A Publication of Marsiling Primary School • Issue 22 • August 2012

• Highlights • MOE ExCEL Fest • Vice-Chairman, PSG Message

MOE ExCEL Fest is an annual event that celebrates and shares exciting and innovative practices in schools. It is also a platform for parents and members of the public to find out more about the latest developments and get a first-hand view of the innovation and diversity in our education landscape. This year, it was held at Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 30 and 31 Mar 12. Marsiling Primary School is honoured to be part of the prestigious event to showcase our school’s TLLM Ignite! 3 Research Project on ‘Developing Self-Responsibility in our Primary 5 pupils through the Teaching of DecisionMaking Skills’. Many visitors came to our booth as they were interested to learn more about the programme and how it was used to teach pupils the decision-making skills to develop their sense of responsibility. Visitors were also very excited on seeing the resources that the school had designed to make learning fun, engaging and meaningful for our pupils. Many of them stopped by to try out the board game and jigsaw puzzles! The visitors were also impressed with our pupil leaders who used the posters to share with them the Stop-Think-Act decision-making model and the TRANSFORM questions. Some educators were also interested in learning more about how the school had used Human Dynamics to help teachers understand pupils better and eventually build better rapport with them. Some parents even commented that they would consider sending their children to MPS as they felt that the school believes in building positive character in all pupils. Contributed by Mdm Herianti Abu Shah (HOD/PM)
Message from Parents Support Group (PSG) What is the name of your child’s best friend? Who is your child’s favourite teacher? What is your child’s favourite subject? What happened to your child in school today? What book is your child reading recently? Have you kissed or hugged your child today? As a parent, how many of the questions above are you able to answer? Parents play a crucial role in influencing the aspirations and achievements of their child. Teachers play an important role but parents remain a strong influential figure. In the series Family Involvement in Children’s Education by Funkhouser and Moles, published by the U.S. Department of Education (1997), it states that family involvement is a powerful influence on children’s achievement in school. Children of these families were found to demonstrate more positive attitudes and behaviours, attend school regularly and achieve higher scores in examinations. I am glad that MPS has set up the PSG as it enables parents to be involved in our children’s activities. Now I understand my daughter’s daily routines in school, know her friends and see how she interacts. My child loves the school and seeing me involved in the PSG assures her that I am interested in her education and want to be part of it. I am sure that our children will grow up to be confident and happy individuals. With this sharing, I hope more parents would join our PSG and play a more active role in supporting your child’s development in his/her educational journey. Ms Jacqueline Tay Vice-Chairman Parent Support Group

02 School Collaboration

• Parents’ Seminar (Academic) • Father-and-Child Bonding Session @ MPS • Parent Support Group (PSG) Day • Teacher-Parents Conference

03 Trips for International Experience
• Brunei • Malacca • Taiwan

Our pupils posing for a photo with Mr Hawazi Daipi (Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower), Mrs Siva (former Principal of MPS), Ms Ivy Goh (Vice-Principal), Miss Ng Yew Cheo and Miss Dawn Lee.

04 School Events
• • • •

Games Carnival International Friendship Day Total Defence Day Racial Harmony Day

05 Our CCA Leaders Speak 06 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Achievements
• • • • • Chinese Dance Malay Dance Indian Dance Modern Dance Marsiling Choir

Our pupils posing for a photo with Mr Tony Tan (Superintendent, North 5 Cluster, Schools Division), Mrs Lee-Koh SC (Principal), Miss Dawn Lee and Mdm Herianti.

07 Achievements
• • • • • •

Athletics Sepak Takraw Rugby CHERISH Award Total Defence Award Excellent Service Award

08 MPS Updates

• Adieus & All the Best - Class of 2012 • Staff Updates • Editorial Team

Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen



Sportingly, they had to run for shelter, and with regret, to the hall to continue with their sleep. They had fun though; they cooked their first meal together, had bonding activities and got a chance to know other fathers as well. Contributed by Ms Ivy Goh (Vice-Principal)

Parents’ Seminar (Academic)
Research evidence strongly supports the notion that effective parental support improves the efficacy of school initiated programmes. In line with this notion, the school organised two Parent’s Seminars this year to enhance school partnership to complement the development of our pupils. The focus of both seminars was on academics. The first seminar was conducted on 18 Feb 12. Teachers from the English, Mathematics and Mother Tongue departments shared aspects of their departmental programmes. The Mathematics and Science departments shared in the second seminar conducted on 14 Apr 12. The sessions provided our parents with opportunities to do hands-on activities and seek clarification on pertinent issues based on the subjects. Feedback from the participants for both seminars was very encouraging. Parents also expressed that they welcome more of such seminars as they find them to be very fruitful. The school remains committed in working collaboratively with our parents and sees its engagement with the home as an additional scaffold that contributes towards the holistic development of our pupils. Contributed by Mr KK Mohanan (ST)

Parents attending our first PSG Day.

Teacher-Parents Conference
The school is always seeking opportunities to work with parents so that they can continue to support their children in their learning. One of the ways is to provide regular feedback to the parents with regard to their children’s holistic development in school. With this in mind, we held our 2nd TeacherParents Conference on 18 May 12. During this session, the parents had a chance to interact with the subject teachers. Feedback from both parents and teachers were positive. Once again, we are glad that we are able to partner our parents in their children’s education. Contributed by Ms Betty Chan SS (SSD)

Not quite jungle survival but yummy and chummy…

Parent Support Group (PSG) Day
Organised by our PSG members on 24 Mar 12 at our Learning Cove, the objective was to motivate parents to be more involved in the school’s programmes. It was an invitation to all parents to get to know the PSG members as well as for the PSG to share with them the following: P Introduction to PSG P Long- and short-term goals P PSG Report for 2011 P PSG Plan for 2012

1 1 Participants listening attentively! 2 Parents trying out the assignments! 3 Our teacher explaining to one of the parents.

2 3

The happy result was that many of the parents volunteered their services to the school, thus increasing the pool of parents eager to help the school create a better learning environment. Contributed by Ms Ivy Goh (Vice-Principal)
A teacher giving feedback to a parent and her child about his performance.

Father-and-Child Bonding Session @ MPS
It was a ‘minitsunami’ at MPS on Sun, 27 Jun 12 at 2 am. Amidst the howling wind and thunderous storm, the rain was beating cruelly at the tents in the school field, each occupied by a fatherand-child team.

Some of our dedicated PSG members.

Hey…what are you doing? Building our tent!

PSG Member, Mr Robin Jian, engaging parents before the start of the session.

Feedback from a Mother Tongue Teacher.


Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen

Trips for International


International Experience
It has been a tradition in Marsiling Primary School to send Primary 5 pupils for overseas immersion programme and the objectives are: 1. To immerse our pupils in the culture of a local school through participation in the schools’ programme. 2. To deepen the appreciation of the ethnic culture through the experiential approach. 3. To raise the global awareness of our pupils and the part they play as ambassadors of their respective countries. This year, the Primary 5 pupils visited Brunei, Taiwan and Malacca.

International Experience to Malacca
From 24 to 26 of May 12, 107 P5 pupils and 13 teachers went on a 3-day overseas immersion programme to Malacca. The delegation was led by our Vice-Principal (Admin), Mr Jufferie Rashid. The pupils had an enriching experience as they were immersed in the culture of a school, Malacca International School, participating in the school’s programme. In addition, they visited places of interests like a local kampung, the Stadthuys, Hang Tuah’s Well and Cheng Ho Museum which deepened their appreciation of the ethnic culture of the people living in Malacca. It was a memorable trip for the pupils as for many of them, it was their first time being away from their parents. The pupils learnt to be independent and at the same time, learnt more about themselves, their friends and of course about Malacca. Contributed by Miss Natasha (HOD/Sc)

International Experience to Taiwan
On 20 May 12, 29 P5 pupils and 4 teachers flew to Taiwan for a 6-day immersion programme. The group was led by our Vice-Principal (Academic), Ms Ivy Goh, accompanied by Mr Koh SW, Mr Nick Chan, Mdm Lee GP and Ms Yong SL. The pupils had an opportunity to be immersed in two elementary schools, namely Michang and Nantou Elementary Schools. Pupils were able to share with them our school and country and forge meaningful friendships amongst the pupils and staff of these two schools. The pupils visited interesting historical memorial halls, museums, aboriginal and educational parks to learn about Taiwan’s history, traditions, culture and customs. They also had hands-on sessions in making flying lanterns, printing T-shirts using leaves and creating paper fans. Visits to Ximending and Feng Chia Night Market allowed the pupils to savour the local street food. This trip was indeed an eye opening experience for the pupils and everyone brought home wonderful memories and gained better knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions of Taiwan as a whole. Contributed by Mdm Lee GP (Teacher)

International Experience to Brunei
There were 22 P5 pupils in Brunei for a 4-day immersion programme from 20 to 23 May 12. The delegation was led by our Principal, Mrs Lee-Koh, accompanied by Mr Airwan, Mdm Aidah and Mdm Jamaliah. The pupils had the opportunity to visit two primary schools, namely Sekolah Rendah Jerudong and Sekolah Rendah Kesuma Mekar. In addition, they also visited some places of interest like Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Istana Nurul Iman, Kampong Ayer, Royal Regalia Centre, Malay Technology Museum, Gadong Night Market, Art & Handicraft Centre and Seria Field. Through this visit, they learnt more about Brunei and forged meaningful friendships with their peers from this country. Contributed by Mdm Jamaliah YL (SH MT)

The Marsiling Primary School delegation posing in front of Malacca International School.

Our pupils making the Sky Lantern. Time-out for a group photo.

He’s not heavy; he’s my schoolmate!

Taking a group photo with teachers and pupils of Michang Elementary School. Our pupil intensely observing a rattan-weaving demonstration. At the Seria Field where oil is being mined.
Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen



Different greetings (different ways to say ‘Hello’) in different languages commonly used in Singapore.

Games Carnival
This year’s Games Carnival was held on 27 Apr 12. This carnival was different from previous years as new games, contributed by the Green Club and Physical Education department, were included. The games were ‘Recycling Jigsaws’, ‘Are They Recyclable?’, ‘Bin It Right!’, ‘MPS Puzzle Fun’ and Tchoukball. 100PLUS isotonic drink was also specially prepared for all our pupils and staff. Our pupils certainly had a great time completing the activities with their friends! Contributed by Mr Wong AS (Teacher)

Writing a reflection.

One of the many drawings done by our pupils.

Colouring and cutting the pictures.

Total Defence Day
1 1 I am good with words. 2 3

Racial Harmony Day (RHD)
RHD is celebrated to commemorate Singapore’s racial cohesion. As a multi-racial society, it is important that all of us play our part in maintaining the peace and harmony of our nation. This year’s theme ‘People, Places & Memories’ took the pupils on a journey of recollections of past moments of joy shared together with all races. RHD was especially ‘sweeter’ than usual for Marsilians this year as the school focused on food and dialect groups of different races. Pupils were treated to different delicacies from the various races in Singapore. They were also shown the greetings of the different dialect groups such as Hindi, Hokkien and Boyanese. Teachers also sang songs of these languages. There was also an insightful presentation on The Vanishing Food of Singapore. Pupils had lots of fun during the celebration. Contributed by Mr Mirza (SS Coordinator)

2 This is fun!

The school commemorated Total Defence Day on 15 Feb 12. Pupils learnt that the peace and stability we currently enjoyed is a result of the strong foundation created by Singaporeans’ involvement in Total Defence. This year’s theme ‘It’s Your Turn’ reflects the message that everyone has a part in building and defending Singapore. The class-based activities further impressed the point that it is now our turn to play our part and build on what Singaporeans before us have done to keep Singapore strong and secure. Our pupils learnt that everyone in various occupations is important, shared what they aspire to be in order to help in the total defence of Singapore and explored the various career opportunities available to them and reflected on how they could contribute to Total Defence. Contributed by Mdm Rashidah Yaacob (Teacher)

3 Does it sound nice?

International Friendship Day
We commemorated International Friendship Day on 11 Apr 12, focusing our attention on the various ASEAN countries. All staff and pupils contributed their friendship ‘SMILES’ messages, viewed exhibits and participated in creating bookmarks representing the ASEAN countries. Through these activities and the sing-along sessions, pupils learnt more about the history, culture and food of the various ASEAN countries. One of the many lessons pupils gained was the knowledge of the different greetings (different ways to say ‘Hello’) in different languages. Contributed by Miss Grace Koh (Teacher)

Costume Parade by our teachers. Learning about the various occupations in class.

One of the many friendships ‘SMILES’ messages from pupils.

The final product. A great performance by our Marsilians.


Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen

Our CCA Leaders


Our CCA Leaders Speak...
Were the training and practices tough? NI: AD: Who they are: Nurul Hasya (NH) for Athletics Law Ke Ye (KY) for Choir Chye Yi Jia (YJ) for Chinese Dance Amiertha (A) for Indian Dance Nur Illydea (NI) for Malay Dance Florisa Ho (F) for Modern Dance Ahmad Danish (AD) for Sepak Takraw NH: Not after many practices. Our Malay Dance teachers always reminded us that “Practice makes Perfect.” No, because we like what we are doing. The more you train, the better you get. I don’t think so. Most of us started since we were in Primary 3, so we are used to it. We should not give up easily and must keep on trying to be better.

F & YJ: The training and practices were tough.

How did you feel after the results were released? NI: We were very happy. We knew we had tried our best and danced well. Happy and sad, both at the same time. Happy as we had done our best and gave 110% effort and for a small choir, our achievement is quite good. We were proud of ourselves because we have won for the school. I was 3rd in Long Jump and the other members were also good. Happy and good about ourselves because it is our first attempt. Unbelievable! We were happy and so excited. All of us were happy and relieved.


From left: Chye Yi Jia, Law Ke Ye, Amiertha, Nur Illydea,Nurul Hasya, Ahmad Danish, Florisa Ho

F: How did the members prepare for the competition? KY: NI: We had extra practices during term time, the school holidays and even during weekends. We trained a lot. We had practices during the school holidays. We also stayed back after school for practices. The weekly CCA periods were not enough. We had weekly training during CCA as well as training after school. We also came back during the school holidays. The members in Athletics trained twice a week. We trained every Tuesday and Thursday. Besides extra practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we came back to school to practise in November and December 2011 and during the March holidays. A: YJ:

Is there anything you would like to say to the school? KY: Our teachers have given us many opportunities to show our talent, and encouraged us when we were down. Our trainer also sacrificed her time to train us and cheered us when we were tired. Thanks! Thank you to all the teachers and trainers for guiding us. I would like to thank the teachers and coach. They were very supportive and trained us well. I really appreciate what our CCA teachers and trainers had taught the Athletics members. On behalf of the CCA, I would like to thank all of them for all the help they have given us. Our teachers, parents and trainers have been very supportive and helpful. Thank you. We appreciate all the help and guidance given to us. Thank you teachers and trainers. Thank you for supporting us, everyone!


NH: A:


A: F: NI: Contributed by Mdm Rashidah Yaacob (Teacher)

Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Achievements
The SYF Central Judging Competition is a regular feature in our school calendar. This year, besides the Chinese, Malay and Indian Dances and the Choir, our Modern Dance made its debut participation in the competition. Our SYF participants have displayed great passion, commitment and perseverance in preparing for the SYF. All their efforts have been rewarded and we take great pleasure in sharing the achievements with the whole school. Congratulations to all the participants!

Malay Dance – Silver Award
The Malay Dance group performed a dance entitled ‘Cak Gemulai’. Aptly named, the graceful dance was characterised by subtle movements, using fans as the main props.

Modern Dance – Bronze Award
The Modern Dance group performed a contemporary dance entitled ‘Beats’, a dance comprising fast and slow paced movements.

Chinese Dance – Silver Award
In Chinese Dance, the team performed the item ‘Huan Le De Bu Ri Gu De’ (In Chinese). The dance is about the happy warriors of the grassland. It symbolises determination and courage.

Marsiling Choir – Bronze Award
Not to be outdone, the Marsiling Choir members put in a lot of effort and displayed great teamwork during the performance. They sang ‘Firefly’, ‘Music Comes’ and ‘Dahil Saiyo’ wonderfully. Contributed by Mdm Li HT, Mdm Norsriwani, Miss Anithasri, Miss Chuang YQ & Miss Yeo XR

Indian Dance – Gold with Honours Award
A classical folk item entitled ‘Pudhumai Penn’ was performed by the Indian Dance. It is based on women’s rights.


Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen

2012 was a great year for our Marsiling athletes! Through tough and grueling training sessions, our athletes endured and won medals in the 59th Akira Swift 2012 and 53rd National Inter-Primary School Track and Field Championship respectively. On top of that, our ‘A’ Division Boys attained 1st runners-up in the 53rd National Inter-Primary School Track and Field Championship! Well done athletes! Contributed by Miss Ng YC (Teacher-in Charge)
The Senior and Junior Boys with their trophies.

The CHERISH Award was established in 2001 to encourage and recognise schools for promoting healthy living as well as social health of both pupils and staff. Several studies have shown that healthier pupils do better in schools and achieve more. This year, the school has managed to receive the Bronze Award. This is in recognition of the school’s on-going efforts to provide a more holistic education for all our pupils to succeed in life. Well Done Marsilians! Contributed by Mr Nick Chan (HOD/EL)

Our Junior Boys did us proud by securing 3rd position in the North Zone Rugby Competition and thus, qualified for the national rugby competition. The team truly demonstrated our school value of commitment through their participation in extra trainings on every Tuesday afternoon and during the March and June holidays. The Senior Boys also demonstrated their strong team spirit and ‘never give up’ attitude when they fought through tough matches with much stronger teams in the zone. Kudos to our boys for displaying admirable fighting spirit! Contributed by Mr Ang YL (Teacher)

Total Defence Award 2012
Employers’ support of Singapore Armed Forces policies contributes significantly to the build-up of a strong defence force, as Singapore’s military defence is made up of 80% National Servicemen. In recognition of such contribution, the Ministry of Defence, in 1986, introduced the Total Defence Awards. The awards are intended as a broad based recognition scheme for employers who have shown strong support for defence. In 2012, Marsiling Primary is proud to be awarded the 3rd Tier: Meritorious Defence Partner Award (MDPA). This award has further strengthened our beliefs that everyone has a part to play towards Nation Building. Contributed by Mr Nick Chan (HOD/EL)

Our proud winners!

Sepak Takraw
The boys had done us proud again. It has never been an easy tournament for them since the start of the competition but they gave their utmost dedication and commitment to win. Our Senior Boys and Junior Boys did the school proud by clinching the 3rd and 2nd position in the North Zone Inter-Primary School Competition. Although both our Senior and Junior Boys did not emerge victorious in the National InterPrimary School Tournament, they showed their strong fighting spirit and determination. The experience gained will be invaluable in their fight for the championship in 2013! Contributed by Mr Amir (AED)

Excellent Service Award (EXSA)
Launched in 1994, the Excellent Service Award or EXSA is a national award that recognises individuals who have delivered quality service. It seeks to develop service models for staff to emulate and to create service champions. This year, Mdm Betty Chan was awarded the Star Award while Miss Chian Seok Hoon and Mdm Tiew Ee were awarded the Silver Award. Staff of Marsiling Primary is committed to achieving service excellence as we seek to deliver superior service through service champions in the school. Kudos to the three ladies! Contributed by Mr Nick Chan (HOD/EL)

Our Junior Boys in action!

Our Junior Team achieved 3rd in the North Zone competition.

Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen


MPS Updates
Adieus and All the Best to all Primary 6 Pupils

Your examination is just round the corner. Make time to study and revise your work every day. Let us share with you the quotation by Robert Collier,

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
You must be sufficiently well-prepared for your examination. Your hard work will definitely bring success to you, so keep working hard! Be positive and have confidence in yourself. Remember that a positive attitude is the key to success. All of us in MPS wish you all the best for your PSLE!

Staff Updates
On behalf of the school, we warmly welcome our new colleagues to the Marsiling family. We wish them a happy and enriching time interacting with both our staff and pupils.

Miss Tang Bi Ying, Miss How Li Miin & Miss Ho Kok Luei

Miss Siti Nur Aisyah Miss Lim Shy Ni & Miss Dorothy Tan

Mdm Tan Yew Hwa & Mr Muhd Asri Bin Razali

Contributed by Mdm Catherine Lim (ST)

Editorial Team
Mr Nick Chan HW (Advisor), Mdm Chua ML, Mdm Rashidah Yaacob, Mrs Rosalind Koh and Mdm Zubaidah Md Yusoff.


Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen

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