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Motivation letter Ive just turned 24 years and I am full of energy and enthusiasm.

Im outerdirected, have active life position. I like to participate in different projects and this one may become the most important. I have already got experience getting practice in the scientific research institute, working in the patent company, pharmaceutical company, pedagogical practice in the children's holiday camp and in a school. I live active way of life, fond of going in for sports, indulge in bicycling, mountain skiing. I like to travel, meet new people and perceive the world around. I wanted to visit Europe and with the invitation of Taize had a journey to France last summer. Studying in one of the European universities will broaden my opportunities, to get international experience of high level. I have already got national education in computational chemistry and molecular design. And I want to continue studding and get European Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling to get new knowledge and new international experience. I hope to become an expert in this field to use and develop molecular sciences computational techniques. It will allow me to work with innovative pharmaceutical, petrochemical and new-materials industries. Thats why I am sure that the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships is a great chance for me to realize myself. It will give the prospects in my future career. The work with skilled practitioners in this field gives me a chance to get skills of great value to be useful in the science develops, to support working relationships with different specialists. As for me I can guarantee that I would try my best and would manage to approve myself. Im ready to work hard and try my best. Such my personal characteristic as persistence and integrity would enhance my prospects for success. With best wishes