Websites for Student Aid & Default Prevention

Loan Counseling
Ensuring Student Loan Repayment – Repaying Your Student Loans – FSA Assessments – IFAP Loan Counseling – 2005-06 FSA Handbook, School Eligibility & Operations, pages 2-98 through 2-106 Students – Get you Personal Identification Number – Federal Direct Loans: Borrower – or School - Direct Loan Home Page – Mapping Your Future – Credit Card Management: Public Research groups – Credit card management – Counseling for student borrowers: Student Loan Funding – counselor hotline – Contacting Lenders: The National Student Loan Clearinghouse - Perkins Loan Cancellation for Teachers – Stafford Loan Cancellation for Teachers – Ombudsman Office – AmeriCorps Check Out The Benefits –

Financial Aid Calculators – Loan Payment Calculator – Tally credit card debt and figures monthly payment using a calculator - & Planning for College SallieMae – Foreign Exchange Currency Converter –

Applying for Student Aid
FAFSA on the Web – and Get your Personal Identification Number – The Student Guide – What Are My VA Benefits – U.S. Dept. of Veterans – Avoiding Scams – NSLDS Student Access – National Student Loan Data System –

911 Scholarship Alliance – Fulbright Program, Educational & Cultural Affairs, US – Grantsnet –
Our mission is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence throughout the nation.

FastWeb – Free Scholarship Search – or

Cohort Default Rates
Cohort Default Rates - Cohort Default Rate Guide - Change Pages to CDR Guide – NSLDS School Repayment Information Loan Detail Report (aka national cohort default rates) – (report tab) or (report tab)

Primary Tools for Data Accuracy of FFEL and DL Program borrower data
NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide (formerly SSCR User’s Guide) available at NSLDS Date Entered Repayment Report – (report tab) or (report tab)

Primary Tools for Schools for Default Prevention
FSA Assessments under Tools for Schools – (default prevention) Ensuring Student Loan Repayment (best practices) - 2005-06 FSA Handbook -- School Eligibility & Operations, pages 2-98 through 2-106 Sample of Default Management Plan (DCL ID:GEN-05-14) NSLDS Date Entered Repayment Report, NSLDS School Repayment Information Loan Detail Report, Borrower Default Summary Report, & Exit Counseling Report – (report tab) or DL Program Delinquency Reports – Late Stage Delinquency Assistance Report*

* Late Stage Delinquency Assistance (LSDA) Report: This report, for Direct Loan schools, is available at the Direct Loan Servicing/Schools website, which is accessed via the COD website. Here are the necessary links: First, log into the COD website: Second, go to the bottom of the Welcome page and click on “Links”. The first link on the list is for the Direct Loan Servicer/Schools website: Third, once you are at the Servicer/Schools website, click on “School Reports”, and choose “Delinquency Reports” from the list. The LSDA Report will appear as one of four choices available to you. To create the report, simply click on the LSDA Report icon, highlight your school in the dialogue box, and click on “Execute” at the bottom of the page. This will create a list of your “Late Stage” borrowers. Fourth, if you have questions, contact DL School Services at 1-888-877-7658. They can provide immediate assistance in creating or downloading this report, explain its purpose, and even send you a User Guide, via email, which explains the LSDA process for Direct Loan schools. For FFEL Schools, see Default Prevention Strategies at

General Connections/Publications
IFAP (Information for Financial aid Professionals) Library with publications, training, tools, references, laws, etc. – IFAP Search Page – The Office of Federal Student Aid –

PEPS (Postsecondary Education Participants) – The Student Guide – NSLDS – or CFR – The Federal Register –