Asma Alfandi

Human Cloning Debate For many years the cloning debate has been discussed by the media , scholars , religious figures , and the public communities around the world. The reaction towards the issue also differs from people who are skeptic about its necessity to others who are completely against it. And each party has their own valid reasons. For religious people, they can see it as a violation to the sacredness of the body and the soul that doesn’t belongs to the human but to God. Scientist will enlist all the side effects of such procedures on the experiment and doubt that it would be 100% successful meaning that the cloned human will be in jeopardy. The public community will always show fear to anything new or unexplored and come up with fictional stories that can be viewed in the public media. But the truth is none of such issues when it comes to advancing the human civilization what is feared nowadays could be completely acceptable. The cloning procedure has both advantages and disadvantages within it, people who can’t have children might have another alternative presented to them. This isn't a medical project that should be banned , this is a complete medical field that should be separately studied and regulated by both the private and the public party. The procedure by itself is helpful not only to humans but to other living beings , animals that are on the verge of extinction could be saved by such procedure. Cloning a living being doesn't mean sucking it's soul to another body and creating another identical soul. It’s only related to the biological factor of the being, such as, the size of the brain or the DNA combination. By experimenting scientist might be capable of creating healthy functional organs that could be transplanted into ill people and thus making them better. Cloning genes might also help us in creating a bigger

. Both the government and the private part should come up with a common legal ground that could solve this matter ethically. that's why it is a very hard topic to handle. The issue has both advantages and disadvantages within it. This is where the legislative topic comes up . In conclusion . The people who would be hurt in this scientific experiment if it was done on humans would be the cloned human and the person who is the outcome. Cloning shouldn't be banned . it should be studied more from all the factors mentioned above. the human cloning debate is a dilemma. But people don't see the advantages. and scientifically.Asma Alfandi genetic data preservation system . what if the humans that are being experimented on die? Or suffer from biological failures? Would their rights be preserved ? how would the doctor handle such issue ? These questions are very hard to answer and the legislative system should be capable of answering them. Humans are emotional by nature if there isn't a background information that could help us prepare the mind mentally for such experiment the psychological and social outcome aren't known and couldn't be predicated. socially. The only huge issue that is creating problems is the ethical and moral side of the project . That's just one side of the story . because biological failures could appear in the process. which is also helpful to understand the nature of our bodies and how they function. they don't understand that this scientific field could help us solve many issues if regulated properly. Many living beings would benefit from it. maybe if there is more regulation in such matter . like animals who are in jeopardy of extinction. This is a very delicate matter to both scientists and the public community. this topic could be handled and thus fixed.

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