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Biag ni Lam-Ang *An epic originated from Ilocos. Biag ni Lam-Ang is an epic poem about an extraordinary being named Lam-Ang. This epic tells the adventure of Lam-Ang as well as his love story. The epic poem also presented some humorous points. Hinilawod * An epic originated from Sulod (Central Panay). This epic tells the Adventures of Datu Paubari and his sons. It also conveys a story of love & courage blended with magic & fantasy. Philippines Ibong Adarna *One of the most popular adventurous & magical epic. This epic is about the search for a mystical bird called Adarna which can heal illness. It is an epic about family, desire & treachery. Ibalon *An epic originated from Bicol Region. This epic showed the courageousness of Baltog, Handyong & Bantong & their love for their own land. An epic about bravery, fearlessness & heroism.

Call me Flory *A drama type of story written by Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero. Flory had helped the narrator to learn how to see the world when they were teens, and had introduced her to many things such as photography, swimming, and traveling. This story is about the two friends and how Flory touched the narrator's life and became her best friend. The Dancers

* A drama type of story written by Alberto S. Florentino Jr. It is all about a typical Filipino family composed of Father, Mother and Children or Siblings. It is a story of a poor family who struggles in the harshness of poverty. Oli Impan * A drama type of story written by Alberto S. Florentino Jr. The story tells us the situation of squatters, specifically the boy and the little girl in the story, get into because of them being squatters.It tells us that even though people are so poor, it doesn't lay the boundary between a person and God, no matter how primitive maybe their knowings about God at least they know that he is always with them and that he exists.

Literature and Society *An essay written by Salvador P. Lopez. In the essay; Literature and Society, it only points out the difference of being a writer as an artist or a writer as a propagandist. The essay only shows how great the influence of the problem of the society on what will be the subject matter of the artist. My Ideal University *An essay written by Maximo M. Kalaw. It says that: An ideal university must have higher but free standards of education. It must also take itself to have the people primarily by offering courses that are really needed in the present economic needs. Most importantly an ideal university must have complete facilities and instrumentalities of learning such may include the physical and structural or infrastructural needs, faculty and administrative needs, students and clients needs, students body and all other instrumentalities thereof. An ideal university must also take into consideration to the community where it is locates.

What is an educated Filipino? *An essay written by Francisco Benitez.The essay tries to tell us the three characteristics of what an educated Filipino really is. First the educated Filipino must have the power to do, to support himself and his family and to contribute to the economic development of the Philippines, next is to be acquainted with native history, and the last one is the refinement in speech.

El Felibusterismo *A novel written by one of the most popular Filipino hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Rizal's message in El Filibusterismo is very clear; that the present system of government in the Philippines through corrupt officials, dominated by the friars can lead to the downfall of Spain.Rizal did not spare his fellow Filipinos from his criticism of the regime. He condemned them for their greed, corruption, hypocrisy and cowardice, which contributed so much to the abuses of the civil officials and friars Noli Me Tangere *A novel written by one of the most popular Filipino hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The Noli Me Tangere is, therefore, not merely an attack on the Spanish colonial regime; it is a charter of nationalism. It calls on the Filipino to recover his self-confidence, to appreciate his own worth, to return to the heritage of his ancestors, to assert himself as the equal of the Spaniard. It insists on the need of education, of dedication to the country, of absorbing aspects of foreign cultures that would enhance the native traditions.