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Summer 2012, Issue 1

Get Wisdom and Understanding

Facing foreclosure
It is now 2012 and the real estate market still has not bottom out. The government promised, endlessly, to bail homeowners in foreclosure. Instead it bailed the big banks with taxpayers dollars, leaving the homeowners out to dry. So what must a homeowner do when facing foreclosure? Here are 4 tips: 1. Come up with a game plan. Can you keep the home, or is there no alternate but to walk away. If it is the former, then consider loss mitigation options. Speak first with a real estate attorney who can help you explore options with your lender. If you must walk away then consider contacting a real estate attorney, and an accountant. You will these professions on board because there might be legal, and tax implications when facing foreclosure. Contact an experience realtor who handles short sale, as short sale is one of the options available when you must walk from the property. 2. Be positive- Foreclosure can be a horrible experience, coupled with negative energy like frustration, bitterness and anger. Since negative energy can zap the life out of you, figure a way to remain positive. You will need positive energy to help you to save the roof over your head.

Inside this Issue 1. Legal- 4 tips for a borrower facing foreclosure. 2. Conservative- The freedom of debt free living; 3. Government- Mandatory health care, what does it mean for us? And find out
why President Obama is running low on campaign dough.

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Facing Foreclosure contd 3. Knowledge is power- since foreclosure is a new experience for you; consider arming yourself with knowledge. You can get knowledge from experienced professions in the field and through books. Get a copy of The Homeowners Guide to Surviving Foreclosure. By Teisha Powell. This book is available for sale on and it even obtained a 5 star rating from Clarion Review. The more you know, the better you might come out. So grab your copy today. 4. Avoid scam artist- unfortunately, the foreclosure meltdown attract many companies and people that will do nothing more than profit from your demise. If someone tells you to deed your house over to him or her, dont do it. Its a scam. Many troubled borrowers fall prey to scam artist because the borrower is so desperate for help. Work only with reputable companies. Consider working with a real estate attorney because attorneys are licensed in the State. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. So avoid those companies or people who promised to help you save your home, but first you must deed the home to them. Once you deed the house to a third party, it is no longer yours. It will take you a lot of money and time to try to get it back. So just avoid the scam in the first place. For more information on facing foreclosure, then visit Questions on foreclosure then call us at 561-929-7229 or email us at Thanks for reading.

The Freedom of debt free living

With the credit crash, housing crash and banking crash, many people contemplate a new plan. Why not just live simple and debt free? While this idea might be new to you, it isnt new to God, as we can see debt free living being demonstrated in his word- the Bible. While the bible is fill with many debt free-living promises, we took a few of them out and would like to share them with you. We did this to remind you of Gods promises. We hope you will mediate upon Gods word. Here are a few scriptures on debt free living: 1. The bible said to owe no man anything, but to love one another. This means God did not want us to owe American Express, JP Morgan or any creditor anything. God only wants us to owe love to one another. And if you do not know or you cannot think how to get out of debt, just remember: With God all things are possible. I am just giving you the message. Just receive it and proclaim it. 2. The book of proverbs tells us that a debtor is servant to a creditor. There is nothing wrong with having debt. But you should consider having debt that is manageable. Do you really need a 30year mortgage, when you can get a 15year one instead? Do you know how many interest you save by having a 15year mortgage? I urge you to consider taking on a 15-year mortgage the next time you purchase a home. And while you might be in foreclosure today, your situation is sure to turn in 4 years from now. 3. Debt is bondage. Romans 8:15. Have you ever seen a person in debt peaceful? Find out why you getting into certain things, like buying a new car, and buying into the hype of obtaining credit and maintaining high credit scores? Are these your values? Or did billon dollar mega banks give them to you? The Bible tells us that we were carefully and wonderfully made. The bible does not tell us that if our credit score isnt 720, then God does not love us. So think hard about what your values are. Your life including your pocket book should reflect your values. For more information on debt free living visit

Teisha powell law offices p.a & Teisha powell ministries

Summer 2012, Issue 1, Page 3

Government- The Power of the Government vests with the People and through the people. Health Care Mandate
The United States Supreme Court finally ruled in President Obamas favor for Obamacare. We have to abide by this law, whether we like it or not. But, if we really want to retaliate, then consider voting in conservative officials in the upcoming election, who will head to Washington DC. There might still be a way to repeal such a law (Obamacare). After all, the power of government vests with the people and the government works for the people. Winners and losers of health care mandate. One might say, well everyone wins because everybody gets free health insurance. Free health care sounds good, except nothing in life is free. If you read the arguments made to the United States Supreme Court on this health care mandate, you would understand that the biggest winners are our Fat Federal Government, and its lobbyists. The Obama administration relied upon Article 1, Section 8, clause 1 of the United States Constitution (taxing and spending clause). It worked. The United States Supreme Court agreed. Obamacare confirms that the Federal Government has the ability to tax us from the cradle to the grave. This means taxpayers, are the biggest losers of this health care mandate. In summary, you either get health insurance or you pay a penalty (unless you get exempt). Penalty means taxes. The Obama Administration carefully crafted penalty into the obamacare instead of saying taxes. That way, voters wont easily pick up on the fact that President Obama just raised our taxes (tax payers and voters). There seem to be a Fee for Free. President Obama fundraising appears to be drying up. Mr. Obama recently requested funds from his donors (according to daily beast, which obtained a 18 minute record of a conference call that Mr. Obama made on board Air Force One to his donors). Why would President Obama be running low on dough? Well, there are many theories. One theory is that small donors (those who gave less than $200.00 to the President four years ago) might not feel like giving this time around. Why? Because President Obama promised of hope and change, does not seem to be working. Another theory is that voters are fickle. They like you today. They hate you tomorrow. Another theory is that people dont have the money to give. People are losing their homes, losing their credit and losing their jobs. Must they also lose their last dollar? Another theory is that the young people who got the President in the White house in the first place dont feel like keeping him (Mr. Obama) there for a second term. Why? Well, the younger generation is beginning to see the reality of the politics. Its not all its cracked up to be. Another theory is that it is just natural for people to associate the sitting President (Mr. Obama) with the reality of this recession- horrible, crazy and ugly; we hope its goes away really soon and never comes back.

Teisha powell law offices p.a. & Teisha powell ministries

Summer 2012, issue 1

The Talk With Teisha TV

The Talk with Teisha TV, will be launched around September 2012 on cable channel. Visit for more information on airtime, date and the channel it will air on or check your local listing (TV guide or your cable carrier). The Talk with Teisha is a television news talk show hosted by conservative commentator, author, and attorney, Teisha Powell, who discusses & debates legal, Christian and conservative issues with newsmakers, pundits and experts for a national audience. The show is produced by Teisha Powell Ministries and is being made possible by friends and partners of Teisha Powell Ministries. If you would like to give today to Teisha Powell Ministries (a non profit organization), then visit us at Even if you are not giving, we urge you to tune in to this show. It is our prayer that you will become bless by this show.

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