entry something written in list, diary etc.

mysteriously Puzzling or intriguingly politics Ideas and activities relating to gaining and using power in a co untry admiration a high opinion of someone, usually formed because of their achie vements or beauty nursing to look after someone who is ill; to treat carefully concerns a worry; a feeling of anxiety or nervousness episode an incident in the course in a series of events in a person s life kindnesses an act of generosity; a good turn nanny a nursemaid (a person whose job is to care for a young child) assure to give someone a guarantee; to make someone feel certain or confident replying to respond to or answer something sequence a number of things or events coming one after another throne a special seat occupied by the person invested with authority (by a king or queen) compartment a part or division of something (e.g. of a room, cupboard, a dra wer, etc.) train of thought the semi-constant internal dialogue one has with oneself prefer to like one thing more than another rack my mind to thing long and hard in order to remember something abruptness the suddenness or unexpectedness of something adopt to take up; to take as one s own what is not so naturally shake hands to clasp somebody s right hand when you meet or part announcement a public statement or a piece of information occasion the time when something happens; a special event preparations the act of getting ready for something salary a regular payment of money given in exchange for work done, usually paid monthly sealed to close or finalize something diplomats a person appointed by a national government to conduct official negotiations ton a unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds in the US emotional to do with one s feelings seriously sincerely; not funnily or trivially dreading to be very afraid of eventual at the end of a process or period of time success an achievement or victory terms conditions offered or agreed procession an orderly and progress of a person reception a formal party e.g. a wedding .. pondered to think seriously about something realization the act of becoming aware of something beginnings the initial stages of something extremely as much or as far as possible; very much judged to estimate or guess; to form an opinion about something difference Dissimilarity between two or more things estates a large area of land owned by one person mentioned to speak briefly about somebody, usually in the midst of talking about something else philosophy the study of truths about life, morals, etc. statesmen someone who is important or skilled in governing a state

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