flower shape to it. Stick stem in styrofoam to dry. 7. Roll green gum paste as thin as possible and cut five shapes with the calyx cutter. Cover four shapes with plastic wrap. Brush center of one shape with water. Slide up wire and form over cone shape. Touch points with stick to curl. 8. Brush petals with chalk, starting at center and moving outward. Finish by piping a tiny "V" for stamen with royal icing. Complete other pansies. Roll and attach to stems as in Steps 4 and 5. Add calyxes to all. Finish all with chalk and stamens.


: . . . ''
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[' 1. Prepareball for base.Roll a bit of gum paste with your fingers to form a ball about %" in diameter. Dip hook of wire in water,shakeoff excess, then thread ball up wire until hook is buried. Stick wire in styrofoamto dry overnight. 2. Roll out gum paste about /16" thick. Cut out four shapeswith the small daisy cutter. Lay one on thin foam and use stick 1 like a rolling pin to thin petals. (Do not roll center.) 3. Curl petals by gently pulling the round end of stick 1 from tip of petal to center.RepeatSteps 2 and 3 for other three shapes. 4. Brush centersof all curled shapesLishtly with water. Thread one shapeup wire and press around ball. Repeatwith other pressingto attach at center. shapes, 5. Cut out four shapeswith the Iargedaisy cutter. Roll petal areas to elongateand thin, then curl petals with stick 1 as in Step 3. 6. Brush centersof shapeslishtly with water,then thread up wire, first two shapescurling upward, then two shapescurling downward. Presscentersto attach, then fluff petals with pointed end of stick. 7. Wind floral tape smoothly around stem, starting at baseof flower.Brush center petals lightly with chalk. Stick stem in styrofbamto dry overnight. Start with a ball, add eight petal sections-a big fluffy flower blooms! You will need: 6" Lengthof stiff wire, tiny hook at one end Gum paste,a pieceabout 7" x
7" Jc 1/2"

Small and largedaisy cutters Thin foam square Stich I Waterand artistb brush Floral tape Chalk and artistb brush Styrofoam block


A sweel peo cenferpiece
Center your party table with this summery cakethat's topped with a fbuntain of pastel sweetpeas. Make the gunxpeste sweetpeas aheadof time as shown on page 14. Make a few dozenunstemmed sweetpeas,too, to use at baseof cakeand around vase. The cakeis a 12" two-layer iced in buttercream.Decorateit simply to set off the flowers.First pipe tube 16 shell bordersat bottom and top. Pipe ruffly garlandswith tube 104,then coverthe borderswith moreruffles. Add flower trim. Glue the plastic cupid vaseto a 6" separatorplate. Fill the vasewith a piece of styrofoam,securingit with royal icing. Now arrangethe stemmed flowersin the vase.Set plate, with vase,on caketop. Make a circle of unstemmedflowerson the plate, attaching eachwith a dot of royal icing. Add four clusters of flowers at baseof cake,securingwith icing. Serveyour beautiful centerpiece to 22 guests.The sweetpea arrangementwill be savedas a lasting souvenirof the party.






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,i #


Yes,you can make this queen of all flowers-quickly and easily! Do the steps carefully in order-first form the throat, then do smooth and ruffled petals. Finally, assemble the flower. You will need: Untinted gum paste, a piece 7")c7" rlz" Rnlling pin Orchid throat, daffodil petal and tulip cutters Thin foam Plastir wrap

Stichs 1 and 2 Leaf mold 6" l,engthof stiff wire, tirry hooh at one end Water and artistb brush Cotton Yellowchalk Form the orchid throat 1. Roll out gum paste about 7s" thick and cut out a shape with the orchid throat cutter. 2. Lay on thin foam and use stick 1 like a rolling pin to thin and elongatesides and top. Leave center and basethick.

3. Rutfle edgewith stick 2 (see step 2, page 18). Do not ruffle straight base of shape. 4. Press firmly in leaf mold to vein. 5. Dip brush in water, shake off excessand moisten base and lower left side. Wrap the shape around your forefinger, smooth seam with thumb and pinch baseto close. Bend hook on wire at right angle (seewire on page 21). Moisten hook, then thread through throat of flower to base. Brush inside of throat with yellow chalk. Curve with your fingers and lay across


rolling pin to dry overnight. Make three smoothpetals 6. Roll out gum paste t/6" thick and cut a shape with the daffodil petal cutter and one with the tulip cutter. Lay daffodil petal shape on thin foam. Cover other shape with plastic wrap. 7. Use stick 1 like a rolling pin to elongatepetals. 8. Form a "doughnut" with cotton, a full 1" high and 4" across.Lay petal shape within it, adjusting to form a ttY".

Immediately mahe the two ruffl.edpetals. 9. Tlim off one petal of the tulip shape. 10. Lay on thin foam and use stick 1 like a rolling pin to thin and elongate. 11. Pressa petal firmly on a leaf mold to vein. petal. 12. Vein second 13. Lay shape on thin foam and ruffle edgeswith stick 2.

Please turn the page to see assemblyof petals and throat of orchid.


Assembly of orchid
1. Brush center of smooth petals with water. Lay ruffled petal shape on smooth petals in cotton "doughnut". Curve with your fingers. Now make a hole in the center with a stiff wire. Dnr thoroughly, oue night. r 2. Gently pull wire stem on orchid throat through hole in dried petals. Wrap stem in floral tape, starting

right up against base of florver to secure.Stick stem in styrofoam. 3. Make stamen.Form a pea-sized ball of gum paste. Pinch into tear-drop shape.Lay on foam and press with rounded end of stick 1 to form a hollow. Lay hollow side of stamen on end of stick, moisten back and insert it in throat of orchid. Press Iightly to secure.Your

regal orchid is complete! Study the next pa6e to seehow to rnahea beautiful bri.d,alcorsage with your orchi.d, as the centerpiece.



lily Sleph<rnolis, of the volley, blue bell qnd bqby's breoth
In this lesson you'll learn to make four dainty flowers that are ideal to fill in a bouquet of larger flowers. Here we show you how to surround your orchid with smaller flowers and leavesto produce a spectacular bridal corsage.

An orchid corsoge
All flowers and leavesshould be made with 6" stems of fine white florists' wire. Make the corsagein two parts. Besidesthe orchid, you'll need: 30 stephanotis(page34) 20 iuy leu;es (page 37) 50 forget-me-nots(page24) Ribbon and floral tape Fine wire 1. Notch the ends of eight 12" lengths of ribbon and form into loops.Bind the baseof the loops with 6" fine wires, leaving the wire ends hanging. 2. For upper part of corsage,tape stephanotis, leavesand forget-me-nots together in groups of three. Clip off two of the wire stems to eliminate bulk. Tfvist stems together around orchid stem. Tivist the wires on the ribbon loops around the stems.Now bind all together firmly with floral tape. 3. For lower part of corsage,group the remainder of the flowers and leavesand twist together with the wireS on one or two ribbon loops. Bind with floral tape. 4. Now bind the two flower groupings together with tape for one magnificent corsage.Tb see it featured on a wedding cake, turn the page.






#, $; #Jery"'' ,,,q,' 4r tJ -l
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.-" .'-


An orchid wedding cqke
A cake of surpassingbeauty that will be the center of attention at the wedding reception. The feature is a beautiful orchid corsage-more delicate gum paste blossomstrim the tiers. 5. Decoratemiddle tier. Outline marked ovals with tube 2 scallops and dots. Pipe tube 16 shell borders at bottom and top.

6. Decoratetop tier. Do tube 14 bottom shell border. Drop four You will need: large tube 14 string drapes from marks at top of tier. Add a tube (page 31) Orchi.dcorsage 363 shell, then a star to each.Fill - twelue Gurn paste f lowers in spaceswith double tube 14 stephanotis,70 forget-me-nots, about two dnzen iuy Lewes string drapes. Finish with a tube Thso 14 top shell border. flower spihes A kneeling cherub fountain 7. Add flower trims. Attach a and hissing lnuebirds stephanotis in center of each oval Crystal-lookplates and on middle tier with a dot of icing. pillnrs-a 17" plate, two 9" plates. Eight 5' Surround with forget-me-nots and and two 7" pillars. an ivy leaf. Fill fountain of cherub ornament with forget-me-nots, 1. Make the gum paste flowers and securing with icing. Place within corsagewell ahead of time, using pillars, then add more flowers. the directionson pages24,34 and 31. Set lovebird ornament on top tier. Arrange two clusters of 2. Prepare the two-layer round stephanotis,forget-me-notsand tiers. Base tier is 14", middle tier is 8", top tier is 6". All tiers should be ivy. Thist stems together. Insert a flower spike in front of, and 4" high. Bake, fill and ice with another behind, ornament, then buttercream, then assemblewith insert flower clusters. plates and pillars. Be sure to position middle tier to rear of base Set a small piece of plastic wrap on tier. This allows room for corsage. top of base tier in front of plate. Set corsage plate, extendingto on 3. Divide and mark the tiers. front of tier. (Plastic wrap will Divide base tier into twelfths and protect corsagefrom icing on tier.) mark at bottom. For middle tier, Your orchid cake is complete-and cut an oval pattern 33/r"xl3/s," high. beautiful! Servetwo lower tiers to Tbansferto side of tier, lining up 120 guests. with spacebetween pillars above. Divide top tier into fourths, using pillars as grride.Mark at top. Make marks 1" away on either side of first marks as guides for string drapes. 4. Decoratebase tier. Pull up tube 199 columns at each mark. Tbp with fleurs-de-lisand tube 16 stars. Complete shell border at bottom with tube 16 shells, adding zigzags around basesof columns.Finish top border with tube 16 shells.




F i I i



''\rrv ' tf'

l*r+d '

i,' 1. Roll out gum paste on greased surface to '/,,i' thickness. Cut out five shapes with the stephanotis cutter. Lay one on thin fbam, cover others with plastic wrap. 2. Roll each little petal sideways with stick 2. 3. Now pull the petals lengthwise. 4. Roll the extension on the left side of'the shape to thin it. 5 . D i p h o o k e de n d o t w i r e i n water, shake off excess and lay on the side of shape opposite the extension. 6. Roll the shape around the wire, pressing gently to smooth seam and shape rounded base of throat. Make fbur more flowers, then touch petals with pointed end of stick 1 to open. 7. Roll green gum paste as thin as possible and cut five shapes with the fbrget-me-not cutter. These will be calyxes. Make a hole in the center of'each with the pointed end of the stick. 8. Brush center of calyx lightly with water and slide it up the wire, pressing against base of throat to attach. Brush throat lightly with g r e e nc h a l k . S t i c k s t e m i n styrofbam to dry overnight.

Make this dainty pristine little flower very quickly. Rolling and pulling the petals with stick 2 makes them almost translucent. You will need: U n t i n t e d g u m p a s t e ,a p i e c e e b o u t 1 "x l " x 1 / 2 " pin RoLLing Stephanotis cutter Thin foam Sticks 1 and 2 Fiue 3" lengths of fine wire, tiny hook at one end of each Water and urtistb brush Forget-me-not cutter Green gum paste Green chaLk Styrofoam bLock







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be bent, rather than just hooked. Make a spray of these tiny bellshaped flowers in a new and surprisingly quick method. You will need: 13 1%" piecesof fine wire One 4" length of stiff wire Floral tape Gum paste, a piece, about 7" squ,are, thick Y2' Rolling pin Lily of the ualleycutter Stick I Small glassof water Artistb brush Styrofoam block 1. Make stem first. Bend one end of each fine wire %". A small pliars makesthis easy. The wire should 2. Tape three wires together,center wire about Yr" abovetwo Iower wires. Continue taping pairs of wires, each pair about L/r"below pair above. 3. When all fine wires havebeen taped, tape on the 4" length of stiff wire. Continue taping to end of stiff wire. 4. Bend each fine wire over stick 1 to give a graceful curve. 5. Roll gum paste to %" thickness (much thicker than for most other flowers).Cut out 13 shapeswith the cutter. 6. Hold stick 1 upright in your left hand. Lay a shapeon the rounded end and cup over the stick with the fingers of your right hand. Do not push the shape over the stick simply thin the petal edgesby pushing againstthe stick, leaving the baseof the flower thick. Do the sameto all the other shapes. 7. Attach flowersto stem. Brush three or four bent ends of wire Iightly with water. Push the shape gently onto the wire, until wire is just visible on inside of flower. Attach all remaining flowers the same way. Stick completed spray into styrofoam to dry overnight. Gently bend the spray into a natural curve.



'-'' '"u.J













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\--1 ffiI -a_!t

I'i ;

These delicate bells of purest blue have been garden favorites for many centuries. You will need: Fiue 6" lengths of fine utire Blue gum paste, a piece about 7" x 7" )c 1/2" A marble-sized piece of green gum paste Rolling pin Calyx and lily of the ualley cutters Flastic wrap Thin and thick foam Stick 1 Water and artistb brush Decorating cone or bag Royal icing and tube ls 1. Prepare wire stem. Make a tight

hook in one end of a wire. Form a tiny ball of gum paste with your fingers. Dip hook of wire in water, shake off excess and thread ball up wire until hook is buried. 2. Roll out blue gum paste I/1;" thick. Cut five shapes with the calyx cutter. Lay one on thin foam, cover others with plastic wrap. 3. Use stick 1 like a rolling pin to thin and enlarge the shape. 4. Roll out green gum paste as thin as possible. Cut five shapes with the lily of the valley cutter and five with the calyx cutter. 5. Place one tiny lily shape on the blue calyx shape, cover other shapes with plastic wrap. 6. Lay blue calyx shape on thick fbam. Press center with round end

of stick 1. A bell shape is formed! 7. Lay a green calyx shape on thin foam. Holding stick 1 almost horizontally, draw pointed end from center to tip of each point. Press center gently with rounded end of stick 1 to cup. 8. Brush base of flower lightly with water. Attach calyx by gently pushing to flower. 9. Brush ball on wire with water and press flower to it. You may use the rounded end of stick 1 to push it on firmly. 10. Pipe three tiny stamens with royal icing and tube 1s. Now complete the four other bluebells in assembly-line fashion.


This tiny flower giveslightnessand airinessto any bouquet.Make them by the dozen-they're so quick to do. You will need: Untinted gum paste,a piece
about 1/2" x 1/2" Jc lz"

t i





pin RolLirug Plastic wrap Thin foam Stick 2 Tbelue3" lengths of fine wire, tiny hooh at end of euch Water and artistb brush 6" length of stiff wire Floral tape 1. Roll out gum paste on greased surfaceto'/t,i' thickness.Cut out twelve shapeswith the lily of the valley cutter. 2. Place one shapeon thin foam. Coverothers with plastic wrap. Pull out eachtiny petal from center to tip with stick 2. 3. Brush water on center of shape and fold in half. 4. Dip hook of a fine wire in water, shakeoff excess and lay on folded shape.Fold one side of the shape over the wire, then the other side. Make five more flowers. 5. Bind stems of six flowersto stiff wire, using floral tape. Repeatfor cluster of baby'sbreath. second


... :,9::
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,r i -t

;f , l .r


A beautifully shapedleaf to set off many flowers.Seeit used in a page31. corsage, You will need: Greengum paste, a piece about 7"x7 'Rolling " x l z " pin Iuy leaf cutter Plastic wrap Thin foam Spatula Six 6" Lengths fine wire of Water


Bt, G;



1. Roll out gum paste on greased surfaceas thin as possible.Cut out six shapeswith the ivy leaf cutter. Lay one on thin foam. Cover others with plastic wrap. 2. Presscenter of shapelightly with a spatula to form a crease. 3. Dip end of a wire in water,shake off excess and Iay on shape,about

Vs" of the wire on the shape. Gently pinch Ieaf around wire. 4. Curve leaf with your fingers. Complete the five other leaves the same way.


A springfimewedding coke
Create a cake as fresh and pretty and youthful as the bride! Pale pink apple blossomsare the dainty trim-a little crown of apple blossoms circlesthe top tier to frame the bridal couple. You will need: Tlxo 11' and two 8" round separatorplates Plates from regular and small ornament bases Bridal coupl,e figures Musical trio cherub figures Heart bowl uose Gurn paste applc blnssorns, about 200 on wire stems,50 plus 75 bwes without sten'Ls, Narrow ribbon Floral tape 1. Make gum paste flowers as shown on page 6. For unstemmed flowers, simply form the flowers through Step 2, then add the stamens.Completethe stemmed flowers as directed. Make about 75 leaveson fine wire stems, cutting out with the small rose leaf cutter. (Seepage10.) 2. Arrange flowers. For arrangement within pillars on base tier, follow instructions on page 15. Wedgeoasis in heart bowl, secure and cover with royal icing. Push stems of flowers and leavesinto oasis.Add a ribbon bow. For four clusters at base of cake, twist stems of flowers and leaves together, tape to secure,then tie with ribbon. For ornament above middle tier, glue cherub figures to small ornament plate. Use royal icing as glue to attach unstemmed flowers and leaves. For top ornament, glue bridal coupleto larger ornament plate. Attach unstemmed flowers and leaveswith royal icing. Make crown of apple blossoms around top tier in two parts. Tkist stems of two or three flowers and a leaf together. Just below this cluster, add several more flowers and a leaf, twisting stems to stems of first cluster. Continue until you have made a garland about 9" long. Curve around a 6" pan to shape. Make a duplicate secondgarland. 3. Bake, fill and ice the two-layer tiers. Base tier is 14" square, middle tier 10" round and top tier 6" round. Tfvo lower tiers should be 4" high, top tier 3" high. Assemble with pillars and plates on an 18" cakeboard. 4. Measure and mark tiers. Divide each side of basetier into sixths and mark midway on sides. On middle tier, make two marks, 4" apart, midway on side directly below spacebetween pillars above. These will be guides for large ruffled garlands. Divide top tier into fourths and mark midwav on side. 5. Decoratebase tier. Pipe tube 15 bottom and top shell borders.Drop string guidelinesfrom marks, then pipe ruffled tube 103 garlands. With the same tube, pipe curved swagsabove ruffles. Add fleursde-lis and stars at points of garlands. On top of tier, pipe a tube 15 fleur-de-lis at each corner. Frame separatorplate with tube 13 stars, then surround plate with tube 102 scallops. 6. Decoratemiddle tier. Pipe tube 15 bottom and top shell borders. Drop string guidelines from marks and pipe large ruffled garlands with tube 103.Fill in each space with two smaller garlands. Add tube 15 fleurs-de-lis.Edge separatorplate with tube 13 stars. 7. Decoratetop tier. Do bottom and top shell borderswith tube 15. Cover top border with a tube 104 ruffle. Finish sides with tube 15 fleurs-de-lisat marks. 8. Add flower trims. Attach trios of unstemmedapple blossomson middle tier, using icing as glue. Add leaves.When cake is on the reception table, place bridal couple ornament on top, cherub ornament within upper pillars and flower arrangement on base tier. Arrange garlands of flowers around upper tier, forming a crown. For a final touch, place four clustersat cornersof cake.These will be take-home souvenirs.Tko lower tiers of this glorious Springtime cake will serve 146 guests.



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A holly free...
gracesa lovely cake for Christmas. When the party's over,the little tree in its container will be a lasting holiday ornament. For the tree, you will need: Greengum paste, a pi.ece about 3" x,3" x lz" Smallpiece of red gum paste Holly leaf cutter Leaf ueiner PLasticwrap Curued plastic formers Fine wire in 3" lengths 6" styrofoam cone 1/n" dawel rod, 5" long Floral scroll ornam.entbose Rnyal icing, decorating cone and tube 1 Srnall spatula 1. Roll out green gum paste on greasedsurface as thin as possible, cut about 80 Ieavesand press into leaf veiner. Add stems to three leavesat a time, keeping others coveredwith plastic wrap. Dry over and within formers. Form red gum paste into Yr" balls. 2. Insert dowel rod into cone for tree trunk, leaving about 3" exposed.Wedgea piece of styrofoam into ornament base. Cover surface with tube 1 curving lines of icing (seepage 15). Cover cone and tree trunk with royal icing, dry, then push trunk into preparedbase. 3. Tkist stems of leavestogether into clusters. Insert in cone, starting at base.Attach berries with dots of icing. Decorole lhe cqke Bake, fill and ice a two-layer 12" round cake. Divide into twelfths and mark midway on side. Pipe a tube 16 bottom shell border and a tube 20 reverseshell top border. Pipe tube 20 zigzaggarlands. Drape with triple tube 3 strings, top with tube 16 rosettes. On top of cake, pipe twelve tube 16 rosettes,insert candles,add tree. Serveto 22 guests.



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