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1 BTS Software Downloading.

Purpose To download the BTS from BTS terminal To check the initialization of the BTS modules. 1.1 Preparation of Software Downloading Install BTS Software on PC 1. Create a directory : c:\Alcatel9100_files. 2. Copy all the files into it from the floppy disk. Set the Serial Interface 1. Settings Terminal 2. Under Serial interface tab select the right port (COM1 or COM2) and baudrate at 57600. 3. Click [ Ok ]. 1.2 BTS Software Download Start Up the BTS Terminal 1. Connect the PC to the SUM board (from COM1 or COM2 to BTS TERMINAL connector). 2. Launch the BTS Terminal. 3. At BTS Terminal enter: User/Group name : COMMTE Password : COMMTE Click [ Logon ]. If the BTS was loaded with a software version not compatible with the BTS terminal the following message is displayed: Please upgrade SW/FW of the BTS In this case at BTS terminal enter: User/Group name : UPGRAD Password : SUMSUP Click [ Logon ]. Select the Terminal Select BTS Terminal (Evolium BTS) Set Up the Connection File Connect / Disconnect The connection to the OMU has been established! message appears. If the BTS was loaded with B6 software the following message will appear: Please upgrade SW/FW of the BTS. Download the BTS with the BTS TE 1. Commissioning Download BTS-SW... If a message asking to check the Qmux address appears, set the correct Qmux address and save it! Masterfile :bm2sawI9.msf (1) CPF File : 00o2awI6.ddl (1) 1 Click on Browse for the path: C:\Alcatel9100_files. 2. Click [ Download ]. Check the Downloading of the BTS Some messages or windows appear during downloading, such as: BTS SW download in progress... This may take several minutes. Initialization in progress... BTS Indication operational Receiving data... REMOTE INVENTORY UT_BTS_BCB 129 Reading all RIs If the file downloading stops during several minutes and the BTS Terminal is showing no message or action, perform a second download of the BTS (See Download the BTS with the BTS TE.)

If the BTS is equipped with TWIN TRX modules, these modules will switch ON and OFF during the software download. Select the Frequencies 1. WAIT for the Edit frequencies window: 2. Select the Frequency band (GSM 850/GSM 900/DCS 1800/DCS 1900/EGSM). 3. Select the test frequencies by clicking [ Add ] or [ Remove ] in the Available ARFNs list to obtain the correct frequencies in the Selected ARFNs list. 4. Click [ Submit ]. 5. Wait for the Updating flash and Cabling detection in progress... Please wait. messages to disappear. The Sector Mapping window opens. Set the Sector Mapping 6. See and set the mapping of ANxs to sectors, check the bridges according to the requested configuration

7. Click [ Save ]. 8. Wait for the Updating flash and Cabling detection in progress... Please wait. messages to disappear. Set TMA Parameters 9. If TMA is used, enter the TMA parameters

10. If TMA is not used, enter0 for all parameters

11. Click [Cancel]. Wait for Updating Flash... message to disappear. Set TWIN TRE Mode 12. Select the requested configuration.

13. Click [ Save ] to store the data.

2. Check the RF Cabling.

Open the Sector Mapping Window To open the Sector Mapping window follow the menu path: Show Sector mapping The Sector Mapping window appears.

3. BTS Initialization.
Purpose To bring the BTS in operational state. Procedure 1. Initialize commissioning: Commissioning Initialization All sectors... The HW Configuration Check window appears. 2. Wait for the Initialization for Commissioning in progress message to disappear.

3. Wait for TRE and ANx module downloading to finish (check LED states) (See Evolium BTS A9100 Hardware Description sections describing the TRE and AN).

4. Perform BTS Inventory.

Purpose To perform the inventory for the BTS To check that the references of boards inside the BTS are in accordance with the order. 1. Commissioning Save inventory RI inventory 2. Safe the file.

5. End commissioning.

Purpose To perform the commissioning file. To perform end of commissioning. 1. Commissioning End Commissioning 2. Safe the file.

6. Set Transmission Module Parameters.

Purpose To set the Qmux address To set the OML timeslot. Set the Qmux Address 1. At BTS terminal choose: Settings Transmission Initial Settings... The Receiving current configuration data... window appears. 2. Enter the parameters: Qmux address 3. Put Abis in chain end position 4. Click [ Transmit ]. 5. Click [ Close ]. Set the Position and Signalling Rate for OML. 1. Settings Transmission Board Configuration... 2. All of the TRE deselect the check box. 3. OMU1 put 1-31. 4. QMUX put 1-0. 5. Click [ Transmit ]. 6. Click [ Close ].