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To our FuTure residenTs, neighbors, ArT Lovers And CiTizens oF dALLAs:

Museum Tower and its neighbors in the Arts District share many things in common, including world-class architecture and the desire to boost the international stature of Dallas. Our sights are set on building one of the most environmentally responsible and elegant residential towers in the world, and one that will become an iconic, architecturally significant structure for Dallas. Museum Tower celebrates the art of living fully immersed in the thriving art culture surrounding it. Since construction began, much has been reported about sunlight reflection from Museum Towers glass surface. Prior to construction, Museum Towers design plans were open for comprehensive public review and approved by the City of Dallas. Museum Tower is in compliance with every city code. However, its not uncommon for bold projects like Museum Tower to encounter an unexpected issue or two, and they are invariably solved. Our number one priority is finding the best solution to the reflection issue. Over the last year, Museum Towers owner, the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System, engaged the most prominent optical experts in North America to study this challenge. A team of architects, engineers, and material and construction experts evaluated more than 20 ideas. Today, the most promising potential solutions are undergoing exhaustive testing with the highest standards of science and technology being applied. We are very proud of Museum Tower. There is no residential building in Texas built to more exacting standards of elegance, energy efficiency and comfort. It is already internationally recognized as a work of art unto itself and a graceful example of environmentally responsible construction. Museum Tower is honored to be part of Dallas worldclass Arts District, adding to the new vitality of our city center. We are good neighbors and valuable contributors to this community. Museum Tower opens in January 2013. Learn more about this exciting addition to the Dallas skyline and luxury living in the heart of the Dallas Arts District by logging on to

The MuseuM Tower TeAM

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