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STOP LAPD SPYING COALITION Campaign to Rescind Special Order 1(1) Values, Principles and Responsibilities

This is by no means an end all but a living document open to continued enhancement through engaged dialogue and collective agreement
A coalition is an alliance of different organizations (and, in our case, individuals), each with their own interests, mission and vision, that come together to collaborate and take collective action together toward a common goal(s). We reject all forms of police oppression and any policy that make us all suspects in the eyes of the State. Our vision is the dismantling of government-sanctioned spying and intelligence gathering, in all its multiple forms. Our primary goals are: 1. First and foremost to advance public participation and dialogue on police spying and surveillance, demystifying the issues and helping people relate to them personally. 2. To expose policies like SO11 and now SO1, and build a diverse grassroots campaign to rescind these policies, going beyond the framework of legal/constitutional challenges to build public awareness, participation, mobilization and action. 3. To sustain long-term movement building that is intersectional to the core on issues, experiences, demographics and resources. Values and Principles of the Coalition Our coalition: 1. Makes decisions using a consensus model among those in attendance at meetings or convenings. We understand that compromise among members is required. 2. Provides opportunity to representative members to deliberate or consult others before final decisions are made, when needed 3. Is committed to promoting and defending the human rights of multiple, interconnected groups of people, including but not limited to immigrants, youth, African Americans, Latin@s, Muslims, LGBT communities, Indigenous and First Nation People and all oppressed and marginalized communities. 4. Values the knowledge, expertise and participation of each representative, and their base of members 5. Is accessible and open to unrepresented community voices and/or other interested parties 6. Communicates with each other and other interested parties regularly, openly, and with respect 7. Promotes equity among all organizations and their members 8. Is committed to evaluating our strategies and activities regularly, and making adjustments as needed 9. Is committed to clear and open processes regarding identifying, seeking and/or allocating resources (both monetary and human) 10. Is committed to resolving conflict in a transparent, transformative and productive manner, and inclusive of all members

11. Is committed to explore and define alternative modes of community safety, role of police, if any 12. Is accountable to the community most impacted by police surveillance and suppression with allegiance to mass movement over loyalties to agendas, officials or funders. Responsibilities of Organizational Representatives 1. Know the history, mission, values and the work of your own organization AND the coalition 2. Actively and openly promote the interests of your organization within the coalition, with an understanding that at times the interests of the coalition may be prioritized over individual or organizational interests 3. Regularly assist meetings, subcommittees and other activities of the coalition 4. Be prepared to make decisions on behalf of your organization or, when thats not possible, be clear about when you can report back about decisions 5. Report out the work and decisions of the coalition to others in your organization 6. If you need to transfer organizational representation, be sure to notify the coalition and update the new representative with relevant information Coalition Allies Organizations or individuals who share our vision but are unable or unwilling to adhere to these goals, values, principles and responsibilities are invited to participate in the Coalitions general meetings. We wish to maintain relationships, communication, collaboration and coordination whenever possible, and we expect these organizations and individuals to respect the decisions of the Coalition.